Can I be a product tester?

Thank you for your interest to donate your body – or various relevant parts thereof- to the cause of Soap & Glory product testing science. Unfortunately (we could barely believe this ourselves) for legal reasons (because God forbid you slipped a disc while testing a pre-launch body scrub or something) we are not allowed to test unlaunched products on members of the general public*.

We work really hard to ensure that any product we put the Soap & Glory seal of approval on is a superstar, so hope you’ll trust our judgement and keep trying Soap & Glory products, even if that means buying Soap & Glory products. *We know you are not just any member of the general public. You are a card-carrying Soap & Glory member of the general public. Unfortunately, unless you’ve filled out about 150 forms and been screened for product safety testing suitability by a dermatologically adept doctor, legally, you’re still stuck in the ‘general’ camp. Sigh.

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Where can I buy Soap & Glory products?

UK: At the moment, you can find Soap & Glory in most Boots stores throughout the country (as well as on

USA: ULTA.COM WALGREENS.COM AND TARGET.COM stock a selection of Soap & Glory products. Find out where you can get down and soapy IN-STORES with our STORE LOCATOR

Canada: You can find us in Shoppers Drug Market stores.

Australia: Mecca carry a selection of Soap & Glory products.

International: Boots International has now closed down :( so from this point, global customers can still find their fave Soap & Glory products across stores in Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Thailand, USA, Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and South Korea, alongside for any online orders within the UK.

The team is working hard to find perfect new outlets around the world, which we will be sure to let you know about when they are confirmed.

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Do you test on animals?

We understand that animal testing is a key concern for a growing number of consumers and at Soap & Glory, we can confidently state that all of our formulations are safety and efficacy tested on people. (Although you might argue about that if you’d seen the condition of some of their feet. YEEEESH. )

At Soap & Glory, we uphold very strict guidelines through our regularly audited manufacturing partners that uphold the ‘no animal testing’ policy. As well, we are fortunate that our biggest retail partner – Boots The Chemists- upholds the very same standards by funding through an organisation called FRAME, which is the FUND for the REPLACEMENT of ANIMALS in MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS) in an effort to eliminate reliance in the industry on animal testing That said – and because we feel it necessary to be transparent and to educate EVERYBODY- it’s important for you to know that no retailer or manufacturer can categorically state that ‘none’ of their raw materials or ingredients have –at some time in the past- been tested on animals. The majority of individual raw materials used in cosmetics today have been through some kind of animal testing process.

At Soap & Glory, we absolutely do not test our formulations on animals, however we can’t say that each and every ingredient that goes into them has not, at some point historically, been cleared for human use, by animal testing. We hope this answers your question. If you need any more information about animal testing, we’d suggest you contact Colipa, the European Cosmetics Directive association, via

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Can I distribute Soap & Glory products in my country/store?

First, may we say that we are always flattered when we receive interest from a potential distributor or retail partner, as it makes us suppose– accurately or not -  that we must be doing something right to lasso these accolades. 

At present, we are otherwise engaged to Boots The Chemist and Walgreens in the US and therefore can not consider any other partnerships.

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Can I get samples of your products for free so I can try before I buy?

We don’t keep any stock here at Soap & Glory Headquarters so we’re unable to send out samples. (Plus, if we sent them out to EVERYONE who asked, we wouldn’t have any time to spend on things like creating even MORE amazing new products.) The great news is we sell mini versions of a number of our products. You can buy these in most Boots stores for £2.50 or on If the product you want to try isn’t available in a mini version, take a look at our website and check out the reviews for the product you’re interested in. That should give you a good idea of what others think of it.

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UH-OH, there's something wrong with my beautystuff. What can I do?

What? Your purchase is not as wonder-filled as it should be? We are poutraged! So sorry you’ve been disappointed. Whisk the problematic item straight back to any Boots store and those good people will magically sort it all out soaper-speedily*.

