Body Polish

FLAKE AWAY™ is a superhero-strength, skin-sationally smoothing body scrub with shea butter, sweet almond oil, apricot seed powder, sea salt and sugar. This super-smoother helps you buff your way to beautiful, softer and fresher skin. Scented with our ORIGINAL PINK™ fragrance.

Instructions for Use

Apply a handful of Flake Away on to damp skin and massage in circular motions until most of the grains are gone. Rinse well, pat dry and apply body glossing oil or moisture butter. (Careful! Avoid application over irritated skin or abrasions, as salt scrubs can sting.)


Read Ingredients

Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Maris Sal (Sea Salt), Sucrose, Glyceryl Stearate, Polysorbate 20, PEG-100 Stearate, Parfum (Fragrance), Prunus Persica (Peach) Seed Powder, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Dipropylene Glycol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, BHT, Geraniol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone


Overall Rating:

4.7 out of 5 (192) Review(s)

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canuckinfla from Tampa said on 31/03/2017

I love love love this product. And, I am obsessed with the smell. I wish there was a body butter to match but for now I spend most of my days and nights in my shower "flaking away".

Siobhan1984 from Great product said on 29/01/2017

I have used this product many times and love it. I find this body scrub to leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed.
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MamaChelleXO from San Jose, CA said on 26/10/2016

I really loved the concept and quality of this product, but it smells TERRIBLE. It wreaks of cologne and as a woman, I would want either a neutral or 'feminine' smelling product. I had a lot of fun using this in the shower, but had to hold my breathe during the whole process because it was making me feel lightheaded. I'm not giving up on this brand, I'll just try out other products!

mehrfarbig from Good said on 04/09/2016

Scrubs skin really well. I have a skin condition which causes excess skin growth and this is a great product to reduce the problem.
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lynea from greater kansas city said on 22/07/2016

I love this stuff. Unfortunately, I have tons of great scrubs that were given to me as gifts that have never been opened because of this stuff. I simply can't stop using it. I know that I'll never get that weird, greasy feeling from it, but will just get a good scrub, with excellent moisture left into my skin, and a lovely, feminine, lingering scent. I want to bring myself to eventually try the other Soap & Glory scrubs, but I am so loyal to this scent that it is difficult.

Sarah from A little disappointing said on 19/07/2016

I have been looking for a decent body scrub since SuperDrive stopped their vitamin E one which was cheap and amazing. Unfortunately this one didn't come close and was expensive. Smells ok, disappears quickly on the skin. Ok if you want that sort of thing.
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julie from soap glory flake away said on 06/07/2016

excellent product as always from soap & glory, smells lovely leaves skin feeling sliky
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deedeee7 from AMAZING!!!!! said on 07/05/2016

I absolutely adore this body scrub and wouldn't be without it, it rubs in really nicely into the skin and smells divine, it is great for anyone who suffers with 'chicken arms and legs' and ingrown hairs. My arms and legs have improved in appearance a great amount since using this, it has become one of my bathroom staples. I would recommend using the righteous body butter/lotion after using the scrub for maxium smell and softness of the skin.
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Nichola from Flake away said on 18/04/2016

As I only have to apply this ones or twice a month I feel this makes it good value for money. The smell is very pleasant and even though the texture is meat to have a roughness about it I do not find it unpleasant. _x000D_
I had a pimple on my face, after the second time I used flake away it cleared up so I was very happy with the product._x000D_
I do enjoy using soap and glorys products, I love how they leave you smelling and how your skin feels while using and after using. Bearing in mind I'v only used, body wash's, cream and flake away, very happy so fare.
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erikajayne from Love this product said on 14/03/2016

This is my absolute go to for an exfoliator. It smells divine and leaves me skin feel soft for days after use. _x000D_
There's a lot in the tub too, so absolutely a worth while spend. Must try if you've not had it before!
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MafaldaGodinho from Flake away indeed said on 09/03/2016

This was my very first Soap&Glory scrub, and I've never looked back. It exfoliates without being too harsh and it sort of releases an oil while doing so, giving you perfectly smooth and hydrated skin. And it smells great obviously.
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Rachelb243 from Amazing said on 01/01/2016

This is amazing! I tend to use after shaving and it makes my legs so smooth. Now that I've tried it, I don't think I'll ever not use it again
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K123452 from Will have to try another. said on 12/12/2015

This scrub isn't all negative. It smells delicious, it's good value for money and definitely does the job. But for me it's just not abrasive enough. I find the second this scrub touches water the granules dissolve leaving me no time to actually exfoliate. Have seen a review for the breakfast scrub, i will have to try that one out.
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Margueax from Los Angeles said on 07/12/2015

This is the best stuff ever! Smells amazing & it's the just the best exfoliate out! Leaves your skin soft smooth & smelling great! My husband actually notices when I use it! He never notices anything!

Mel50001 from love!!! said on 04/07/2015

Smells great! Does the job. I also use the righteous body butter with this and the smell stays even longer.
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Inspirational from Application and smell: amazing! said on 16/05/2015

Team this up with the Soap and Glory Exfoliating Scrub Gloves to say hello to super soft skin!

The particles in this scrub help to give a through and deep clean, leaving the skin supple and soft, and beautifully fragranced when topped up with either Soap and Glory's Butter or Lotion of the same scent.

The scrub does not slip away while being applied, so you can take your time working the product into your skin. The moisturising feature property is also really good; it does not leave the skin feeling scratchy or irritated after it has been washed off.

Though it is a tad bit expensive, I have already re-purached replacements! I have been throughly impressed with this product, so will be sticking to it for a while!
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Nawarah from Very sensitive skin said on 12/04/2015

I probably have the most sensitive skin on earth, i used this as soon as I got it, it does smell very nice and the smell lasts for hours, but it irritated my sensitive skin, it turned very red, i should have used less amount, the redness subsided two hours later and my skin now feels soft, i will use it again but way less amount and will apply baby oil afterwards..
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Lollzz from Best stuff ever said on 07/04/2015

I ADORE this stuff - I use it every few days. It has made an enormous difference to my skin, mo more bumpy arms, no more flakey legs.
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ssank12 from I didn't like the leftover effect. said on 23/03/2015

The scrub itself I found smells gorgeous and looked good. I didn't like the fact that it seemed to leave an almost waxy feel/coating to your skin. It ended up in my bin I'm afraid, I prefer a good shower scrub and Soap & Glory Body Butter smoothed on afterwards.
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2001Chloe1 from Amazing Product said on 03/01/2015

I love to use this product on my legs after i have shaved them (using coconut oil as a shaving cream) and when i get out of the shower i use a body lotion (ghost moisturizer) and all these products work amazing together my legs feel and look amazing but i do have to say that i love making my own beauty products and i made a body scrub the other day out of pure coconut oil and sugar and my legs felt amazing even a bit better then when i use this, but it is still an amazing product but i do suggest making your own because it is a lot less cheaper and better for your body.
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dms2508 from Amazing! said on 04/12/2014

This is by far the best body scrub I have tried, it smells absolutely gorgeous (reminds me of Ralph Lauren Romance perfume) and leaves my skin so soft and smooth!
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gooddaysunshine from mmmm said on 19/11/2014

it smells good enough to eat. Reminds me of Lush body scrubs. I really like this product and it definitely does keep my legs flake free and nice and smooth. I really hate the tub though, it's difficult to use in the shower it just ends up full of water.
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PinkDani06 from Regret Buying This said on 04/10/2014

When I got this product at the store I was expecting a body scrub that would feel your legs feeling smooth as silk after shaving or whenever else. Instead I got a hot mess of a product which turned to liquid... I totally don't recommend buying this product at all!
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Victoria from New York said on 13/08/2014

It's not as good as "The Breakfast Scrub" if you're looking for something that's going to make you super smooth, but it's nice and gentle for in between the harsher scrubs, or if you have sensitive skin. The smell is also fantastic! I'm likely going to go back to "The Breakfast Scrub" though, because that worked better for me. I would recommend this for someone who wants something a bit gentler.

