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Glow All Out™


Luminizing Radiance Face Powder

Use it to lift up your cheekbones or dust lightly all over for a 'moonlit' look. Featuring LIGHTSCRAMBLE™ lumisphere pigment pearls, an ultra-fine creamy powder shimmer finish and extended wear silicone technology.

*No animal derived ingredients or by-products

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4.5 out of 5 (18) Review(s)

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LisaM275 from Love it!!! said on 17/04/2019

I’ve been using this highlighter for well over a year and am so glad I found it!!! It gives a lovely shimmer on my cheekbones and really brightens up my face! ...just don’t be too heavy handed!!! Highly recommended!
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Karoni from Love it so much I bought three! said on 06/05/2018

I am very pale, I use light foundation, cream blush blended, touch of translucent powder, then bit of rose powder blush then a light dusting of this all over, gives a dewy radiant look instead of a flat Matt. on third one and still love it much nicer than a Matt finishing powder, it’s not too shiny just a subtle glow. Goes on much lighter than it looks in the case.
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MissSarahB from Beautiful, glowing skin said on 13/04/2018

I’ve had this product for quite a while now and I’ll admit at first I didn’t know what to do with it. After a bit of playing around I found I like it best applied in a very light layer over most of my face. My skin is naturally quite dull, and when applied sparingly the shimmer doesn’t show up but gives a lit-from-within kind of glow.
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jackie27dsff from Not so good... said on 08/03/2018

I saw this product to be one of the bestsellers on this site and after buying it and testing it I have come to realize that it's certainly not worth the money. I feel like you can get much better quality highlighters for the price. I tested it on my finger and it had a beautiful shimmer however, when applied to the face it's too much of a blusher than a highlighter and makes my face look very pink and that's not a look I want.
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Lottielous80 from Buttery Soft & Beautiful - Always in my makeup bag said on 12/01/2018

I got this as a free gift-with-purchase and I’m so glad I did! It’s gorgeous! Buttery soft and easy to blend, you can create a subtle wash or build up a stronger colour and shine depending on which tools you use to apply it. _x000D_
About the shade: I have very pale skin, large pores across the tops of my cheeks and nose and at 38 am just starting to show the first signs of aging. _x000D_
I tend to use white and blue tones highlighters as other shades are too dark. This apricot powder works well as a shimmer blush on me, it doesn’t enhance my pores or look too blinding for day use, but is not really pale enough for a highlighter on me. _x000D_
However my favourite use for it is as an all over finishing powder (applied after setting powder, before setting spray) using either a fine, duo-fibre stippling brush or a fan brush and a LIGHT hand. It gives a lovely subtle glow that makes me look YOUNGER and more AWAKE! Considering I suffer from Chronic Fatigue this is something of a miracle! _x000D_
This is now a staple item in my (huge) collection. I would totally repurchase and recommend, I think most skin tones could find a way to use it that suits.
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honeyblossomg from It’s ok said on 07/01/2018

Doesn’t really show up. Sometimes shimmery sometimes not it makes my face look pink
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tessaa from Much better than anticipated said on 20/07/2017

I received this in the summer free gift that S&G were issuing when £14 was spent. I admit, I didn't check the colour before I bought it because I knew I would like the other two items included. When I got home and opened it, I was extremely nervous to try it, because it was a rather garish peach-pink colour; not what you'd typically expect from a highlighter (I tend to go for the opal white ones). However, I'm so glad that I didn't immediately give it away, because it looks gorgeous on my especially pale skin! The only thing is that it's necessary to wear a primer underneath, because it will othwise come off fairly quickly. But I seriously recommend buying this - particularly in the summer gift box, because the other two items are amazing too.
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alice1 from Disappointed said on 21/04/2017

Was really looking forward to trying this product after being recommended. However was really disappointed as I didn't think the shimmer was obvious enough unless I put loads on. The blusher is a lot better product.
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Kirrin85 from Great as a highlighter/blusher said on 27/01/2017

I use this as a highlighter/blusher around the cheek bone area and find it leaves a nice natural glow without being too shimmery. Works when I'm wearing foundation, and adds a subtle glow when just wearing a primer or radiance balm. Not as pink as it looks and doesn't leave any glitter. Perfect!
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LaurenD94 from Beautiful pink glow said on 28/09/2016

I bought this product by accident as I picked up the wrong product. I thought I'd keep it and I absolutely love this. It's become my new favourite blush. It's very subtle for the day but can easily be built up for a more flawless look.
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Mkup94 from Amazing! said on 18/09/2016

Was so pleasantly surprised with this product. I use it after I've powdered my face to add a bit of a glow. I use it all over my face (then use a separate highlighter to highlight my cheekbones etc). The product looks pink when you open it, but when you use it on your face it looks translucent and gorgeous and shimmery, Probably my favourite product ever
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imyww from Lovely natural highlighter said on 07/05/2016

I have used this product daily for about a year now and I love it. It's very natural when applied over blush and over the natural highlight areas of the face. It's not glittery, which I hate, so looks very natural. I don't use it all over my face as I find it makes me look unnaturally highlighted. The packaging is also very good and sturdy which I like.
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Oxford123 from Great for cheeks but definitely not an all-over face powder said on 29/02/2016

I love this product and I use it a lot, but I wouldn't recommend it as an all-over face powder._x000D_
It is very shimmery and the pink/peach colour does show up, it is almost a blush, so you definitely wouldn't want it all over! I wouldn't recommend using a blush toned powder like this on top of your cheekbones/browbone etc. Nude or champagne toned highlighters are much better suited to those areas. _x000D_
I like to use this product when I want a subtle rosy glow or over matt blushes if I want a bit of shimmer.
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LSP91 from Glowing review! said on 24/02/2016

I love this product. It gives me a great glow. I also use it on my chest and shoulders during the summer so I look less like a milk bottle!
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sarahbailey20 from One of my favourite highlighters said on 06/01/2016

I received this as a gift for Christmas and I have to say I was really surprised at how good it was. This is my favourite highlighter and I dust it over my cheekbones with Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl highlighter and it gives such a beautiful, 'moonlit' effect! I cannot recommend this product highly enough! I will definitely be repurchasing.
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Sara1238 from AMAZING!!! said on 13/07/2015

This highlighter is amazing! firstly the packaging is great, very sturdy, unlike the cardboard solar power (which I love), and has a big mirror, making it a great product when travelling. The glow this gives your cheekbones is stunning! It adds dimension to your face, and is a great product if you are into the new trend of Strobing. Its a nice change from wearing plain golden highlighters, and really looks nice when wearing a subtle blush on the cheeks. GREAT PRICE, GREAT PRODUCT!
i love it!!
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jenndontbehasty from perf glow said on 24/03/2015

i love this product, my sister has it and i always use it when i feel my face is looking a bit dull. it adds the perfect amount of glow. i lightly sweep it across my face after ive powdered and it just completes my make up and leaves it looking naturally flawless!!
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soap and glory addict from Northants said on 14/10/2011

This is really good, makes me look nice and healthy! ver blusher it gave my cheecks a nice glow.
It lasted really well through the day, i didnt need to reapply. I was really pleased with the value and the presentation of it too.
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