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Bronzing Spray

GLOW GETTER™ delivers an INSTANT tan, and FLAWLESS glow. A foundation-like, bronzing formula to create perfectly tanned, smooth, and beautifully soft silky skin. It applies easily with a wash off, NO STREAK formula.

Instructions for Use

Keep a glow profile. Hold this can 20-25cm from your skin, then spray GLOW GETTER™ lightly onto your body for an instant blast of beach. Blend in with your fingertips until it’s all even. Washes off.

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Overall Rating:

4.2 out of 5 (42) Review(s)

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Jo from Sheffield said on 12/08/2017

Awful formulation. Please bring back the old one. This one feels like a cooling spray and is such a fake colour. A poor substitute for the old recipe. Bad move.

Sam from Luton said on 28/05/2017

They need to bring back the old one

Sam from Luton said on 28/05/2017

They need to bring back the old one

Kaesi B from London said on 14/05/2017

Such a disappointment this new product!!! Who ever chose to change it, has ruined it completely.

I loved the old brown bottle so much sprayed evenly, formulary went on skin so easily and was great in the hot sun never came off on your clothes... the best product by far and was my lifeline if I ever needed to tan at short notice.
Now the new bottle is better looking however it goes ..cloggy/ greasy barrier the spray is unpredictable and feels like you can get skin freeze from the spray can. I have had to stop buying it.
Such a shame, I am just waiting for you to correct it so I can start buying it again!
Please bring it back the old bottle but with the new pink design!

abstar from uk said on 10/02/2017

loved the old glow getter, but really disappointed with this new formula. heavy, doesn't cover evenly, hard to rub in and far too orange. Loved how the old one could be used the old one in the day on my face to give my complexion a lift but this one is just too fake. Please bring back the old glow getter!!

LJS from Leeds said on 07/05/2016

I loved the old glow getter and was made up when I saw that it was for sale again however it is not any where near as good! The texture is much heavier and colour looks much more fake, disappointing and wishing for the old product! Average product

lainy from manchester said on 24/02/2016

this product was my favourite product of all time and I was gutted when it was discontinued...I was made up when I saw this but its deffo not the same. This new one is nowhere near as good, its orange what was wrong with the old recipe? so disappointed. I think its the only S&G product I don't like

Becky from UAE said on 14/02/2016

I love love loved the glow getter in the brown can. The new pink packaged glow getter is not the same, and I'm sorry to say I will no longer be buying this product unless you revert to the old recipe. VERY disappointed!!! This was a staple in my daily routine and I'm sad to say that I will have to try to find a new product that matches up to the old glow getter.

Presto from uk said on 12/09/2015

I love this! I used to use it on my face but can you use the new version on your face as it only says to use on legs and body. Can anyone help?

Birdbrain from Sussex said on 08/08/2015

For an English rose like myself ....ok pasty ! What an amazing product .... please please bring it back , it made me feel proud to get my pins out !

boo from glasgow said on 23/06/2015

I am devastated that this product has been discontinued it's the only tan I have ever used and just ran out totally gutted please bring it back

Cathy from Northwest Arkansas said on 03/06/2015

Please, Please bring this back. The best tanning spray ever to hit the market. Ready to stock up on it. I have been looking for this for 2 or 3 years. I bought this at Target before. Fell in love with it.

smh from usa said on 27/05/2015


Kate from Newcastle upon Tyne said on 17/05/2014

Please bring this back it is without question the best instant tan i have ever used, desperately trying to stock up on any still out there :(

Cole from Southwest said on 16/05/2014

Literally used every tanning product on the market and this is by far the best. So easy to apply and lasts well. Looking at the reviews it has been discontinued which is a massive shame.

Lou1991 from Grimsby said on 16/05/2014

This is THE BEST tanning product I have ever bought and it is worth every penny! Why has it been discontinued :( very very disappointed, bring it back!!!!

Donnatella from England said on 12/05/2014

Can't believe this has been discontinued?! This product is amazing! Bring it back!

Soap and glory fan from County Durham said on 11/05/2014

Absoultely devestated that this has been discontinued I used it every, always bought in bulk as it was so popular now im down to my last please please bring it back!

Very very dissapointed! :(

Whywhywhysg from Leicester said on 09/05/2014

It would seem you've discontinued this product which I've been using for the last two years, Daily I might add! I'm absolutely gutted to find it has been discontinued it was perfect ! I had a lot of scars from many operations and it covered them brilliantly and gave me back my confidence that had been lost for so long. why would you remove this from your range, it clearly by other comments I have read played a part in many other customers beauty routines and was always in demand and still is !! So please tell us why !! One night tanned is rubbish compared to glow getter, it was the best tan on the market ..... Please bring it back and keep many avoiding sun beds! Shame on you soap and glory!!

nicola from norfolk said on 08/05/2014

Cant believe boots doesn't continuously stock this, its brilliant and always sells out. Why???? I don't understand it. There is alot of people who want this and cant get it, bring it back please x

Dj d from Manchester said on 07/05/2014

Noooo!!!! Can't believe this has been discontinued??? Why ??? It's the best tan about! Cant believe it absolutely gutted!!!
Need to get this back on the shelves again soon!!

