Face Soap and Clarity™ Vitamin C Face Wash

Face Soap and Clarity™ Vitamin C Face Wash


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Holy grail daily face cleanser


It’s a vitamin C facial wash that takes no prisoners on the deeply-cleansing front, while powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C and Yuzu fruit work alongside lightly polishing wax particles – super-effect yet very gentle.


•          Vitamin C Facial Wash for super clean, smoother, more radiant skin

            in just one week

•          3in1: effectively cleanses, exfoliates and purifies

•          Effortlessly removes make-up

•          Leaves skin feeling soft and supple

•          Energises and brightens

•          Helps unclog pores

•          Suitable for all skin types

•          Dermatologically tested

•          Micro bead free  – instead we’ve used biodegradable wax.

•          Soap-free and non-drying formula


Calming Chamomile meets mega-fresh mint, they marry aromatic sage with a twist of eucalyptus and zesty lemon grass oils and live happily ever after.

Instructions for Use


We would suggest a grape-sized blob but having just seen some giant grapes in the supermarket, we’re thinking blueberries might be better?

Whatever your fruit reference, slather onto damp skin, lather up and rinse dull away.

Skin radiance lasts longer with moisturiser. It’s a fact. So follow up with our FAB PORE™ Moisturiser for lasting loveliness.

Read Ingredients


Packed with key ingredients and formulated with Yuzu fruit and Vitamin C. Contains biodegradable wax scrub beads to gently exfoliate.


Overall Rating:

4.4 out of 5 (66) Review(s)

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Brogan from Scotland said on 01/04/2017

The best skin care product I have ever used. I've tried so many different types of skin care products and none have worked until I tried this one. Most skin care products make my skin go very red and become itchy but this one makes my skin feel so much better. Definitely worth the money!

Katie from Northern Ireland said on 27/03/2017

This is a really good facewash but I just don't think it's for me. I was so excited to get it and it worked perfectly the first few days but then my skin started getting extremely dry which is weird because it's usually really oily. The dryness caused my skin to produce even more oil and made me break out. Although It smells great and it makes your face feel clean and tight.

EGBG from Glasgow said on 08/03/2017

I recently got this as part of a gift and honestly can say hands down the BEST facial wash I have ever come across! Melts of make up (including mascara/dark eyes) in an instant and leaves my skin so unbelievably soft! The exfoliating beads in it give a great polish of the skin and it smells amazing! Well done S&G

Deni from Uk said on 27/02/2017

Amazing I suffer from spots and this has cleared my spots and improved my blemishes and skin complexion. I don't think it dries out my skin but tightens it. Please soap and glory I have noticed you have removed it from your website please put it back on sale as this is the best I ve ever used.

Totally recommend especially if you are prone to spots, have oily skin have blemishes. It makes my skin look youthful and I have had many compliments about my skin

Sophie from United Kingdom said on 23/02/2017

Love this product! As a teenager my skin isn't the best - I have combination skin prone to imperfections and I can definitely say my skin loves this! It's so gentle on the skin and really brightens it. I use this once a day - at night time with my cleansing brush and it really helps to remove dirt and excess makeup from my face at the same time as clearing away my spots. This product is truly amazing - not only I love it but my mum does too! It just shows that it's perfect for all skin types. I Would totally reccomend this however am so upset that I can't find this anywhere apart from American stores which would have to be shipped over :( Apart from this I LOVE it!

Zara from Northern Ireland said on 15/02/2017

I was contemplating buying this product for a number of months, unsure of whether or not it would actually do what it said on the bottle. I was delighted when I recently received this in a gift set for Christmas, it made my day! This wonderous product is amazing and absolutely works, boy was I glad I finally had this chance to try this! Immediately after using this I was so surprised to find that my face already felt so clean and as fresh as a daisy! I felt like I was frolicking through a field on scented flowers. I have now been using this product for around 2 months and will definitely be investing in more bottles soon.

Gytwr from West Midlands said on 15/02/2017

Since being pregnant my skin went from oily with no acne to dry as a bone covered in spots :(
I take my makeup off with makeup wipes then use this cleanser and honestly looks like I didn't even remove my makeup the amount of residue this cleanser gets off! Within 4 days of using this every night my spots have almost cleared up!
It has also moisturised my skin beautifully, so when I apply foundation in a morning it is so smooth looking it's really boosted my confidence. Wish I'd found this product sooner. Holy Grail product now!

