One Heck of a Blot™

One Heck of a Blot™


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Oil absorbing, shine controlling face powder

The secret to perfect, shine-free skin is… Soap & Glory’s new SUPER-TRANSLUCENT MATTIFYING POWDER. It offers world-class shine control and oil-absorption, is ultra-light, and gives skin a traceless, smooth, velvety finish. One shade. For all skin types. Trust us. You want this.

Instructions for Use

Sweep an ultra-light dusting of powder across your nose, forehead and chin – or anywhere you want to SHINE NO MORE.

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Talc, Silica, Zinc Stearate, Dimethicone, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Mica, Pentaerythrityl, Tetraisostearate, Chlorphenesin, Potassium Sorbate, Calcium Carbonate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Methicone, Tribehenin, Ceramide 2, PEG-10 Rapeseed Sterol, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, (+/- (May Contain) CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77492 (Iron Oxides), CI 77491 (Iron Oxides), CI 77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 77007 (Ultramarines))


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4.7 out of 5 (54) Review(s)

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Catherine from Amazing! said on 29/01/2021

So fine for a pressed powder, it mattifies everything and lasts! I adored this powder will definitely repurchase!
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Dhurga from Great setting powder but not for warm skintones said on 14/07/2019

I bought this alongside Soap&Glory instant retouch becuase 3 for 2 and impulse purchase. I am warm toned and this is not exactly the best colour for me. HOWEVER, as a oily skinned monster, I can reassure you that this stuff is brilliant. I was initially applying it thinnly with a powder brush and it wasnt the best used like that. When I used a powder puff and pressed the product in and also used it to bake (you know what i mean) and spritz a generous amount of setting spray, it actually kept my oils in control. I will not re-purchase because of the colour, but that is my issue. All the cool-toned/rose-hued beauties keep an eye out for this!
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kellymarie from Love this said on 22/09/2018

This powder gives such a natural look! Absolutely love it.
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KirstyH97 from Love Love Love said on 14/06/2018

This is honestly the best translucent powder I’ve ever used, it so soft and velvety and sets makeup perfect. I really wish they sold this as a loose powder too!
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Melanie from United Kingdom said on 28/08/2017

When I got this matte powder it was my first ever one but for my first time using a matte powder I can tell you that it's absolutely incredible compared to almost all matte powders. It applys smoothly and is perfect with any skin tone ♥️

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ - 5 Earned Stars

michala88 from brilliant for oily skin said on 28/04/2017

I bought this on the 3 for 2 as I really didn't know what I wanted from the range, but needed a decent setting powder. I swiped this on after applying my foundation and concealer and immediately, my face was mattified but not in a dehydrating way. It leaves no colour, you only need a small amount of product and it lasts all day. My skin was oil free for hours.
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ren1985 from Love this!!! said on 07/03/2017

This is amazing the best powder I've ever used it's a miracle product use it with the one heck of a blot foundation and you will never look back!
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Knoxyherself from Holy Grail Powder said on 02/11/2016

I like quite a glowy finish to my make up, and this powder is perfect for achieving that. It is so finely milled, it is completely undetectable on the skin (even after reapplying throughout the day). It provides just enough coverage to take away shine without dulling luminosity. _x000D_
I sometimes need to touch up my T-zone later in the day where I can be quite oily, but otherwise it sets my make up from morning 'till night. _x000D_
I'm probably on my 5th or 6th compact (although they last for ages) and have no plans to stray from this powder any time soon.
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Pearly16 from Amazing! said on 25/10/2016

I've tried a lot of different powders and setting sprays of varying prices but nothing works like this! Not only does it keep my makeup in place all day, my skin doesnt look oily 8 hours later (I have oily/combination skin). Another thing is that it lasts FOREVER, I use mine pretty liberally most days and I still havent run out. The price is also amazing considering how well it works :)
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BlueVelvets from The only blotting powder I trust! said on 15/08/2016

This is the absolute best blotting powder, controls oil and shine without caking on top of makeup and leaves no trace of powder. I sometimes use it on no makeup days. Amazing dupe for all high end blotting powders and even better!
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lulu98 from brilliant said on 11/08/2016

perfect powder! i used another powder for a long time and got so annoyed when my oils would come through on my t zone, but this controls them and doesn't need re-application during the day, the applicator sponge helps to absorb excess oils and give a really great finish
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xaphania from Didn't work for me said on 08/08/2016

