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Super-Hydrating Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches

Constantly battling tired eyes? Deploy our moisture-rich under-eye patches that work while you rest, helping reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness, brighten skin and infuse moisture. Packed with super-naturally good ingredients, it’s the perfect perk-me-up for peepers! Featuring:

- Puffease™ technology – a tetrapeptide, proven to help reduce the appearance of dark circle and under-eye puffiness
- Liquorice root extract – for skin brightening
- Cucumber fruit juice extract – gives an instant moisture infusion
- Hyper-hydrators – for moisture replenishment

This product is vegan.

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Aqua (Water), Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Ceratonia Siliqua (Locust Bean) Gum, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Powder, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Disodium EDTA, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Polysorbate 20, Mica, Trideceth-6, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 42090 (Blue 4).


Overall Rating:

3.9 out of 5 (32) Review(s)

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Cailtinrey from Does the job! said on 22/11/2020

Amazing for the price point! It definitely reduces puffiness but not completely
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lauren96 from Don't use if you have sensitive skin! said on 27/10/2020

I have sensitive skin so tend to avoid sheet masks though I have used various under eye patches before and been fine. T hard why I purchased this, I thought it's be a safe little skin treat for me. However, the patches felt stiff and uncomfortable upon application. I moved them a little further down my under eye area but they still felt uncomfortable. Almost stinging. The packet says to leave them on for 20-30 minutes but I couldn't go 2 minutes before I had to remove them and rinse my face, let alone 20!_x000D_
I'm only leaving a 3 star review as the packet does warn to remove and rinse thoroughly should they become uncomfortable at any point (so I knew to take them of immediately and wasn't left wondering if the sensation was normal, like I've been stumped with with other products that don't have these warnings)._x000D_
My advice is if you have normal skin, you may be fine to give these a go, but if like myself, you have sensitive skin - avoid!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Toni from Good but not brilliant! said on 12/10/2020

I often buy them when they’re on offer as I do love using them. I always but them in the fridge beforehand so that they’re cold as it feels much more refreshing. They are soothing and cooling on the eyes but I wouldn’t say I noticed much different in regards to puffiness!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Charlotte from Great product! said on 11/10/2020

I’ve used these 4 times now and I definitely notice a difference with the puffiness of my under eyes! Would definitely repurchase.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

SMA91 from Saving my eye bags for the past 3 years! said on 11/10/2020

Couldn’t recommend this eye mask more highly! Everytime I travel now, I make sure I’ve got one or two of these packed to make the underneath of my eyes look and feel refreshed. They’re also brilliant if you’ve had a really busy time but need to look your best. Noticeable results in a short amount of time - perfect product.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jess from Brilliant hydrating eye patches said on 14/09/2020

Left them on for an hour, rather than 30 mins recommended, and straight away could see my under eye area was hydrated, soft and dark circles appear slightly reduced. Would definitely use again as they’re reasonably priced and worked well on my skin.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Betty from Amazing said on 19/07/2020

These are amazing, got a packet for my birthday, popped them in the fridge overnight and they worked wonders, left my eyes feeling soft and refreshed. would definitely purchase this myself.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

ameliarose10 from Hydrating said on 08/04/2020

It made my under eyes bright and hydrated! Great purchase!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Mollyanne1998 from Stings under eyes said on 26/12/2019

I do not have sensitive skin and I hate to be a negative Nora, as I love soap and glory and spend a lot of money on the products, but the product makes me eyes sting so bad and I do not have sensitive skin at all, re tried a different pack again today as it could have been a one off and the same thing happened I wouldn’t recommend as it’s very uncomfortable & doesn’t do much for the skin
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

dhsnka from AMAZING! said on 10/09/2019

I received these as part of my bday gift and used them the same day. they're really gentle under my eyes, and i could immediately feel hydration and tightening! when i peeled them off , my eyes were noticably brighter and less puffy, and were so so hydrated! it improved my face over all and i walked around all day with an extra confidence boost! i definitely recommend!!!!!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lizzy38 from Worked OMG it worked said on 15/06/2019

I have very bad puffy eyes and dark circles, I used this and it worked, my partner asked if I'd put under eye make up on it was that good, I am buying more (3 for 2 at mo)and the under attack gel, so should get permanent results soon
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Bri22 from perfect pamper treat said on 28/05/2019

