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Fine tip for precision liner

Featuring our unique INKJET™ colour release & Gloss–Fix™ finish to give a rich and intense colour. The foolproof marker tip creates two looks - Fine point for a natural look or thick edge adds a dramatic flash! Uses long lasting, long wear pigments plus a high percentage of carbon black for intense colour release.

This product is vegan.

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Aqua (Water), Acrylates Copolymer, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Lignosulfonate, Sodium Laureth-11, Carboxylate, Glycerin, Dipropylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 80, Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate, Methylaparben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, EDTA, CI 77266 (Black2)


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4.4 out of 5 (96) Review(s)

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Ragini from London said on 25/09/2017

I love this eyeliner.I usually use a felt pen eyeliner but found it dries out very easily and the pigment isn't as black it tends to be dry just like a felt pen would. So I was slightly worried about trying this eyeliner but honestly I love it, it's super easy to use and the eyeliner glides right on. It stays on all day and doesn't smudge or run even in the rain. This is now my go to eyeliner and I use it daily, I would highly recommend it.

Iz from Sheffield said on 15/09/2017

So good for the money, identical to the eyeko and Kat Von D tattoo liner!! The nib of the pen is slightly thicker than most pen liners but I used this liner for many years and loved it. I use it still to go over liner into my waterline now

Prawny21 from Bedfordshire said on 05/09/2017

Great eyeliner! I would like to try the thin range for more precision. Easy to use and last all day and all night. The colour is bold and really makes a statement.

Sviram from Leicester said on 27/08/2017

Love this product!! Stays on all day and so easy to use. Make up bag essential

GM56 from Colchester, U.K. said on 13/08/2017

I loved this product, it's so easy to apply. I use every day and I changed my old eyeliner for this. I can't go out without my Supercat. Thank you for the gift.

Averil from Milton Keynes said on 11/08/2017

I was lucky enough to be picked to test this product. I have given it 4 out of 5.
It is rather light but if you layer it you can make it darker. I guess this is good if you do want to go for a lighter look! It is SO easy to use as its like drawing with a pen, easy enough to carry in your hand bag as well. I like that I can get the perfect eye liner shape using this, I have PTSD and shaky hands so using a liner like a pen works wonderful for me.

ErinAes from London said on 06/08/2017

I am honestly so unimpressed with this eyeliner. After seeing so many good reviews, I assumed it would replace my old eyeliner from Maybelline, which I also didn't love. But even the Maybelline one was better than this. Heck, even those £1 MUA eyeliners are better. The line is so faint when I apply that I end up going over it multiple times, only to have the older layers come off as I go over. It's a nightmare!

I'm no rookie with eyeliner, but the shape is too thick for my liking, which makes it hard to apply for me. I'm not always looking for huge, dramatic eyeliner looks, but it seems that this pen can only offer that; of course, if you consider flaky, faint, patchy lines dramatic.

It was only £6, I know, but I am now through with drugstore eyeliner. I'm currently using Benefit's 'They're Real!' and not only was it fairly cheap at £20, but it is absolutely brilliant.

Don't buy this. It's awful. Sorry, Soap & Glory, maybe you should just stick to the skin care.

ErinAes from London said on 06/08/2017

I am honestly so unimpressed with this eyeliner. After seeing so many good reviews, I assumed it would replace my old eyeliner from Maybelline, which I also didn't love. But even the Maybelline one was better than this. Heck, even those £1 MUA eyeliners are better. The line is so faint when I apply that I end up going over it multiple times, only to have the older layers come off as I go over. It's a nightmare!

I'm no rookie with eyeliner, but the shape is too thick for my liking, which makes it hard to apply for me. I'm not always looking for huge, dramatic eyeliner looks, but it seems that this pen can only offer that; of course, if you consider flaky, faint, patchy lines dramatic.

It was only £6, I know, but I am now through with drugstore eyeliner. I'm currently using Benefit's 'They're Real!' and not only was it fairly cheap at £20, but it is absolutely brilliant.

Don't buy this. It's awful. Sorry, Soap & Glory, maybe you should just stick to the skin care.

