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2-in-1 Facial Pore Purifying Mask & Peel

Infused with SUPERFRUIT™ YUZU and Soap & Glory’s super-active secret weapon, PORESHRINK-R™, this deep cleansing facial treatment is a must-have for any girl who wants to see less of her large pores. Use once-a-week for maintenance (unclogging pores, spot prevention, and face detoxing), or twice weekly if you’re battling breakouts. Guaranteed to give exhausted skin its fresh back. Genius in a jar!

• PORESHRINK™-R complex - an amazing, double-action, beta-hydroxy acid (a blend of encapsulated salicylic and lactic acids) which fights spots by gently peeling away pore-clogging dead skin cells and reducing intra-follicular inflammation, plus fomes officinalis mushroom extracts to tighten pores, and kaolin microclay to soak up excess sebum secretion and smooth the skin’s surface
• RICE MICROBEADS - scrubbing spheres that gently smooth, polish and exfoliate

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Gem from United Kingdom said on 05/05/2017

Disappointed by this product. Misleading as the packaging says 'facial peel'. Well it doesn't peel off so what do they mean by that? Used it for a couple of weeks now and don't see much difference with my skin.

Jess from Swansea said on 01/05/2017

Best mask ever, had to right a review to say how totally sold I am on these products, I usual buy high end but from now on soap and glory will be the face product of choice!

Holly G from Sutton in Ashfield said on 11/01/2017

This face mask made me feel very relaxed and the tingly made me feel fresh and my pore were practically invisible. However, the mask didn't peel off and wash difficult to wash off and I had the mask on for just over half an hour. I then put my night time miracle mousse by Soap and Glory and my face feels fab! A couple of things that didn't make it a five star but I love this task mask!

Holly G from Sutton in Ashfield said on 11/01/2017

This face mask made me feel very relaxed and the tingly made me feel fresh and my pore were practically invisible. However, the mask didn't peel off and wash difficult to wash off and I had the mask on for just over half an hour. I then put my night time miracle mousse by Soap and Glory and my face feels fab! A couple of things that didn't make it a five star but I love this task mask!

Pat from Philippines said on 14/10/2016

I first started using this two years ago and have loved it ever since. I use this once a week. First, I cleanse my face, put the mask on, leave it for 15-20 mins, wash it off then tone and apply my Clinique moisturizing gel. I've found that it doesn't matter what facial cleanser or toner I use alongside this. What really makes a difference to my skin is whether or not I've skipped using the S&G mask for the week. I (as well as my sisters and boyfriend) really notice how smooth my skin becomes. My pores are also less visible (let's be honest, they're not totally going to disappear), and I no longer have blackheads on my nose. I even tested this using a nose pore strip at the end of a week, and I didn't get any big blackheads like I used to before I started using this. I love this product so much! Too bad I always have to have it shipped from London since there's no S&G store here.

Jack from UK said on 12/09/2016

I wanted to try this to try and help with my black heads on my noise but after leaving it for 15 minutes the product did nothing at all. total waste of my money and time.

Lelizer from Edinburgh said on 16/07/2016

I love The Fab Pore collection by Soap and Glory. I used to have REALLY bad skin. I used my Fab Pore cleanser first, then the Fab Pore 2 in 1 mask, then applied a small amount of the 3 in 1 oil control serum and then finished up with the Fab Pore moisture lotion, and the way I do it works really well for me. Then again though I love all Soap and Glory products and never have had a negitive experience using their products. Thanks Soap and Glory. You wonderful lovely people are the best. Xoxo

Lelizer from Edinburgh said on 16/07/2016

I love The Fab Pore collection by Soap and Glory. I used to have REALLY bad skin. I used my Fab Pore cleanser first, then the Fab Pore 2 in 1 mask, then applied a small amount of the 3 in 1 oil control serum and then finished up with the Fab Pore moisture lotion, and the way I do it works really well for me. Then again though I love all Soap and Glory products and never have had a negitive experience using their products. Thanks Soap and Glory. You wonderful lovely people are the best. Xoxo

Sensitive from United Arab Emirates said on 17/06/2016

I have very sensitive skin, and have struggled with clogged pores and acne for a couple of years now (I'm almost 16). I used this face mask about twice before, each time for 15 minutes and it was fine. This morning though, I used it for 15 minutes and now my face is extremely red. There is a clear and defined line across my jaw line where you can see where i used the mask and where i didn't, because it is so red. I have my mothers birthday dinner tonight, and I hope the redness goes down before then. Not impressed S&G!

