The Fill Monty™

The Fill Monty™


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Instant Wrinkle Filler

No retouching required! Dab The Fill Monty™ Instant Wrinkle Filler on as, where, and when needed to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles. With VIRTUAL RETOUCHING TECHNOLOGY™ and FROZONE™, you can see it work in SECONDS!

Instructions for Use

LAY IT ON THE LINE: On clean skin (or over foundation), dab a fine film of THE FILL MONTY™ onto any fine lines or wrinkles that you'd like to be seeing less of.

Read Ingredients

Active ingredients

What's in it that works?
VIRTUAL RETOUCHING TECHNOLOGY™ — a clinically tested mix of wrinkle-and-imperfection-baffling soft focus spheres.
FROZONE™ — helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
HYALURONIC ACID — an acclaimed moisturiser, this is the body’s own hydrating molecule.
BIO ROYAL JELLY extract — loaded with vitamin B to help make your skin youthful!
ENERGINZENG™ —a ginseng compound to help boost circulation and re-energise tired skin.


Overall Rating:

2.9 out of 5 (13) Review(s)

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Jenn from The worst said on 21/02/2021

I bought this the other day because it was reduced. It literally does nothing other than flake off when you put make up on which makes you look worse. I would never buy this again.
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Berry20 from What said on 30/11/2020

On what planet does this fill in fine lines? And how can it be £10 when its literally just a cream. My fine lines on my head aren't even that deep yet I may aswell have just put moisturiser on. _x000D_
Absolutely not worth the money.
Boots review Originally posted on

Melanie from Do not waste your money...PLEASE!!! said on 25/11/2019

This is the worst product ive ever had..what a complete let down..i just dont get it! sounded so apealing as i particularly thought it would help with the lines around my mouth..when i applied it i used a little amount but ended up having to use lot. Now bearing in mind i dont have dry skin im lucky to have nice combination skin..omg it just went all dry and flaky it did absolutely nothing apart from making me look like id put paint filler on my face..or a clown!...i did it a few times incase i was doing it wrong but nope still did the same...what a crazy product..
Boots review Originally posted on

Davo22 from Rubbish said on 13/03/2019

I bought this thinking I could get a quick fix , never worked at all so very disappointed
Boots review Originally posted on

Rcbcfc from CHalky said on 18/02/2019

Unsure how I feel about this product? I have applied a generous amount onto my forehead and under the eyes. When I rub my head after the cream has settled in it seems to rub off like chalk. Maybe I’m putting too much on but it does say apply generously. Can’t see a difference in the lines either.
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JoINot from Great product ! said on 25/01/2019

I bought this today for the deep crows feet around my eyes I am amazed how good it works _x000D_
I put it over my make up as was in a hurry to try it.... Definitely worth £10 _x000D_
Though Harlow Boots may want to update their staff on what is actually sold in their shop When I asked an 'assistant' Where I would find it she said Wha ? We don't sell stuff from our website _x000D_
Luckily I found it myself on the shelf Ho hum
Boots review Originally posted on

Lottie22 from Brilliant for wrinkles said on 25/11/2017

This product is amazing as you put it on you can see them disappear and it leaves your skin velvety soft. A definite fab product, I love ❤️ it. Would defo buy again and great value. Love ❤️ all soap and glory products, especially the lipsticks and hand food.
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Ellajg from Decent Product said on 22/01/2017

I ordered this in hope it would rid of the fine lines under my eyes, I discovered that you have to use quite a lot every time you apply it but it does do the job well. Great value for money.
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Danni from London said on 23/06/2016

Great little product! Have it with me always :)

SallyB from Northamptonshire said on 21/05/2016


Laura from West Midlands, UK said on 02/02/2016

I was impressed with this the first couple of times I used it (without make-up) as it does actually fill. However not good if you want to wear make-up, which I do, and that is partly why I bought it (the packaging said it can be used on clean skin or over the top of foundation). If you put this on first it all rubs off as soon as you put moisturiser or foundation over the top and if you put your foundation on first this becomes a glue-like texture and sticks to it and you end up with white lines or patches everywhere you've applied it. Great if you're not wearing make-up (or moisturiser) but I wouldn't bother otherwise.

Anna from London said on 20/11/2015

I've used this cream for several months now and at 60 years of age, people ask me how I don't have wrinkles under my eyes? In my opinion this cream is fabulous and lasts several hours. The plus is that one tube lasts a very long time.

Beth from Herts UK said on 28/09/2014

I am never one to write a review, however this wrinkle filler is amazing! You can actually see results just after you have applied it.

Please bear in mind my wrinkles are not extremely deep, however you can notice them and this anti wrinkle cream has definitely disguised them almost instantly!

Amazing product!!!

Well done Soap and Glory, yet another amazing product.
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