Makeuprookie from Essex said on 05/06/2017

I loved using this product. It was really simple to use. At first, I was sceptical about the tip of the brush considering how thick it is. However, it worked just fine. Although, it did smell a little bit odd, almost like a a felt marker.

Makeuprookie from Essex said on 05/06/2017

I loved using this product. It was really simple to use. At first, I was sceptical about the tip of the brush considering how thick it is. However, it worked just fine. Although, it did smell a little bit odd, almost like a a felt marker.

Harley from WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA said on 05/06/2017

This eyeliner is amazing! Very smooth application and it doesn't flake away .. long lasting stay and very lightweight .. 100% recommend

Groovygranma from Dorset said on 04/06/2017

I love this! It glides on so easily so I can get the look I want with minimal effort and time. I shall definitely be keeping this product close to hand from now on.

Groovygranma from Dorset said on 04/06/2017

I love this! The feel of it as it easily glides on making it incredibly easy to get just the look I want. Will definitely be keeping this product close to hand from now on.

sandrah2614 from Oxfordshire said on 04/06/2017

This is brilliant!

LucyB93 from UK said on 03/06/2017

Great eyeliner! It's great precision helps create my look! I'm new to the whole makeup thing as I've never really used it so this is one of my new make up best friends!! I recommend, this lasts the day to! I don't have to reapply it :)

Tasha from Scotland said on 03/06/2017

I got carbon black extreme eyeliner pen with a card saying you'er now officially one of us and at the back it says and we're thrillwd to have you ì dont get it but hey love it thank you so much soap and gĺory x

Emmac from Manchester said on 03/06/2017

Thank you soap&glory.... love love love.
I'm sick of spending money on expensive brands only to find after a couple of hours it's practically sliding off.
This lasts all day and looks as fresh when you've put it on

Thank you for my soaprise

Makeuprookie from London said on 03/06/2017

I like this eyeliner. Different from the ones that I've tried. I was a bit sceptical to use it was quite chunky. However, I realised that it can be used for both dramatic and subtle looks.

Makeuprookie from London said on 03/06/2017

I like this eyeliner. Different from the ones that I've tried. I was a bit sceptical to use it was quite chunky. However, I realised that it can be used for both dramatic and subtle looks.

Allie from Leeds said on 02/06/2017

This eyeliner is amazing. It's super dark which is what I need and I've been searching forever to find one like this. It stays out as well which is definitely great

MarieH from Bristol said on 02/06/2017

Received this little beauty in the post today and I've given it a whirl straight away. Its brilliant, applies smoothly with a strong colour (unlike some watery other brands i've used) and is staying put. One insy winsy thing that might be handy is if you could put the lid on the end of the pen while you are using it, but that's just my personal preference. Definitely recommend and will be trying some more of the make up range soon

Fathima Jannat from Birmingham said on 02/06/2017

Just recieved this eyeliner today and I love it! Has a really fine tip to get that precise wing and super pigmented!

hannahrussell21 from Kent said on 02/06/2017

Love this product. Stays on lovely. Doesn't smudge! Love it!!

Basicallytia from Uk said on 02/06/2017

This is one of my favourite eyeliners! It lasts all day and is very pigmented, I would recommend this to everyone and it's a great price for a great product! I've repurchased this so many times and when I was due a new one these lovely people sent me surprise ones Thank you so much soap and glory!

Bethc96 from Swansea said on 02/06/2017

Really good eyeliner, stays put all day and super black! Highly recommend. It's also really easy to use as it has such a fine tip

Geri from Scotland said on 02/06/2017

Fantastic eyeliner! Easy to apply and stays put. Very impressed.

Hannah from UK said on 02/06/2017

Love love love this eyeliner, it goes on brilliantly and doesn't budge. Perfect for doing eyeliner flicks as you can control the pen so easily!