Meme me from The best body scrub ever (even for sensitive skin) said on 13/08/2014

I love a good body scrub in the shower and this pot is brilliant. Some scrubs leave my skin smooth but my hands in agony because of some of the ingredients they contain (like methylisothiazinone), but this one is perfect for my sensitive paws.

The pot lasts ages and the scrub goes on to the skin and spreads well - with enough scrubby bits to exfoliate without feeling scratchy. The fragrance is light and fruity but not sickly. Lots to love. One to try. It would be great to get this in a squeeze tube too please Soap&glory.
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zojo500 from Truly scrubtious! said on 23/04/2014

This is an excellent body scrub by soap and glory. I have tried numerous scrubs previously and this is definitely my favourite.
Not only does it get rid of all the dead skin but it moisturises too and smells divine.
I will most definitely be purchasing again.
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gemmmmmmmma12 from Oil based exfoliator poor lather said on 15/02/2014

This is an oil based body wash product. As such do not use this in the bath if you are going to also wash your hair in the same water. As you can imagine the oil gets in your hair and means it is impossible to dry (you will need fairy liquid to get it out).

I was expecting a product that ex foliates well, however instead what it really does is apply an oil to your skin which makes your skin feel very soft (similar to baby oil) rather than removing dead skin. Which is maybe why every one talks about how softening it is. It is really really difficult to apply. You scoop some out of the pot and try to rub it onto the skin without it all washing away/ falling straight off in the shower. It does not attach to the skin well so really you need to turn the shower off to be able to use it. It also does not lather, which it doesn't claim to as it is a oil based product but as such it made me feel like I had to use a foaming shower gel after wards. It smells like all the other soap and glory products but the smell does not last on the skin. By virtue of it being like using baby oil you do not have to moisturise after using it which is a benefit - but baby oil is much cheaper. Not sure why this is so popular as an exfoliator - it is clearly a grapeseed oil.
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Hiltops from Fab Flake Away said on 09/02/2014

This does the job and leaves my legs-and upper arms silky smooth-great fragrance too which S & G are famous for.
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LaurenB1993 from AMAZING! said on 07/01/2014

This is by far my favourite body scrub! Make's my skin feel so silky and smooth! A little bit goes a long way too :)
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sarahann8 from Made my skin very soft said on 07/01/2014

I struggle with very dry skin and eczema so rarely ever use products like this as it can make my skin burn and even worse, but i thought I'd give it a try as my skin is not that bad at the minute. I applied this after shaving with an exfoliating mitt and then moisturised and it has made my skin lovely and soft, flake free. It smells gorgeous and you get tons of it so well worth the money!
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sandra from soap and glory body scrub said on 27/12/2013

was disappointed when the item arrived the pot was cracked and it was leaking out could not give it for a present
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lauren from lovely smell, easy application said on 26/12/2013

This product is brilliant, its easy to apply and smells lovely.
It leaves the skin very smooth and does wonders at relieving ingrown hairs.
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29Destiny from Amazing Smell said on 25/12/2013

It works as good as any fair quality scrub but the smell makes me give such a high rating. My shower now permanently smells like this. Will be buying again after trying the others in the Soap & Glory range.
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themintapple from Rubba dub scrub said on 15/10/2013

I am loving this body scrub. Petrolatum is a main ingredient to this scrub, (an ingredient commonly used in lip balms), which leaves a moistening barrier on the skin leaving you with smooth skin.
impressive considering it's a scrub.
I don't feel that the grains of salt in this scrub feel scratchy, though you shouldn't use a body scrub viscously. The product does the scrubbing, it doesn't mean you need to scrub!

Its luxuriously thick with a floral and fruity scent that leaves you feeling pampered. Due to how thick the product is too, it means that as soon as you scoop out the product, it doesn't go swimming down the plughole straight away.

the packaging is cute and quirky too. My downfall to this body scrub is that even when I thoroughly wash the product out, grains of the product can get stuck in some of my body hair . ( sorry ladies if you didn't want to hear that, but it's the truth).
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makeuplover12317 from love love love said on 29/09/2013

I love soap and glory products and this is one of my favourites!! It smells AMAZING and leaves your skin feeling so soft, i love the girly packaging its just a shame s&g products are quite expensive.
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M1881 from What Soap&Glory do best! said on 25/09/2013

In my opinion, Soap & Glory scrubs are the best products they make and this one is no exception. It has that typical Soap & Glory scent like so many of their other products and is an effective scrub as it has sugary grains to give your skin a good exfoliation. However, if you get water in the tub it does make the scrub quite watery, runny and a lot less effective, so be careful!
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AnnaC44 from Great Exfoliator said on 14/08/2013

I love how 'scrubby' this exfoliator is. I've tried a lot of others but none of them seem scrubby enough for me. The smell is lovely as well. My only complaint is that it just doesn't last long enough. I use it all over so a pot only lasts about 5 applications.
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Debra from Thank God for Soap & Glory ! said on 08/08/2013

I spent a fortune on "Extra Dry Skin" products before stumbling across the Soap & Glory range. I use this scrub daily, and along with the Daily Smooth body lotion, this has calmed my horribly dry and itchy skin like nothing else on the market. I would recommend this to anyone as it has worked wonders for me. Only nitpick would be that you need to try to not add any water to this product (hard when you're in the shower) so that the sugar/salt doesn't dissolve. This issue isn't particular to this product, its just one of the things you need be aware of with any sugar/salt scrub.
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Susie from Leaves skin lovely and smooth said on 03/08/2013

Great product, one of the best exfoliators I've used. Has a really nice texture that's easy to apply and really does get rid of flaky skin. Leaves skin very smooth and much softer. As with most S&G products, it smells amazing. Good to use before fake tanning or shaving. Best used in the shower than the bath though as it can be a bit messy.
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RebeccaAnnC from Gorgeous! said on 06/07/2013

One of my favourite scrubs. Compared to others Ive used its a bit more gritty, but is still fine for my more sensitive skin. It has the familiar S&G scent and makes your skin feel super smooth once you're out the shower/bath. I would repurchase. It may seem a little pricey but for how long it lasts and the quality, its definitely worth it.
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Bree123 from Wonderful scent, great product! said on 03/07/2013

Flake Away is a fantastic body scrub. It smells lovely, and scrubs the skin without leaving it dry and irritated. I have been using it for a few months and have only used about half because of the large size.

I would definitely repurchase!
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kirankbains from Excellent Product said on 26/06/2013

Normally use Sanctuary products but tried this instead for a change. Lovely product, smells great and does exactly what its supposed to. Will defo be sticking to this one now and have recommended to all my friends and family. Bit pricey but defo worth it,
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Taylortigerlee from scrubs away all dead skin said on 21/06/2013

gets rid of all dead skin and leaves your legs feeling so smooth! it smells great and it is so nice to apply on your skin
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PICKYH from MIRACLE TUB said on 05/06/2013

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Angsthase from Not One For The Bath! said on 05/05/2013

I absolutely love this body scrub and have found it to be the most effective scrub I've ever used; I use it two to three times a week and it leaves my skin completely smooth and soft. Essentially, it is the epitome of an excellent body scrub. However, I first bought it when I lived in a house without a shower, just a bath, and had a completely awful experience with it.