The eye patches were easy to put on and felt really refreshing! _x000D_
I used this as a pamper treat before going out and really liked them. Left my eyes feel awake and moisturised.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

clo1993 from Perfect for tired eyes! said on 21/05/2019

This product is a great quick fix if you haven't had your beauty sleep! Lovely and cooling and helps reduce puffy eyes.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Richelle10 from De-puffing dream! said on 20/05/2019

These are great for an at home pamper evening. The cool gel feels really refreshing under the eye and once you've finished with them they slide of easily without pulling at the delicate under eye skin.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

lcs201 from The perfect pick me up! said on 15/05/2019

Loved this product! Easy to use and the perfect me up for anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Going to make this product a more regular feature in my skincare routine.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Char181 from Soft under eyes but very pricey for 1 set! said on 10/05/2019

Very gentle on my sensitive skin, a little cooling, not too much. Honestly £3.50 for one set is a bit much. The packaging is far larger than the product inside, which I felt was a bit of a con. But the product felt nice, and felt relaxing.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

jones321 from Love these! said on 19/01/2019

These are my favourite eye masks to use, they feel really soothing and cooling and I honestly think they make a difference to tired eyes!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Shan1423 from Amazing said on 28/12/2018

I would recommend this product to anyone. The results are amazing only cons are they feel a bit stingy on my under eyes but only a little and the feeling is bareable.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

HM1986 from Disappointed. said on 04/12/2018

Really wanted to like this as I love Soap and Glory. However, you can get far superior eye masks for cheaper. Didn't see any sort of improvement in under eye skin, dark circles. Also found them irritating to skin - I have normal skin. Instead of being able to relax with them on - just found them uncomfortable and nippy.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

RA98 from Ok... said on 07/10/2018

When I first put them on they felt good but after a little bit they started to tingle and I don’t have sensitive skin but left them on for 30 minuets and I did notice some improvements but when I touched my under eyes after taking them off they felt quite tender still.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Katy47 from Nice treat but don't do much said on 22/09/2018

These are nice as a little extra but i don't think they do as much as other eye masks I've tried and they aren't as comfortable.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Patricia from Massive improvement in just 25min said on 17/08/2018

I was well impressed by this product. I have got puffy eyes and a bit of dark circles. After using this once the puffiness was literally gone (obvs not forever but my eyes looked fab that evening!) and the darkness was also reduced. Literally buying a stash right now.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Cat321 from Reduces dark circles said on 16/06/2018

Worked so well and reduced most the puffiness under my eyes. Great for the price as I have seen many that are much more expensive.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

gmmhndry from Great surprise said on 21/04/2018

Got this to try as I have never used an eye mask before. Half an hour later I took the little pads off and couldn’t believe what I saw! Temporarily got rid of most of the appearance of my dark circles, my eyes look awake and refreshed. Noticed it the next day as well!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Nicola_1983_ from To harsh.... said on 17/04/2018

Felt so painful I couldn't even keep them on for 5 minutes. The skin around my eyes kept stinging and burning I do not have sensitive skin either. I just wish I had read the reviews 1st. I wouldn't recommend them such a shame
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Review18 from Good results said on 16/01/2018

Once I realised I had them on the wrong way I left these on fir 30mins. Good results smoother skin. Eye make up went in well. Will buy again
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Hufty from Painful! said on 31/12/2017

I couldn't keep them on for long as they felt like they had tiny knives stabbing my delicate eye area. _x000D_
Very expensive for what they are. I've used cheaper whilst being superior eye masks.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

catherines from Underwhelming. said on 17/10/2017

After reading positive reviews, I was excited to try these. I put them on for 30 minutes as instructed. They irritated my eyes a tiny bit but it wasn't unbearable so I kept them on. I thought after reading the reviews I would see an instant improvement but my eyes look exactly the same. Quite pointless. Maybe I need to use more than once to see any difference.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Embath from Painful said on 10/09/2017

Couldn't leave them on for more than 5 minutes as there was a hard seam where the mesh ended. Took them off before they irritated my skin.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Molly1 from Fantastic product! said on 04/08/2017

I am in love with these hydrogel patches! They are easy to put on, and stay in place nicely once applied to the skin, I left them on for 30 minutes and the results were great. I immediately noticed that my under-eye area was very smooth and refreshed. I get a lot of discolouration under my eyes, but after using the patches my dark circles became far less noticeable. I would definitely buy these again!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jjj3 from AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! said on 16/07/2017

Cannot say much else but amazing for this product! So refreshing, at such an amazing price! Good work soap and glory!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

LostLockett from AMAZING said on 12/07/2017

This is my absolute favourite mask, and SO good after a bad nights sleep!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com
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