Donnaktiexx from Stoke on trent said on 02/06/2017

I loved this eyeliner, you can make it look however you want it to look you can go for bold and thick or a simple natural eyeliner

Donnakatiex from Stoke-on-trent said on 02/06/2017

I absolutely love this, it's so good because you can make it however you want it to look, you can go for bold and thick or just a simple natural eye flick

Miss Pixie from Scotland glasgow said on 01/06/2017

I received my eyeliner and was very happy with the product. dries quickly very precise and doesn't flake away like some other eyeliner products. and is also very easy to wipe off with makeup remover I tend to find that some eyeliner products can be harsh on the eyelid wen wiping off. so all in all very happy

Johng798 from Cheap goods said on 20/05/2017

I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for posting . ecgbgegabbea

charlotteclay from Leeds, UK said on 15/05/2017

I really love the formula in this liner, it stays put and it doesn't flake away - which is good quality for the price. I have tried many liners and I found that this one is one of the best without paying too much, but the tip of the brush doesn't stay firm for very long if using to creating a wing; the only fault I could give to this eyeliner. I would recommend this, but just be gentle when creating a wing.

MissMirei from Croatia said on 13/03/2017

The reason why reviews for this eyeliner are so different is probably because this eyeliner is really good but obviously not suitable for everyone' skin texture. I first bought it years ago and was very pleasantly surprised with it's blackness and durability of the product. Since I don't live in UK, it lasted almost til my next visit when I repurchased (about 9-10 months). Love it but can't get to it now since don't post to Croatia and it's such a shame.

Charlotte from Bristol said on 02/01/2017

This is a lovely eyeliner, it applies REALLY well... The only problem I am having is with its scent. It makes my eyes water and hard to keep open, I've only worn it twice and I've had to remove it twice as my eyes went puffy, streaming with tears and sore from the strong odour! It's a real shame as it's easy to use and the colour is perfect.

emsy from Belfast said on 30/04/2016

Really disappointed with this. When I first used it, it went on perfectly and stayed on the whole night however despite me putting the cap on right away and storing it as suggested it had dried up by the second time I came to use it. I have tried storing it tip down to no avail. Complete rip off, would not recommend.

Sarah from Swansea said on 11/03/2016

Such precision and the best eyeliner I have come across so far. It has lasted me so long, and even stays on your eyes for long too! An intense deep black and great for either a natural or dramatic look.

Jade from Carlisle said on 15/02/2016

This eyeliner is really easy to apply and is incredibly pigmented however it tends to smudge and transfer after a couple of hours.

Frida from Sweden said on 10/02/2016

Always leaves me with smudges under my eyes, and while it is easy to apply and full of colour, it fades after a few hours. I don't have an oily complexion, so it is disappointing, but I will try with a primer under. Love their Archery brow tint and pen though!

Kelly from England said on 10/01/2016

I have used gel liner for a couple of years and never really tried a pen before so I thought I'd give it a go as I thought it would be easier to use on holiday. I have not gone back to the gel liner since, this is so easy to use with no dragging on the skin and if you make a mistake its so easy to remove! The only reason I wouldn't give this a five is that sometimes I find I have to go over the line twice to get a full colour, otherwise this product is great!

Carol O from London said on 07/01/2016

Awful. Saw someone applying this on the underground and looked impressive. I asked where she purchased her eyeliner from and she said 'Boots'. Was looking forward to using product, I found it extremely hard to apply not smooth at all; results are terrible, by the time the afternoon came I had two black smudges. Disappointed...yes. Would I recommend this

AliM from Exeter said on 24/11/2015

Love this eye liner, no smudges, easy to apply in a straight line and lasts a very long time. I can't rate this highly enough.

May from South Africa said on 21/08/2015

I absolutely love this eyeliner - its by far my favourite after using many many products. It's great for beginners and even experts. I would say the only downside is that Soap and Glory doesn't ship internationally so I can't get my hands on this brilliant eyeliner easily.

Lizzie from UK said on 10/06/2015

I really like this eyeliner, it's easy to use and and doesn't fade. My only issue is it will smudge a bit over the day but i've never found that to be a huge issue. It's a definite repurchase for me :)

sparklyshoes from cannock said on 17/05/2015

Love this eyeliner, used with a eye primer and shadow it stays for hours. I agree with some that it does smudge but I've only found this on a bare eyelid. I love this product and use it a lot with different looks.

ab from England said on 07/05/2015

100% the best liquid liner I have tried so far and will definitely be buying it again! It is super easy to apply and looks flawless every time. The only downfall is that it does not react well to water, when my eyes water it smudges everywhere and sometimes gets into my eyes and hurts SO much. However I'd still recommend.