I bought this with high hopes as being quite pale and having oily skin, a translucent powder was was I wanted. However I have found that this did not work for me like it was supposed to. After using it on my oily patches, I found that half an hour later I was already shiny again. I also hold it responsible for certain painful breakouts which means I will not be using it again. For an expensive product (I'm my opinion), it doesn't live up to expectations. Everyone's skin reacts differently I know, but this was just not the product for me.
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Jan from Thailand said on 23/07/2016

I don't normally reach for pressed powder, but this one is amazing! I used to struggle with my concealer always slides off. This powder keeps my make up in place all day long. No creasing at all and it doesn't change my foundation's colour which is awesome

Ellie from United Kingdom said on 17/07/2016

I cannot recommend this product enough. It is just SO good! Not only does it help with oily skin it also acts as the perfect make up setter. I used to find that whatever foundation I used I would always need to reapply half way through the day as it would just slide off my face. I apply this powder after doing my foundation (and use a soap and glory bronzer afterwards) and both stay put all day, and I mean ALL day. I went on holiday and even after going in the sea and on water rides, sweating etc my foundation stayed. If you're after something like this then this is definitely what you should invest in. It's not cheap but it lasts for ages and is definitely worth the money. I use a powder brush to apply as I feel it is less cakey that way and also quicker to do :)

Kayleigh324 from Amazing! said on 10/05/2016

I have struggled with oily skin since the beginning of time, and this powder is amazing for keeping me oil free and keeping my make up in place throughout the day. I put this over makeup with a powder brush rather than the sponge which comes with the powder as the sponge doesn't apply to powder as evenly as I would like. However, by applying it with a brush, it means that I don't look cakey at all. I keep this in my handbag for touch ups throughout the day and it never fails me._x000D_
There is no smell to this product, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin in the slightest. Thoroughly recommend this product to anyone with oily skin - I could see it being a little drying for those with already dry skin though.
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sas87 from Good but one big flaw said on 26/03/2016

This is a good powder, finely milled and keeps shine at bay for a decent amount of time without caking. The only downside I've found after using a short time, is that it develops a film/coating on the surface of the powder, so that you can't get any on a brush/pad. I've had to scrape it with my nail to remove the hardened coating, to enable me to use it! I've not had this problem with any other powder I've tried, and it puts me off repurchasing which is a shame as its a nice powder and the packaging is fab.
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Sarah from Swansea said on 11/03/2016

This is great to put on your face to look less shiny, even over sunscreen that makes you look shiny and sticky! I just wish it came in a larger pot so there's even more.

MafaldaGodinho from Drugstore best said on 09/03/2016

This is a super finely milled powder that will attack oiliness without caking up your makeup. It has to be my absolute favourite from the drugstore, as it's translucent, scent free and super easy to apply. It comes with a delicate sponge, perfect for on-the-go, however I prefer to use it with a fluffy brush on my T-zone.
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ErinJoy from Best friend for shiny skin! said on 20/02/2016

I apply this as a final makeup setting powder and concentrate on my areas of oily shine. I have very oily skin and hate any shine to my face, however, most products promised these days for oily skin are 'matte'. And I find these products just cling to your skin and make every flaw or hair a lot more visible. This product is lightweight, and fine just sitting on the skins surface. It keeps any shine at bay and gives my face a natural glow which even I can't argue doesn't look good. Must have for oily skin.
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Macy from Sunderland said on 19/02/2016

Is this product good for sensitive skin?