Dawn from London said on 25/05/2016

I am 49 and have been looking for something other than cold water to help close my pores as some are larger around my cheeks. I wanted a quick fix and I got it, this is wonderful stuff. I put it on this morning and waited approx 20 mins, I didn't let it completely dry as those products can have a drying effect on my skin (oily/combo). I was in doubt as the packaging is more a younger persons I think but I thought don't let that put you off. Once showered I could see the difference straight away, I used Olay Featherlight moisturiser as it doesn't clog your pores then my usual foundation etc. My skin still looks really good (late afternoon). I plan on using this just once a week as I also bought the No Clogs, detox mask to use once a week and see how I go. Very happy!!

Yo from Essex said on 01/05/2016

it doesn't dry on your skin after fifteen minutes it takes more than 25

Lulu from Southampton, UK said on 10/03/2016

Negatives - I was expecting this to be a peel off mask as it advertises on the front of the pot, but it isn't. It can leave my skin a bit dry afterwards (even though I do usually have oily skin) but moisturiser sorts that out. Positives - You can really feel it tingling and your skin tightening (not sure if this is a good or bad thing, is this meant to happen?!) the smell is nice and not too tea tree-ish or overpowering. It does leave your skin super soft afterwards. The pot actually has a lot more usage out of it than it looks like! Overall, good product, but I prefer the 'No Clogs Allowed' mask over this one.

Cassie from London said on 05/02/2016

The Fab Pore has changed my skin routine! I have huge pores and oily skin and I apply it twice a week whilst brushing my teeth and there is a noticeable feeling to my skin. It has a slight cooling sensation and smells a bit like the sea! I highly recommend to for girls with oily skin and large pores!

K marsh from United Kingdom said on 17/01/2016

The first pot I brought I loved and used it up within weeks, after purchasing my second pot I doubt I will repurchase. It never dries on my face and just stays thick and wet and after consistent use I see no results that others have claimed. Defiantly going to invest in a more expensive brand to get the result I want.
Would agree that this dried out skin.

Laura Lou from Cheshire said on 14/12/2015

Hands down the best face mask I've ever used! I've tried almost every mask possible, from stupidly expensive to budget brands... This is the only one that has removed every single blackhead on my face... No joke, I mean literally every single one and it's really affordable a little goes a long way too. It's improving my skin massively and you only have to use such a small amount... It's a true miracle mask... I love it so much! I have combination skin most of the time although more dry through the colder months.

Cyann from Uk said on 28/10/2015

I bought this in August, and after reading previous reviews, I must admit, I was a bit sceptical , however after using it once, I noticed that my pores were smaller and my skin was not dry. I have very oily skin around my nose, however the rest of my face is ok, and any other product would dry my skin out straight after rinsing, leaving it tight and uncomfortable, but this didn't at all, and I'm very pleased.
Having used it for 2 months it has hardly decreased in level. The price may be off putting, but unlike other gimiky brands, Soap and Glory actually says what it does, and is therefore worth the money you pay.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone, regardless of your skin type. It's soo nice

Cyann from Uk said on 28/10/2015

I bought this in August, and after reading previous reviews, I must admit, I was a bit sceptical , however after using it once, I noticed that my pores were smaller and my skin was not dry. I have very oily skin around my nose, however the rest of my face is ok, and any other product would dry my skin out straight after rinsing, leaving it tight and uncomfortable, but this didn't at all, and I'm very pleased.
Having used it for 2 months it has hardly decreased in level. The price may be off putting, but unlike other gimiky brands, Soap and Glory actually says what it does, and is therefore worth the money you pay.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone, regardless of your skin type. It's soo nice

