Sit Tight™ Saddlebags+

Sit Tight™ Saddlebags+


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Stubborn Area Serum

Sit Tight™ Saddlebags+ Stubborn Area Serum is formulated to help visibly firm and tighten skin, smooth stubborn problem areas, rehydrate and reduce skin roughness. Skin looks smoother in 14 days*. [*Results of Independent User Trials on 57 people]

Instructions for Use

REACH FOR THE THIGHS: Shake pack before use. Unlock the rollerhead, squeeze gently a few times, then – holding the pack at a right angle to skin – roll / massage intensely across saddlebags and stubborn problem areas. Allow 2-3 minutes to absorb before getting dressed. (You may feel a heating / cooling sensation as the formula starts activating. This is normal.) Apply twice daily.

CAUTION: Feel the pinch! Please note the microcellu-roller is designed to stimulate and you may feel it micropinch your skin.

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Active ingredients

Sit Tight™ Saddlebags+ Stubborn Area Serum includes oxygen-boosting ENERGINSENG™-CF and our F-ATTACK™-360 INTELLIGENT-DELIVERY SYSTEM, and features bonus built-in MICROCELLU-ROLLER™ massage technology.


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jen xX from Dublin ..Ireland said on 09/01/2015

Hi there guys..
First off I'm gona give a bit of back round on me..
Im ladies of 28 my body shape is Pear.
.and my problem area are tights ,hips ,bum,and around my knee inner tights area..!! As Pear body shape
Lol little Joke (",)
I also have a medical condition that dose .i have random swelling on body when get sick.. So it dosnt help the elasticity if my skin ..or the quality either..

I'v been using ..Sit Tight..Saddlebags+ Soap &Glory.
For the last 3 day & nights...and I'v seen a vast.....improvement in the Quality of my skin..
its much softer..... And a better quality..
My bum .hip. thighs and love handle
have a firmed up more...and there better circulation in my legs and back from using this produce.. !!
Also the role dose pinch a little but's not sore actily
I think that what made skin absorb the product better and work Extremely well for me...!!

I use fit in a size 12 Thightily..after Christmas..!!
But since using the product 2 daily for 3 day..
My lower body has toned.. And retightened ..its self back to its original comftable .. Fiting 12..
I am very Very ...happy to recamend ...Sit Tight Saddlebags+ to friend ,family
and anywone..who What to know of a Wonder Product..!! To target trick areas.. Very Very please with my results and it's only3 days xx
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