EmHusb from Glasgow said on 24/04/2015

I loveee this product.
I have tried so many different eyeliners but this is without a doubt my favourite!
I couldn't recommend this enough, I use it every single day and it lasts for ages.
Such a smooth application and so easy to use.

gem from Wolverhampton said on 31/03/2015

Love this eyeliner! !. I think I've gone through every brand of eyeliner available and I just happened to stumble on this in boots one day and thought I'd give it a shot. The formula is really highly pigmented and it just glides on, no tugging on the lid which means you can just do a really precise flick in one sweep no hasale. It stays on pretty much all day but after a couple of hours it does start to fade especially at the corners, having said that it doesn't smudge or transfer when you rub your eye. For the £6 price tag it is a bargain compared to other eyeliners that are half as good for double the money!.
Definitely recommend :)

Awesomeness from England said on 20/02/2015

It's okay I mean I was expecting a lot more for the price but it comes out more grey than black and the actual flick that I do will fade after about 10 minutes so I'm not overly keen and a little disappointed that I spent £8 on it :\ oh well I'd better go to sleep now

xxx from england said on 02/02/2015

Product its self lasts long
Product isn't drying and applys well
Long wearing too

Summer from London said on 03/12/2014

Love this eyeliner! Easiest to apply that i've ever used! Only bad thing is it smudges easily (after a while) would buy again and again and again!

Grace from Leeds said on 15/11/2014

This was my holy grail eyeliner for over a year, but the last two I have purchased have applied almost grey and have dried out incredibly quickly. At £6 a go, I'm really disappointed. Has the formula been changed?

Milly from Swansea said on 19/09/2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! My favourite liquid eyeliner by far! It is so easy to apply and doesn't fade or smudge. Cute packaging as well :)

Katie from Oxford said on 06/09/2014

Have been using this for several years now. Have tried others just for a change, however keep coming back to this. Really nice application, wears well and lasts. Highly recommend.

strawberry from Scotland said on 23/07/2014

This eyeliner is... okay. It's not amazing but it's not completely crap either. You could probably get a better one in Superdrug. This eyeliner is not worth £6 in my opinion.

Adrienne from Runcorn, Cheshire. said on 16/07/2014

Amazing product. Absolutely adore the pin up and vintage style packaging. Best eyeliner I have ever tried, as I've tried many due to having hooded eyes. Love it. <3

Abi235 from West Yorkshire said on 30/06/2014

OMG! I love this eyeliner! It's so easy to apply and can do a thicker more dramatic line just as easy as a thinner one. It stays on really well and doesn't feel too sticky line some liners. Absolutely love this product, I will definately repurchase!

Rosie from Oxford said on 18/06/2014

This is one of the best liquid pen eyeliners that I have found, and I have tried many! Its application is easy and the product usually lasts a night out but is also good for during the day too.

Cat from Ireland said on 29/05/2014

Really disappointed with this product. Goes on nice and easy and looks great but every time I use it I'm left with panda eyes after about 2 hours, it seems to always leak down below my bottom lash line and just looks horrible! So disappointed as usually Soap and Glory really deliver on their products but not this time. Will be returning to the trusty Rimmel liquid eyeliner.

V from Essex said on 17/05/2014

Over the years I have spent a fortune searching for a really good eyeliner and now I have finally found one. Supercat goes on beautifully, lasts all day and into the evening. It's really easy to apply, I don't think I will ever use anything else ever again.

Gingerspice from Glasgow Scotland said on 15/05/2014

I really do not know what else to say - This liquid ''pen'' eyeliner is fantasic!
I am a girl of all things Retro - especially Rockabilly, so as you can imagine I love a strong pointed winged eyeliner and I have tried out MANY different liquid eyeliners but I am so happy I have now found Supercat!!!
Easy to apply! Long-lasting! Does not smudge! Creates the perfect flick!

What more could a girl want from liquid eyeliner...