Shaney from UK said on 19/10/2015

Used this last night, when I was it off it was fine, few hours later I went to bed and woke up with a red raw pimply rash on the bottom half of my face :( LOADS of teeny tiny white pimples!!!
Confined in the house until it goes down .... Needless to say I definitely won't be using again! (which is a shame as I usually love Soap & Glory)

Tabs from Uk said on 20/09/2015

Smells decent, easy to use but just doesn't really do much. It doesn't help with my blackheads or make my pores less visible or whatever else it's supposed to do. It makes my skin look a little better for a short period and it does make my skin feel really soft so I do continue to use it but soft skin wasn't what I bought this product for so won't be buying again.

Bon from London said on 14/07/2015

I have told everybody I know about this product. I love it. And I hope it never ever gets discontinued. I'm 21 and up until 6 months ago I still had teenage skin, huge pores, uneven skin tone, blackheads everywhere, spots under my skin and always had breakouts. I would never had left the house without make up. Now, I do it often. My skin is crystal clear and I cried when I started to notice the results. I've never felt more confident about my skin. Blemish free and my pores are noticeably smaller. I only ever use it as a mask every 2 days. You guys deserve a medal!

Graceeyyyyyooo from England said on 11/07/2015

This stuff is brilliant!! Makes my skin smooth and evens out redness. Brilliant to do before a night out as it tightens pores and makes your make up go-on fab and because of the lack of pores your makeup doesn't skin in to them. Pretty pricey but worth it. Found it especially helpful for those nightmare under the skin spots which create a mound on your face. Fights them really well and takes the redness away.

luna from uk said on 06/07/2015

Over the last year my skin has had its ups and downs. During chemo it would be dry one week and oily the next. But there has always been a soap and glory product I could turn to. I particularly like this one as I love that cold minty feeling on my face and when I washed it off my skin looked great, pores looked better and spots had shrunk, after only 15 minutes! I am definitely going to be using this twice a week from now on. I expected one of those peel off things, but this was much better, seemed to have more of an effect! Much love!! Xx

Emily from UK said on 14/04/2015

This is the best face mask I have ever tried and works so well for me! After one use (15 minutes in the bath) my skin was completely clear from clogged pores and felt so smooth and soft. It smells and feels great on too. I have used it a couple of times since and had the same results, I also use a dab of it on spots when I have just one or two and don't want to do my whole face. Great product and will last for ages.

Vik from Angus said on 04/04/2015

This is ace! I love the smell & the way it leaves my face feeling after I've used this mask. It is pricey but you get a lot for your money, I've used it a lot of times and I've still got loads left. I totally reccomend this one and I would definitely buy this again.

Gnomie from uk said on 08/03/2015

This really dries out my skin would not recomend unless you have VERY oily skin. Waste of my money but im glad i know now.

DJ from Wales said on 29/12/2014

Helps reduce black heads, mine seem to always come back after a week or two, but this stuff always helps. Skin also feels moisturised

courtneyosbornex from London said on 13/12/2014

I have always been a S&G customer but I had only really used their bath/body & cosmetic items. I hadn't used a facial skincare item from them before but my skin started to get a lot of blackheads and spots again after a few years of them clearing up. I decided to use this as I have always relied on S&G for makeup etc and as expected, they haven't disappointed. The smell of this stuff is amazing- let alone what it actually does! I use it every other day now but at first I used it everyday until my spots and blackheads cleared. I find it leaves me feeling so refreshed and my skin feels so healthy and fresh too. I have recommended this to so many of my friends and family- I love it so much!

ash from Ireland said on 28/07/2014

I have some pretty bad acne scarring left over from years of horrible acne and found this product to be really helpful in minimising the look of my uneven skin and large pores. I still have very oily skin so I use this every second day after I exfoliate my skin pretty hard. It makes my sink feel soft clean and refreshed and tightens the pores. My skin is quite sensitive and its unusual to find something that will not irritate my skin but no irritation from any soap and glory products thank goodness because I'm in love with them all :)

keep up the good work soap and glory!

