Sugar Crush™ Body Wash

Sugar Crush™ Body Wash


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Bath & Body Shower Foam

Soap & Glory's super fresh Sugar Crush™ Body Wash (which doubles as bath bubbles) mixes mouth-watering kaffir limes, sparkling lemons, sweet vanilla musk and coconut oil. Energizing, revitalizing – it’s an instant wake up call for tired minds and bodies, with COOLCAPSULE™X to cool and refresh, radiance-boosting KIWI WATER JUICE, and a super creamy M-SUDS™ moisture-boosting base.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Lime and Brown Sugar


A citrus gourmand fragrance with super-refreshing lime and juicy mandarin top notes, a flamboyant heart of jasmine and crushed brown sugar and a base of vanilla crème brulee. It’s a mojito in a bottle!

Instructions for Use

SIMPLY THE ZEST: Lather a good handful of Sugar Crush™ Body Wash all over your body, giving it a really good rub-in, then rinse.

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Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5 (48) Review(s)

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Kittycat841 from Plymouth said on 05/08/2017

I love the Sugar Crush fragrance and how deliciously fruity it makes me feel :) It's so creamy and I always prefer shower products that are creamy over gels. Thank you for making me (and my bathroom!) smell delicious! :)

Mags from N.Ireland said on 23/05/2017

Bought for first time , but can't get it open!!!! So don't know what it is like.

Tarasmum from Morecambe said on 13/03/2017

Disappointed with the smell of this, reminds me of carbolic soap! Had a lovely mini suitcase bought for Christmas but I've only tried this and because if the smell don't want to try any of the other products

Tarasmum from Morecambe said on 13/03/2017

Disappointed with the smell of this, reminds me of carbolic soap! Had a lovely mini suitcase bought for Christmas but I've only tried this and because if the smell don't want to try any of the other products

Sarah from Swansea said on 11/03/2016

The smell is beautiful and it is a great way to wake up in the morning shower. I wish the smell lasted after washing it off! It has lasted me so long as you only need one pump of this, maybe a second.

Leia from england said on 29/12/2015

i love this scent. its amazing and one of my favourites. can't get enough. it goes on so well and the scent isn't too over powering. love it.

_vetts from Bristol said on 04/06/2015

This is great!! A very zesty body wash that also revitalizes skin! Perfect for a wake up call :) Check out my full review here:

Srbeautyuk from England said on 31/03/2015

I Absolutely love this shower gel, it smells divine and lathers up beautifully for a full review head over to my blog where i have done a full review of Sugar Crush Body Wash

Traveler from New York, NY said on 01/03/2015

Omg this is the most refreshing body wash I've ever used! I was visiting a friend in England and she had it in her shower and I fell in love! Brought back 3 bottles since they didn't sell it in the US but now I'm so excited it's here!

Dev from London said on 28/02/2015

Male Reviewer ALERT:
Smells like sparkling Lemonade with a hint of floral. It's both refreshing and relaxing. I tend to have dry skin on my shoulders, upper chest and upper back and this showergel seemed to keep my skin calm.
Also it's great value because I only need 1.5 pumps of the gel to soap up my entire body. I imagine it will last for a very very long time! That's always good to hear.
Males need not fear the pink!

Karli from USA said on 03/01/2015

I absolutely love this shower gel! It smells amazing and I only ever have to use one pump an it foams up really nicely!

mia from manchester said on 19/10/2014

Bought this on a 3 for 2 offer at boots when i bought my friend two items for her birthday, i absolutely love it and it smell so nice, i only use one/two pumps and its lathers up really well. Me and my sister both use it everyday and have had it since the end of august and somehow its still just under half full!The reason i have given it a 4/5 is because once i get out of the shower i can no longer smell it on myself despite this I would definitely recommend this product but as i havent tried any other soap and gory body washs i dont know how this compares to them. I am going to try some of he other body washes before i re-purchase this. GREAT PRODUCT!!