RachelR from Devon said on 06/02/2017

I LOVE this product - WHY HAS IT BEEN DISCONTINUED (sad face!!!)
It's the only thing that gets my make up off, clears my skin and doesn't dry it out!!

Andrea from Scotland said on 29/01/2017

Very disappointed that this product has micro beads!

lauren from newcastle said on 15/01/2017

I've always suffered with oily spot prone skin for as long as i can remember and being a beautician i have literally tried everything and nothing seemed to do the job! I got this product as a christmas present and it is the best thing ever! i use it morning and night and my skin as never felt better! and i can't believe i cheap it is! i would 100% recommend to anyone and will definitely continue to use it.

nic84 from belfast said on 13/01/2017

I am very sorry about this review but this product did not live up to its name at all. my face did not feel clean at all it just felt like it sat on my skin and then got rinsed of back to the way it was before i put it on my face

Taylor from Preston said on 08/01/2017

Would highly recommend. The best product I have ever used and gets rid of spots well and leaving my skin refreshed.

Taylor from Gilbert said on 07/01/2017

This product changed my life... I have struggled with oil, acne, and blackheads.. I've always washed my face faithfully and nothing worked I've used all the "high end" brands.. it not only cleared my acne up but after a week I didn't have the dark spots from previous acne! I'm so happy I discovered this, now I can feel confident without makeup on..

Paiwxxx from Liverpool said on 03/01/2017

An amazing product from soap and glory!! Been using for 4 days and my skin is clearer than ever, finally. Love love love!!

mimifxx from manchester said on 03/01/2017

i loved this product! it smelt good and it did a good job getting off make up and left me feeling clean. My only problem was that it made me come out in large rashes all over my face but that was only me so don't let it put you off overall good but not for me

Floss from Hertfordshire said on 30/12/2016

Never used this before but it was in the set I got bought for Christmas. I really suffer with my skin and I always have spots. I have tried lots of different face washes etc
Well this one is amazing I have been using this wash for 5 days morning and night and it has cleared my skin right up! My face feels smooth, it's not dry and it's not oily. Thankyou soap and glory!

Amelia from United Kingdom said on 26/12/2016

Did my research before using this product, and i'm very glad I did! I was slightly reserved to use this product due to the exfoliating beads, which I originally thought were plastic. Very happy to find out that they are Jojoba beads - completely biodegradable, therefore safe to use and wash down the drain. Only used this product for a short amount of time, but I am loving the short term effect on my skin: soft, smooth and oil free. Will need to use for at least a month to fully review this product though.

Mel from Florida said on 18/11/2016

I love this product! It really cleans my skin from a long day of using makeup. It does tend to over dry my skin just a tad but it isn't super harsh on my skin. I'm very pleased with this cleanser.

Chloe from Manchester said on 20/10/2016

I've been using this product for about 5 months now... It's incredible. At first, I stumbled over the price, just with it being a 'boots' brand... I wondered how it would compare to regular face washes and scrubs that I pick up when doing my cosmetics shop. Then I realised that the bottle was huge! Which automatically made a difference... and you only need the smallest blob... But I end up using it 3 times in the shower because I love the fresh, cool feeling it gives. I saw someone review that this removed super heavy foundation like Estee Lauder Double Wear... Being a wearer of this foundation... I was keen to find a product that removed all of it, as this can be so hard to remove that it really clogs pores... Does the job perfectly... Worth every penny..and I love how pretty the pink beads look in the blue gel... Also love that the packaging makes it look 'clinical' - I feel cleansed just looking at it! x

FIFI from DUBLIN said on 21/09/2016

.Today I used this product for the first time and unfortunately it has dried up my skin quite badly ... so disappointed , I couldn't recommend this for older or drier skin types . All is not lost however, as I will use it as a body wash

KatieMc from Rugby said on 03/09/2016

I recently got married and used this product in the run up to my wedding; my skin has never looked so good. It was positively glowing and so soft. The tingly sensation and the smell is a delight for the morning and I've now had to start sharing it with the hubby who is also addicted. Thanks Soap and Glory, another amazing product to add to my bathroom staples xx

Ellie from U.K. said on 09/08/2016

This product is really good it makes my skin Feel clean and my skin is so soft after use also lathers up really well and seems to help with spots and breakouts also leaves a really nice cool sensation on the skin when using it I would recommend

Caoilfhionn from Tyrone said on 07/07/2016

Amazing face wash. Has really improved the complexion of my skin. The beads are NOT microbeads, but Jojoba, as thid page states, and as you can see from the ingredients list lacking polyethylene.