Makeupaddict2 from UK said on 25/05/2014

Nice product, easy to use, nice fragrance. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth after use. I think it has a short term affect on the appearance of my pores, making them less noticeable.
No tight or dry feeling after use.
Over all very happy.

Kay from London said on 02/05/2014

This stuff is awful, if it's made any difference to my skin it's opened my pores up to allow more blackheads.
I think all the people dying that it's a miracle cream didn't have as bad blackheads as they though
I persevered with it for a month to see if it got worse before it got better but it hasn't.
I'll never buy this stuff again. I feel really let down by soap and glory who's products are usually at least semi decent. Definitely going back to using st Ives.
I wouldn't ease your money on this product.

Jessica from England said on 01/02/2014

This is gorgeous, no strong smells, instant results, moisturising, really thick and easy to apply.

Pops from Manchester UK said on 15/12/2013

My daughter has suffered with horrific spots and blackheads. Serious stuff and nothing worked. Had quite a harsh cream off the doctor but the blackheads were not moving. Bought this product after reading a great review in the paper. Seriously it has removed every last blackhead. Nothing has done this before. We have bought every blackhead product and they did nothing. She actually uses it 3 times a week because she has vey oily skin. It's been 4 months now and no blackheads. He skin around her nose and forehead is clear, it looks clear and feels clear. I will continue to buy this product because it works.

Corey20Ox from Oxford said on 14/12/2013

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!! Before using this product, I suffered from blackheads, blocked pores, whiteheads and uneven skin tone!!! This mask is a miracle!!! After the first use, my skin felt smooth and the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads, blocked pores and uneven skin tone was dramatically reduced! After second use, it appeared as though they had completely gone... I may just be lucky that this worked for me, but I would definitely recommend people at least give this a try!!!

Becky from UK said on 24/10/2013


Sunny from England said on 22/10/2013

I really love this product :D I've been using it now for nearly a year twice a week and I'm still on my first pot! Great value! This was one of the first ever products I'd ever tried of soap and glory and I'm not disappointed at all. I think it smells really good ( the scents not really that strong so I don't see why people are moaning about it anyway tbh) its really easy to wash off aswell so I'm not forever trying to scrub residue off my face. It really does leavemy face feeling really fresh and smooth :3 A little really goes a long way as you don't need to cake yourself in the stuff to get the full effects :) my skin has visually improved since using this magic stuff and feels much less oily since it used to( being a teen didn't really help!) don't change anything S&G! Your great!

Sarah from UK said on 29/08/2013

I used this a few nights a week as instructed and face and soap clarity [daily each morning] I noticed a difference after just a few uses when I began using it. My skin was much clearer.
The smell is a bit strange but I tend to use s&g peaches and clean afterwards so it doesn't bother me too much.

Definitely one of the few things I have tried with my skin that has worked and I really would recommend it to anyone to try out.

Kimmy from Scotland said on 15/05/2013

Doesn't do much for me. (Sorry soap & glory.)

The smell is better than some other products out there (like tea tree.) But the smell isn't great and not something I find particularly soothing which is something I like in facial products.

Unfortunately like a lot of other products out there it was incapable of getting rid of the black heads on my chin. I only know of one product so far that has been able too but it's quite harsh on my skin which is why I bought this product.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE -- it did leave my skin feeling very soft but that's about it, unfortunately.

inesa from uk said on 17/04/2013

Helps for 1 day, blackheads actually become less visible, but the next day you wake up with your old nice blackheads...
You, people, also should start reading ingredients and be more interested in your health. 5 types of parabens in this??? No thanks, I wouldn't appreciate getting cancer. Got this from mom, tried for 2 weeks because I was desperate about my blackheads but it doesn't seem that something is going to help... To the rubbish bin!

