Soaper Woman Gift Set

Soaper Woman Gift Set


Gift Set

You're Smart, Gorgeous, Lovely, An Amazing, Multi-Tasking Veritable Soaper Woman™

- Here's a Little Gift To Keep You Going! - Irresistible Almond, Oats & Sugar Scent! - Moisture Hydra Plus

Soaper Woman Gift Set Includes:

- Smoothie Star - Moisture Hydra Plus Body Milk (250 ml / 8.4 fl oz) - Rich & Famous - Dual-Use Shower & Bath Body Wash (250 ml / 8.4 fl oz) - Suds-Boosting Body Polisher

Instructions for Use

WARNING: Bath & Body Wash: Avoid contact with eyes, and if it all goes wrong, rinse well with cool, clean water. Body Milk: This is not a food. Keep out of reach of children.

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