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Arch De Triumph™


Eyebrow Shaper & Highlighter

The Arch De Triumph Eye Brow Shaper & Highlight is a professional two-step shaping and highlighting eye brow pencil. It shapes, shifts and instantly lifts brows. More seductive brows now (or your 'old eye brows back')!

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4.8 out of 5 (5) Review(s)

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Astrid from Melbourne, Australia said on 15/10/2011

Arch de Triumph + eyebrow threading = changed my life!! Two years ago started using this pencil and having my brows threaded and I've never looked back - the perfect shape every time! Only problem is I moved back to Australia and now I don't have Boots :( I'm running out of pencil and they don't sell it at Priceline (our version of Boots), so looks like I'd better get online before I feel nude without my brow-pencilling fix!

Re: Maria and Kim - You can get pencil sharpeners that are a double-barrel (one small one large sharpener side-by-side) and the large side fits these pencils perfectly.

Re: Desi - You should give the highlighter a go, it really makes the brow-shaping effect pop when you just draw a faint highlighter line directly under your brows along the brow bone (from the nose-side to the temple-side) and gently wipe over with your finger to blend. Automatic glow and definition gives a polished and slightly glam look.

Kim from Detroit said on 27/09/2011

Love the colour of the pencil, but cannot find a sharpener big enough, so now it is kind of useless. Also I think the highlighter could be creamier, it seems chalky.

Sam from Salford said on 27/09/2011

This is the best colour of a brow pencil i've ever used. I've got auburn hair and this colour can be built up for darker hair colours. The highlighter is also one of the softest i've used. Another amazing product!!

Maria from Liverpool said on 27/09/2011

Love Love Love this, the best eyebrow pencil i've found. I have blonde eyebrows so this makes such a difference to my face. The only thing ... I can't sharpen it?!?! Has anyone found a sharpener that fits???

Desi from Love this! said on 24/09/2011

Love this! But I really wish it comes with just the brow pencil, i don't use the highlighter!
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