In the bath, it is an absolute nightmare of a product: it's sort of sticky; it leaves a nasty scum on the sides of the tub; it somehow seems more oily than when it's used in the shower; it is IMPOSSIBLE to get off... I could go on, because it was endlessly awful. I love this product, but it's like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of body scrubs. It can be a dream of a product, but one for the shower only.
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kirstenwise1 from The smell is amazing! said on 14/04/2013

At first I bought the travel size version just to try this, and I have discovered how amazing it is. The smell of the product stays on your skin and scents the bathroom. I felt this scrub had the perfect amount of granules to give me a smooth finish with out hurting me. All in all I think this is a great value scrub, wi beautiful qualities and I couldn't recommend it more.
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Luci123 from mmmmm. more more more said on 06/04/2013

This scrub does exactly what it says on the tin and more!

Love how it contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar.

Has a fruity and floral scent which stay on the skin after you have exfoliated. - isnt too strong though.

May not be suitable for people with senstive skin due to the sea salt and sugar particles in it.
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Sharon from FAB - Best Scrub Ever!! said on 30/03/2013

Gorgeous and Addictive smell, easy application, very moisturizing.
Highly Recommend.
Only disadvantage is that it contains salt which is not made clear in the description - it's a sugar and salt scrub, and, therefore, it may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin as I found out. However, I can still use on most parts of my body and would definitely purchase again for all of it's advantages!!
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Ellerzlove from Painful said on 29/03/2013

I really didnt like this product and bearing in mind i love soap and glory, this is just shocking, when i first got this i was really excited to try it out but as a i tryed it out i was in a lot of pain where the beads where quite big they where scratching my skin really badly which I didn't like at all, the smell was lovely usual soap and glory smell, but for its price its not worth buying
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Mtim4 from Simply the best !! said on 29/03/2013

My all time favourite scrub : )
I have been using it with an exfoliating glove one or twice a week for the past two years!
Couldn't fault it.
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Reenie from Philadelphia said on 21/03/2013

Smells amazing and works even better !!!

LeanneLilo from Does the job said on 15/03/2013

The only scrub I have tried before this is the breakfast scrub by s&g and loved it! But a bit pricey at 9.50! So i decided as I'd ran out to try this as reviews were just as good, and I'm not disappointed! My skin is ridiculously dry in winter and I suffer ALOT with ingrown hairs from shaving especially on my thighs and more recently bottom of my legs, so a scrub for me is essential, and this delivered! Used it in the shower and my legs felt lovely when I came out! I use coconut and olive oil to help keep moisture in after showering but I really didn't need to use too much after using flake away as they felt so smooth and soft! It helps alot with any bumps at the top of the arms and thighs too! Lovely scrub and a better price. Impressed.
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Louise19796 from Love, love, love said on 12/02/2013

I adore the Soap & Glory range but this has to be my favourite product (so far) of them all. Brilliant on bumpy backs of the arms and dry elbows but also on your face. I water down a small amount for a face scrub which gives a fantastic base for make-up
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Jo from Scrub Up!!! said on 24/12/2012

This product is good, but although it came recommended to me by a friend, I do prefer my usual scrub which is The Sanctuary Salt Scrub. However, Flake Away does smell good. Not sure I'd buy it again though
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Lorna from This product was a big disappointment. said on 14/11/2012

I didn't think much of this product as it didn't do anything at all for my legs. There are a few bits of grit in the paste and they were few and insignificant. I wouldn't buy this product again.
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Grimshowerrr from Super soft skin! said on 10/11/2012

I bought this product because i heard about Soap and Glory's amazing reputation and i needed some new bath stuff. I chose this along with a few others and immediately ran myself a bath when i got home. First of all the product smells quite nice, it has a clean, perfumed smell that lingers slightly on the skin afterwards. The product itself is thick and has a lot of gritty bits to exfoliate the skin better. I don't use this product that often only twice a week when i shave my legs and my legs afterwards are so smooth and soft, this is the best body scrub i have ever used. It was definitely worth the money and i would recommend this to everybody. The only thing i will say is if you're using this after shaving your legs etc if you cut yourself avoid that area like the plague, it hurts. Amazing product, super super happy!
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MissyE from Great product with amazing results said on 03/11/2012

Flake away has been my saviour, I have quite dry, rough skin & after using this & finishing off with Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter my legs are shiny & smooth. I couldn't be happier. It smells amazing and lasts a while so great value for money.
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Asiona from great scrub said on 31/10/2012

This is the best body scrub i have used,makes my skin very smooth ,has fantastic smells and lasting as well,use it 3 times a week ,very good for very dry skin as its removes all death skin.
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That Girl At The Party from NYC, USA said on 25/09/2012

I can't live without this product! It makes my legs silky smooth and the whole bathroom smells DELICIOUS! This is my favorite scrub!

xo Courtney

Amanda from Smoother legs said on 23/09/2012

I love this product. It removes the dry skin from my legs easily, smells gorgeous and used in conjunction with the Righteous Butter leaves my legs smooth and soft for about 3 days before I need to use again - which is perfect for a busy working girl in the mornings.
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Lisa from USA said on 15/09/2012

I absolutely love this product. Use it on your legs after shaving then moisturize and your legs are soft and smooth for days!

laurenKelliott from amazing said on 05/09/2012

i got this first as a christmas present and then i couldnt stop using it
amazing product lovley smell
lasts really well!!
leaves my skin feeling so soft after,
best exfoliator iv ever used
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KiranReveur from Best scrub I have used said on 04/09/2012

I bought this scrub as I had read many reviews on it online and it was recommended to me by a couple of friends; so essentially, I had high hopes for this product and my expectations were met.

It's very easy to apply and you definitely don't need much. It felt great on my skin, it wasn't too rough but I could definitely feel it working. I found it is easy to wash off and the scent is just glorious! After just the first use, my skin instantly felt smoother, looked better and had a lovely shine.

After using this, I moisturise using Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter which has the same scent and goes very well with this product.

For the price you're paying for this product, I think it's a bargain as most scrubs can be quite pricey. For me, this product works and I will definitely buy it again once I finish it.
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Hellokittyxxx from Great but use on the legs only! said on 10/08/2012

Flake Away comes in a round pot with a screw top lid for easy access.

The smell of this scrub is Soap & Glory’s trademark smell and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! It has the same scent as ‘The Righteous Butter’. It is just delicious. I simply adore it.

When I opened the pot I noticed that the consistency is hard and its almost like a paste. Although the scrub is hard in the pot once I applied it to my wet skin it melted into my skin. I think the best way to describe it is that it is a sugar scrub really.

One thing I must say about this scrub is that in my opinion its great BUT I only ever use it on my legs. It can be hard to wash off and it makes my skin oily and greasy. I only use the scrub on my legs for a night out as it makes them silky smooth and soft yet oily and moisturised.

When I do use this scrub for a night out I then dry and moisturise (just a little) and then I always add Soap & Glory’s Easy Glistening (which has the same delicious smell) to my legs because it makes my legs look gorgeous (well as gorgeous as they’ll ever look!).

I love this scrub but only when it is used as above. If you are looking for a scrub for your legs only then there cant be any others! This is the one! It is only £7.00 which I think compared to the price of the other scrubs by S&G its a bargain!