Lucy from England said on 25/04/2014

This eyeliner is amazing! I've tried liquid eyeliner before but that's really hard to control, but with this pen you can either make a thick line, or thin, depending on how you want it. Would definitely recommend!

Eibhlín from Kilkennny said on 21/03/2014

This eyeliner is just unbelievable, I moved onto this from Rimmel's liquid eyeliner, which used to be so difficult to put on and would go everywhere! At first I really couldn't believe that liquid eyeliners could be this easy! It gives you amazing control. I can do a really super thin line when I want just a casual everyday look that won't smudge or fade like kohl, or I can make a hassle free cat flick. It lasts for ages too, I use mine I'd say about five times a week and I bought it in September -it's now March!

Abigail from Leeds said on 08/02/2014

I love this eyeliner! It's definitely the best one I've ever owned. It's so easy to apply and can be used in so many different ways, it doesn't fade either which is perfect!

kazza from London said on 30/12/2013

After trying to find the perfect eyeliner, i stumbled across this AMAZING soap and glory one. normally, i find it so hard to get the feline flick or do a thick line but this pen gives me control and i can draw perfect lines and they don't smudge! unlike others, supercat's brush doesn't spread or break and its good for soft and accurate application. i would give it 5 stars but it didn't stay as long as i expected it to, maybe 9 to 10 hours for me, however it is now my go-to product and its quick and easy to apply. GENUINELY AMAZE. its the best on the market and other competitors like loreal and bobbi brown need to learn a thing or too!

S&Gfan from South East said on 22/12/2013

LOVE THIS SO MUCH- so easy and accurate to apply and colour stays all day with no smudging

Jess from Ipswich said on 05/06/2013

After wanting a liquid effect eyeliner for my upper lashes without the hassle of either a gel or proper liquid, I heard about "felt tip" eyeliners. After trying a few, I thought the brushes became splayed and the colour would go on and look like a small child's colouring. Then I found this! Supercat stays all day looking like a liquid, and is easy enough to put on with one stroke. Best buy in my makeup bag, easily. BUY IT NOW!!! I wish I could vote 10 star for this fab product.

HannahFJ from Cardiff said on 01/06/2013

OMG by far the best eyeliner ive bought in 10 years, easy to put on deep black stays on all day and love the whole vintage style to the product
In LOVE with the product and WILL definatly be buying again

Adele from UK said on 15/05/2013

Where do I start? This eyeliner is absolutely amazing!! The price is cheap, packaging is snazzy and the eyeliner goes on easily, it's pure black and stays on all day!

I'd recommend to anyone, I will defiantly buy another when this one runs out.

Scarlett Van Tassel from Dublin said on 08/05/2013

This is THE BEST eyeliner pen EVER! As a Burlesque dancer, Rockabilly and retro enthusiast, jet black, winged liquid eyeliner is central to my look. I've used the most expensive brands and been disappointed with both colour and durability. Supercat has never failed me! Under stage lights, it's strong, glossy and long lasting. Love it!

Tessy Tea from oxford said on 25/03/2013

I love love love this! It i my favourite make u item... it always makes me thing of basement jaxx, "not no super catch aint no model" cos it sounds similar! So easy to apply, i wear it every day!

Clare from Coventry said on 19/02/2013

I agree with Rachel from Merseyside below! Previous to this, the only decent liquid eyeliner i could find was Rimmel but this one is even better as it goes on so easily & you don't have to fiddle around with a bottle or worry about knocking it over which is handy when you live with a mental puppy.

It is also easy to apply if you have shaky hands (eg. when you're nervous... or drunk!) as it is just like a felt tip pen rather than a small paintbrush. Perfect item.

Rachel from Merseyside said on 23/01/2013

Best eyeliner I have ever used! I've always used Rimmel liquid eyeliner as it's the only good one I knew of that had a thick tip, but this one is even better as it goes on so easily and you don't have to fiddle about with a bottle as the liquid is already in the pen! Brilliant!

Henna L from Manchester said on 23/01/2013

I do find this the most foolproof and hassle free liquid eyeliner I have. It is as black as black gets and the application is very precise and clean to do. Fantastic.

shan from United Kingdom said on 05/01/2013

Being a huge lover of eyeliners and the 'cat-eyed' look, I brought this because of its name, Supercat.

