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Want all-day pore-fection and total mattisfatcion?

Pop BLOT RIGHT NOW™ Blotting Papers into your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups! These handbag-friendly, powder-free blotting sheets are suitable for all skin tones - with no white reside! With instant results and a handy compact mirror it is a perfect quick-fix for those constantly on the go: guarenteed 6 hour protection. BLOT RIGHT NOW™ removes oil and banishes shine quickly and effectively by blotting away grease without powder clogging pores so your skin stays looking clean and clear without the need to reapply makeup. Less shine and more time to do what you do do best! • Contains 30 blotting sheets!

Instructions for Use

Notice oily areas on face. Take a sheet of Blotting Paper and dab over oily areas: use multiple sheets as needed. Oil and shine are gone whilst makeip remains intact!

Read Ingredients

Oil absorbent paper


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