I love this scrub and I will give it 10/10!
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Trina from New York said on 03/08/2012

I have tried many other scrubs of various scents, most of which didn't impress. They either have a cheap-smelling fragrance or too heavily scented. So I went home and ordered the big jar. This thing is much more appealing than it looks in the picture! After using a dollopful on my skin, it was smooth and smelled EXTREMELY good. I felt "expensive", which is ironic because this product doesn't cost much compared to similar ones. The best part (besides the signature scent) is that it has shea butter, so you don't need a separate lotion. Btw, scent lasts for a few hours. I am a spaholic, so I do use products like these often.

han0406 from A product that actually works (for once!) said on 28/07/2012

Leaves legs feeling silky smooth and smells gorgeous. The first time I used it, I made the mistake of using a lot of the product and scrubbing my skin with it which left it quite red but ever since I have only used it lightly on my skin, only needs to stay on for a few seconds and it works perfectly. So good to have bought a product that is actually worth the money!
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Sazna from The BEST said on 14/07/2012

LOVEEE this product! Leaves the leg smooth and has a velvety finish and on top of that smells amazing! will repurchase it again and again. I would recommend it for people with dry skin! it works wonders
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amijayne89 from Wonderful Product said on 04/07/2012

This product is my favourite soap and glory product. It smells so nice, almost good enough to eat!! A little bit goes a long way and one tub normally lasts me several months. Excellent quality and great value.
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IamCheneice from I love it! said on 09/06/2012

I'm a new S&G user, i only have a few products as they are quite expensive, but this is a must!
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Deez91 from Disappointed... said on 04/06/2012

I've tried one of the S&G scrubs before and really liked it so I thought I would give this one a go. The smell of this scrub is absolutely gorgeous, can't beat it, and I like the consistency of it. A little goes a long way and it applies really well and best of all it left my skin feeling sooo smooth it even tackled the stubborn bumps on the back of my arms which no other product alone has done!
However, my one issue with this product is that it leaves a residue on my skin afterwards. No matter how long I rinse myself for in the shower the residue stays and I've even tried using a poof and body wash to wash it away but unfortunately it doesn't completely get rid of it! :( I am actually gutted that this happens because I love everything else about it, I just don't want to be left feeling greasy/waxy which is not ideal before self tanning!
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starkidsara from Amazing said on 04/06/2012

Works amazingly well and a little goes a long way. Has a nice fruity smell and leaves skin silky smooth and soft.
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Bootylicious1 from Another awesome S&G product said on 24/05/2012

Im rapidly becoming addicted to Soap & Glory, this is my latest love!!
Not too keen on the name of this one, but it worked wonders on the dry skin on my legs! Probably worth mentioning - you should mousturise twice a day as well as using this 2-3 times a week for the full effect.
Thanks to Soap & Glory, i'll be beach ready in no time!! :D
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BevvieB from Flake away.... said on 24/05/2012

An absolutely brilliant scrub which exfoliates like no other scrub I have tried and makes my skin feel smooth and toned all day! I use it before slathering on S&Gs The Righteous Butter Body Butter and my skin (and bathroom) smells gorgeous! You get a lot of scrub for your pennies and I think it is a great product – highly recommended!
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LilJhnsn from Dry knees/elbows....bye bye!! said on 19/05/2012

Im 27 years old and always struggled to get the rough patches on my knees and elbows smooth. I've tried many things but on the advice of a website, I bought this. I used it and from the first time, my rough patches were gone, just totally gone!! That was before even applying any moisturizer. Its so nice just to move my hands over my skin and feel smooth and silky, something i've never had, even with Euricyn, E45 and other heavy moisturizing products. One scrub with this was all it took! This does exactly what it says and it smells amazing, even my husband grabbed a blob and had a go. I cannot recommend this enough if you have dry patches that you just can't shift. For added luxury, I have also bought the Righteous Butter moisturiser from Soap and Glory which is equally as amazing and the scent, heavenly.
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hannah964 from Great product! said on 19/05/2012

I love this product! Ive used it for years and the little travel sized pot is adorable. The smell of this exfoliator is gorgeous and the actual exfoliator isn't too rough on sensitive skin but its rough enough to make dry skin disappear, its great value for what it is and would deffinatley recomend to a friend. The feeling afyterwards leaves your skin feeling silky smotoh and is great to use on legs before shaving, I use it all over my body and love the effect it has on my skin. There is no oily feeling after use and the product is great for underlying hairs which are bad for shaving, I love using this product a great deal and highly recomend it to anybody needing a lovely, great for sensitive skin, gentle but rough exfoliator.
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NessieP from Probably the best body scrub ever said on 12/05/2012

It's definately the best body scrub I have ever used. It really works. It leaves my skin super soft and it's almost like I don't need to moisturise afterwards. It smells GORGEOUS! And the smell lasts for ages. I love all Soap & Glory stuff but this is a must have. I have psoriasis in one of my elbows and this is one of the only things that makes it feel and look better. It's worth every penny. (The little travel sized pot is so cute and really practical for going on holiday.)
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PosiePink from Smooth Skin! said on 28/04/2012

This is perfect for scrubbing to smoothness! It has the original Soap & Glory fragrance and it is divine. I do have to be careful and not use it too much, as it can cause my skin some irritation but its fine on my legs.
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AnnaIfy from Overjoyed! said on 26/04/2012

I have never in my life been so happy after taking a shower. I was not too fond of soap and glory products in the past as I felt they were a little overpriced. I purchased this first in a mini size to test it and I was so overjoyed with the results that I went to boots the next day and got this in a full size.
It has an amazing fragrance which is hard to describe but it very sweet and lingers in the bathroom even after 20 mins.
It gives a very good and thorough scrub and if you have sharp eyes you can even see some dead skin on your body.
It moisturises your body and you do not even need a moisturiser after a shower on summer days.
It does leave your bathtub a bit slippery so be careful of that.
I am very happy to have found soap and glory products and as soon as I use up all my other lotions and potions I will only buy soap and glory. They are a bit on the higher side but the quantities are very generous.
Will recommend to everyone.
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Shmam from Does what it says on the tin! said on 13/04/2012

This is fab :) leaves your skin feeling really soft and it's great to use before or after shaving your legs!
Smelly really nice & even my boyfriend commented on how smooth my skin felt. Only really need to use it once a week; a little goes a long way!

I bought it after using a scrub which was more expensive than this one and it was no where near as good this one! Definite must have in your bathroom :)
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ilovelovelyboots from the best ever said on 13/04/2012

After using this product for the first time a year ago when staying at a friend's house, i would never buy anything else for myself now. I love that it is so gritty due to the peach seeds, saugar AND salt! My body has never been so smooth, a total beauty secret guys! i use it every single day in the bath.
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xemma12345x from love said on 07/03/2012

Really love this scrub, use about once a week in the shower and find it really smooths skin and removes all dear skin. Perfect before going out, or preparing for getting a tan!
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hamoomoo from Great for legs said on 08/02/2012

I haven't used this in ages as I seem to have misplaced it and am currently trying out other S&G products but seeing it again on the site I must review; this product is really great and I know I will end up buying more in the future as I couldn't stray far from it.
I often have very dry skin on my legs and after using this once the difference was just great, especially in the shower or bath as you can see the dry skin coming off in your hands!
Left my legs really smooth. Texture a little thick but is is a great scrub so it needs to be to be effective!
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Sarah715 from Perfect prep for fake tanning! said on 09/01/2012

The fine exfoliating grains in this product means it really works hard on your dry areas, and everywhere else. Leaves skin extremely soft, ideal before fake tan application. It helps me avoid unsightly streaks/patches. A little goes a long way with this product, so its a good investment, will last you a good while. One you must try if you're a fake tan fan.