If you have the receipt we can offer you a refund, giftcard or exchange. Even without a receipt you may still get an exchange. Boots says: ‘For the safety of all our customers, we can't accept the return of medicines, food and cosmetics unless faulty’ (because they’re responsible like that)*.

*Girls, obviously we can’t TOTALLY guarantee you’ll get a refund or exchange (as every case is different) but hey, here’s soaping (although we’d WAY rather you adore our stuff forever, of course).

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Can you please provide more product information, for example on specific ingredients?

All ingredients in every product are listed in full on our website and on the Boots website. If you want more information on specific ingredients in a certain product, send us a message here.

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Can I come and work for you?

It is great to know you are interested about possible job-openings at Soap & Glory. We’re really pleased. Not necessarily because we’ve got any jobs available, but because we’re thinking that you like our products enough that you now want to spend the majority of your waking hours with us. Whoa! You can find all current vacancies on Boots Career Website. We hope you find what you're looking for and best of luck!

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What is the The Beauty Brigade panel & how can I get involved?

As a member of our Beauty Brigade, you'll have the chance to try out the latest products launches and give us in-depth feedback so that we (and our GLAMAZING fans) know what you really think!!

Right now we're not accepting new members, but FEAR NOT!! Registration could be re-opened at any moment, so make sure you're following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and signed up to our newsletter for the latest GLOSS!

Even if you're not part of The Beauty Brigade we'd still love to know your thoughts! To leave a review just go on the relevant product page and click on the 'WRITE A REVIEW' button.

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I need help picking the products that are right for me!

We’ve got our product EXPERTS on hand at Soap & Glory HQ. They’ll answer any questions you may have – simply tell us what you need to know here and we’ll get back to you within 5 working days at the very latest. (Unless you email us during the weekend; then we’ll get back to you no later than Tuesday.)

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Why can’t I find your Men’s Range anymore?

The girls of SOAP & GLORY HAVE SWORN OFF MEN. (Strictly from a new product development perspective, of course.) Eyebrow-raising research has now confirmed that despite us really, really trying, the majority of male Soap & Glory fans still opt to share the Clean On Me that’s already in their shower, and ‘the Wife’s’ Righteous Butter, than shop for themselves. At least we can rest our heads at night knowing they'll still be smelling GLORY-OUS!

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Soap & Glory beautystuffs are astonishingly gorgeous, how can I feature them on my blog?

We adore our girl-glorifying bloggers and we’re thrilled you’re writing about us! Sometimes, our Guardian of the Glam Cupboard unlocks products for you to review. She’ll read your request and get in touch if it catches her eye.

Send her a link to your blog here, tell her about your readers and let her know how you’d like to feature Soap & Glory and we’ll see if our Guardian feels like lifting her keys.

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I’m pregnant, can I use your products?

The majority of our products are completely safe for you to continue using during pregnancy, but we do recommend you avoid using our firming products such as Sit Tight and Uptoned Girl. You may also be interested to know we’ve had reports from several of our devotees that there’s not much out there that can beat The Righteous Butter when it comes to tackling stretch marks!

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I can’t find a sharpener for Arch de Triumph? Can you recommend any?

We don’t currently have a sharpener for Arch de Triumph, but it is something that we are working on and we’ll update you as soon as its available. In the meantime, the Boots own brand eye pencil sharpener is excellent.

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Can we feature Soap & Glory in our magazine/newspaper etc?

Please contact our PR Team via their Twitter page here.

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I’m running a charity event and would love a donation from Soap & Glory.

Tell us all about your charitable event and the kind of donation you would like via our online contact form. We get a lot of requests, and unfortunately aren’t able to say YES! to them all but we consider each one on an individual basis.

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I can’t find my favourite Soap & Glory product!

If you can still find it on our website, then it definitely isn’t discontinued. It may be that your local store doesn’t stock it. If that’s the case and you’re UK based, you can add your Soap & Glory products to your shopping basket before heading to to complete the final checkout stage.