Averil from Newcastle upon Tyne said on 22/03/2013

I bought this product on the way home tonight after hearing about it from a friend. I'm actually starting to write this review while waiting for the 15 minutes to be up, so this is sort of an 'out the box' review.

First impression is that's it's not too small a tub for the price. This is the first Soap and Glory product I've tried, so not too sure what to expect.

Product goes on nice and smooth - I can feel the green beads giving a little bit of an exfoliating effect, and can feel it starting to work even before I've finished applying it! I was expecting it to be a peel-off mask as opposed to a wash-off, but that's ok.

15 mins are nearly up, and I can really feel the tightness in my skin - not unpleasant, it just feels like it's working. Time to go wash off.

It washes off nicely too - doesn't leave any gunky residue like some others I've tried. Cloe-up inspection of pores - problem pores visibly reduced. Still there, but it's only th first application! Blackheads (of which I suffer terribly) are also reduced, and skin looks fresher and feels a little softer. I'm off to exfoliate as well, before applying mosturiser (I think a proper clean is needed, to ensure it's all off properly if nothing else), but happy with results.

purplebottle from Scunthorpe said on 20/03/2013

Leaves my skin feeling dry so I used my "Daily Youth" moisturiser afterwards. I'm very disappointed in myself for falling for the "facial peel" line - I thought I was buying a peel off facemask. Hope I'm not the only one to fall for this misleading phrase.

Littlered from UK said on 17/03/2013

This mask is pretty good, but I wont buy it again because I don't like the scent. Why oh why do all Soap & Glory's face scrubs and masks smell so horrible? I keep buying different ones in the hope that they'll smell nicer but they all seem to have the same minty chemically scent... It's not only really masculine but also makes your face cold and tingly (which would maybe be nice if you lived in a really hot sweaty country but not the UK!) Please, please can we have something with a fruity scent, or a sweet one, or a lavendery one - anything except this cold, cold mint! I love the smells of the body products, it's just the face stuff :(

Niki from wrexham said on 20/02/2013

AMAZING! stuff, ive had touble with open pore and black heads for years, they were soo noticable and my make up never sat right on my T-Zone,
it says to use every 2-3 days..i think lol but i wanted quick results so i used it everyday for around 4 days, at first a tried to extract as many of my pores as i could before puttuing it on my face (my nose especialy) and left it for 15 mins, i didnt see much deference at first but over the next few days after leaving it on for 5 mins i saw a huge difference, harldy and black heads at all and my pores were alot less noticable and my make up easier to apply and lasted longer, i now only use this every few days and I LOVE IT!

the reason ive given this 4 stars instead of 5 is because i think yo should get more in the little tub, and also my skin was a little dry and flakey after useing it for the full 15 mins and my pores are still noticable but for the price its soo worth the spend id rather buy this than my usual clarins pore minimising serum wich does make pore dissapear but u dont get enough for what u pay for!

i will recomend this to anyone with open pores :) im very happy with this thank you S&G xxx

EJBoyle from Darlington said on 10/02/2013

A basic little tub but it contains something very powerful!It describes its self in its 'blurb' on the back as "a real deep-cleaning do-it-yourself kind of 'facial'" and it doesn't disappoint. I'm obsessed with your products and always love to go and linger around the soap&glory display in my local boots from darlo, to teesside park and Middlesbrough and always have to purchase some.

I normally do it when I'm in the bath relaxing at the end of a busy weekend at work on a Sunday night before Mr Selfridges starts on ITV. (Great show btw) It relaxes me and make my skin feel fantastically smooth and looked fresher.

Its worth every penny! I've been using it since Christmas time (2012) twice a week and I've notice a transformation in my skin.