Emma from Norwich said on 02/08/2014

Oh my gosh!! this product is so good! it lathers up well and has the most citrusey sweet scent ever! i feel very cleansed when i have used it. A must buy! x

simmy 23 from birmingham said on 29/06/2014

This body wash so amazing! I first heard about while watching a beauty blogger called zoella on you tube. The scent is so unique, citrusy, fresh and sweet. It also doesn't dry my skin out and the bottle lasts me about 3 months! Will definitely be buying again but I want to try the other ones first. A really great product and a pleasure to use!

Soapandglorymaia from England said on 24/05/2014

I love this so freaking much! It smells of key lime pie! It is so sweet and refreshing, it lathers up well to. Definitely a must have!

DatGal from Ireland said on 18/04/2014


DatGal from Ireland said on 18/04/2014


Mimi from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne said on 14/04/2014

Beautiful stuff. Smells very refreshing and citrusy and it is good for waking you up in the morning. 2nd favourite Soap and Glory body wash (after Rich and Foamous) but Rich and Foamous is a much heavier sweet smell that's better before bed. This lathers up really well and I literally want to just shove the whole thing in my mouth it smells sooooooo good!

Pippa from UK said on 09/04/2014

So uhh, this is the best body wash I've EVER bought. It smells so nice, and cleanses really well. I could almost eat it, it smells that good aha! Definitely going to be repurchasing when it runs out! x

SuggestiveDigestive from UK (Manchester) said on 27/03/2014

Are you kidding me? This is the most delicious smelling thing I've ever bought that I wasn't permitted to eat. It lathers up like a smooth silky dream and its Cruelty Free to boot.

Bellie boo 02 from Leeds said on 14/02/2014

You don't know what your missing out on. It lathers up so fast smell smells great!!!

WARNING TO ALL USERS: avoid getting it in your eyes it kills !!!!!!!!


Soph from Cornwall said on 03/02/2014

When I first used this I thought it was amazing - smell was great! However, later in the evening I noticed that I had come in in a rash, all over my body apart from my face (luckily where I hadn't used this Body Wash). I've never has any problems with any sort of body wash before and never a problem with Soap and Glory products.
I'm putting it down to having very sensitive skin, just want people like me to be aware of this side affect. 24 hours later and my arm is still bright red with a burning sensation! Ouch!

Shana from Burnley said on 02/02/2014

Girls go grab a bottle of this because you are missing out if you haven't tried this! This is so scrummy. I love the smell and the feel of this product on my skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I can still smell it after shower. It's absolutely gorgeous and and one of my favourite products. A must buy in my opinion

40ish nature lover from Leics, UK. said on 14/01/2014

gorgeous, like the body butter, fragrance so lovely. Be aware though - very disappointing purchases were shampoo -awful smell, foundation - no nice fragrance poor coverage, not worth money and face wash, could have been any cheap one. Sugar Crush lovely. Endless glove hand cream lovely too.

Macy from United Kingdom said on 01/01/2014

I love this stuff! I got it in a gift set for Christmas and have been using it ever since. It's a very fresh and fruity scent, very citric and smells like lemon and lime to me with a hint of brown sugar maybe? Or something along those lines. It's very thick and creamy and moisturising you almost don't even need to moisturise after! Perfect for days you don't have time to moisturise after a shower. Plus, i think it's a reasonable size for the price too. Worth the money, definetely would repurchase! Love it!

victoriaa1 from United Kingdon said on 28/12/2013

This is soooo gorgeous, It smells so refreshing and I literally love it! Definitely recommend you treat yourself.

Fuiba from Edinburgh said on 28/11/2013

Amazing stuff! Smells like refresher bars, absolutely lovely. One and only downside is that it's quite thin, I've used a lot very quickly, where as I've used Clean On Me for the last two years and a bottle would last me ages! I see this bottle not lasting me nearly as long! Really recommend it though!

Barbe from Nova Scotia, Canada said on 02/10/2013

This is a sweet scented, moisturizing body wash. The scent is a lovely wake-me-up in the morning. I use the Sugar Crush body buttercream, too. Have to try the scrub next. Wish there were more products with this yummy fragrance.

