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THE FAB PORE™ 3-IN-1 OIL CONTROL SERUM is your go-to defence against all things shiny.

It’s absolutely jammed with wonderstuffs – BLOT A LOT™ technology helps keep skin matte for up to 12 hours and PORESHRINK™ makes pores look instantly smaller.

SODIUM HYALURONATE and VITAMIN E are renowned moisturisers and SKIN BLURRERS give an ultra-smooth finish for complete complexion perfection.

THE FAB PORE™ 3-IN-1 OIL CONTROL SERUM also works as an amazing primer. (After all, no girl likes to let things slide, least of all her make-up.)

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4.2 out of 5 (15) Review(s)

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lauren113 from Pore refiner said on 12/10/2020

I use this product under my moisturiser, works wonders as i have large visible pores. also really helps with oil/ shine control, by the end of the day my skin looks much less oily than if i didn’t use this. However, make sure to blend the product on your face as it can leave white ish streaks if not rubbed in properly. I have combination skin so this works really well in the areas i have a lot of oils.
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Rose from Amazing product! said on 19/06/2020

Feels nice on the skin. Great for people with greasy and acne prone skin.
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Woody74 from Very good said on 17/11/2019

i like this product. Dries quickly so you have to rub it in quick, can also feel a bit cakey as well if not rubbed in. Works good is with powder blushers, cream blushers don't go on well unfortunately. You don't need a lot, just remember to rub in well.
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Kenzie from IT WORKS FOR TROPICAL SKIN said on 21/04/2019

I am living in Vietnam and bought this at Boost when I visited Thailand. This product makes my skin feel cool and calm before apply any other stuff. My routine is wash my face with low PH cleanser in the morning, then apply this serum and wait for 40s. Then apply the Soap and Glory Moisturiser, then the sunblock serum. the product brings a matte set up to my skin and also make me feel very cool underneath. Works for me. _x000D_
My skin type is oily combination.
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faymill from Not good said on 08/03/2019

Awful stuff, when I try to apply foundation after using it the foundation flakes off. I've tried it over moisturiser, under moisturiser, without....... makes my foundation flaky every time
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DanielleR1993 from Brilliant said on 31/12/2018

I would definitely recommend this product 100% works right away !!!
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jones321 from WOW said on 12/11/2018

Never reviewed anything before but had to review this product! Amazing to wear under make up, really helped my skin not get as oily as it usually does during the day - will definitely purchase again!
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Kht106 from Leaves white dry residue on face said on 23/07/2018

Let me start by saying I usually love soap and glory. This product is awful, dries really quickly and leaves white residue all over my face. A bit like after using a peel off face mask. It's a shame as it's really mattifying.
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Crand from Only OK said on 10/10/2017

I bought this a few weeks ago - I find that you actually need a fair bit to cover your face, but that it leaves a weird white residue. As others say it is quite dry so I do need to moisturise after using. It's an OK product, but not as good as other Soap and Glory skincare range I've tried. I don't hate it, but I wont be buying it again.
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Cass from England said on 11/05/2017

I absolutely love this prouduct, I've got very oily skin and have tried everything possible to combat it and yet this is the only product which actually gave reaults! When i first applied and rubbed in I was amazed at how oil free my skin was, it was as if it had all been sucked up by the cream. I would say that this isn't ideal if you only have slightly oily skin though because it does seem to take a lot of moisture out of your skin.
The only problem I've run into is that since using this primer, my foundation has started clinging to areas of my face and has gone very patchy, which does make me question their claim to give you an 'ultra-smooth finish for complete complexion perfection', however this could be avoided with other foundations and is a small price to pay to finally have an oil free face.

Jthack83 from Excellant addition said on 09/05/2017

I've had this just over 6 months so the tube lasts longer than you think! I wouldn't say on its own it helps with oils and like another reviewer has said as a primer no it doesn't work. But I put this on before ANY other primer (and after moisturising) and it's like it magically activates and works well at keeping my oils at bay. I'm very oily so usually half way through the working day I always have to blot my oily face but this reduces the oil for me an awful lot. Not quite the holy grail that stops oil altogether but you tell me one product that does. And I'll buy it!!
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ally1212 from Cardiff said on 11/11/2016

Gentle on my skin and really does keep my nose and chin oil free all day.. I've only ever had such results from pricey brands like benefit.. easy to use feels like a light cream,
Love it! Thanks soap and glory :-)

Unicorngirl101 from Great product but could be cheaper tbh! said on 09/11/2016

Love this product and really has worked and does make pores almost invisible! I love it and use under my make up and works well as a base._x000D_
I bought while on offer in Boots and will look out for it on offer when I buy again as a bit too pricey otherwise I think. _x000D_
You only need a small amount too so don't plaster it on!
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AngJ78 from Reduces pores said on 31/08/2016

Really happy with this product. Noticeably reduced my pores. Does tingle a bit but I don't mind that, makes it feel like it's working. _x000D_
I did try it as a primer (it says you can) but for me it wasn't sticky enough to hold my make up, it dries very dry. So I use before my primer._x000D_
Still very happy with it. Big tube so will last a long time but I will probably repurchase when it runs out.
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Chloe from London said on 03/06/2016

I love this product. If your a SUPER oily girl like me then this is for you!!

I've tried every thing you can think of to control my oil including simple drug store brands like Simple, Good Things, Garnier, to more expensive brands like Mac, Benefit, Dermalogica, Murad and Dr Nick Lowe. . . . The Fab Pore oil control serum is so far the best!

I stayed oil free all day long which is unheard of for me, and when my oil started to seep through at the end of the day it was still barely noticeable!!

If your a semi-oily girl then perhaps you may find this makes you a little chalky BUT if you are unfortunate like myself and often look as though you've rubbed oil in your face by lunch time then do give this a whirl.

Do make sure you apply evenly to avoid white streaking though :)

Thank you Soap and Glory!!

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