Love it and I love to review your products on my blog too ;)

HelenMarie from West Yorkshire said on 28/01/2013

I have been using this 3/4 times a week for the past couple of weeks & my word, what a difference it has made! I'm 24 & still get spots / blackheads & have enlarged pores on the sides of my nose. But this has made an amazing improvement. My skin looks so much brighter, is smoother, smaller pores & no spots since using it! I even love applying it, to pop the little green beads! Smells lush & I can feel it working.
I always follow with Clear Here moisturiser to maximise the effects.
So pleased with this product! Well done S&G! :)

Alf from North Wales said on 28/12/2012

The stuff is great !! Really 'shrinks your pores', or makes them less visible and I also noticed it reduced the redness on my face, black heads seem to be less of a problem (I used to struggle with them SO BAD) and I have healthier looking skin. && I'm dead stingy with how much I use!! So if I used the proper amount the results would be much better I'm sure.

Only thing I would say bad is I WANT A BIGGER SIZED TUB like 100/150/200g tub as it takes me a while to get my hands on it as when I find somewhere that sells it, when I next go back they're gone so. A bigger tub would be excellent (:

Layla from London said on 29/11/2012

This is the best scrub I have ever used! I struggle with blackheads and large pores but this is just amazing, I could see my pores and blackheads get smaller after the first use. It's brilliant! I'm on my second tub of the stuff, one word of advice would be to not use after exfoliating your face as it will burn like hell but this may just be it's reaction to my skin after exfoliating. Overall this is just amazing!

Georgiee from Sheffield said on 06/11/2012

Best one ever! got all of my blackheads out!
the body scrub is amazing! it got it out defo get this product again!

sveaelaine from waterville said on 06/09/2012

as im getting into my 30s ive noticed my pores getting bigger and the blackheads creeping into my Tzone. i used to use biore pore strips but the effects have never been long lasting and always leave behind plenty of missed blackheads. so I got The Fab Pore hoping it would be as amazing as the other S&G products ive been trying....and it was! pores have shrunk, blackheads have vanished and my skin feels like heaven. thanks for another great S&G miracle.

steffi29986 from Wigan said on 05/08/2012

I wanted to try a new face mask and as I love alot of the other products from the Soap and Glory range I thought I would give it a go. I have to say I absolutely adore this face mask. I always leave it on for the full fifteen minutes for the deep clean and my skin feels so soft and clean afterwards and I have had no reactions to my skin from using it which is amazing considering I have such sensitive skin. Its just an all round excellent product and well worth the money. I can't wait to try out some more of the skin care range.

Nellie from Warwickshire said on 16/07/2012

What works better, this or No Clogs Allowed?

(I have just chose a star rating so i was able to submit this)

Alexis from Warwick said on 06/07/2012

After one use I found myself asking "where have my pores gone?"

makeuplover from london said on 03/06/2012

It is amazing! I left my skin so smooth and it even lasted till the next morning! It smells gorgeous and the packaging is very nice :) I love it, my skin has never beenso perfect, i don't even need foundation! i will definetly buy it again

LaurenC from Surrey said on 16/05/2012

I have always had a nose covered in blackheads and never found a product that genuinely works! I left it on for the 15 minutes because i didnt think it would have much of an affect but I was totally amazed at how it left my skin feeling like i had been to the spa!! I was getting everyone to stroke my face afterwards because i really couldnt beleive how well it had worked. I reccommend this to anyone with an oily T zone and blackheads.

Amazing!! MUST TRY!!

Debs from Lanarkshire, Scotland said on 13/05/2012

i have just used this product for the first time and my skin looks amazing. I have a very oily tzone and i am very prone to spots round my chin and have a gazillion blackheads on myy nose i cant seem to get rid of. I just put this on while in the bath and had a look in the mirror when i came out. I cant see any blackheads on my nose my pores look smaller my skin is soft and feels tingly clean. You really should change your names to soap and miracles

Jaz from leicester said on 02/02/2012

An amazing buy! Been using the product for a while now and I still love it!! Leaves a clean feeling on your face and is a great scrub, not peel! x

Snail from N. Ireland said on 20/01/2012

I love this product. It would have to be one of my top 5 beauty must haves.
I inherrited awfuly large pores from my father. My cheeks and forehead being the worst, the rest of my T-zone being very prone to blackheads, my nose covered in them. I found this product to do exactly what it says on the tin! Visbly smaller pores after the first use, glowing fresh dewy looking skin and it even helps me with hormonal spots I get time to time. It also stoped my nose from beeing a black head breeding ground. I would reccomend this product to every girl who suffers from the dreaed crater face, blackheads and dull skin. Its an amzing product!

