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Orangeasm™ Body Butter

Orangeasm™ Body Butter


(£3.33 per 100ml)

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Super Rich Body Butter

Our zesty-fresh, moisture-intense, invigorating Orangeasm™ Super Rich Body Butter is scented with fresh green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils.

With shea butter massage balls and MANGOMILK™, there's really nothing quite like it!

Instructions for Use

Smooth a dollop of Orangeasm™ Body Butter onto slightly-damp skin after showering. Love it? Follow with our similarly scented Super Tonic Fragrance Spray (or precede with our fabulous Body Wash).

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Overall Rating:

4.7 out of 5 (6) Review(s)

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angelicalxw from London said on 16/05/2016

I have used it before and it smells amazing! Product wise, it is very thick so not too big of a fan of that but the cream is very moisturising! Check out my blog for a more detailed review along with other products that I'm using.

Tez from Lancashire said on 18/03/2016

Just ace, got a selection pack for Xmas and this is second one so far smells ace and love how thick these creams are

Beautyaddict89 from West Midlands said on 21/09/2014

Zesty fresh feeling yet moisturizing and creamy! Use it after the orangeasm bodywash to really get refreshed. I love this range please do some more S&G, I think I'm addicted to the smell... Seriously :)

Janey from Morecambe said on 13/07/2014

Love it love it.....it compliments the shower gel perfectly n leaves you smelling divine,,, I can smell it all day. Its fresh n citrusy smell leaves you smelling clean n fresh all day, i can smell it on me all day. Yet to try the spray, but the shower gel n body butter are both on my regular 'to buy' list

AnnieMouse from Surrey said on 05/05/2014

When I smelled this in the tub, the orange was definitely there, but not overly sweet like an orange ice-lolly or anything; tempered by something like the smell of the leaves themselves, like a herbal tone to it. Certainly not something where your first thought is "oooh, sweet and fruity".
This herbal element is much more noticeable when I put it on; there's the lavender which comes through relatively strongly considering its low position on the ingredients list, which could make it way too "old-lady" scent. But the herbal notes save it from total despair - it might just be my weird skin transforming the scent, but to me it smells only faintly orange-y with predominant herbal overtones (something woody in there as well; rosemary perhaps?).
Overall, a relatively sophisticated moisturiser scent that is definitely not overly orangey, but for me I think the lavender comes through just a shade too much - I'll whizz through the shower gel and moisturiser, then go back to my old faithful combo of Clean On Me & Righteous Butter. Can't be beaten!

Gugu from Colchester said on 03/05/2014

I just bought this body butter and its so nice, lovely and soft it absorbs fast in your body and the smell is to die for, it makes you want to eat it and its nice for this time of year makes you think of a nice summers day near the beach,I owe some other soap and glory products and I am always satisfied with them the smell of there products and the way they are presented get me hooked, buy it you wont regret it :)
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