Deeded from Barnet said on 24/08/2013

I love this stuff. The smell is fantastic. It's a happy, summer energising scent. Reminds me of holidays. But doubled with the sugar crush body butter, it's amazing. I'm on my 3rd tub. I'm hooked

shannon from UK said on 19/08/2013

THIS IS AMAZING !!!1 its one of the best body washes i have tries i think all of the soap and glory body washes are fantastic but this is my favorite its quite sweet but smells of limes and lasts for ages :D BRILLIANT!!

Shan from West Midlands said on 26/07/2013

Amazing scent for the summer mornings. Please please make a travel size!

Patrice Cox from UK said on 13/06/2013

OMG this product is a amaze balls lol!!! I think I am I love. I can't wait to get in the shower each day. Will definitely be repurchasing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Laura from North Wales said on 05/06/2013

Best smelling body wash ever. It smells like Cream Soda! Will definitely re-purchase

S&G Lover from UK said on 25/05/2013

I love this scent! Please make it in a body spray!

Sumayyah from Here said on 21/05/2013

Buy it. It smells of sugary lime and it takes you away to the world of limes and it uplifts your mood immediately and it left my skin feeling smooth. The only problem is that as soon as you step out of the shower, the scent disappears but overall, brilliant.

Nic from England said on 21/05/2013

This smells AMAZING!!!

bird23 from United Kingdom said on 19/05/2013

This shower gel is the bomb. It's punch and fruity scent is sure to kick start any morning. It's foamy, fruity and leaves you smelling like a bag of sherbert. Cannot wait to try the butter cream!

Saza from Manchester said on 18/04/2013

The BEST smelling product, gives you an amazing boost in the shower to make sure you start your day right. Got to get the matching scrub and butter now!

Chelsea from Surrey said on 02/04/2013

LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell! Cannot get enough of the sweet and tangy lime fragrance! I would buy any product with this scent, but I'm pleased to say this body wash really is lovely to use and definitely wakes me up in the morning.

shivani from London said on 10/03/2013

I have actually started getting more excited about my morning showers since buying this! It smells like lime tic tacs, it makes my whole room smell like citrus sweets and it's such a nice way to start the day! I have relatively sensitive skin so heavily perfumed products make my skin go berserk but this seems to be fine! I have actually randomly started telling people to buy this...even guys aha!

Deborah from Manchester said on 23/02/2013

Love starting the day having a shower with sugar crush, leaves me fresh and ready to go. Use the body butter after to feel utterly treated and smelling gorgeous

EllzyBellz from London said on 21/02/2013

I got this and I fell in love with the smell! It smell amazing but when on the skin, it smell awful! If only the lovely smell lasted and didn't turn into a different scent .

Mia01pink from Hertfirdshire said on 23/01/2013

Smells divine just need a body spray that smells the same definitely my favourite soap and glory scent so far :-)

Emily from Birmingham said on 14/01/2013

I love this body wash, it is probably the best new product I have tried. It smells amazing and lathers really well so you feel lovely and clean. I just wish the smell lasted better on your skin afterwards as it is amazing, but I suppose now the body cream has come out that may solve the problem.

Jess from Hartlepool said on 14/01/2013

Absolutely love the smell of this. Fab to use on a early morning shower as it really wakes you
Up and leaves you feeling really fresh as well as smelling fab! The matching sugar scrub is also great would recommend this product!

Sammy from Accrington said on 27/12/2012

Whilst I'm sure the actual product is great. The smell isn't.

I love the origianal 'pink' shower gel smell. And I needed a top up, but this bottle called out to me, looks really good.

Fortunately I was with my sister and after a few minutes dilly dallying between the two, she unscrewed the top and made me take a whiff. After that I set it back down and picked up my normal soap and glory shower gel.

niamhywoo88 from solihull said on 15/12/2012

this is lovely! I got it for my birthday and the first time i used it i fell in love with it! Everyone needs this!!!!!! Get a botle!

Hales from South Wales said on 27/10/2012

The smell on this is divine, I could sit there and smell it all day!

I wish there was a spray with the same smell.
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