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With natural MICRO-DIATAME D.TOX™ beads and Salicylic acid SMOOTHBOOST™-SPHERES that pop open when you press on them!

The more you scrub, the more you smooth (like a DIY microdermabrasion). It’s a scrub formulated to leave even the most exhausted face looking FRESH.

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4.7 out of 5 (29) Review(s)

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Rachael from Amazing face scrub said on 23/03/2019

This is an amazing product, after the first use my skin felt soft and the patches of dry skin on my face were instantly improved. This is by far the best face Scrub I have ever used and won't be using any other face Scrub from now on. I love it so much I have already purchased another Scrub while it is on offer.
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Kayabird from It really is said on 19/01/2019

Been using this for ages. Love it. I use Retin A which causes a mild skin peel and this smooths it right out.
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Rebecca581 from Lovely scrub said on 24/11/2018

I didn't use this scrub for a while but just gave it a try. I love the texture of this scrub. Soap and glory are great at making products for oily skin!
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hczr from Smooth And Radiant Face :) said on 27/07/2018

I’ve bought this face scrub so many times - it’s such a good scrub. Grains are small and abrasive (but not in a harsh way) as it’s really creamy. I use just over a pea-sized amount for my face on alternate days. It leaves my face super soft and radiantly shiny.
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Mkat from Fantastic face scrub said on 03/10/2017

Another fantastic soap & glory product, truly scrubs (gently!) and leaves your face feeling great.
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AliMarie from Amazing - the only face scrub I will ever use said on 03/10/2017

I had been using this product for a few years and then it disappeared so I was over the moon when it came back. I love cleans my skin without drying it out and has really helped my spot prone skin to stay clear. Would not use anything else.
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Coral from Love Soap & Glory said on 30/09/2017

Have always liked Soap & Glory and the Scrub works brilliant.
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rmnlaura from Great scrub! said on 22/06/2017

I used several face scrubs before and I think this is the best one. It can be a bit rough but it really works, cleans very well and you feel it working. After using it I feel my face very clean and smooth. Love it!
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TNGAL from Tennessee said on 18/04/2017

Absolutely IN LOVE with this 2-min T-Zone Detox Scrub !! It actually makes my face feel Super Clean and Renewed. The Minty Fresh scent is Perfect in the mornings to help Wake up and the scrub isn't too harsh on my skin. My face looks Vibrant and My pores look smaller after just one use. To top everything off it feels Super Soft!! This is the first Soap&Glory skincare product I have used....LOVE IT !!!

Leema from Strong, great consistency. said on 28/03/2017

Really good scrub, clears away dead skin, isn't too harsh but is definitely strong enough to get down to business.
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Barrie from Highly recommended! said on 30/12/2016

Really lovely product - gentle exfoliant, nice fragrance, easy to apply, leaves skin feeling soft & fresh. Highly recommended addition to regular skin care routine. Will definitely buy again!
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Laa29 from Not 'scrubby' enough said on 25/10/2016

I bought this last week, it is ok, but nothing special. I prefer gritty scrubs, this is bitty, but not gritty, nothing that gives you a good scrubby feel. I don't really notice much of a difference after I use it.
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CoralCoral from Really good scrub said on 19/09/2016

Perfect for the body, leaves skin soft and moisturised without feeling at all sticky.
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TrickorTreat from Another Cracker from Soap and Glory said on 05/09/2016

High quality, good value, attractive packaging and effective. What's not to like?
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Linda from Best ever face wash said on 22/08/2016

I've been using this face wash for the last couple of years. I think it's the best one I've used. Recently I've found it difficult to get. I was worried it was being withdrawn. I was so pleased to have found it again.
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Dania from Happy said on 29/03/2016

I'm quite happy with this product. Although I feel I've used better, this is gentle on the skin. I personally feel there's nothing like a good hard scrub, so I use it twice when I'm taking off make-up but it's as good as an expensive "luxury" brand I've previously tried - you get more of it for a fraction of the price._x000D_
My skin feels clean and fresh after use, I've had no outbreaks or dryness so I'm happy overall._x000D_
I'd buy again.
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David from Excellent product. Would reccomend said on 22/02/2016

Really gives a good scrub, and makes your face feel clean and bright.
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Melanie from Not brilliant said on 06/01/2016

Bought this for a daily all over facial scrub. However, reading the label it appears to be more of a 'focused area' type scrub. Fragrance not really expected in a facial product but even so it's not great. Does the job I guess.
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Capes25 from Huddersfield said on 09/08/2015

Just tried this today for the first time. Firstly, it smells lovely and sweet. The texture of the product on your face isnt harsh. The fine granules don't harass your face but rather leave it with a fresh, slightly minty cool sensation, which makes it perfect for a waken product on a morning. My skin is left soft, with no lumps and bumps or redness. I followed with toner, serum and moisturiser. Would recommend to anybody with uneven texture, sensitive skin and visible pores.

aayushi7 from So great! said on 08/07/2015

Love this product, went back for more. Gentle exfoliation and great consistency
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Mistieanna from Love said on 25/03/2015

I get really bad blackheads on my nose and using this product every other day gets rid of the little buggers! I love it, although when applying the product I don't always feel that I've scrubbed it enough, especially after only 30 seconds! Other than that it's fab
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Emma96 from Tingly, refreshing said on 19/03/2015

A little goes a long way with this and you should scrub gently for about 30 seconds. It makes skin look and feel incredibly clean. Some people might find it a bit rough for regular use (it's recommended for use once or twice a week), but I use it every couple of days and I don't get any Irritation or anyhting from it.
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C4ROLE from excellent scrub said on 22/02/2015

Great face scrub. Great smell.
Easy to use and rinses off leaving smooth fresh skin.
Highly recommend it.
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Andi from Roseville, Ca said on 02/02/2015

I have to say this exfoliating facial (light) cleanser is a wonderful product!
I highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from "alligator skin" ;) Used properly, it cleanses gently & your face gets rid of all that extra flakey skin from cold weather & any other time of year to obtain a healthy & even glowing appearance. You won't be disappointed!

DJ from Wales said on 29/12/2014

I've had 2 tubes of this face scrub now, I think 'Scrub your nose in it' leaves my face feeling cleaner but I see more results with this scrub. My face always feels soft after use, not too dry, and pores are reduced, 5 stars :)

jaine from Not harsh but nice said on 06/12/2014

Nice product and my skin felt soft afterwards. I would, however, prefer to have either more beads, or more abrasive beads as I did not feel completely scrubbed. You do get a nice minty feel though as you massage it in. On the whole, a great product.
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gingerbread77 from Soap & Glory - Greatest Scrub Of All said on 24/08/2014

I purchased this the other day, thinking it was something that could be used on a daily basis. Unfortunately it wasn't. I used it once and my skin felt smooth, but for me I think it was a bit rough. I gently massaged it into my skin then rinsed it off. I may use it every so often. I have now read that it is meant to be used a once/twice a week.
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vronny from where has it gone said on 06/03/2014

love this product i have used it every week for several years, skin always feals soft and smooth after use but now its gone and i can't get it please bring it back soap and glory.
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Louise from Fantastic!!! said on 08/02/2014

This product is the best ever I have been using this for the last 3 years, a little goes a long way which makes it value for money. I have really sensitive skin and I am able to use this regulary without it irritating. It's that good I have got family bringing it out to me in Australia as they do not sell soap and glory out here!
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