Jenster888 from Staying power said on 15/02/2016

I have normal to dry skin so don't wear foundation or powder, but I do use under eye concealer. So once I've put on my eyeliner & rimmel cream under eye concealer I use just a touch of this on my eyelid and underneath my lower eyelashes and it literally stays on for days if you don't take it off. I used to find that my mascara transferred/ printed underneath my brows and my eyeliner ran underneath my eyes, but this little beauty stops any of that from happening without looking cakey. It prevents any kind of moisture!! It's an incredibly light powder, completely translucent and leaves skin wonderfully soft. Great that it comes with a mirror.
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jcampbell7 from Anti-shine said on 31/01/2016

Personally I have very dry skin, and was given this product as a gift so for me it's not about shine prevention. However, my boyfriend has a very oily t-zone and I've attacked him with this when we're out so he doesn't ruin photos with his shine!
I use it on areas I've used too much blush/highlight/bronzer as it's such a light powder it doesn't layer up, and takes the sparkle off when I've gone overboard on my cheeks.
So if you suffer with shine this product is a handbag must, otherwise it's still a useful product, just not for everyday.
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K123452 from A good all rounder said on 17/12/2015

I've been using this powder for around a year and a half - two years now. This is a translucent / off white powder. The main reason I've been using this powder for so long is because it's inexpensive, always available so therefore easy to top up when damaged or empty.
If I'm honest I feel I've had enough of this powder and won't be repurchasing it due to the fact it's just not special anymore.
The good I can say about this powder is its not crazy heavy so it's great for touch-up's and those of us who don't like to wear many powder products. My issue with this product is it doesn't keep me matte, it's not very good at reducing shine on my nose which bugs me because I hate any shine (and highlighter) on my nose. This powder does a nice job and mattifying my forehead and sides of my nose/sides of mouth, it just doesn't last all day, I don't even think it lasts half the day and I despise lots of touch-up's. Overall a good powder but just not good enough.
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Lynn from UK said on 24/11/2015

I don't know why has this product changed in recent months. I used to love it. It was sold in a box. The colour was more pinkish which was refreshing for my dull skin tone. Now it's more yellow, not so smooth and doesn't last as long during the day. I'm currently looking for replacement. Can't you please bring the previous super powder version back!

Englishroses from Night out must have in ya bag said on 17/11/2015

Perfect pressed powder to keep you looking matte. I use it as a setting powder in the mornings for work, don't need to take it along as it lasts all day. However it comes with me on nights out to blot that shine! Easy application, no colour to it and good value for money.
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LaurenB96 from Good but not perfect said on 07/11/2015

This powder is translucent and sheer so it doesn't alter the colour of my face or make my face look cakey like other powders do (e.g. Rimmel Stay Matte). However, I have excessively oily skin so I still have to reapply a few times a day. I do prefer the Soap & Glory powder to the Rimmel Stay Matte powder though, even though they both fail to combat my oily face for more than about 3 hours. So if you have really oily skin like me, you may need to find another powder if you don't want to reapply throughout the day.
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Cat from Milton Keynes said on 09/10/2015

I bought this after reading the recommendations as I have very oily skin. I've never found a powder that keeps me matte, doesn't look cakey or matches my skin tone... This little pot of magic delivers a triple whammy! I need a very light dusting to touch up mid afternoon but normally at that point I'd be onto my 5th or 6th layer! I will never be without this powder! The only down side.... I didn't discover this before my wedding day. However my 1st anniversary photos will be flawless!

lizzieroworth from Finally found the perfect powder! said on 04/09/2015

It's taken about 10 years to hunt down a powder that does the job - and finally it's happened!

I'd avoided buying it before as I wanted to try out a few cheaper products (£12 is more than I would usually spend on make up!), but having racked up a large amount of Boots points on my advantage card, I decided to treat myself. And boy, am I happy that I did! I will definitely be spending my own money on this in the future.

I have really annoying skin - it is shiny and greasy but also dry and flaky, I need powder to combat the grease and shine but it usually leaves a dusty, dry and unattractive finish, as well as never really covering anything up or smoothing my skin, just stopping the shine really.

This powder, has been like magic. It makes my skin appear smoother, there are no dry patches what so ever, it feels soft, looks soft, covers the grease without making me looking older (I found that powder ages skins appearance!) , stays put for a while. and even feels nice to put on. Even the applicator sponge is lovely, I've not had to use my powder brush!

The fact that it is 'translucent' is great, will work on all skin tones without creating pale, or orange, effect.

