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Fragranced Body Spray Gift Set

Three gorgeous fragranced body sprays (each in a 100ml bottle) including our fabulous and signature Original Pink™, very sexy day spray Mist You Madly™, and uplifting Fruitigo™.


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Larissa from Brazil said on 07/01/2017

Please, I adore Glam-a-lot Fragrance, here in Brazil people just love when I broght this scent. I'm gutted. please, please, please GLAM-A-LOT back

Pollie from France said on 28/06/2016

Please bring back glam-a-lot, it's the best perfume ever, and I used to order it especially from the UK to France...

Lottie from Birmingham UK said on 21/05/2016

Please please please bring back glam-a-lot body spray!! It really is the best body spray that you have ever sold... It clearly has tons of fans that want it back...
How can you leave us disappointed like this???

Upset from Tamworth said on 11/04/2016

I was already disappointed when you stopped selling glam a lot on its own and started making it only available in these 'gift' products. Now it's gone completely and I'm honestly gutted. None of the other scents do any justice. Most of the newer ones are too sickly (especially orangeasm, Jesus) and the rest are just boring by comparison, and their scents are gone within a few others. Glam a lot was the perfect scent for me, and I've lost track of how many times people would comment saying how nice it smelt. Please bring it back, even just as a limited offer product. It's not even just one person saying it here and there, it's a whole market asking you to bring back a product that was one of your best sellers.

Louise from Newcastle said on 15/03/2016

Bring back Glam-A-Lot! None of the other scents compare - I'm not buying a multi-pack for a small bottle of the only scent I like.

Read the rest of these reviews, you've got customers waiting to spend their money on your product - bring it back!

Sarah from Bromley said on 01/01/2016

I've only just discovered this body spray and I absolutely love it! Would be amazing if available in a perfume - please consider this S&G, having read the previous reviews there's obviously a huge demand for it.....

Fran from Surrey said on 14/11/2015


Ange from Uk said on 06/11/2015

The stars are only for glam a lot I only buy the set just for this and give the others away its my face and I wish you would bring it back on its own please listen

Lizzie from Scotland said on 17/10/2015

Absolutely distraught to hear the glam a lot has been discontinued I love this mist please bring it back

GEEEEE from Sheffield said on 11/09/2015

Fab body sprays! But my favourite is glam a lot, gutted it has been discontinued, I get a lot of compliments on my glam a lot body spray. Shame I have to buy the set to be able to get my favourite one. PLEASE BRING IT BACK INTO A BIG BOTTLE!!!!

BBBlack from Melbourne said on 24/07/2015

Glam a Lot is the most awesome spray.. I got complements left right & center every single time I wore it.. Please bring it back.. I used to order 3 bottles at a time when I move back to Australia.. Mist you madly smells like a granny spray.. Yuk..

Meg from Chester UK said on 22/07/2015

Would love to buy Glam a Lot on its this product!

Styler from Manchester said on 17/07/2015

WHY have you discontinued Glam-a-lot? I'm giving this 2 stars as the fragrances in the package are wildly different, so there's a good chance if you like one, you will not like the others (like me). But, if I want Glam-a-lot, my only option is to waste almost £8.50 on this variety pack for a teeny bottle.... or go to eBay, where the same teeny bottles of Glam-a-Lot are selling for about £5 at the cheapest. Get the hint, guys!

BethS&GFan from London said on 26/06/2015

Really love this gift set as it contains my favourite scent mist you madly! and the original pink scent girligo and the glam a lot was lovely shame it's been discontinued :(

BethS&Gfan from London said on 26/06/2015

Love this set. It contains my favourite scent must you madly! and the classic original pink girligo scent. Such a shame the glam a lot has been discontinued :( it was such a beautiful scent for a spray...

Jinsy from Glasgiw said on 31/05/2015

Another one here to complain about the discontinuation of Glam a lot. Why? This fragrance is a lot more complex than the others, and not everyone is a fan of the original Soap and Glory signature scent. I love the products, but i don't enjoy the pink range. I could give or take the other two, but object to having to purchase two items that i won't use. If you don't wish to sell it full size, you at least know there are people willing to buy it in the set, so why not just sell them individually? I am 33, for reference and i use this a lot, despite buying predominantly higher end products. Even if this were to be switched to the Bliss range, i would be more than happy. Three stars for Glam a Lot, two stars off for disliking the other two. Huge shame.

