Make Yourself Youthful™<br>Sunshield Superfluid™ SPF50+

Make Yourself Youthful™
Sunshield Superfluid™ SPF50+


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Ultra-Sheer Invisible Protection

Introducing the NEW Make Yourself Youthful™ Sunshield Superfluid™ SPF50+ from Soap & Glory™, which offers outstanding protection in a super-lightweight, translucent SPF 50+ UVA/UVB formula. With a practically imperceptible texture, it’s our best-ever sun protection base for your face.

• SUNSHIELD™ HIGH ENERGY VISIBLE LIGHT PROTECTION – a sun-damage-blocking Liposhield HEV Melanin.
• VITAMIN C & E SUNTRIGGER SMARTSPHERES™ – sunlight-activated Smartvector UV C & E technology release antioxidants as smart-support against oxidative stress and free radicals.
• INSTA MATTE™ – micro oil-absorbing powders which help mattify and even out blotchy skin tone for a beautifully natural transparent finish.

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4.2 out of 5 (36) Review(s)

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DB08 from Oily! said on 12/10/2020

I have combination skin and this is not the one for me! I have been on the search for the perfect sunscreen for years (it doesn’t exist) _x000D_
Thought this was going to be amazing from its promises “oil absorbing”, “vitamin c” and it’s alcohol free. _x000D_
No _x000D_
Sorry guys this is just another greasy oily sunscreen. For very dry skin it might work well but definitely not one for the oily/ combo skinned _x000D_
Also the high level of fragrance was very irritating with the chemical sunscreens ... I got this half price so was no great loss but I won’t be re buying _x000D_
30 _x000D_
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Kaz14 from Worth a try said on 30/09/2020

I struggle to find sun cream my face agrees with, normally goes red and itchy and sore with most sun creams. _x000D_
This is good, however really runny. It has a nice colour and barely any smell. _x000D_
I do however find I can’t apply anywhere near my eyes. I get warm and sometimes sweat slightly. If I try and cover my full face, when this happens by eyes water and sting._x000D_
But all in all it’s a good product and would use shin if I can’t find anything else that suits my skin
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Zara from Definitely worth trying said on 24/01/2020

I purchased this sunscreen and tested it amongst other more high-end sunscreens over the course of a few weeks. This one definitely wins, it's a thin milk consistency and melts into the skin which means you can apply your makeup straight away. I have dry sensitive skin and i have found that it does not break me out or irritate my skin. The fragrance is also very light and subtle and after an hour or so, you can't smell it on your face. The bottle itself is also nice and compact so it's easy for travelling. _x000D_
The only drawback is the price considering this is a drugstore product and the fact that you get 30ml. I tend to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen but will continue to repurchase this because it is a convenient product. I hope this doesn't get discontinued.
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Tantastic from Smells exactly like nit lotion! said on 09/10/2018

As the title says this product smells exactly like nit lotion - reminded me of when my daughter caught them at primary and I had to treat them! Unfortunately based on this alone I will not repurchase as I really can’t bear the smell._x000D_
Also, I applied the cream then after a few minutes just gently rubbed the side of my face to see if it was absorbed enough to apply foundation - it actually just rubbed off my face in flakes! Does not absorb rather just dries sitting on the top of the skin._x000D_
Next point is that the bottle is small for the price - yes a little goes a long way but even so still pricey for the amount in the bottle._x000D_
On the plus side it dries pretty quickly so you can get your foundation on when you’re in a rush in the morning.
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Lulabelle3 from Amazing!! said on 25/07/2018

Yes it’s a little pricey but for what you’re getting, it’s pretty great. The liquid is runny so a little goes a long way and it blends/ rubs in perfectly considering the high spf. I’ve used it everyday for nearly 3 months under my make up and love it, especially as a natural red head with the potential to burn in this heat wave we’re having. Doesn’t cause spots, not greasy, no weird smells; what more could you want?
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Isabella from Acne said on 27/09/2017

I love most 'Soap and Glory' products, particularly their make-up removing face wash but this sunscreen gives me spots! If you are not prone to acne then it's probably fine! _x000D_
Also there is no indication on the packet of the UVA protection that it provides- there is a scale from 1-5 for UVA protection, with 5 being excellent. Most Boots products provide 5 star protection and Nivea products provide 3-4 stars. I think that this product likely offers less than 3 stars (recommended level) as most sunscreens with above level 3 UVA protection display a circle around the UVA symbol.
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Georgina123 from Wouldn't recommend said on 06/07/2017