It's in a useful and sturdy compact (I dropped it on the floor, whoops, but no breakages at all in either powder or container), the mirror is great too.

i really couldn't be more satisfied with this purchase, I am confident enough to just use this powder on top of a bit of concealer with no foundation, (although a dab of No7 base works wonders underneath) which I never thought I would say in a million years. No foundation - in public!! I will definitely be coming back for more. Thanks, S&G!
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gilly69 from Excellent! said on 08/08/2015

I have finally found an oil control powder that does exactly that! I put it on after I have finished my make up and don't have to apply it again for the rest of the day. I use a brush as I found the pad that comes with it picks up too much product and it's very pale so if you've put bronzer on you get a white patch when you apply it, the brush disperses it better. So glad I've found this!
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Britt from Manchester said on 20/07/2015

I'm in love with this product. For one I love how it is one colour for everyone since I'm not very good at deciding which skin colour I am. I love how light it is and how you can hardly tell it's even on your face. It's totally translucent and mattifying and also gives such a silky and smooth finish. I'm so glad I found this product. Thankyou Soap and Glory!

SensibleGirl from Face saver... said on 29/06/2015

It is a must for people with oily skin. Instead of adding more traditional powder which makes the whole make look cakey or even melted off, add a swirl of this powder. It is transparent so it will not add unwanted bronze or orange but it blur the skin for good few hours. Highly recommended.
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MandaWa from Amazing! said on 08/06/2015

Brilliant powder, blots away shine without looking cakey or pasty. Doesn't interfere with your make up at all. Has a little mirror in the lid and pad for blotting, just perfect.
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Rebecca81 from Effective mattifying powder said on 16/05/2015

This product works really well at taking away shine. It is translucent so it doesn't interfere with make up already applied and is good for carrying in your bag for touch ups during the day.
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Patricia0 from It does what it says said on 20/03/2015

I don't like to touch up my make up during the day as I feel adding more layers makes it worst for me.

So I needed just something very light and no cakey that kills the shine in the T zone completely. And this does the job very well, I don't have any complains about this product at all.

This is the only make up item I carry around in my bag (+ lipstick).

And it is a slim container, with mirror and sponge. No need for more.
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Total S&G convert from Devon said on 28/02/2015

I'm 43 with oily skin and been using face powder since I was a teenager. This is by far the BEST I have ever used! I use a big powder brush to apply it and I'm shine free all day long for the 1st time ever. Usually my make up starts to slide and I have to use blotting papers half way through the day but with this powder my makeup stays put all day and no need to blot away my shine. I LOVE It!! I will NEVER be without it. Also it doesn't look like you have powder on it just enhances my skin. Another winner from Soap & Glory.

nattyb from birmingham said on 24/01/2015

I brought this product the other day after reading the reviews to try it out and I've got to say I'm really impressed. Can'believe how well it covers my shiny patches on my face I advise you to get it if you suffer with shiny/oily skin. Its my new favourite secret weapon in my make up bag :)

XxMsVickyxX from Cheshire, Uk said on 01/06/2014

I bought this a while ago from boots and I must admit I was shocked on how good it is! I don't really like to use powder as it goes cakey on me but thought I would give this a go after seeing a review on a site I write reviews on. It's brilliant, it's really finely milled so it feels like nothing on the face and it is truly translucent (unlike other brands which do leave colour on your face) I have oily skin and this fixes it in one go. It also doesn't cake if you reapply through the day. Definitely in love with this brand

Kirstie from Fareham said on 27/03/2014

I absolutely love this product!
I have just recently converted to S&G! And I honestly haven't been disappointed with anything yet! So I'm making the most of Boots 3 for 2!

I have never found a setting powder that actually is translucent on my pale white skin! Love this product! Whatever did I do without it! Ha ha

Eirian Tomkins from Cardiff said on 12/02/2014

Great mattifying powder for very oily faces! I have a very oily nose, shiny under eye bags and eyelids that are so oily it looks like i have water in the crease all the time! I sweep this with a Real Techniques powder brush all over my face, concentrating on eyes, nose, etc. And i'm all ready for school! This should be ideal for all skin types as it's translucent, doesn't clog up pores and makes any foundation/ bb cream stay in place all day with a silky finish!