Very impressive product, especially given the price. Have tried many other exfoliating scrubs, some double this price which are nowhere near as good. Definite favourite.
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Macei from Sure does what it says! <3 said on 30/12/2011

I love this product!
It works for dry areas and makes it feel so soft and smooth!
I'm not sure if you were suppose to use it on your face but I did anyway :3
and it made my face feel so soft! It might be a bit too harsh on your face if you have really sensitive skin, but if you don't, try it out, it works for the face too!
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Siri from USA said on 07/12/2011

I first used Soap & Glory when I discovered it in Boots when I was in Thailand..I can't tell you how amazing these products are and how AMAZING they smell! I would use Flake Away or the one that comes in a tube and pair it with the body butter and it does wonderful things to my skin like smoothing it out and leaving it super soft. It makes the bath experience highly enjoyable because you just can't wait to use the product!

samgill77 from Best scrub ever !! said on 30/11/2011

Well i love and i mean love this scrub having tried so many in the past then my fella got me a gift set last christmas containing this and i was amazed by how fab it is, a little goes a long way and smell is lushous. works great on hard dry skin areas like elbows n knees and feet also brilliant to use on legs to prepare for shaving. what can i say it just the best, only downfall in my eyes is could be a bit cheaper.
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MissGolightly6 from You need to buy this! said on 22/11/2011

I've tried many scrubs, and this is clearly the best.
It lasts so long and makes my skin extremely soft, after I used it and went out, I got compliments on my skin and my false tan looked very natural all because of how exfoliating this scrub is. I highly reccomend you buy this.
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AdeelaA from Leaves skin soft and healthy said on 17/11/2011

I have really dry knees and when i use this on my legs the dryness disappears and leaves left really nice and moisturised. I use the same range body butter once i have used the scrub on my body. The only downfall is the packaging. I think it would be much more hygienic if it was in a tube instead of having to keep dipping your hand in the tub. Also this scrub smells AMAZING!!! Would definantly recommend!
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Naja from Kuala Lumpur said on 18/10/2011

Love this scrub! It smells so nice and my skin feels really soft after using it! Fav :)

specialk1 from Super soft silky skin said on 10/10/2011

This body scrub is a really great product. Not only does it really work it smells delicious too. The scrub makes my skin feel very soft and leave s a lovely glossy feel to your body. I love the texture of this product some scrubs are a poor excuse for a good scrub - this is a luxurious treatment and gentle.
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Crouchy from O M G! said on 27/09/2011

I got a mini version of this in a Christmas set last year but hadn't used it till this week, and I'm gutted I hadn't used it before!

It has the lovley Soap & Glory smell, felt like it was scrubbing away the dead skin and even after washing it off and drying my skin already felt like it had already been moisturised and lovley and soft.

will be treating myself to some full size versions of these beauties when they run out!!!
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Catriona from Cumbernauld said on 27/09/2011

Used this item for the first time this week and love, love, love it. My skin was so soft after using this and the The Righteous Butter. Was a delight to use, not like other scrubs. Would recommend this product.

Lily from Milton Keynes said on 27/09/2011

The best product I have ever used!!! Will continue re purchasing this for a long time. Left my skin SO smooth. I haven't used anything like this before, would definitely recommend!

Danielle from Manchester said on 27/09/2011

I used Flake Away just before I was going to put on my fake tan and it worked a treat. So thankyou for helping me to be a bronzed babe Soap & Glory.

Abos from Indy said on 27/09/2011

I love this product. It's made my skin soooo smooth. I'm going to go out and buy 4 more jars of this stuff. I love the way it smells, too. I'm an exfoliating junkie and have tried hundreds of other scrubs (and have made my own), but this product by far is the best. And, it doesn't leave my bathtub super slippery like other products do.

Hana from Milton Keynes said on 27/09/2011

Just used this product for the first time this morning, and I was amazed! My skin feels fab and silky smooth. The smell is great too! A must buy =]

Theresa from Burnaby said on 27/09/2011

IT'S WONDERFUL! I have used other scrubs and thought that I couldn't "do it" right as I didn't see a difference at all. I bought the mini pot to try it out but didn't expect miracles.... I am amazed!!! I CAN DO IT RIGHT - I just hadn't found the correct product :0) Purchased the big pot this weekend and will be a follower from now on...

Vanessa from San Lorenzo said on 27/09/2011

Absolutely adore this product. Used it last night for the first time, and my legs were so smooth and soft I didn't even need lotion!

Ashleigh from Cheshire said on 27/09/2011

While not 100% perfect, this is my Holy Grail of body scrubs. Leaves my skin hydrated, silky, smooth, nicely exfoliated, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to repurchase. I use it all over my body for a nice, deep down scrub about once a week, and when I use other body scrubs, I can definitely tell the difference! Wonderful product :)

Lys from York said on 27/09/2011

This is absolutely fantastic, and smells wonderful!! Can't get enough of it!!

Sofia from Worcester said on 27/09/2011

Great product, apart from leaving skin extra soft and hydrated, it leaves this great S&G scent all day!!!

Janet Macdonald from Edinburgh said on 27/09/2011

A miracle must have! Works a treat.

Ashleigh from Essex said on 27/09/2011

Got this as part of a Christmas present and love it! I could not imagine using anything else on my skin, and the smell is divine!

Abi from Birmingham said on 27/09/2011

This is one of my absolute favourite soap and glory products along side "The Righteous Butter" used these product for ages wont ever stop... best body scrub I have ever used, even use it on my face (I always keep stocked up )

Louise from Winchester said on 27/09/2011

My absolute favourite of all the S & G products. Leaves my skin super soft and silky and smells delicious! The best body scrub I've ever used.

Claire from Toronto said on 27/09/2011

OMG! a miracle in a tub!

Sally from England said on 27/09/2011

Bought this product in Boots with my friend I use it before applying fake tan. Works a treat removes all dead skin leaving me with a streaky free tan, friends have commented on how great my fake tan looks all down to this one marvellous product. Once again thank you SOAP AND GLORY! Your products all have high standards, I recommend to all my friends :) x

Jennifer Haddon-Brown from This is my favourite scrub ever! said on 24/09/2011

smells divine and makes my skin silky smooth, I always follow it with The Righteous Butter, they go really well together!

Cherie Peets from Removes dead skin without being too harsh said on 24/09/2011

Removes dead skin without being too harsh, smells amazing just all all of the fantastic Soap and Glory products. My skin is left soft and glowing, would recommend to all!

dizzyjen from Really good product, will definitly repurchase said on 23/09/2011

I personally loved this product. When first applied has a grainy feel to it, but isn't harsh on the skin. I was very sceptical when I first bought this as my skin usually is very sensitive and products like this usually bring me out in a rash, but this product didn't.

The smell of this product is very soap and glory and has their trademark sweet smell to it

After washing this product off, i was left with lovely smelling skin that was so soft to the touch. It has a velvety feel to it but isnt oily or uncomefortable.

This feel lasted all day and i recieved numerous comments about the smell.
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Beckcxox from A very nice scrub said on 07/08/2011

I bought this product as I had seen a few people on U Tube recommend it.
I had previously purchased some other sugar scrubs inwhich I was not impressed and were rather pricey so I was pleasantly surprised with this product and its price.
The product comes in a large round pink tub with the title "flake away" (catchy I thought) the product inside is brown ish in colour, the smell is AMAZING OMG the smell is so lovely, I was told that it smelt like a Dior perfume but I am not too sure about that, however it's really good.
Once applied to the body it works like any other sugar scrub, afterwards it has a very silky feel to it, with perhaps alittle bit of an oily residue, however that didn't put me off and the smell of the product lingers for hours.