I bought this product as I use spf every day I had originally used a different brand that was amazing however it was discontinued so decided I would try this the formulation is lightweight which I did like how ever the bottle of this is Awful it spill into the lid daily and is very messy I did also find the spf to be not as strong as my other as I did burn a bit on of the days I used this product! I personally don't think it's worth the price for what you get and there is more afordable options that work better.
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anonymous2020 from Amazing protection, light formula said on 17/05/2017

I've never purchased a product that impacted me enough that I would take the time to review it. However, this sun cream is the holy grail of sun creams. I have acne-prone skin and it has not caused me to break out. It is light, yet has very high coverage. It is not irritating to my skin as many products are. I apply a small amount over my moisturiser. A huge plus is the protection from blue light, as that is something I am also concerned with. Since it comes in a very small bottle, I only use a little on my face and use a cheaper sun cream on my neck and décolletage. Please never discontinue this product!!
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kjs141 from HG for everyday use said on 20/04/2017

The texture of this product is great, its very light and fluid, spreads easily so you only need a small amount (although it does make me wonder how much I should be using). It does not show any kind of shine on the skin like most products of this level spf, and never feels greasy, instead it is slightly mattifying. As a previous reviewer says, it almost feels like a primer. I have normal to dry skin so I have to moisturise well before applying._x000D_
For me the best things about this product are the high spf and also the protection from blue light (HEV). There is not much reserach on HEV from our phones/computers but it's claimed it penetrates our skin as deeply as UV rays and is ageing our skin. I looked high and low for a product that would protect against this, and found only one other brand at £125 a pot! I can't believe this is so well priced and I am just as concerned about HEV as UV._x000D_
The bottle is compact and secure lid for travelling, with a small dispensing nozzle which is super hygienic. Based on the product I think for the price it's a bargain and I use it every day without fail. Only downside is to retain the spf protection throughout the day you would have to reapply, but that goes for most products with spf.
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Laurab1992 from Excellent spf50 said on 23/02/2017

Fantastic and lightweight considering it's spf50! I wish you got more product for the money though. This is perfect to use if you don't want to replace your existing moisturiser just for the sake of spf. Soap and glory please make this forever.
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imyww from Lovely product said on 23/08/2016

I got this to use on holiday on my face because I find suncream gives me spots and it's now become part of my daily skincare routine. It leaves a lovely glow on the skin without being greasy and it sits really well underneath make up. Combined with the fact is has such a high spf means it's a definite must have for me now and I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a spf face cream.
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Bolopost from Not the best for me said on 22/08/2016

I have combination skin, i found this not easy to spread around and i couldn't rub in to much, i had to leave to soak in otherwise it peeled! It left my face feeling slightly tacky. I used matt foundation after also as i looked greasy not dewy.
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Saher Aziz from says what it does on the tin! said on 29/04/2016

Great light cream that doesnt feel heavy at all whilst offering sun protection. A wee bit expensive in my opinion but alot less expensive then some of the higher priced brands
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Jacquie from Great product at good price said on 25/02/2016

I bought this at 'buy one get one half price' so it was great value. Really light, lovely product and great to have SPF50+
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RAY from Birmingham said on 24/09/2015

This is amazing. I bought it to go on holiday. Normally my face catches the sun very easily and I wanted something high factor that doesnt block my pores and cause the holiday break out that I usually get. This is the one! Brilliant. Even the other half loves it and after our last holiday using it, he specifically asked if i had packed 'the little white bottle' of suncream when we were packing to go away. In the summer I use it everyday under my make up, and because it is absorbed easily, my makeup sits well on top of it.

3BethG from Really great. said on 18/09/2015

I have very difficult skin to use sun protection on, it's both sensitive and spot prone, so I was very anxious about using this product, however to my surprise it works wonderfully. I used it while on holiday in a very sunny Florida did not burn at all even though I was out in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours everyday even though I never reapplied it. It goes on the skin very nicely and felt almost weightless, my skin didn't react to it at all or break out and I was able to apply make up on top of it with no problem at all. I would definitely buy this again.
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brightshinyfuture from Surprisingly brilliant!! said on 08/09/2015

I never thought of applying a separate sunscreen to my face before I happened to find this product, and now I can't believe I didn't buy it earlier!! This product is really lightweight, glides over/under your makeup perfectly, absorbs quickly and keeps your face protected from the sun all day. Highly recommend!
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caitlin1305 from Soap and Glory sunshield superfluid SPF 50+ said on 16/07/2015

