WHAT A PEELING™  Purifying Peel Off Mask

WHAT A PEELING™ Purifying Peel Off Mask


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WHAT A PEELING™ Purifying De-Clog Mask

Just like you, this peel-off mask is totally hard pore. Liquid gel transforms into the lift-off paper strip to smooth, purify and remove all gunk and junk (including blackheads, ew) in one go – it’s so a-peeling! Our multi-tasking mask is power-packed with 10 amazing ingredients including:

- Kaolin and Bentonite Fine Clay Powders to help absorb excess oil

- White Willow Bark to help oil skin

- Vitamin C to boost tired complexions

- Scented with exotic tropical fruit

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Aqua (Water), Polyvinyl alcohol, Alcohol denat., Butylene glycol, Kaolin, Methyl gluceth-20, Ascorbyl glucoside, Bentonite, Polyglyceryl-10-laurate, Salix alba (Willow) bark extract, Phenoxyethanol, Polyglyceryl-10 pentaoleate, Tocopherol, Anthemis nobilis (Chamomile) flower water, Glycerin, Parfum (Fragrance), Propylene glycol, Sodium hydroxide, Lens esculenta (Lentil) seed extract, Isopropyl myristate, Dipropylene glycol, Benzyl benzoate, Zingiber officinale (Ginger) root extract, Camellia sinensis (Red tea) leaf extract, Salvia officinalis (Sage) leaf extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid, Talc, CI 73360 (Red 30 lake), CI 77891 (Titanium dioxide).


Overall Rating:

4.3 out of 5 (43) Review(s)

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Cheryl from Amazing said on 31/01/2021

Just used this for this first time and is amazing removes dirt and smells so good ..I have just ordered more .
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

ladyinyork from Incredible firming mask! said on 23/01/2021

My husband bought me this as part of a set of masks for Christmas, and I confess I was a bit sceptical they would do anything for me, as I generally think of S&G as being for teens and twenties...but boy was I wrong! I normally use skincare from expensive brands but I've loved all of the masks in the pack, and especially this anti-clog one. It must have bought all the toxins out of my skin as my face felt lifted and firmed up around the jaw line and cheeks, and so soft and glowing afterwards. I was so pleased I used the second pot a week later, and have just been to buy some more! The results last for a few days too.I just can't believe the price either - It's a facial in a pot for just over a quid! At the moment they are on offer for 2.66 for the 2pot pack in Boots. Thank you S&G, well done and keep selling it Boots!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

xsk93 from Unsure said on 28/10/2020

On the whole this product isn’t bad however I think that the design element needs to be improved. I could have easily got more than one use out of each tub however once opened it’s almost impossible to seal back up meaning it goes to waste. It there was a lid it would be a lot better. In respect of the product itself I found it to be hit and miss - the first time I used it I didn’t really see an effect but the second time my skin did appear to be a bit brighter. For the price I think it’s reasonable but there are better masks out there
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Linda from It clogged my pores said on 15/10/2020

I tried it earlier on today and I am really dissapointed. The pink mass gets everywhere and it's extremely messy. It wouldn't peel off after over 30 minutes (and yes, I had only a thin layer). I have a habit of always following masks with a toner - I used 4 (!) cotton pads and they still had pink goo all over them. It was all left in my pores. I have to admit that my face looked really nice right after I scraped it off my face, but after wiping it off properly the effect was gone. No wonder with all this residue. Horrible mask
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Chloe99 from AMAZING said on 12/10/2020

I wish this was sold in a larger packaging for more uses! I love this so much - no downfalls other than not selling more product! My skin looks flawless after using this product! Normally peel off masks are drying but this one isn’t! I am always stocking up because this clears my skin, adds a low and overall looks so soft! I suffer from large pores, oily t-zone and acne prone skin. This is a mask that perfects your skin!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

lucy from perfect said on 11/10/2020

this is the one product i always go back and purchase it as it makes my skin feel perfect!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Clareh93 from Slightly messy but cleans skin said on 10/10/2020

Have bought this now a few times and your skin really feels unclogged and much cleaner after use , also doesn’t leave skin dry afterwards. Only downfall is it can be messy even with the spatula provided and takes slightly longer than some masks to dry . Overall a good product for leaving your skin fresh.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Yummymummy from Not worth the money said on 22/08/2020

