Thick & Fast™ HD Mascara


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Thick & Fast™ HD Mascara


High Definition Mascara

Our lengthening and volumizing mascara is the Thick & Fast HD Mascara.

The brush is the stuff - our 7-Sided Fan Flare-180 brush has a V-groove to lay down volume and intensity, and a network of combing and curling surfaces to give length, definition and drama. Featuring No Flake24 all-day wear technology, prepare yourself for total lash lift-off!

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Angelica from San Marcos said on 03/06/2017

This is one of the best mascaras I've ever bought! It instantly makes my lashes long without clumping. It never flakes on me and it is most definely long lasting. Leaves a full lash look I love all day.

ryley from allen texas said on 29/05/2017

literally one of the best mascaras. it does not clump and it adds so much volume and length. my favorite used to be better then sex by too faced but this is better. highly recommend. i love this brand.

Corinna from Washington DC said on 18/02/2017

This mascara is amazing!!! I tried it for the first time today and it is my new favorite mascara. It gave me volume, length and curl and didn't clump at all. In my opinion this mascara is better than the too faced better than sex mascara. I will definitely be buying more products from this brand!
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