The Righteous Butter™ mini body lotion

The Righteous Butter™ mini body lotion


Hydrating body butter for all skin types

Award winning body butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera. Smooth on a handful after your shower and you might swear you're wearing velvet. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance.



Our signature fruity chypre fragrance where crisp bergamot, crushed green leaves and mandarin refresh a gorgeous bouquet of rose, jasmine and violet. Sensual base notes of patchouli, oakmoss and musks combine to complete our cult-classic signature scent.

Top notes: Fresh leafy, Green, Bergamot & Mandarin

Heart notes: Floral (rose, muguet, jasmine, violet), Fruity (peach, strawberry), Osonic

Base notes: Musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Amber & Woody

Instructions for Use

After showering or bathing, smooth a generous handful of The Righteous Butter onto damp skin and massage lightly until it all sinks in.


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Overall Rating:

3.4 out of 5 (10) Review(s)

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Kt from Usa said on 09/02/2017

It's great I love it...But it's making me break out everywhere

angel from Atlanta said on 07/06/2016

I really enjoyed the smell. It was not the world's most nourishing cream, but I did enjoy it. What I didn't care for was the portion size. Even though it is a travel size I still expected it to be full. I purchased 2 and both were only half full. The packaging is very deceiving. I will not repurchase this in the future strictly due to portion size.

angel from Atlanta said on 07/06/2016

I enjoyed the smell. It wasn't the world's most nourishing cream, but I did enjoy it. My only complaint is the portion. Please fill the mini jars. It is extremely deceiving to only receive half of the mini jar. I will not repurchase just due to the lack of product in the jars.

Kristin from Lake Wales said on 21/05/2015

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! So creamy and it doesn't leave you feeling greasy! And I like how it has just a clean fresh soap smell to it. My dad even loves this body butter! He has extremely rough and dry skin that irritates him and gets scratchy. He works outside in the sun a lot. He started using my body butter and has basically stolen it from me because it works so good form him!

CrazyDaisy77 from Luxury at low prices said on 11/01/2015

I have to say that I have yet to come across a Soap & Glory product that I don't love.
This body lotion is smooth and creamy, it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple all day long.
I use after washing with Foam Call
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Phoenixv from Fantastic! said on 19/08/2014

Absolutely love this product, great smell, non greasy, easily absorbed into the skin. I'd buy this by the bucket load!! Skin feels smooth and silky after use....well done Soap & Glory, another fabulous product!
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T from USA said on 12/06/2014

I just bought this lotion last weekend, in the smaller size, and I'm wishing I would have bought the large! This lotion not only smells great, but it really does the job without leaving that greasy feeling. This will def. be a must have on my vanity!

Erin from Bay Area, CA said on 29/03/2013

I like the smell of this butter lotion. it's not greasy, and doesn't leave your hands feeling icky. I just wished it was as creamy as the 'Butter Yourself' being that after a bit my hands don't feel as moisturized as they do when I use the 'Butter Yourself' body cream for my hands. It is a nice lotion and I keep a mini one in my purse. I know that for sure once my jar is empty I'm gonna fill it up with the 'Butter Yourself' body cream instead and use that as a hand cream being my hands feel moisturized way longer with that cream then this one.

T from USA said on 03/01/2012

I love this product - it works and the smell is nice and light. My only qualm is that any jars I've bought or seen at the store are NEVER even remotely full. I don't know if anyone else has come across that problem, but I opened up every jar in the store and they were filled maybe half way at most. Very disappointing.

snowbunny from USA said on 28/12/2011

Meh, it's just another disappointment. Not a fan of the consistency and you dont really feel any different after applying it. After an hour you're skin feels dry again. Scent is quite unoriginal. WAY over priced!
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