Gill from Wray said on 17/05/2015

Very disappointed that you cant buy Glam-A-Lot as a stand alone product :(

Mac from Uk said on 10/05/2015

I sooo need Glam a lot......please re introduce it into your range again soon, pleeeease

Huge glam a lot fan from UK said on 27/04/2015

please please please please please listen to your customers and bring glam-a-lot back its the more sophisticated of the 3 and my ultimate fave that my hubby loves only 3 stars for the lack of glam-a-lot

Hall from Ipswich said on 14/03/2015

The 3 stars are for Glam a lot, love this, but want to buy it on its own and can't, so have to buy this pack to get it!!!

Jeniewren from London said on 27/01/2015

You would have got 5 stars apart from discontinuing Glam-a-Lot. This would be a definite best seller in the body spray or in a perfume. LISTEN TO YOUR MARKET !

floss from devon said on 12/01/2015

Please soap and glory why have you discontinued glam a lot its such a beautiful smelling spray that everyone loves! I was very upset as it was the top of my daughters xmas list and its not available in a 250ml but still in the 100ml gift pack ? And she int keen on the other two sprays. Bad move removing this product hence only 3 star rating ...sorry from a dissappointed customer

Sam from London said on 03/01/2015

Please bring Glam-a-lot back!!

claire from uk said on 01/01/2015

I also needs Glam A sad it's discontinued. I bought this set just for that one <3

Vans from Abu Dhabi said on 28/12/2014

Its not really sensational. Got this as a gift, somehow they're cheap looking, I guess I'm expecting too much for the price. Will stick to my other brand for perfumes.

amanda from west midlands said on 14/12/2014

I was sooo disappointed to be informed that the soap and glory glam a lot spray has been discontinued this is one of my favourite soap and glory products I wear this everyday and prefer it to perfume, many compliments on the smell from friends and colleagues please please bring it back I only have 2 bottles left. This spray is so much better than the other sprays I will beg and then beg again.

amanda from west midlands said on 14/12/2014

I was sooo disappointed to be informed that the soap and glory glam a lot spray has been discontinued this is one of my favourite soap and glory products I wear this everyday and prefer it to perfume, many compliments on the smell from friends and colleagues please please bring it back I only have 2 bottles left. This spray is so much better than the other sprays I will beg and then beg again.

amanda from west midlands said on 14/12/2014

I was sooo disappointed to be informed that the soap and glory glam a lot spray has been discontinued this is one of my favourite soap and glory products I wear this everyday and prefer it to perfume, many compliments on the smell from friends and colleagues please please bring it back I only have 2 bottles left. This spray is so much better than the other sprays I will beg and then beg again.

deb from liverpool said on 06/12/2014

love glam -a -lot body spray like mist you madly not fussed on girligo. if s&g have discontinued the 250ml glam-a-lot body spray how they still selling it in 100 ml in this set????

Stacey from Manchester said on 23/11/2014

Please Please Please Please Please Please Please PleasePlease Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please bring back Glam-a-lot body spray

Jessica Rabbit from Dubai said on 03/11/2014

I love SnG products yet am pretty disappointed in the fact that GLAM A LOT has been discontinued knowing , and believe me SnG team, its by far the most sexiest body mist I've ever laid my hands on. My whole family starting buying it after I got it! Mom keeps using the very last bottle I have because she enjoys it! PLSSSSSS BRING IT BACK

Love xx

Lynn from UK said on 30/10/2014

After searching everywhere for a single bottle of "glam a lot" spray without any luck I heard that its being discontinued : ( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please tell me this is not true I absolutely love the smell of it and will be truly upset if this is the case : (

Yass from Eyebrows Raised said on 26/10/2014

OW-MY-LORD!! And I thought some kind Ebay-ers would keep calm and provide us with the marvelous Glam-A-Lot. I've spoken to you guys before and you said that it has been discontinued so i started buying off ebay biddings and now those are discontinued. PLEASE PLEASE I beg of you bring it back! its the most sexiest scent eveeeer!

With Love x

amandaw from Leeds said on 09/09/2014

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE BRING GLAM A LOT BACK, so gutted its the best one! ;-( xxxx

Clara from France said on 18/07/2014

I actually come for France and whenever I go to the UK, I take advantage of my time there to buy a glam-a-lot fragrance bottle...and last week, I couldn't find it anywhere :( hope you bring it back because it's an amazing smell !

CaroleG from UK said on 08/07/2014

I feel the need to add to the pleas to bring back Glam a Lot. It is the most lovely body spray. Mist you Madly just isn't as nice. So, please, please, please, bring back the single bottles of Glam a Lot for all of us fans. And, better still, turn it into a fragrance to add to the line xx

Hayleysherry from Droitwich said on 27/06/2014

Why discontinue glam a lot I love it and don't like the others :-(

kiwi73 from cambridge said on 21/05/2014

why o why have you discontinued Glam a Lot body Spray?!! SOAP AND GLORY ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS?? There are no replies to the many reviews asking for the product to be brought back.

its such an amazing smell and all us girls and women want it back! please please listen to us and bring back Glam a Lot!