Blondeshavemorefun from Northern Ireland said on 01/05/2014

My daughter recommended this product to me & said it was the best bronzed she had ever used. I loved the colour of her skin when she used this so decided to give it a try myself on my quite pale Celtic skin. Wow! It's amazing.......
However, now when trying to replenish supplies ...we were shocked to be informed that Soap & Glory have decided to discontinue this product. Why?..? It's a superb product...please please bring it back. You have a very loyal fan base so please listen up & pay attention.....BRING back glow getter ASAP soap & glory! Thanks

Lou from Berkshire UK said on 01/05/2014

I am devastated this has been discontinued! Loved it & glad I bought in bulk but still panicking about running out! Please bring it back ASAP!! So many people love it - got to be a best seller?

Thank you x

lmb from london said on 28/04/2014

My sister LOVES this product and is devastated to find it has been discontinued! WAKE UP SOAP AND GLORY AND BRING THIS PRODUCT BACK IT IS AMAZING! At least tell us why it has been discontinued! :(

Liv from Birmingham said on 28/04/2014

This is a fantastic product and I am shocked to find out this week you have discontinued this product. Please bring this product back its fantastic

Lolo from London said on 22/04/2014

Please get this back in stock ASAP!!! Its needed urgently.....Mucho Gracias

Jenna from Yorkshire said on 18/04/2014

This is absolutely the best fake tan ever. When ever I wore it friends would comment how good it is ! please bring it back in stock ! thanks

Queen Q from Manchester said on 16/04/2014

This is an amazing product which I cannot believe is out of stock. This product is a must for those who want a temporary fix! Please bring back in stock.

V from London said on 08/04/2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Its my summer staple! I really need another one, how come its sold out every where, rumors say is discontinued, is this true soap and glory??? HELP

m from Gloucester said on 18/03/2014

Amazing product, instant tan, no smell, really even.

luci loy from leicester said on 16/03/2014

I love love love this product and havent used any other tanning products since it came out however I have found out today that it has now discontinued which has resulted in me clearing out boots supply im absolutly gutted .why why why! X

Martaxoxo from Reading, UK said on 01/09/2013

This is a good product - easy and quick application and no streaks! It's perfect when you wake up in the morning and it's warm and sunny outside and you want to wear a dress or shorts but you didn't apply any self-tanner a night before. You're tanned just in 15 minutes! The colour it gives you is nice, however it's a bit reddish to me and I prefer yellowish/golden tones. And, hey, what glow are you talking about? There's no glow really - your skin is very matte after application. All in all, it's a good product that can give you and instant tan when you're in a rush and need it quickly :)

Jamie from Manchester said on 13/02/2013


Application is super fast, colour is great and you can build it up darker with another quick spritz if required.

This is just perfect!

Fifi from South Africa said on 15/01/2013

Most AMAZING product ever and I have used loads of various bronzes!

Beth from Lancashire,United Kingdom said on 03/11/2012

This is amazing!! Doesn't go streaky or orange,instant too! Only thing is it does get everywhere..even if a towel is down so just be careful. Otherwise it is amazing.

Gina from Stoke on trent said on 11/09/2012

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hailez from UK said on 21/06/2012

I never used bronzing sprays before.. 2 years ago, i got this as a gift and i was ready to give it away! thinking it is going to be just another thing that will make you look like you got a baaad spray tan.. I was so wrong! No stains, easy to use! I put just a bit of spray on my face and arms and rub it everywhere.. i just glow! Looks so natural and lovely!

amy from england said on 16/01/2012

totally LOVE this! it dosent go streaky, orange or patchy. its like holliday skin in a bottle!

smithie from USA said on 17/11/2011

If you crave sun kissed look this is the product for you. It is super light spray that is so easy to apply and you can build up the look from very light to absolutely super heavy Jersey-Shore-like. Great great product with super flawless airbrushed finish. Love it, use it.

MG from Glasgow said on 06/11/2011

This is a great product! It's really easy to apply, looks amazing on, doesn't rub off on your clothes & doesn't have any horrible smell to it .. with a bit of Soap & Glory Solar Bronzer on top its gorgeous!

Casey from Boston, United States said on 15/10/2011

I can't even begin to describe how much I LOVE this product. I bought when you carried it at Target. Living in a college dorm with three other girls, I would always run out from others borrowing this AMAZING bronzer. It never was streaky, never looked fake, and always gave me a bronzed, natural glow with an easy application- it was seriously the best bronzer I have ever used. I've since been in pursuit of something similar with no luck. Where can I buy this in the US?!

Alex from London said on 12/10/2011

Hello Soap & Glory, just wanted to comment on how much I am loving Glow Getter. It's the best spray tan I've come across. Being quite fair I struggle to find a tan that doesn't make me look orange, but Glow Getter is just fantastic, it gives me a real glow and lovely bronzed look without going OTT, I also love that you can spray it on and there is no mess and no streak marks. Well done Soap & Glory, you've done it again! xxxx
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