Make Yourself Youthful™<br>Sunshield Superfluid™ SPF50+

Make Yourself Youthful™
Sunshield Superfluid™ SPF50+


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Ultra-Sheer Invisible Protection

Introducing the NEW Make Yourself Youthful™ Sunshield Superfluid™ SPF50+ from Soap & Glory™, which offers outstanding protection in a super-lightweight, translucent SPF 50+ UVA/UVB formula. With a practically imperceptible texture, it’s our best-ever sun protection base for your face.

• SUNSHIELD™ HIGH ENERGY VISIBLE LIGHT PROTECTION – a sun-damage-blocking Liposhield HEV Melanin.
• VITAMIN C & E SUNTRIGGER SMARTSPHERES™ – sunlight-activated Smartvector UV C & E technology release antioxidants as smart-support against oxidative stress and free radicals.
• INSTA MATTE™ – micro oil-absorbing powders which help mattify and even out blotchy skin tone for a beautifully natural transparent finish.

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4.9 out of 5 (6) Review(s)

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RAY from Birmingham said on 24/09/2015

This is amazing. I bought it to go on holiday. Normally my face catches the sun very easily and I wanted something high factor that doesnt block my pores and cause the holiday break out that I usually get. This is the one! Brilliant. Even the other half loves it and after our last holiday using it, he specifically asked if i had packed 'the little white bottle' of suncream when we were packing to go away. In the summer I use it everyday under my make up, and because it is absorbed easily, my makeup sits well on top of it.

Katie from Purley said on 30/04/2015

This is such a brilliant SPF! I am very pale and burn extremely easily, especially on my face, and finding a high SPF that is not sticky and does not cause makeup to slide around is so difficult. This ticks all of the boxes! It is a very lightweight formula and sinks into the skin fairly quickly and is very moisturising. I don't find that it makes my makeup any different to when I use a normal moisturiser which is great, as I can go out with nice, even makeup and be protected from the sun.

The only downside is that you get such a tiny amount for the high price tag, but despite this I will absolutely be repurchasing again. It is a great find! Plus, the plus side of that is that it can be chucked in the smallest of bags!

Lily B from UK said on 15/01/2015

This is a rare find - a high SPF facial lotion that didn't irritate my skin, leave a white cast, or leave my face shiny or sticky after application. It's extremely effective as a primer under makeup, though obviously you can't easily reapply it during the day if you put makeup over the top. It didn't clog my pores or give me problems with spots, and stopped me from burning in strong sunlight on holiday. I wore it in place of moisturiser, though you could use it over the top if you found it not moisturising enough alone (I have oily-combination skin). It's extremely thin and runny, so you need to be careful not to waste too much, as it's not cheap!

A must for pale girls or people with skin conditions exacerbated by the sun. The only improvement I'd like would be more information on the UVA protection it provides, like the boots star system or similar, so I could compare it with other ranges more easily..

Cat puss from Shropshire said on 20/07/2014

After trying so many SPF primers, this is such good value. I use under makeup better than most primers on the market. Very lightweight very slight tint no light haze left after, which you get with most high SPF"s. Very impressed soap and glory, the only down side is the size of bottle however I will say a little goes a long way as has a good slip. Just bought 2nd bottle. Well done would like to give 4 1/2 stars but won"t let me

Flamingolegsem from UK said on 07/05/2014

I took this on holiday, I wanted a specific face protection lotion. It's truly amazing, no sunburn (even after only one application a morning), I will be buying this every time I go away and will continue to use in the UK under makeup as it makes skin glow and has a lovely texture.

kitten1711 from Manchester said on 09/03/2014

I have melasma (uneven pigmentation) so I have tried a LOT of sunscreens, and wear a high spf on my face year round. This is a nice, lightweight product (although quite runny) which layers well over my regular moisturiser, and I suspect as the weather gets warmer I will be able to wear it on its own on top of clean skin. It has a *slight* tint (just enough so that it's not white, not the kind which alters your skin tone in any way) and as a result is completely invisible. It does give a sort of 'beautified' look to the skin but I haven't found it to be oil absorbing as described in the blurb - perhaps I'm using too much, I admit I do slather it on - but it leaves skin with a healthy looking glow (not overly shiny like some sun creams can). My only issue is the price - for a 30ml bottle of lotion it is quite pricey (hence 4* rather than 5) but a lovely sunscreen all the same, my new favourite for everyday.
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