I love this sun cream and it is perfect for my sensitive normal/combination skin. It has a lovely fruity scent, not the usual unpleasant sun cream smell. It claims to make your skin matte, I wouldn't say it makes your skin very matte, particularly if you have oily skin however it does not look shiny at all, just natural. It is quite pricey however due to an offer, I managed to pick it up for around £5 less than the RRP. The little bottle is perfect for holiday and travelling. This product would also work very well under make up as a primer as it does not add any oil to your skin.
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Sundaylt from I love it said on 27/06/2015

I have been trying to find a sunscreen that doesn't make my face go all crazy white and shiny. And this is it. Before applying makeup, I use it on top of the 6-in-one moisturiser of the same brand, which is also very nice. They together make my skin look and feel super great and healthy without looking shiny. I bought those 2 products on a Buy 1 get one half price promotion too so that was a great value of money.
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Katie from Purley said on 30/04/2015

This is such a brilliant SPF! I am very pale and burn extremely easily, especially on my face, and finding a high SPF that is not sticky and does not cause makeup to slide around is so difficult. This ticks all of the boxes! It is a very lightweight formula and sinks into the skin fairly quickly and is very moisturising. I don't find that it makes my makeup any different to when I use a normal moisturiser which is great, as I can go out with nice, even makeup and be protected from the sun.

The only downside is that you get such a tiny amount for the high price tag, but despite this I will absolutely be repurchasing again. It is a great find! Plus, the plus side of that is that it can be chucked in the smallest of bags!

Lily B from UK said on 15/01/2015

This is a rare find - a high SPF facial lotion that didn't irritate my skin, leave a white cast, or leave my face shiny or sticky after application. It's extremely effective as a primer under makeup, though obviously you can't easily reapply it during the day if you put makeup over the top. It didn't clog my pores or give me problems with spots, and stopped me from burning in strong sunlight on holiday. I wore it in place of moisturiser, though you could use it over the top if you found it not moisturising enough alone (I have oily-combination skin). It's extremely thin and runny, so you need to be careful not to waste too much, as it's not cheap!

A must for pale girls or people with skin conditions exacerbated by the sun. The only improvement I'd like would be more information on the UVA protection it provides, like the boots star system or similar, so I could compare it with other ranges more easily..

alice9anonymous from Wow... said on 05/11/2014

...I am so impressed with this sunscreen. Used to think of S&G as a bit of a gimmicky style-over-substance range, with kitsch fun packaging but little else going for it. But I'm converted! This sunscreen has an extremely light fluid texture, but it looks and feels like a serum or primer on my skin. It has a slight tint, but this is imperceptible when applied. I have combination skin (normal cheeks, oily T-zone# and the product gives my complexion a satin finish. Not matte, as the description suggested, but a #preferable# sheer, satin sheen. I've experimented with slathering it on in multiple layers, to make sure I'm getting the SPF benefits, and my make up still applies beautifully on top. In fact, I find it makes some of my fuller coverage bases slightly more dewy, which I think looks a lot more flattering and youthful. I love the look and feel on my skin, the tiny bottle #perfect for travelling#, the high SPF, the fact that it doesn't sting or irritate my skin #even around my sensitive contact lens-wearing eyes) despite the ingredients list including fragrance , and the reasonable price. I'll definitely be repurchasing.
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loulovesbeauty from Great light weight, non- greasy sunscreen said on 03/10/2014

I have oily skin so hate heavy, greasy sunscreens. This is more light a light moisturiser/serum than like any high factor sunscreen I've tried before. It leaves no residue behind and sinks in quickly, while creating the perfect base for makeup.
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Gorgon4 from Lightweight and shine free! said on 23/08/2014

A Facial SPF 50 that isn't greasy or make you look like a ghost....REALLY. Usually SPFs make me come out in spot...Not this one. Usually SPFs make my eyes sting and water midway through the day.... Not this one.Its a small bottle but the product spreads well. Not cheap but for a product this good its worth every penny.
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Sabine from Great even in the sweatty tropics! said on 19/08/2014

This sun block fits all the requirements needed to keep the face safe from everyday sun in extreme humid and hot environments. It stays on, stays invisible and feels like a breeze! Lovely size for the handbag/back pack when one is out and about travelling...
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Cat puss from Shropshire said on 20/07/2014

After trying so many SPF primers, this is such good value. I use under makeup better than most primers on the market. Very lightweight very slight tint no light haze left after, which you get with most high SPF"s. Very impressed soap and glory, the only down side is the size of bottle however I will say a little goes a long way as has a good slip. Just bought 2nd bottle. Well done would like to give 4 1/2 stars but won"t let me

Rebeccamill from Reapply after 1-2 hours?! said on 14/07/2014

I purchased this products after seeing it advertised in the boots magazine. The magazine claimed it could be applied over makeup. Upon purchasing the advice on the bottle is to apply it after moisturiser. Reading further instructions, it tells me to re-apply after 1-2 hours. Seriously? I purchased it believing it to be something i coukd put on in the morning and would last all day. If i could return this, i would.
Boots review Originally posted on

Shelby245a from Great SPF! said on 03/07/2014

I got this after reading about it on a blog, and seeing it discounted in store.