Perhaps I put too much on but it didnt dry enough. Couldn't peel off so had to wash off with a flannel which wasnt easy. Also left loads of pink gunk in my bath. I will try the other pot see if any better. Honestly wasnt impressed with this product. Skin doesnt feel any better or look any different.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lou13 from Amazing! said on 10/02/2020

This product is fab! I have suffered with terrible skin for years and am now 38 and still suffer. I have been using expensive products for a number of years which help. I got bought these face masks as a Christmas present in a set and tried it yesterday and my skin looks amazing! It has helped my complexion loads and actually felt confident without makeup. I actually looked radiant rather than dull and my complexion looked clearer and almost younger. This will be my weekly go to. My fiancé could not believe how good my skin looked either. I will be stocking up on these.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kerry86 from OMG I love soap and glory said on 07/11/2019

Just used this mask and bravo soap and glory yet another great product. Love this mask is on par with a crystal clear one I normally use and this is such good value for money as £2 a mask. I am an absolute soap and glory skin care convert and being a beauty therapist I work with a lot of expensive brand but love soap and glory and love the price even more...
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Smokes from Amazing said on 13/10/2019

I bought this for a little at home spa evening and absolutely lovely it at the time. The day after i woke up with completely clear skin and all my blackheads had disappeared. 100% recommended
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Tamara from Love this said on 31/07/2019

This is my go to face mask saved my skin when it was so bad it’s so easy to put on and peel off and my face feels amazing afterwards. Tried so many face masks before and this has got to be my favourite
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Liv252 from Amazing product said on 31/03/2019

My skin had been so dull, oily and dry (I have combination skin) and also covered in spots. Not only did this face mask target all these areas but it also smelt amazing. I’m so happy with the results when I took the mask off my skin felt smoother than ever, such good quality and even better that you get two in the pack!! Would recommend this to people who have skin like mine also my spots cleared up after using this!! Can’t wait to keep using this in the future
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Shaunna95 from Helped with my acne said on 12/02/2019

I had bought this product as I have acne and I thought it would help with the redness of the breakouts as it is a deep pore face mask, it did everything I wanted it to, soften the skin, no more redness, cleared my acne up within a few weeks and used a mask once a week.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

NikkiB from Ouch! said on 03/02/2019

I got 2 of these as they were on offer. I left it on the correct amount of time. It felt fine until it came to take it off. Ouch it hurt it was like it was glued to my skin. It was really uncomfortable and if there is facial hair brace yourself! My skin is soft but my face feels so sore now from the trauma of peeling it off.The remaining 3 are in the bin. Disappointed as I love soap & glory products.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Chloe Rushton from WOW! A must! said on 18/01/2019

I must admit the smell is a little strong, reminded me a bit of hair dye aha but I can over look that because this mask is amazing! It does take a little longer than 25 mins to dry I'd say more 35 - 40 mins but my skin has never felt so soft and pore free! wow thank you for the best face mask I've ever tried!!!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

borgqueen from Nice enough said on 27/12/2018

Husband bought me a set of 5 different masks for Christmas. This one took a lot longer than half an hour to dry and was exceptionally messy to apply. It felt nice enough on and peeled off easily._x000D_
I can't say it helped with any blackheads but my spots did look slightly improved afterwards.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

AmberDxox from Amazing!! said on 02/10/2018

Have had such dry skin and after using just one it went away straight away plus minimised my spots
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Katy47 from Okay 3.5 stars. said on 22/09/2018

First off im not sure how i feel about this product. i would recommend not to use all of what's in the pot as it wont dry quick enough. However I used this mask once and it irritated my skin and made it quite red this has never happened before and I've used this mask about 7 times now. It looks really cool on and peels off all in one and i would say it makes my skin really smooth it doesn't remove blackheads but does unclog pores if you get what i mean. All i have to say is be careful how much you apply and don't apply to freshly exfoliated skin as its quite a hash mask so if you have sensitive skin i Wouldn't recommend.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Caroline97 from Love it said on 02/07/2018

This is such a good mask, its so satisfying to pull off and see the bad stuff coming off your skin. The mask smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling smooth and pore refined.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Mavin09 from Fun mask said on 17/05/2018