Bells from London said on 18/01/2012

A nice mask although not much of a peel, just wash off. Skin feel clear but a little bit dry so have to use moisturiser afterwards.

Beth from Leicestershire said on 10/01/2012

I love love love love LOVE this stuff! I got it for my birthday in September and Ive finally chosen to write a reveiw! Okay so I love the smell and it leaves my skin silky smooth. I am now really trying to get the whole collection og S&G!xxxxxxxxx

Smellynelly from Suffolk said on 08/01/2012

I wish this stuff had been around in my young years, it's marvellous. Really does minimise pores and left my skin feeling silky soft.

Fufi from Ireland, Cork said on 07/01/2012

used this today and I'm so impressed! i have big pores but luckily my t-zone isn't greasy. But the look of pores when i wear no make up is so annoying.
used this for 15 mins, rinsed off and wow, my skin was so soft, my pores were visibly smaller!.
great product, lovely smell and pleasant texture!

Emma from west midlands said on 03/01/2012

This is the best product i have ever tried for my pores that actually works, I have been using it for a few days now and my blackheads are reducing in size and clearing up and my pores are definately shrinking, even my sister has pinched some of this off me twice and it has started clearing up her lower face acne and she had huge open pores on her cheeks which have shrunk dramatically. A huge thumbs up S&G for making this product I/We LOVE it :D

Camsmom from Warwickshire said on 31/12/2011

This is an absolute must have for me! I use it a few times a week and I am convinced it makes me look younger - the effects last for a couple of day, invisable pores, smoother skin and a more even skin tone. I have used products 10 times more expensive then this that don't deliver even half as much! Please please Soap & Glory, don't ever think of discontinuing this item! I love it!!!

aliboo from england said on 31/12/2011

I like this stuff a lot, my skin feels great afterwards but it does hurt a bit while it's on so I don't give it 5 stars. I have problem skin and my pores definitely look smaller since using this

Victoria from Ireland said on 30/12/2011

I don't have oily skin so I would not have bought this myself but I use it since I recieved it as a gift so I do not use it all over my face or as often as recomended but it is great to put on problem areas when you break out, my skin clears up faster than it normally would :) I have it on right now

Biffy from England said on 17/12/2011

Sorry to bring your reviews down cos I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff normally, but this just didn't work, burnt when I put it on and left my face red and blotchy. Its a shame because it smells lovely and me and my friend tried it out and it was fine on her. I was sooo disapointed though cos I really did expect my pores to minimise :( £9 down the drain....

Sorry S&G, I do love your stuff and will be asking for a handful of it for christmas, but not face stuff I guess

Carrie from London said on 11/11/2011

Usually love Soap and Glory products but this one reacted really badly with my skin - brought me out in lots of spots and blemishes.

Found it hard to believe to start off with as I have never had issues with S&G products before but used it intermitantly to check this is what was causing the break outs and it definitely was. Am going to have to throw it away which is a shame.

Sorry S&G!

jaz from leicester said on 04/11/2011

Amazing cleanser. Lasts ages and you can feel your face becoming more tighter. My skin looked brighter after using the product. A great buy

Michelle from Manchester said on 27/09/2011

A lovely cleanser that smells amazing like all Soap and Glory products! Helps remove dirt build-up and blackheads and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. The Muslin Cloth is great and is easy to wash and re-use again and again.

Nick from Sheffield said on 27/09/2011

I must confess to using this everyday. I don't know how it does it but this was how I felt the cleaning miracle that is Soap and Glory. Stubborn waterproof eyemake up is not a problem and never leaves panda eyes on my towels oh and have I mentioned how good my skin looks ? .... ten outa ten with or without the cloth I cannot run out of this stuff... ever :o)

Diane from London said on 27/09/2011

Great product - I have quite an oily complexion and this product left my skin unclogged and fresh and has significantly reduced my pore size! Lasts ages too!

