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Want all-day pore-fection and total mattisfatcion?

Pop BLOT RIGHT NOW™ Blotting Papers into your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups! These handbag-friendly, powder-free blotting sheets are suitable for all skin tones - with no white reside! With instant results and a handy compact mirror it is a perfect quick-fix for those constantly on the go: guarenteed 6 hour protection. BLOT RIGHT NOW™ removes oil and banishes shine quickly and effectively by blotting away grease without powder clogging pores so your skin stays looking clean and clear without the need to reapply makeup. Less shine and more time to do what you do do best! • Contains 30 blotting sheets!

Instructions for Use

Notice oily areas on face. Take a sheet of Blotting Paper and dab over oily areas: use multiple sheets as needed. Oil and shine are gone whilst makeip remains intact!

Read Ingredients

Oil absorbent paper


Overall Rating:

4.6 out of 5 (9) Review(s)

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nh36 from Blotting sheets said on 04/03/2021

I’ve tried many brands of blotting sheets, and i’ve definitely discovered two different types. I do enjoy using these, particularly because they are compact for travel/pockets, include a mirror (bonus) and you can re-use as a pocket mirror when finished! The sheets are a good size, blot the oil away immediately however I used to have much more oily skin so would have to use at least 3 sheets a time, twice a day, so can easily run out. I do prefer the thicker blotting paper on a refillable roll these days as it lasts longer but this one is great too, especially when on offer!
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MrsH from Very handy on the go said on 16/02/2021

These blotting papers are a nice size. One sheet will do your entire t-zone. The sheets themselves work well, I find that I only need to blot once per day and this keeps all the oil at bay. The carrier is adorable and the handy mirror inside means I can blot whenever I need to and wherever I am. I wonder what will happen when the 30 sheets run out though? I can’t see a refill option and it would a a huge waste to throw the plastic container. Not exactly wonderful for the environment.
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Katielouise18 from High hopes, but they wern't met said on 22/11/2020

Was so excited to try these as they are perfect size to pop in your bag and meant no more carrying around a powder and brush but I was left disappointed. For some reason they took the oil off but then also half of my foundation/concealer. Maybe I'm just very oily but I will be going back to my powder and brush :( plus note the mirror is handy!
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SophieA97 from Love these said on 12/10/2020

These are brilliant for getting rid of access oil on the skin, fits perfectly in a small handbag and even comes with a mirror.
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Tia Chapman from Absolutely perfect!! said on 11/10/2020

I suffer with skin that gets increasingly oily during the day and these are an absolute essential if you’re like me. Perfect leave skin matte and such a cute and useful little mirror, beautiful packaging too, definitely buying lots more
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Richelle10 from Handbag essential! said on 20/05/2019

These blotting papers are a great addition to any handbag they're so slim they easily fit in a clutch for a night out and do a great job of blotting down any unwanted shine without moving my makeup.
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lcs201 from Handbag essential! said on 15/05/2019

Great product for getting rid of any unwanted shine (especially useful around this time of year!). Also love the compact mirror feature.
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clo1993 from I <3 THIS said on 15/05/2019

I have always suffered with oily skin and I constantly retouch my powder throughout the day to combat this, however this then starts to build up on my skin and you can visibly see the powder._x000D_
These blotting papers are a DREAM. I only have to use them once around mid day and my face stays oil free. They absorb the oil without me having to retouch with makeup which is a bonus and is much better for my skin. I would recommend these to anyone who suffers with oily or combination skin.
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LaurenS from Amazing for little touch ups! said on 15/05/2019

These blottng tissues are perfect to keep in your bag for a quick pick me up mid day! They're now a staple in all of my bags!
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