A very nice scrub, does the job, smells lovely and I would buy again.
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juillet from The one said on 05/08/2011

There are so many positive things to say about this scrub. First of all it exfoliates like no other scrub I have tried, I can really see the difference on my skin, that stays soft for so long after I scrubbed. It smells amazing and it leaves the scent on you skin for a long time. There is a lot of product and that is a great advantage.
I used it as a face scrub as well and it works amazingly too!
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mei696 from flake it away! said on 20/06/2011

I brought this last week, as i loved the smell it gave me when i opened the lid. So gorgeous! i swear soap and glory products have the best scent ever in the body care area. The body scrub is easy to use, little goes a long way because if you put too much this can go a bit too oily. After using this you notice a great difference how smooth and hydrated your skin is. I would say if it wasn't for the scent, to me its like any other body scrub. Which then i give this a 10/10 :) try it girls you won't be turning back to what ever you were using in the past.
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flowjo77xx from what can i say about this product apart from im in love xx said on 19/06/2011

this is the best exfoliater ever it smells amazing its cheap it works,its easy to use, u glow what more could u ask for xx
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leeaim from Fantastic moisturised feel! said on 19/06/2011

This product is great for legs, but I have also used it on my chest and arms before a night out when i havn't got time to moisturise. It smells great and is not oily so perfect when your in a rush. I use on my legs on a regular basis and it is a great exfoliator and leaves silky smooth feeling. The best I have ever used!
I always look out for the 3 for 2 offers on soap and glory,
Great savings to be made!
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xAngelx from X SMOOTH SILKY GODDESS!! X said on 14/06/2011

This scrub is the best i've ever tried. I will never change to anything else. It leaves you with the softest silkiest legs ever. I use it before shaving my legs. Before this product i used to get alot of ingrowing hairs and my skin was dry and bumpy and shaving used to cause my legs to bleed and get spots. But since using this, my legs are so smooth and it makes shaving heavenly... i'll definately be getting my legs out this summer! Thanks to Flake Away ;) xx 10/10
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Strawberry123 from If not applied properly, can be messy but is a wonderful product said on 12/06/2011

It can be messy to apply if you dont rub it in well enough, but it's deffinetley worth it affterwards, my skin was so smooth and flake free!
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KentKings from Silky Skin in a Tub said on 16/05/2011

What can I say? I've tried dozens of body scrubs over the years, but this stuff knocks the rest of them into a cock hat. Flake Away makes my legs feel as if they've been coated with liquid silk. You can feel the moisturising effects of this scrub hours after you've applied it, and it smells absolutely divine. In fact, the S&G Original Pink range of products all make me and our bathroom smell heavenly! I would highly recommend this scrub to anyone who wants dreamy soft and smooth legs and body!
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buniibeauty from brilliant said on 29/04/2011

to the person below me .... i think you may have just had a bad batch.... its not at all like lard and iv never had any problems with products lathering with it..!!! :)
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vivh1 from Horrible said on 26/04/2011

This is a horrible product, like gritty lard, it falls off your hands all over the shower/bath and other products will not lather if they come into contact with it. Cleaning the bath/shower after is a pain and it makes the area very slippery. Will not be buying again.
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CustomerDundee from WOW said on 14/04/2011

Just perfect body scrub, the BEST, leaves body smelling heavenly amazing and skin sooo soft, also its a big tub and it will last for long time. I've tried body shop's scrub but this is much more better and also cheaper. Definitely going to be using it again and again. Love it, feels like luxury bath/shower when you use it =)
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LingWong from Smells good and does a decent job like any body scrubs said on 10/04/2011

This is a good basic body scrubs for girlie types who like their bathroom products smelling like fruits. It does leave the skin polished with a healthy glow and for that price it is good value too. Wouldn't say it is superb but it does a good job for the price.
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robyn07 from leaves my skin smoooooooth... said on 27/03/2011

I enjoy using this product every few days just to give my skin a smoothness. It's cheaper than some others on the market but works just as good. Also, it smells yummy and the smell lasts! I would buy this product again! :)
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Leanneee from Great scrub said on 27/03/2011

Leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. Great to use before tanning :)
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Jasper from Worst scrub i've ever used said on 26/03/2011

This is an awful product, one in which i can't quite understand the positive reviews. This scrub is so harsh, it is like builders grit and even i have tough skin. Yes it works as a scrub but not exactly easy riding with this product. It has a horrible waxy thick formula which sticks to your skin and the bath and form a gross residue... so after you've washed your washing the bath just to get rid of the stuff. I defiantly wouldn't recommend this, it might look cute but don't be fooled!
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beautybyabi from Definitley flakes away said on 14/03/2011

I love this body scrub. It smells great and really does the job. Some body scrubs can be to scratchy and harsh on my skin but i find this one perfect, its not too soft and not too hard. It makes my skin feel great after a shower.
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Emjo2010 from Absolutely gorgeous!! said on 05/03/2011

What can I say about this product apart from WOW!! It is fantastic, I use it in the shower about once a week, and it makes my skin really really soft and gorgeous. It smells absolutely divine and after use my skin is glowing, would definately recommend.
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Steph B from A great body scrub said on 01/03/2011

This is one of the best body scrubs I've ever used. It's quite gritty in texture, and a little awkward to scoop out of the pot and apply, but it does exactly what it promises. It's particularly good on the upper arm area, and gets rid of bumps and uneven looking skin from the first application. It also smells great and washes off well despite it's fairly 'waxy' texture. Definitely worth investing in.
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bbsgirl1970 from Not for me said on 25/02/2011

I love all Soap & Glory products.....except this one :-(
I find it too scratchy on my skin, and I don't enjoy the texture at all. I prefer a creamy or gel based scrub and this one is like gritty lard. I guess its the high paraffin content (?). The smell however is absolutely divine so I am using it up on my feet and hands, and have moved on to another S&G product for my body scrub.
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mezhelen from Flake away makes my day said on 22/02/2011

I tend not to take the time to pamper myself although this is one good reason to stay in the bath longer. The body scrub is great smelling, makes my skin feel soft and smooth in touch and appearance and really makes you feel like you have had an expensive treatment. I love the fact that after bathing there still appears to be a lotion affect on my skin.