I've been really really pleased with it! I used it on my recent city holiday and was pleasantly surprised with how it performed.

I have combination / oily skin, and in the past have struggled with SPFs sending it over the edge and causing breakouts. This worked really well. It sat nicely between my moisturiser and primer, and as long as I gave it time to settle in I didn't have any problems applying my longwear foundation over the top. I didn't burn and my foundation lasted, so it was a win all around!
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Francesca from Brilliant said on 22/06/2014

When I first bought this product I was a bit worried that it would prevent my face from getting any colour whatsoever. However I have found that my face has still tanned with the rest of my body but it has not burned in the sun like it normally would. Once you apply the product you can't feel that it is there and you only need a tiny bit which means that the small bottle will last for a long time.
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mszoom from The perfect facial sunscreen. Period. said on 15/05/2014

I wear sunscreen every day, both for its anti-ageing benefits as well as to protect my skin from damage, and I have tried a LOT of facial sunscreens. This cute little bottle is everything I want from a daily facial sunscreen product: lightweight and comfortable on the skin, high SPF and UVA/UVB protection, non greasy and fast absorbing, no white cast... plus more! Soap & Glory have made a lovely and luxurious formula that combines great protection with added skincare benefits that makes a great base for makeup. Perfect! Will continue to use, repurchase, and recommend.
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catherine from does the job said on 09/05/2014

The product is a good sunscreen, however, I find it makes my skin feel dry. I am mid 40s, so maybe better for a younger age group.
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Flamingolegsem from UK said on 07/05/2014

I took this on holiday, I wanted a specific face protection lotion. It's truly amazing, no sunburn (even after only one application a morning), I will be buying this every time I go away and will continue to use in the UK under makeup as it makes skin glow and has a lovely texture.

Flamingolegsem from Amazing For Sun Protection said on 07/05/2014

I can't recommend this enough, I used it whilst on holiday in Hawaii and did not get sunburnt at all. My face stayed moisturised and protected even when in and out of the pool and on long hikes.
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Charlotte from Great product! said on 16/04/2014

This product ticks all the boxes I required. High SPF , no parabens, unperfumed, silky light texture and sinks in easily without oily or shiny residue, and a reasonable price.
I shall be buying another bottle , and can recommend
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MrsAxlRose from Perfect!! said on 11/04/2014

This will become an essential product for me - this type of spf AND consistancy is hard to find without paying a fortune. I need high SPF as i have pigmentation which darkens at the slightest hint of sunshine and despite many high SPF face products saying they are non greasy i always find them not quite right and i've used MANY high end and therapist recommended SPF's. If anyone ever used L'oreal's SPF 50 matte face fluid ( my perfect SPF product) before they discontinued it a few years ago unfortunatly-then that's the best way to describe this one- VERY similar in every way. It really is a light fluid texture which disappears into the skin - there's a little moisture-just enough and you aren't aware of the product on your skin- doesn't go greasy through the day-doesn't leave a film -dry white or pile and ruin make-up. Sat perfectly under my Doublewear and cheaper foundations- great price too. I have 39 year old normal/combination skin and despite its oil controlling properties it didn't make my skin look too matte - in fact it just balanced it perfectly- really excellent!!!!!
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kitten1711 from Manchester said on 09/03/2014

I have melasma (uneven pigmentation) so I have tried a LOT of sunscreens, and wear a high spf on my face year round. This is a nice, lightweight product (although quite runny) which layers well over my regular moisturiser, and I suspect as the weather gets warmer I will be able to wear it on its own on top of clean skin. It has a *slight* tint (just enough so that it's not white, not the kind which alters your skin tone in any way) and as a result is completely invisible. It does give a sort of 'beautified' look to the skin but I haven't found it to be oil absorbing as described in the blurb - perhaps I'm using too much, I admit I do slather it on - but it leaves skin with a healthy looking glow (not overly shiny like some sun creams can). My only issue is the price - for a 30ml bottle of lotion it is quite pricey (hence 4* rather than 5) but a lovely sunscreen all the same, my new favourite for everyday.
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