Chantel Fenwick from Swansea said on 10/06/2016

This product is amazing! Helped make my skin feel and look amazing, wish I had started using this sooner as its helped clear spots on my face and helped the redness on my face disappear. I would definitely recommend this, my favourite product from Soap and Glory

Feefee from Lancashire said on 03/06/2016

Great product and lovely looking bottle! However disappointed product has microbeads. Hopefully in future soap and glory will remove this from their product as its bad for the environment.

Vicccc from Ireland said on 23/04/2016

Great product, leaves your skin feeling so good & keeps the spots away, but it does dry out your skin a bit. Other than that, I love it!!

Sam from Bradford said on 28/03/2016

Lovely leaves the skin feelin soft and doesnt sting only downside is the lid is flimsy breaks easily better if it came in a pump

Saima from Bradford said on 28/03/2016

Gentle on the skin doesnt sting..well worth the money smells lovely only downside is the lid it breaks off easily would have been better if it came in a pump

LeesaLeesa from United States said on 24/03/2016

Been using this Face Soap and Clarity for two years now. I have dry skin and was looking for a product that didn't dry my face out and helped get rid of a few dry patches I had.I first discovered this product at Sephora (I had no clue what it did, who the company was or seen any reviews. I was hooked at how big the bottle was and how pretty it looked) and at the time they had the 16.9oz for $25 (I wonder if they will ever make that size again). I still have some left from that actual bottle but I have since stocked up on two more of the 11.8oz (I still have the bottle, so people don't think I'm crazy about how huge it was). It cleans and clears up my face like no other product I have ever used. I now have my boyfriend, father and coworkers hooked on this product. They love how it makes their skin feel and look. I truly believe in getting the best bang for my buck and I'm excited to continue on my Soap & Glory product adventure.

Clover from Dumfries and Galloway said on 06/03/2016

At the grand old age of 44 my skin decided to resort to its teenage years ( not a good look)! I tried all sorts of face washes and creams but nothing worked for me. My chin was the worst, it was red and sore and I was extremely embarrassed by it. Then the Gods at Boots had a promotion on your Vitamin C face wash.... OMG I love it, my skin is finally clear. I've been using it for four weeks and I've not had a single spot. SOAP & GLORY you are just plain awesome, I thank you and your magical face wash.

Clover from Dumfries and Galloway said on 06/03/2016

At the grand old age of 44 my skin decided to resort to its teenage years!! I tried all sorts of spot treatments from washes to creams but nothing helped. My chin was the worst, it was red and sore and I felt embarrassed as it looked awful. Then the Gods at Boots had a promotion on your Vitamin C face wash so I thought I'd give it a go.... OMG I love it, my skin is finally clear!! I' ve been using it for four weeks and I've not had a single spot. SOAP & GLORY you are just plain awesome, I thank you and your magical face wash.

Princxss724 from Devon said on 19/02/2016

I bought this for myself after years of using Clarins And not seeing a difference however this facial wash is by far better then the Clarins one and it is also set at a resonable price! I would defiantly recommend it!

Princxss724 from Devon said on 19/02/2016

I bought this for myself after years of using Clarins And not seeing a difference however this facial wash is by far better then the Clarins one and it is also set at a resonable price! I would defiantly recommend it!

J from London said on 16/02/2016

The past year I had really good skin after having to take antibiotics for pretty bad acne, but from January I started getting spots again. Trying to get a GP appointment for more antibiotics was taking too long, and I needed a new facewash anyway so decided to buy this. I have no regrets! Within a few days of using morning and evening I can genuinely say that it cleared my skin and I haven't had any more spots since. Long may it continue! I would recommend this to anyone who has problems with spots.

LD199120 from Newcastle said on 12/02/2016

Good face wash but left my skin very dry, have patches of dryness all over my face and it's very flaky. Don't recommend if for people that don't have oily skin

Lynn from West Yorkshire said on 01/02/2016

Thank you for the sample I received. I love the fresh fragrance, the little beads felt wonderful. My skin was so soft and smooth afterwards and didn't feel tight. I will definitely be buying Face Soap & Clarity from now on. Thanks Soap & Glory for a great product.

GlamPuss from Staffordshire said on 29/01/2016

Absolutely amazing!!!! Works magic.. Never will use any other face wash again!