Emily-May from Derbyshire said on 27/09/2011

Great product I got for Christmas it is just like a mini facial at home. I would recommend it for people with a dry complexion like mine because it leaves my face glowing!! Yet another great product from Soap and Glory! xoxoxox

Zoe from Portsmouth said on 27/09/2011

I have spot prone combination skin, and this product is nothing short of EXCELLENT! It really does reduce the size of my pores, and it leaves my skin feeling so deliciously clean and smooth.

Sarah from Didmouth said on 27/09/2011

Love, love, LOVE this! My 40 year old still combination, spot prone skin looks and feels sooo soft and smooth after using this and you only need the smallest amount. Best thing I've bought for YEARS!

Nikki from Dorking said on 27/09/2011

Bought this today and rushed home to try it out. I was not disappointed! My skin felt soft and silky and seriously, after the first use, my pores are noticeably reduced. I LOVE it! This is my Mon/Weds/Fri facial - best item I have ever bought for pore refining!

Nini from London said on 27/09/2011

My pores started becoming more visible as I approached 40 and despite trying other top brands I wasn't happy with the results. I'm amazed by how good The Fab Pore Facial Peel actually is. It works wonders. A customer for life!

Kaylynn from Ninety Six Sc said on 27/09/2011

I LOVE this product, it is one of the best I have ever used. I couldn't beleive that my pores actually looked smaller after just the first use. The smell is great too. I have recommended to all my friends!

Jenna from Cumbria said on 27/09/2011

Absolutely love the packaging on all the Soap & Glory products, and that's one of the reasons they tempt me more than others... I guess I'm shallow! Either way, I usually end-up disappointed when I make my decisions this way, but in this case I most definitely wasn't. I have huge pores on my cheeks/nose/forehead and this product soothed them completely. It felt lush, and after leaving it for 15 minutes and washing it off my skin felt noticeably smoother and my skin tone more even. This was a 1/3 off at Boots when I got it, but even at full price I'd definitely buy it again!

Emma from Doncaster said on 27/09/2011

I'm 19 and unfortunately have very oily skin. I bought this today and straight away I can see and feel the difference in my skin! My skin is virtually oil free and has a very nice glow to it... Pores are noticeably smaller and I'm very happy!! Will definately use this foreveerrrr!

Tara from Norwich said on 27/09/2011

Gorgeous packaging! I love the S&G range and when I bought this I thought that it was a 'facial peel' like the ones that you rub into your skin to dissolve the top layer. I have to say that this is a great face mask as it leaves my face supple, but it isn't really a peel. Is it?

Ceri from Preston said on 27/09/2011

All I can say is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! After 15 minutes, my skin felt softer, looked more refined and radiant. THANK YOU :-) x x

Karli from Redondo said on 27/09/2011

I love this product! It smells really minty and refreshing, and my pores were smaller after the first use. The packaging (as always with Soap & Glory) was super cute! I can't wait until I can get more Soap & Glory. I am definitely hooked.

Kate from Crawley said on 27/09/2011

Read great reviews about this product and decided to give it a try. It's got lovely texture, minty scent, but what's more important it does exactly what it claims! My pores have never been so small! It left my face very soft and toned.

Rebeccah from Austin, TX said on 27/09/2011

This product is aboustely Fab just as the label reads. I have tried all sorts of masks from LUSH to Mary Kay to Laura Mercia & more but this by far is one of my fav go to masks. A little bit goes a long way. The results were fabulous as well. I noticed a difference in the texture, pore size was dramatically different. Makes you feel refreshed & smells yummy & tingles on your skin. Must buy for sure!!!

Laceee from Soap & Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel is a LEGEND !!!! said on 24/09/2011

i dont have spots or blackheads but i have massive pores on my cheeks and look disgusting without that foundation and i have been using this everyday when i shower. i put it on before i get in the shower and then rinse it off and my pores have got smaller already in just a few days. Soap & Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel is a LEGEND !!!!
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