This eyeliner is perfect for any look specially cat-eyes, the felt tip applicator helps you create the perfect flick and eye liner line. It is extremely black and stays black all day.
I am very very happy with this product.

The Colour- Extremely black and stays black. Remains the colour when I put it over eye shadow.
Durability- This eyeliner stayed perfect all day and it didn't smudge. Although it isn't waterproof it hasn't yet run or should I say (ran down my face) in the English weather, but be careful!

I would and am defiantly buying this eyeliner again after it runs out! x

ChiChi from Hampshire, England said on 03/01/2013

Love Love Love!!!
Smudges? Never! I have used this loads it will only smudge before it is dry, which is less than a minute! Perhaps if you havn't let eye cream / cream shaddow soak in properly it will.
Really easy to use and gorgeous thick velvety black colour,
Make sure you store it correctly.
I have converted friends with this liner as soon as they tried mine they went to get some.

LG from London said on 24/12/2012

I'm baffled by all the 5 star reviews. This is the worst liquid eyeliner I've ever used, and I've tried many over the years - pen, brush, gel, cake - the lot. True liquid eyeliner with the brush is still my favourite for retro flicks, but I tried this as it was in a 3-for-2 deal. Even so, it's a ripoff. It smudges so easily, and I've got panda eyes within a couple of hours. The felt tip is admittedly better than most I've tried. It's just too bad the product itself is so useless.

Linzi from Sheffield, UK said on 02/12/2012

Best eyeliner I have ever, ever used. In fact, I've even stockpiled a few in case of zombie apocalypse - I think I'd rather be pulled apart by the undead than be without this product. Easy to apply, great for vintage looking flicks and cat eyes, it's very dark in colour, applies well even over eyeshadow. Excellent. I love you Soap & Glory.

Liza from Bath said on 29/11/2012

It worked really well on the first day, and on the second it was watery and pale and barely showed up at all. What a waste of money! I'm a student, with very little money in general - it takes me a while to save up for some new makeup and I may as well not have bothered. Very unimpressed.

Emma from Newcastle said on 21/11/2012

This is a great EXTREME BLACK liner. I always have trouble matching up my flicks but with this it's a much easier application. It goes on great and gives a great flick! But... when trying to re-apply over exisiting line it can rub out and get really awkward to put on. It just doesnt go! It smudges onto the lid after a days wear- always a dark smudge (not too obvious tho).
Apart from it rubbing out and not coming out as good as it does on your hand (probs the gravity making the ink not go down when you hold it to your eye) when i need a new eye liner i will probably still get this, as although it can be an awkward bugger - i still love it!

cath from berkshire said on 07/11/2012

picked this up as a one off as I couldnt find a reasonably priced eyeliner and straight away loved it, never ever smudges lasts all day, i dont have black around my eyes at the end of the day anymore! would recommend it to anyone and such good value for money!

Pages and Perfume from Exeter, Devon said on 12/10/2012

I was always a little weary of liquid eyeliner, assuming that it would be a nightmare to apply correctly, or that it would only be good for creating the classic Amy Winehouse flick. My previous liquid purchases have been acceptable, but I’ve never preferred them to kohl eyeliner pencils. But when I saw liquid eyeliner in pen form I was intrigued, thinking it would be far easier to use than my previous purchases. Having liquid eyeliner in what is essentially a felt tip pen makes application a hell of a lot easier – you can hold it a lot steadier due to the pen itself being thicker than the more traditional pot eyeliners available. I can create a multitude of looks with this eyeliner, from large flicks and thick lines, to a more neutral and purely defining sweep on my lash line.

Follow: @PagesPerfume

Faye from Liverpool said on 05/10/2012

OMG this is the best eyeliner I've ever had! I use it everyday it's great just on its own for work or it's fabulous when it's used whilst having smokey eyes! Would never go back to any other eyeliners I told my mum about it and now she uses it as well haha! Amazing buy, well worth the money and would reccomens it to anyone an everyone xxxxx

Chi from Hampshire said on 25/09/2012

LOVE this product, it dries really fast. Thick coverage. It is so easy to use.
I am rubbish at doing liquid eyeliner, but this is a really well shapped felt pen eyeliner.
I can do the lines in 15 seconds flat! Really great product and it doesnt smudge or move but is easy to get off and corect if you do happen to make a mistake!
The felt end doesnt get worn or loose its point like other brands.
Great value for money. I will never buy another liquid eyeliner.
Just need some more colours now!!!!

