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  • (From UK) 19 Jan 2017


    This concealer is AMAZING and it costs just £6. I'm a huge fan of Soap and Glory bath products but have never used Soap and Glory make up products, so considering I needed a new concealer I thought it was the perfect opportunity. I was worried about using a crayon as I much prefer liquid concealers, but this crayon is super soft and actually sweeps across you skin as thought it were a liquid. It absorbs well and maintains a natural shine on the skin too. It didn't irritate my naturally dry skin and blended well with my foundation. I am actually SO impressed. It covered my dark circles brilliantly and its pretty thick so I can assume it works just as well on spots or acne. I can't recommend it enough, and for the price there's no harm in trying it out, I'm completely sold.

    Donnadee (From Scotland) 19 Jan 2017


    I was very dissapointed with this product.It glides on the skin smoothly and covers all dark spots imidiately but after only half an hour it was like it had rubbed completely off and left my skin greasy.Not a good long lasting concealer and really quite greasy.

    Montyahoo (From Scotland) 19 Jan 2017


    This product is fantastic. Smooth and creamy while providing full coverage for marks, spots and acne. The yellow tone brightens my face and matches my fair skin tone perfectly. Can use to cover spots or use to get rid of dark circles. Also sits well under foundation/bb cream..congrats Soap and Glory!

    Lana (From Exeter) 19 Jan 2017


    Creamy and a dream to blend. Great for contouring!

    meg (From Scotland) 19 Jan 2017


    I bought this product one day with high hopes because soap and glory is one of my favourite brands. There is nothing satisfying with this product!! After just one days use, i found it wiped off my foundation, didn't blend well and made my pores seem massive! I wiped off all my makeup to reveal two massive red marks under my eyes and nose, i then woke up the next morning with the red marks turning into blisters on ma face!!!! Do not recommend and will not be purchasing again.

    Lulu (From Milton Keynes) 19 Jan 2017


    I adore this concealer. It's creamy smooth, blends really easily and makes spots and dark circles vanish. This is hands down the best concealer I have ever used and I have used Benef