Although this mask didn't really unclog my skin it was fun to use. Very messy to apply and the spatula is pretty useless. However it is bright pink and smells amazing, it is also easy to remove and my skin was soft.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Ellieb_86 from Not as good as I'd hoped said on 11/04/2018

I was excited to try this, especially as it was a peel off mask. It went on easily and dried well. It was also easy to peel off with minimal mess. However, my skin was dry and dull after I removed the mask and i didn't think it felt particularly 'deep cleaned'. I will give the second pot a go but probably wouldn't repurchase after that.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Maim15 from Amazing! said on 03/03/2018

My boyfriend got me this for my birthday along with a load of other soap and glory stuff and it's amazing! Put it on and half an hour later it peeled off all in one go my skin feels great and looks brighter will definitely be using this more often and bargain at £4 for 2 pots
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Katyj338 from Tickled pink! said on 26/01/2018

I bought this mask for the first time a few days ago and gave it a try this morning. I applied a thin layer as is instructed, as a little of this goes a long way. I waited about half an hour and then managed to peel it all off in one go. It pulled a little bit as it’s meant to do, and my skin looks and feels amazing after it! Will 100% be recommending this and repurchasing!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Rozz123 from Pink Peel! said on 09/01/2018

I was really excited to use this Mask, especially because peel offs are a lot more fun than sheet masks! i was even more excited when i saw it was pink! it worked reallt well and my skin looked great after peeling off, all with no pain!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kate1212 from Love it said on 26/12/2017

Love that you can actually get 4 uses out of this product! Love all my soap and glory skincare never fails to disappoint! Yeah it doesn't pull out deep bedded blackheads but to be honest I've never found anythig that does. It cleanses skin, removes dirt and dead skin leaves my skin feeling amazing. Definitely worth the money. Will buy again.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Priya13 from Does the trick said on 11/12/2017

Warning this stuff is bright pink and probably glows in the dark. It goes on easily with the applicator, although the applicator is tiny and it can take a while to cover the whole face. Leave on for 25 minutes and it pretty much peels off in one go. My skin did look clearer, it's good value for money as you get two pots.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Aja0406 from Pink Perfection said on 31/10/2017

Great fun, easy to apply, plus you get the satisfying moment of peeling off in one piece! It unclogs skin and it comes with two capsules - one for you and a friend!_x000D_
Ps/ It also looks great in a snapchat story, particularly when you have applied to your unsuspecting boyfriend - his pores never looked so good!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jenoir32 from Fantastic said on 18/10/2017

I love this stuff! It’s a fantastic little treat for your skin. I have found that I can get 2 full face masks from one pot (bonus!) it is easy to apply, smells lovely. It peels off easily, my skin looked clean and fresh, as well as making it super soft._x000D_
Highly recommend!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Anonymous Girl from AMAZING said on 11/10/2017

Best peel off face mask ever bought. Leaves skin so soft after use and easy to peel off._x000D_
You get two little pots for one use out of each pot but can easily get two uses out of each pot.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

SianyT from Lovely said on 07/10/2017

Been trying to buy this in store for a few weeks and finally got my hands on it today. One pot did myself and my husbands face, it dried in around 25 minutes as suggested and it peeled off lovely. It did pull the little hairs in my face but not an entirely unpleasant feeling and my skin now feels so soft and looks good. The product has a lovely scent too!_x000D_
Love it and will be buying again!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Abbieqwertybubbles from Over rated, a real shame said on 06/10/2017

I bought this product after the amazing reviews, and was rather disappointed with the outcome. I suffer from blackheads on my nose and on my chin, and what did you try something a bit tougher than a regular pore strip. You hear about these amazing masks and spent a long time reading reviews of different ones._x000D_
I found this product very messy. I steamed my face before using hoping to open up my pores, followed the directions to a T. I waited the allotted time and on my second try, I waited even longer to see if it made any difference, I even used a thicker layer. Both times I was very disappointed to find that it DID NOT take any of my blackheads out. It wasn't painful in the slightest, it didn't even remove ANY of the dirt!!!_x000D_
I wondered if it was just my face and skin, so my friend tried it out too, she had the same results as me. Unless we were doing this wrong, it did not do the job that it described._x000D_
The after-effects of the Mask made my skin very dry. I actually spent the next day applying moisturiser to my face over and over again, as it was THAT dry._x000D_
I was thoroughly disappointed as I am a big fan of Soap And Glory._x000D_
I would definitely NOT pay full price for this, as I got this on sale._x000D_
I would NOT recommend this product, especially if you have dry skin.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jo C from Leicestershire said on 06/09/2017

I received this product to review, my partner and I decided to try it together. We used one pot, which covered my entire face and also my partners nose and cheeks so you get plenty of product. It did make my eyes water for a few minutes once applied but it soon disappeared and I could relax and enjoy. My face feels absolutely amazing since using the mask. Less oily, alot softer and my pores look smaller now they aren't clogged!