Kelly Le Vol from High Peaks UK said on 24/01/2016

Fantastic, cleanses thoroughly without drying, doesn't strip your skin so you feel taught and flaky, lovely lather, nice smell and great value. Please make a version WITHOUT the beads in. They're unnecessary and pollute the environment. Otherwise a perfect foaming cleaner!

Pina from Orange County, CA said on 20/01/2016

I LOVE this face wash!! I use it morning and night:) makes my skin feel fabulous and so clean, my 2 teenage girls have gotten into it and I need to order more!!

Mazwells from London said on 18/01/2016

So impressed with various products but disappointed to find this product contains microbeads which damage our environment. For those who don't know microbeads do not dissolve and instead get washed through sinkhole through filtration system into sea etc and end up back into food chain.

Your products are fab - please workout how to exclude the microbeads - lots of other products out there which do the job and don't damage the environment.

Doll face from Essex said on 15/01/2016

I use this everyday on my face, it's the most amazing product I've found on the market! I suffered with acne for years and even had medication from the doctor, nothing ever worked for me. By far the best facial soap if you have acne prone/ oily skin I would highly recommend this. For the best results when using I do use a mini face mitt which really creates a thick luthe texture and normally leave it on for a few minutes whilst in the shower! I've stocked up on this, I have 10 bottles as I used a voucher I had with the soap & glory Christmas set so I got them for £3 each! So worth it girls

Jade from Yorkshire said on 13/01/2016

Amazing face wash. Cheap for such a good product when I've paid a fortune previously for other brands which aren't as good. It managed to remove all of my Estée Lauder double wear foundation which is impressive!

Lau from England said on 12/01/2016

Great product for face. Leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. Helps reduce spot size which makes me love it even more. I use this product every two days and it leaves my face feeling nice and clean.

Elsbells from Norwich said on 29/11/2015

I have used this products a couple of times and I absolutely adore this! I was a little worried when purchasing this it wouldn't wipe off my face completely etc, but it has left my skin feeling so lovely and smooth after EVERY use! It smells very minty which in my opinion is a fresh scent. I highly recommend this for people that have a lot of blackheads/spots and want something that works effectively and isn't expensive at all!

Hannah from Bristol said on 17/11/2015

AMAZING! Best face wash I have ever used. I don't normally get breakouts but when I do they are really bad. I bought this when I broke out on my forehead, and I had read online how vitamin C clears up your spots. This face wash after just one use cleared them up significantly. Would recommend to anyone!

Sparkles49x from Peterborough said on 07/08/2015

I would give this 10 stars if i possibly could! This is the best cleanser i have ever used and really makes my skin feel fresh and clean. I use this product every morining anf night and my face always feel refreshed. The colour is awesome and the product lasts for a very long time! I have had mine for 2 months, used it twice a day and still have about half the bottle left. Well worth £8.00 (i would pay more!!)

Holly12350 from UK said on 09/06/2015

Absolutely amazing! Gives you a super clean feeling face immediately after, would highly recommend

vawny from Northumberland said on 04/06/2015

I love this!! I found that first week ish I got break out of spots.. but don't let this put you off! Bare with this if you have the same spot problem, as my skin now is fresher and cleaner then ever before!! Love soap and glory brilliant beauty for all budgets!

MandyB from USA said on 11/05/2015

I seriously have tried SO many face washes just hoping for once I would have clear skin. This one actually works. I cannot go a morning or night without using it. I have combination skin. If I do notice a small breakout in the works, I just wash my face and I notice a difference! Seriously wonderful. And lasts FOREVER.

Casey from Cardiff said on 29/04/2015

I have oily, oily skin and this is like pure magic, it's incredibly gentle. (With my sensitive skin, EVERY single other cleanser I've tried irritates and causes redness, and then makes me just break out more!) Since I've been using it (Along with another S&G Moisturiser) I've seen my breakouts just stop, It's odd that I even get the occasional pimple at the moment, my skin in incredibly smooth and fresh and It's just glorious!

I'm the biggest fan of Soap & Glory as of recently, as I wasn't really looking into trying out different brands on my face previously, and I don't think I'll ever go back! I look forward to purchasing EVERYTHING! (Possible!)


