Sugar Crush™ Body Buttercream

Sugar Crush™ Body Buttercream


Moisturising Body Butter

Soap & Glory’s must-have new moisture-extreme, re-energizing, sweet-lime scented body buttercream for supreme skin smoothing! A massive hit in Britain, now available in the USA exclusively at Sephora!

Instructions for Use

A VERY FINE LIME: After a bath or shower – on still slightly damp skin – massage a handful of Sugar Crush™ Body Buttercream onto your skin; from your toes to your shoulders. (And then – of course – let us know if you love it.)

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Overall Rating:

4.4 out of 5 (47) Review(s)

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ShandrewsCA from Calimesa, CA, USA said on 06/12/2016

I bought this at my local Walgreen's. OMG it smells amazing! The lotion itself is super-soft and buttery. I keep the jar on my desk and use it on my hands throughout the day. I would love this in a body spray!

Jeza from Philippines said on 15/07/2016

My sister resides in Dubai and bought me this as her gift and I have never been satisfied with any other body lotion until I used this. It moisturize my skin perfectly! Since then I am using this as my only body lotion plus it smells great! I hope that you'll sell your product here in the Philipines so that I will not ask my sister to buy me this product from Dubai and send it here in the Philippines or ask my relatives in USA to buy me this when they visit. ;)

efox from Memphis said on 11/11/2015

The smell is a turn off for me. It smells exactly like a margarita. Yes, the soap and cream are very nice, but the smell is just wrong.

contains AHA's from United States said on 09/05/2015

Very moisturizing, but it contains AHA's which make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Made me get a bad sunburn on my legs and got a second degree burn on my hand. There is a reason why it is only $15..

Kat from East Coast, U.S. said on 28/04/2015

This moisturizer is AMAZING! Leaves my skin hydrated all day without feeling like it's too hydrated, or oily. The scent is perfection. I really, really wish Soap & Glory would make some sort of fragrance out of this scent!! It's light and citrusy, with a hint of sweet. I'm normally a girl who likes earthy/woodsy/vanilla-ey fragrances, but I adore this one.
I can't say enough wonderful things about this product. Amount of hydration is perfect, feels light and airy going on, but moisturizes well like a thicker butter might. Scent is dreamy. All around best moisturizer I've ever used.

ND37 from US said on 24/04/2015

I'm addicted to this stuff. The scent is amazing!!! Hands down my favorite of all time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come out with this in a perfume and body spray!!!!!!! and a bubble bath.

ann from California said on 31/03/2014

I am so so so desperate for them to make a perfume out of this scent! It is so refreshing and lovely and I truly can't get enough! It is bordering on addiction, I just sit around smelling this stuff haha.. it's my crack

Madeleine from United States said on 30/11/2013

This is the first moisturizer I've genuinely looked forward to using. It smells amazing and has the perfect combination of sweet and citrusy. I absolutely love the amount of moisture it adds to the skin. It only takes a small amount of product and is definitely something worth buying. I know I wil be repurchasing it.
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