If you can't find it at all, then we hate to be the bearer of bad news but it will have been discontinued - SAD TIMES! Check out this handy list for all products that are no more:


Marvelips Glam A Lot
Girligo Easy Glistening
Cheekmate Eau De Soap & Glory
Glow Lotion Sugar Crush Shower Jelly
It's About Prime Original Pink Shower Jelly
A Great Kisser Lid Stuff
SMP Lipstick Guavarama SMP Lipstick Mantrap
SMP Lipstick Naked Beige SMP Lipstick Perfect Day
SMP Lipstick Red My Lips SMP Lipstick Blush Pink
SMP Lipstick Pom Pom SMP Lipstick Super Nude
Show Good Face Foundation Glad Pits
Hand Dream Endless Glove
Wash Your Hands Of It Some Like It Hot
One Night Tanned The Firminator (Arms & Body)
Slim Wear Fragrance Mist - All Scents
Feel Good Factor Bright Here Bright Now
Smooch Operator Bright & Beautiful 
For Daily Youth Face Wash Mighty Mouth
Wish Upon A Jar Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick - All Shades
Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid  Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip - All Shades
Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum  Orangeasm Body Wash
Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream  Orangeasm Body Butter
Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Face Serum  Orangeasm Exfoliating Body Polish
The Fill Monty  


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Why isn’t the whole range available in my country?

For now, some of our products are exclusive to the UK. We know the rest of you are waiting eagerly with bated breath, and we’re working hard on expanding our range in as many countries as possible, Make sure you’re signed up to receive email updates from us and check our website regularly so you don’t miss any news on new products that will be hitting shelves in your area!

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Can I shop your products online at Soap & Glory?

YOU SURE CAN! Simply add your fave Soap & Glory goodies to your shopping basket before heading to to complete the last step of the checkout process.

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Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

The following products contain no animal derived ingredients: 


Bright Here, Bright Now

Glow Lotion

Butter Yourself Smoothing Body Cream

Hand Food

Calm One, Calm All

Hand Maid

Catch a Wrinkle in Time

Heel Genius

Clean On Me

Hocus Focus Lotion

Clean On Me

Make Yourself Youthful eye cream

Clean, Girls

Mini Shampoo

Clear Here

Mist You Madly Spray

Clear Here Wipes

Peaches & Clean

Daily Smooth

Scrub Actually

Easy Glistening

Scrub 'em and leave 'em

Eau de Soap & Glory

Scrub Your Nose In It

EDT- Pink

Sit Tight

Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser

Slim Wear

Face Soap & Clarity

SMP Clear

Feel Good Factor SPF

SMP Half Naked


SMP Pink Apricot

Foam Call

SMP Yummy Plum

For Daily Youth

Sugar Crush Body Scrub 


Supereyes, Supereyes

Glad Hair Day Conditioner

The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel

Glad Hair Day Shampoo

The Greatest Scrub of All

Glad Hair Day Thick Conditioner

The Righteous Butter

Glad Pits

The Righteous Butter Lotion

Glam- A- Lot

The Scrub Of Your Life

Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion

Trick and Treatment

Show Good Face

Wish Upon A Jar

Kick Ass Concealer

Daily Double

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick Nudist

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick Fuchsia Ristic

Love At First Blush



Thick & Fast

The Firminator - For Arms

Whipped Clean

Endless Glove

 The Fab Pore Moisture Lotion

SMP Lipstick Rosy Chic

SMP Lipstick Super Nude

Glow All Out Cheek Stick

Archery 2-in1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush

Sugar Crush Body Wash

Sugar Crush Body Butter

Sugar Crush Body Lotion

Thick & Fast HD

The Righteous Butter Diamond Edition

Smoothie Star Body Lotion

One Heck Of A Blot Foundation

SMP Rose & Shine

SMP XL Extreme Plump - All Shades

Speed Plump - Day & Night



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