I definitely recommend.

Georgia from Essex said on 05/09/2017

Love this mask so much. The spoon applicator I found really handy. I usually use a sheet mask as I hate the fussy mess of s liquid mask, but this made it much easier. The smell of this too was amazing. My skin feels glowy and fresh! Thank you x

Cat from St Albans said on 05/09/2017

I really like this face mask it did peel of like the package said it would, my skin also has a glow to it after using it so I will definitely be trying it again. I am very happy with it

shell from Scotland said on 18/08/2017

Amazing peel off mask that leaves skin clear with less visible pores.

Amber from United Kingdom said on 17/08/2017

I Absolutely LOVE this facemask, my skin looks brighter and cleaner and it's calmed my breakouts so much. I'm hoping you make big tubs of this in the future because it's definitely worth it and my new favourite mask

Colette9 from do NOT avoid this AMAZING product said on 26/07/2017

You get two little pots intended for two uses though it has enough to be put into 4 uses (which is what I did). I applied a layer on my face as instructed and after 20 mins it was completely dry and came off in pretty much 1 piece. There were a few pieces left in my eyebrow but that's my fault, so I simply washed it off and it came off really easily. I was doing this mask with my friend and as soon as I started peeling it off she yelled 'oh my god your skin is so bright" _x000D_
its amazing, BUY IT!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Ktsreviews from Love it! said on 22/07/2017

I will try absolutely anything pore related. So I bought this and love it! You get 2 little pots for a one use but I split my into 4 applications. Can easily get 2 uses put of each pot. Bevause its for pores i only used it on my cheeks, nose, chin and nose where pores and blackheads are. I left it on for the 25 mins it recommends and it peeled off in one, super easy! Skin felt and looked amazing afterwards, really soft!_x000D_
A bonus is that the mask is PINK! :-)_x000D_
I followed with the new vitamin c serum too which I also quite like, so far so good!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Blondie0020 from In love said on 20/07/2017

I don't usually struggle with problem skin, however lately due to a poor diet (post breakup :( ) my skin had completely broken out. I had tried many face masks, drinking water like a fish, cutting out the rubbish food and different cleansers and nothing had worked. I tried this product yesterday with about 3 spots, and today my skin is completely clear. I don't know what is in this product but it is now going to be a staple in my bathroom cabinet. Very pleased!!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

SophJean from Holy moly! said on 17/07/2017

I brought this over the weekend and being an avid Soap and Glory user was so desperate to try it. Boy am I glad I did!! My skin feels soft and it's definitely cleared the dirt from my nose too. My skin currently is tingling from the feeling of peeling the mask off. If you're going to try it, do it at night to give your skin the chance to recover afterwards_x000D_
(I did just also post this review on another soap and glory product by accident)
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kittsyn from Lovely, effective product said on 16/07/2017

I bought two of these as I enjoy a peel off mask. I think the price point is good, the included spatula is a great idea. _x000D_
The mask was easy to apply and a generous amount. My skin feels soft, smooth and my pores are definitely cleaned out and less obvious. Another winning product from an awesome brand, I'll have to try their other masks.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Chocmak from Not impressed said on 15/07/2017

Wish I hadn't bought two packs of this as I won't bother using the other 3. The spatula isn't worth the hassle, easier to just dip your fingers into the product and spread it onto your face. It says it dries in 20-25mins so you can peel it off. I reclined on my bed and the product dripped down my chin & neck. I had to keep wiping drips off with a tissue. After 37 mins it was still wet and not peelable so I ended up having to soak a facecloth and scrub the bright pink goop off my face which, even after rubbing and rinsing, was stained quite pink.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com
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