Sarahh from UK said on 06/01/2014

I got a few Soap & Glory products for christmas so I went on here & looked at the best sellers. I really wanted to try this powder I have really oily skins and its so annoying at time! :( I went out and got this the next day, I've been using it every day and I love it you can definitely tell the difference from my old powder. It makes my skin look flawless and I can always retouch when ever I need to and it won't make my make-up look cakey! I've been looking for a powder like this forever thank you so much soap & glory you're a life saver! :) I'm well pleased! x

eve from Uk said on 29/12/2013

I have really oily and acne prone skin and this powder is great, I can use any foundation and put this power on afterwards and it gives my makeup a perfect finish. I love this powder as it makes my skin feel so soft. As my skin is really oily I do have to put some more on through out the day but still I will buy this again deffo!

Woweee from Uk said on 28/11/2013

This translucent powder is an actual life saver! I've always suffered from oily skin and other powders just made my make up cake :( this product can leave me non-shiny all day without having to reapply :) don't be put off by the price!

louisebambi1989 from Derby said on 18/08/2013

Found this on Friday as I wanted a setting powder. Normally I buy a light shade of powder foundation but it never looks right so I was skeptical (especially as I was duped out of my money by them make up girls in shopping centres that hand out the little black bags of make up - they told me that their light powder was mineral make up so would blend into my skin tone - I looked like an oompa loompa!!!)but this is brilliant. You can't even see it other than your skin feels so smooth. A permanent resident in my make up bag.

Mali from England said on 05/08/2013

This product is by far, the best setting translucent powder I have ever tried. I have extremely oily skin and I was beginning to struggle to find a drugstore powder which lasted all day without my skin becoming shiny. But my goodness really does work!! The powder definitely keeps oily skin at bay. No need to reapply, a little goes a long way too!(Again tested on a 10 hour work shift). I would highly highly recommend this product to anybody with oily skin or looking for a good setting powder over foundation which lasts all day.

Campus's from West mids said on 23/06/2013

This had been reviewed by pixiwoo"s as described , brilliant very light keeps t zone oil at bay even in humid weather. Very impressed

Rachel from Liverpool said on 28/04/2013

This is an amazing product! the reviews are 100% correct. Usually within an hour i have a very oily T-Zone, this keeps it completely matte all day. It has a great finish, and is certainly worth the money.

Neen from London said on 16/04/2013

This is by far the best makeup product I have ever used. I used to buy the mac mineralise powder and this is just so much better! It gives a perfect finish (almost airbrushed look) all day.

Lasers from England said on 29/03/2013

Love it! Love it! Love it!

I have very oily skin which always ruins my makeup making me look super shiny just a few hours into the day. I use this powder, and even now - 8 hours after I applied it, I'm matte as a bone! Haha!

Usually I have to reapply powers every hour, but I'm not even shiny at all. Best £12 spent!

Cassie from Stoke on Trent said on 25/03/2013

God bless S&G. I have the mosy ridiculously oily/greasy skin, and this is the only product, out of the MANY I have tried, that keeps my shine under control. Will never be without this product, I love it.

I do dee from Nottingham said on 25/03/2013

Great product, I have a greasy nose that just breaks through all products that I've tried but this one keeps it under control and you don't have to top it up for hours. Another great Soap and Glory product.

Kirsrt from Sheffield said on 09/03/2013

Thank you S&G I love you! You have finally invented probably the best product for people like me with super oily skin! I usually pat this powder into my t-zone then just brush lightly over the rest of my face so my face looks matte all day, I hate looking like I've just dipped my face into a chip pan! I've been after something like this for ages, I've tried various & expensive powders but this is THEE one. I would say to anyone who suffers with oily/greasy face to use this, it's fab! :-)

stanka from USA said on 04/03/2013

This truly is a POWder! Talk about mattifying effect that lasts all day long - it's totally translucent, absolutely undetectable leaving skin silky smooth. I love it, and the new plastic packaging is awesome!

xJadoreBellex from London said on 04/03/2013

I must say I'm very very very impressed with this product!!! I have really shiny skin which really gets me down as my make-up very often looks greasy but since using this my face is shine free. Thankyou S&G xxx

Liz from London said on 26/02/2013

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! I have the most oily skin ever and having tried many powders from different well known brands they just seem to sink into my skin as the day goes on. I decided to try this as it claims to control and absorb oil and boy, it does it well! Good bye shiny nose! You have done it again Soap & Glory! Well done!
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