The only down side I can think of is that this product does leave a lot of residue in the bath when you have used it so if you were expecting something which disolves in the bath and leaves little to clean up then this may not be the product for you. That said I think it is worth the extra effort and would definately recommend it to all.
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Ellielouise from Everything all in one jar !! said on 20/02/2011

This works wonders, it scrubs very well and leaves the skin very soft. I would advise that if you want the best from it you dont have your skin soaking wet, leave the skin a few seconds then apply and scrub.
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issywizz from Love it :) definete repurchase! said on 19/02/2011

This leaves my skin sooo smooth! All soap and glory products smell awsome and this is no exception :)
the price may put some people off but this is an amazing body scrub, and the big tub gives you so much product, I love this and would reccomend to anyone.
p.s= use this to exfoliate after shaving :) or just in the shower or bath for silky soft skin
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LadyAna from Amazing!!! said on 11/02/2011

This product is just incredible! The best scrub I've tried so far! It leaves your skin soft and smooth, as if you've used oil but without the oily sensation. A must have!!! :)
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nealjj123 from greaaat said on 09/02/2011

best exfoliator ive ever used, and ive used lots xx
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Paige44 from AMAZING said on 29/01/2011

This scrub is the most effective scrub ive used, it leave skins irrestible to touch and leave skin soft for days, you only need to use this once a week to feel the effects, its perfect and ill definately buying this again and again
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Jstaffs from What a scrubber! said on 06/01/2011

Fantastic body scrub.... my skin feels soooo soft after using it and it smells delicious.
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SandGfan from Love it! said on 29/11/2010

1. Smells amazing
2. Leaves you feeling smooth for two reasons:
a.scrubs away dead skin
b.moisturises your skin

I love using this product... just make sure you rinse it off properly... or you may find tiny bits of scrub left under your armpit.. :)
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NikiGraske from FABULOUS said on 04/10/2010

This scrub is the best thing since sliced bread. It smells simply amazing, is really coarse so does the job, and it leaves a silky moisturising film on your skin. I would recommend this product to everyone!
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jenrich from woohoo said on 27/09/2010

brilliant....... as always these products do exactly what they say on the tin for years I have suffered from transparent lizard skin now with flakes away it is so much better !!!!
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geraldo from Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub said on 17/08/2010

Excellent product and it works! Lovely smell, good price.
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jonsgirl1 from SOAP AND GLORY FLAKE AWAY said on 19/07/2010

I have to say this is the BEST body scrub out there and i refuse to use any other!
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Marquis74 from Smooth said on 13/07/2010

i love this prouduct. it makes my skin feel smooth and it has a nice smell. i tend to get spots on my back and i have seen some improvements.
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Neen24 from Brilliant Brilliant said on 28/05/2010

Absolutely fantastic product! You won't believe the difference it makes! After scrubbing away with other products Flake Away polished my skin with minimal effort! I can't get enough of S&G.
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Alice1995 from What more is there to say? said on 18/05/2010

My skin is annoyingly flaky and dry, particually after shaving and showering, but thanks to flake away, well, it's in the name really. I follow up with the righteous butter and my skin has never been so amazing. A must have for all women (and teenagers like me) !!!!
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Abbieehoatson from its B-E-A-UTIFUL said on 27/04/2010

This product is actually amazing. makes my skin really soft and is really good to use before putting on my fake tan , stops it from streaking. Have almost ran out , going to buy it again for sure!!
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merrymay from AMAZING! said on 21/04/2010

This product is amazing, have used cheaper body scrubs before and even some body shop ones and this is amazing! My legs and arms have never been smooth, pair this with their Righteous Butter and you will have amazingly smooth skin! Also very good scub if you're about to use fake tan as it doesn't make your skin really raw.
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AmyHarrington from Fantastic. said on 13/04/2010

Absoloutly love this, i use it everyday and have used 3 pots since christmas. Amazing, love it to peices, thanks mum for buying me it.
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janetrobson from im a right scrubber!!! said on 11/04/2010

well i am now since i came across this ,it is the best thing since sliced bread . my legs have never been so soft ,and my elbows are lovely it certainly does the job,worth every penny. and the smell well thats something else ,if youve never used this range before well let me tell you youre in for a treat . and after youve showered you must use the body butter it is to die for ,you will never look back once you have used this range ,there is something for everyneed , just buy buy buy,i know i have!!!!!
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simmonec01 from Scrubalicious! said on 07/04/2010

I am forever trying different products and this Soap and Glory scrub is definitely a keeper! It smells divine and the scrub ia really grainy so it exfoliates your skin really well. It leaves your skin super-soft - a fantastic product! It also comes in a mini size which is great for taking on holiday with you.
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getagripmarshall from Excellent Product said on 05/04/2010

I love all Soap and Glory's products but this has to be my favourite, I'm never without it.
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glitter21 from Best Scrub Ever said on 03/04/2010

I've tried many body scrubs over the years and this is without a doubt the best I've ever used! It smells delish, gently scrubs away and leaves your legs unbelievably soft and moisturised! It should almost come with a warning label attached as its results are so addictive!
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Occasionalshopper from Great Scrub said on 02/04/2010

Very effective and good value. One of the few items from the range which I would buy again.
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pixie1990 from Im addicted! said on 31/03/2010

I am so so so in love with this! The smell is amazing and its left me heavenly. I feel such a big difference in my skin, its perfect!
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Wiggs from body scrub said on 29/03/2010

This is so good i use it on my upper lip to get rid of the fine facial hair as it is so gentle, i love this as it makes my skin so soft and smooth and it is great for very dry patches without aggravating the dry patches.
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vplisa from Super Smooth said on 28/03/2010

This body scrub is fantastic.... once you've used this scrub your skin it leaves a superr smooth coating on your skin so you could skip moisturiser that day. Leaves skin super smooth especially thighs, bum and back of arms...
smells devine and lasts ages.... certainly will be a shower staple.. :)
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Poppy34 from Best ever scrub said on 28/03/2010

This is the best scrub I have used. Smells lovely and really scrubby. May be too rough for sensitive skins but it has made my legs really smooth.
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mel26 from amazing stuff said on 26/03/2010

love this scrub, has the usual divine smell and really works at getting rid of dry skin and leaves my legs silky smooth
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reboscar from Super Smooth Legs!! said on 18/03/2010

Flake Away not only sloughs away nasty dry skin it leaves your skin wonderfully moisturised. Its brilliant for preventing ingrown hairs caused by waxing & epilating. Pat your skin dry after using and you are left with a lovely sheen to your skin. Also smells great.
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stef0863 from flake away said on 17/03/2010

this facescrub is super, i have quite dry skin and this leaves me feeling refreshed and much smoother.
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gogopowerrangers from Scrub away said on 17/03/2010

I LOVE Soap and Glory this is one of my fave products by them it does everything it says and more, I think it is the best scrub I have ever used you can really feel it working without it being to rough or dry even on sensitive skin it leaves it feeling brand new! Like all S&G products it has a lovely but not overpowering smell it is a great looking product and a big tub will last ages even the small pots in the gift sets last a longer time than most scrubs. Again something I would buy as a gift
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Shells from Simply Scrumptious said on 15/03/2010

I have tried all of the Soap and Glory body scrubs and this one is my favourite. Its really scrubby and makes your skin lovely and smooth, leaving it all moisturised and smelling fantastic. Scrummy!!!!
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saz68239 from Brilliant product said on 14/03/2010

This is a fantastic product, smells lovely and great for scrubbing away fake tan esepcially when you use it with the pink exfoliating gloves. Would highly recommend this scrub !!!
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Paint from Moisturising scrub with a fanastic frangrance said on 13/03/2010

This really is an excellent scrub. You can feel it scrubbing away without being scratchy, so it is great for senstitive skin. It is also just oily enough without being greasy, it seems to melt into your skin leaving it soft and smooth. As with all soap and glory products it smells divine. A real pick me up!
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lisa20 from buy this you will love it said on 13/03/2010

i have very dry skin and after using this scrub i was amazed how soft and fresh my skin felt
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SparklyJo from lovely product said on 13/03/2010

This is a lovely product, doesnt look like much in the tub, but it smooths out your scaly patches (especially good on knees and elbows) and leaves a silky feel to your skin as well as a delicate fragrance which lasts for a while. Will definately buy more of this product.
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desita from Very good! said on 12/03/2010

Reading the reviews i was very excited and i bought it and it was good but not as good as i expected!it smells nice it does the job but i found it a bit dry and there was nothing to make it grip on too my skin!Its good but not the best!
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MaisieMoo from Fab Fab Fab said on 12/03/2010