Ella from England said on 08/04/2015

This is fab!! It made my skin feel great and removing all dirt whilst giving it a nice scrub! Does everything it says and love the colours! Xx

Vik from Angus said on 04/04/2015

I love this face wash. I use it morning & night. It leaves my face smooth & feeling fresh. I also use the S&G face mitt with this wash and it works even better. I notticed the difference the first time I used it. This is the only wash I've tried from S&G and I'm going to keep buying it when I run out. I'm on my second one now & it lasts for ages. You only need a little amount. This is a good product.

DJ from Wales said on 29/12/2014

Perfect gentle scrub for sensitive but acne prone skin

Nah from Malaysia said on 22/09/2014

I love how it gives you a clean and fresh feel after using it. Bought this from Sephora. Good for my combination skin.

whataglory from canada said on 18/07/2014

why is this so hard to have these product in montreal? I love them product but this facewash is too hard to find :/

Jo from S&G HQ, London said on 15/07/2014

Dear Romany, Hannah and GJDragon,

Those exfoliating beads are naturally-derived, high purity, non-irritating, practically odourless, easily emulsified, biodegradable, long-chain, unbranched hydrocarbon cosmetic waxes derived (by chemistry geniuses, obviously) from coal.

We have found , however, some plastic beads in Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub and Scrubatomic Daily Face Polish Soap & Glory products, and already have a plan in place to replace them on the next batches we bake. Your environment diligence earns you HONORARY SOAP & GLORY HALL OF FOAM ‘eagle-eye’ status, and from all of us here at headquarters, WE THANK YOU!


mezo from kuwait said on 29/06/2014

it is the most amazing face wash ever , i can see my skin improved and good for my sensitive skin

Romany from Newcastle said on 20/06/2014

I have to say this does clean my skin, but so does soap. I have recently been made aware of the microbeads in the product which I am very disappointed by and I'm sorry but I can't use this anymore. Please remove the microbeads from your product as they are damaging and toxic to the environment. The plastics get into the food chain and, if you're too selfish to think about all the fish ocean life and environment you're killing, can be ingested by humans. So the toxic products the microbeads have absorbed, you are eating. Remove these from your product.

I recommend the Body Shop soaps/face washes!!

GJDragon from Scotland said on 08/05/2014

Sorry but I can't use this product as it contains microbeads which are harmful to the environment and kill ocean life.

Please can you remove microbeads from all your products as I will not use them otherwise.

Alicia from UK said on 26/04/2014

I love all the soap & glory products I've ever tried and his was my first disappointing product! I have combination skin and this really dries out my skin, it also made me breakout like crazy :( I gave it to my sister and she didn't like it either but she uses it for her back as she suffers from the odd spot. However I would highly recommend peaches & clean xx

Natalie from West Midlands (England) said on 07/02/2014

I love this face wash.
If you're anything like me and have combination skin which is a real nightmare to keep spots and blemishes away then I would highly recommend this.

It's really gentle on my skin and does reduce my break outs. Not to mention the wonderful tingly cleanliness that you feel after a wash. This is one of the reasons that I love morning/night routines.

pc from sunderland said on 06/01/2014

its excellent buy it

Alison from London said on 11/12/2013

I love this face wash!! It makes your face feel so clean and soft after. Also really wakes up my complexion with a kind of menthol feeling on my skin.
I use all of Soap and Glory's products and have done for years as once I try a product I'm instantly converted!!

purplebunnies from Nottinghamshire said on 22/11/2013

I can't praise this face wash enough! I have previously used a premium brand for my sensitive and blemmish skin, which is effective but ridiculously expensive and could no longer afford it so after trying what feels like every other brand I turned to Soap & Glory after reading loads of reviews. I love the shower creams and moisturiser anyway but was doubtful about the facial products.....WISH I'd tried this sooner!
been using it for over a month, not only does my skin feel sooo clean, it has helped control the blemishes and my skin is so much better, I can't quite believe I can buy a 3in1 cleanser for £8 that does the job of a premium insanely expensive brand. So impressed, I would recommend this to everyone-give it a try and see! It also lasts a long time so is an absolute bargain! Thank you S&G!

hlw from Derby said on 21/11/2013

I've been using this face wash for around a year now, makes my skin feel very clean (I use it alongside a facial brush) and is good for deep cleaning, I have pretty decent skin, Its not spotty or anything but I do get dry patches in the winter the only issue I have with this is it can tend to dry your skin out a little so I switch to the peaches and clean in the winter which is a bit creamier!

John from London said on 13/11/2013

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