Pixie from Nottinghamshire said on 21/09/2012

Never had any luck before with liquid eyeliners, but this one Supercat is amazing, goes on easy , stays put all day and looks fabulous, I adore it and wont use any other eye pencil/liquid now and believe me i have tried hundreds

ClaireB from Surbiton said on 11/09/2012

Tried everything else - brushes with gel, pencils, other pens. This one is the bees knees. Straight lines, thin lines, fat lines, flicks - everything possible. You can hold it really well - I think the size has been extremely well tested. And it flows at the right speed. Perfect product.

Emilieee from Huddersfield said on 05/09/2012

Never had much luck with liquid eyeliners until i came across this one; so easy to apply and a great finish. highly recommended. love it!

Amy lou! from Derbyshire said on 17/07/2012

I bought this product yesterday because it had been recommended as 'the best eye liner ever" but I struggle a lot with liquid eye liners so I didn't have much hope. As soon as I got home I tried it out to find it's absolutely amazing! The brush is thin and precise and the liquid doesn't come out in clumps like a lot of eye liners. I would 100% recommend this product, totally worth the money. It's even well priced for the quality of it!:D

ZoeD from Newcastle upon Tyne said on 30/05/2012

Excellent. Used to use the MAC equivalent (£17). This is far superior not to mention almost a third of the price! Please please develop a waterproof version!!

Erinoc from Worthing said on 27/05/2012

Love this eye liner!!! Relatively new to all the make up 'gadgetry' out there at age 32!!! Love the felt tip pen applicator on this as it makes it so easy to apply and add to if needed. No creasing or dragging so gives a smoothe line really easily! Even my husband has commented on my eyes and that he likes them!! A very rare occurrence!! I am a complete convert to the S & G cosmetic range and have now bought several products in the range. Love them all!! Well done S & G!!!

Ali from Ireland said on 22/05/2012

I'm usually not the type to review make-up, but I had to add to this review! I've always found liquid eyeliner awkward and, quite frankly, messy, but this one is amazing! It doesn't smudge, lasts perfectly all day and is genuinely easy to apply and remove, all for a reasonable price. I'd recommend this to anyone.

lyssy13 from cornwall said on 30/01/2012

I have tried many liquid eyeliners trying to get the look perfectly. I thought I had found the best way of doing it and it involved 3 different ones at once. Until I tried this one, it is so user friendly. It makes it so easy to get the perfect line.
I am a big fan and feel the need to stock up on it!
I would definitely recommend it.

R* from UK said on 22/11/2011

would recommend to everyone. Before this I had bobby brown gel liner which with the brush cost me about £30 this cost me £6 and it is a million times better it lasts my full 12 hour shifts doesn't crack like most liquid liners, doesn't smudge like a gel ones really easy to use, Ive had a lot of practice with eye liners to get good lines and flicks but I imagine if you are just starting with them the felt tip style end is very easy to use.

Mrs T from Leicester said on 07/11/2011

I've always been rubbish with liquid liner, even with other pens like this, but not this one, and I love it. So easy to use, stays on incredibly well, but when I want it to come off it does. Fan for life!

smithie from USA said on 06/11/2011

Soap & Glory yet again created 8th wonder of the world! This liquid liner is beyond amazing - it is super black, very easy to apply, smudge proof, however easy to take off and looks all natural once applied. And it lasts all day long - fresh and "like it was just applied". Giving it 10 out of 5 stars ;) Great job!

Sarah from Aberdeenshire said on 25/10/2011

Love it! Makes applying liquid eyeliner so easy!

Jen from Buckinghamshire said on 20/10/2011

Really does have a fool proof marker tip! This makes liquid eyeliner really easy to apply (even if you don't have a steady hand!!). Creates both thin and thick lines - love the fact it is a really dark black finish.
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