I love this product I have stocked up on it, smells nice and it leaves skin lovely and smooth, I had what I would call pimply arms at the top and they are smooth now, nothing else seemed to make my arms soft but this product does and it doesnt dry skin out. its defo worth a try I bet you'll love it!
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Vik80 from Can't live without it said on 12/03/2010

This is the best product ever I can't live without it, I have tried others and soon regret it. I use this every other day and my skin is always soft and bump free and I don't even need to moisturise even in winter. Buy it now!!
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Sacheverell from Excellent exfoliator said on 09/03/2010

This product will give you smooth legs daily without irritating the skin. It doesn't leave any dark particles in the shower like some exfoliators do. All Soap & Glory products are pleasantly scented, but this one is my very favourite; it leaves a wonderful light, sweet fragrance on your skin for quite a while after use.
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Amy1234 from Super Stuff said on 08/03/2010

I love using this product; it leaves your skin feeling brand new. It has behind a great scent and an oily moisturised sheen for your skin. Not too scratchy either! A definite 'must have'!
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Scrumpy from Silky smooth said on 07/03/2010

I love Soap & Glory and this original range is my favourite.
The smell is beautiful, sweet and a little musky while still being fresh and feminine.
The scrub it self if a thick consistency so it's easy to apply and work into the skin.
After application the skin feels lovely and smooth and retains some of the lovely smell.
I've been using this scrub since it came out and will continue to do so :D
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MissBoots from Worth every penny said on 06/03/2010

This is essentially a salt scrub, so it can be harsh and you have to be careful not to get it in any nicks & cuts on your skin, however, it has a beautiful fresh-air smell and leaves your skin supple and smooth. Recieved lots of comments after I used it on the nice smell.
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pinksuzieq from The perfect scrub said on 05/03/2010

I have tried so many scrubs and this delivers all that I want from a scrub. The smell is gorgeous but more importantly it has the right consistency to make you feel like it is doing the job it is supposed to. A lot of scrubs I find weak and you don't feel like you've lifted off dead skin but this does and as it leaves a moisturising residue your skin doesn't feel dry in any way. Oh and the tub lasts ages!
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JenMorrison from Honestly - try this stuff!! said on 21/02/2010

Awesome. Just awesome. It smells super dooper and it makes your skin feel fabulously soft and smooth. Use before the body butter and the scent will last for hours. Love it!
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Serena from Fantastic! said on 13/02/2010

This scrub is amazing!! Smells so nice and really scrubs your skin well for stubborn dry areas. Leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth. Love it!
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poppyanne from great product said on 15/01/2010

love this product. leaves your skin looking smooth and radiant! smells absolutely gorgeous and has lasted me ages and ages, so well worth it.
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Lauren83x from I;m in love! said on 23/12/2009

Have tried a million exfoliators and none work like this. REally nice and fine grain, which leaves youre skin feeling lovely and smooth. Also smellls beautiful! A little bit expensive, but I cant resist!
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fstep from Incredible for your face said on 30/11/2009

I seriously would not be without this scrub. I don't use it on my body, although I really should! I have sensitive skin and this is the first time I have found something that works. I use it once or twice a week and then don't even need to moisturise afterward. I love this range and I'm happy with anything from it, but Flake Away is a necessity!
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TaraLara from Best body scrub ever! said on 16/11/2009

Seriously you HAVE to get this! Smells devine in the pot and on you! Leaves your skin like silk for days! A little goes a long way! Its a little messy to wash off being an oils based scrub can mess up your bath or shower a bit but don't let this put you off! It's amazing!
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Rayray from S&G Body Scrub said on 26/07/2009

I really love this body scrub. I have only used it a few times, as my mum gave it to me a the start of this week, but after putting it on, when I wash it off, I instantly feel my skin is so much softer! It also partly acts like a moisturiser too, so if you're being quick you don't have to moisturise as well.
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yummilie from Lovely fragrance said on 20/07/2009

I absolutely loved the fragrance. Its so sweet and feminine. It did leave my skin smooth after application. However, on the packaging i think it recommends that you rub it on your skin till the beads dissolve. The beads in the scrub were fairly big so i don't recommend rubbing it into your skin too much as it may irritate and damage it. With this scrub, a little goes a long way.
Overall, the product is great.
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alicia63894g8 from My holy grail product!! said on 03/07/2009

This is one of the few products i honestly can't live without. I currently have two back-ups of the stuff to make sure i dont run out!! I suffer from eczema on my shins and so am prone to horrible dry flakey patches on my legs and this scrub not only buffs away these horrible patches to make my legs lovely and smooth, the oil in it is extremely moisturising leaving my skin silky soft! My skin is quite sensitive and this product does not irritate it at all. It is a must for baring flesh in the summer as it gives the skin a lovely healthy glow.
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NatC71 from Hurray for Flake Away. said on 25/06/2009

I have tried quite a few scrubs and this beats the lot for performance, fragrance and skin softening properties.
My legs looked and felt so much better after just the first go even and my legs have been well neglected for quite a while. Have tried quite a few good brands but this was the only one that did any good.
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Rlj77 from Amazing said on 03/05/2009

This Removes Dead Skin Without Being Harsh, Smells Fantastic Like All Soap & Glory Products & Leaves Skin Soft & Glowing. Brilliant, Considering How Little It Costs, Would Definitely Recommend.
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natlie from fab! said on 30/04/2009

brilliant product - rally fine scrubby particles so no nasty scratching smells lovely and leaves a moisurising layer on your skin - great for dry elbows and knees before fake tan
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Leighann from Miracle Pearls said on 29/04/2009

This product is amazing and thanks to my little sister buying me a gift pack for x-mas I might not have discovered it. The results on your skin using this product is amazing, I have really dry skin and using this every morning in the shower (please don't use in bath, like I stupidly did... aww) leaves your skin silky smooth and moisturised. I use it on my face too, not sure ur suppose to but works for me lol!
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ikkle87 from Amazing said on 20/04/2009

I'd never really tried soap and glory before christmas but one of my friends bought me some and I was hooked. With its soft floral fragrance it is perfect for females and the scent is devine without being overbearing. The scrub in particular is brilliant. I have problems with my elbows and feet and I use this scrub and it makes my skin soft and smooth without leaving it sore like some abrasive scrubs can! A brilliant product, I reccomend to all.
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Tashiwa18 from Soap & Glory: said on 09/04/2009

This is a fantastic scrub, it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft. I would buy this again.
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Minnie23 from Soap n glory scrub said on 07/04/2009

I absolutely adore this product! Not only do you get a very deep exfoliating scrub that smoothes your skin but also a very thick layer of moisture that stays in your skin making it silky soft with a delicious smell : )
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clairabelle from Lizard Legs No More! said on 26/03/2009

Just 2 minutes in the shower each morning was enough to transform my really dodgy pins -great product, great smell great results!
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pussykat from Lush said on 25/03/2009

This product is amazing i cant stop buying it. It really works! i find after a few days fake tan seems to become patchy, i've used different scrubs and none really get it quite off this hardly needs scrubbing and comes off with ease
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bettyboop from The Best Body Scrub... Ever! said on 24/03/2009

This really is the best body scrub in the world and fantastically priced! I have really dry, sensitive skin which is eczema prone. Other scrubs make my skin very sore and itchy, but this doesn't. I can use this and don't even have to moisturise after if pushed for time. A word of warning though - make sure you rinse the bath out well after because the next person to get in will slide!
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