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With natural MICRO-DIATAME D.TOX™ beads and Salicylic acid SMOOTHBOOST™-SPHERES that pop open when you press on them!

The more you scrub, the more you smooth (like a DIY microdermabrasion). It’s a scrub formulated to leave even the most exhausted face looking FRESH.

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TNGAL from Tennessee said on 18/04/2017

Absolutely IN LOVE with this 2-min T-Zone Detox Scrub !! It actually makes my face feel Super Clean and Renewed. The Minty Fresh scent is Perfect in the mornings to help Wake up and the scrub isn't too harsh on my skin. My face looks Vibrant and My pores look smaller after just one use. To top everything off it feels Super Soft!! This is the first Soap&Glory skincare product I have used....LOVE IT !!!

Capes25 from Huddersfield said on 09/08/2015

Just tried this today for the first time. Firstly, it smells lovely and sweet. The texture of the product on your face isnt harsh. The fine granules don't harass your face but rather leave it with a fresh, slightly minty cool sensation, which makes it perfect for a waken product on a morning. My skin is left soft, with no lumps and bumps or redness. I followed with toner, serum and moisturiser. Would recommend to anybody with uneven texture, sensitive skin and visible pores.

Andi from Roseville, Ca said on 02/02/2015

I have to say this exfoliating facial (light) cleanser is a wonderful product!
I highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from "alligator skin" ;) Used properly, it cleanses gently & your face gets rid of all that extra flakey skin from cold weather & any other time of year to obtain a healthy & even glowing appearance. You won't be disappointed!

DJ from Wales said on 29/12/2014

I've had 2 tubes of this face scrub now, I think 'Scrub your nose in it' leaves my face feeling cleaner but I see more results with this scrub. My face always feels soft after use, not too dry, and pores are reduced, 5 stars :)
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