Emma from London said on 14/04/2014

Gutted that Glam-a-lot has been discontinued! I'm down to my last half a bottle! It's the best body spray I've ever found!

Libbylou from Devon said on 07/03/2014

Pleaseeee bring back glam a lot it's my all time favourite

Jo from UK said on 05/03/2014

I have been brought this set as a present as it was the only way people could get hold of my favourite Glam-a-lot spray which is always on my Birthday and Christmas list. It is my favourite smell and all my children think of it as my smell and are gutted that we can't get the large bottles any more. Why has it stopped??? I have been reduced to scouring eBay for it as people are selling odd bottles and they are going for a ridiculous price as everyone misses it - it's just scandalous!

bex from london said on 07/02/2014

Please bring back glamalot- just came on to this site to specifically look for it as about to run out and i'm GUTTED it's not available! I would buy a prefume of this as well if you made it please please please please please please bring it back!! I want to be able to wear it at my wedding!! xo

meme from ksa said on 07/02/2014

Sorry currently out of stock !!! :(

Nikki from Eastbourne said on 26/01/2014

Please bring back Glam-a-lot! It smells wonderful and I haven't brought the others as they just don't smell as good. My mum, sister and myself all hope to see it again soon. P.s love all the other products :)

Hans Solo from Indiana USA said on 08/01/2014

Bring back GlamALot it was the tops!! I loved it

Nickname from Location said on 08/01/2014

BRING BACK GLAM A LOT!! I want to cry, it's such an amazing scent. PLEEEEEEEEEASE I WOULD BUY IT ON THE REG!!!!!!!!

Glitter11 from Watford said on 06/01/2014

Why would you discontinue Glam-a-lot?! its the best smell. Please Bring it back!!

Bumdeay from Derby said on 29/12/2013

Please, please can we have a large single bottle of Glam- A- Lot, it is amazing; its the best scent i have ever found!

Anita from London said on 28/12/2013

Please don't tell me you've discontinued Glam-A-Lot it's the best S&G scent!

lozzyB from Cambridge said on 18/12/2013

PLEEEEAAASSSSSEEEEE Bring Glam A Lot back!!!!!!!!!! It's the best body spray ever :(

becca w from crawley said on 15/12/2013

I can not seem to find this anywhere, I've been looking for the bottle on the right on its own I was given a bottle and have used it up and want to replace it.. can anyone suggest where I can get them??

MascaraMummy from Aberdeen said on 04/12/2013

Please please please bring back Glam A Lot, can't believe you've discontinued it :-(((((

Armadiloes from Scotland said on 03/12/2013

Please bring Glam A Lot back as a scent, gutted that you've taken this off the market!

claire from Middlesbrough said on 20/11/2013

Gorgeous scents, but like the above reviews I too want glam-alot back as an individual big spray!! It's mine and my mum's absolute favourite and I've been searching for it everywhere not realising it had been stopped. Please bring it back!

Laura from England said on 16/11/2013

Please bring back Glam a lot, I am gutted I cant get hold of it. I love it.

Laura from Preston said on 23/10/2013


rach from UK said on 03/10/2013

Please please please bring back glam a lot! It's my scent, how I smell, and I really don't want to have to find a new one

Julia from Uk said on 27/09/2013

Absolutely gutted that this has been discontinued.
Prefer it to any expensive perfume. So do all my friends.
Pleeeeease reintroduce it :-(((((

christine from newcastle said on 16/09/2013

i am also gutted that one of my favourite S&G product Glam-a-lot has been discontinued! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back. its not only the smell i love but the memories it brings back. :)

Anna from Derby said on 03/09/2013

I agree with the previous review that this is great value and I also bought this to get hold of my favourite body spray Glam-A-Lot!
I am gutted that Glam-A-Lot has been discontinued!
Soap & Glory PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this body mist back! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :)
It is my favourite EVER S&G product and it needs to return please, or as a perfume even?

Polly from UK said on 20/08/2013

This is a great value boxset, and now it is the only way I can buy my favourite scent, Glam-a-Lot. Please bring back Glam-a-Lot S&G! Would really recommend this as a gift! I bought it for my kid-sister and she was thrilled to bits!

Chrystabel from England said on 04/03/2013

This a great box set, great value. I love mist you madly!

Jasmine from United Kingdom said on 06/02/2013

I'm so glad I bought this. Mist You Madly has stolen my heart . I absolutely adore these smells!!!! PLUS they're so great for taking everywhere with you in your handbag!
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