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A 4-in-1 brow kit

A 4-in-1 shaping, perfecting, highlighting & taming kit that includes 2 brow powder shades, a pearl shimmer highlighter and a transparent setting wax to hold brows in place.
This is a brow perfecting kit that contains everything you need to shape, define, fill, and set brows. The shades inside custom mix to suit everybody’s brows.
What shades are available: Love is Blonde and Hot Chocolate Brow Powders with a Clearfix Wax, and a creamy pearl shimmer Arch Highlighter.

This product is vegan.

Instructions for Use

Comb your brows into shape. Use the black angled brush to apply a light coating of CLEARFIX WAX, comb through your brows, then use the yellow angled brush to shade the shape (a little or a lot) with a custom mix of blonde/chocolate BROWPOWDER. Dab HIGHLIGHTER under the high point of the arch and blend along the browline

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Overall Rating:

4.4 out of 5 (15) Review(s)

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Rachisla89 from Great!! said on 09/05/2019

I used to use a different brand of eyebrow powder but my cousin introduced me to this soap and glory eyebrow set and I’ve never looked back! There’s a mirror and two applicator with double ends and shades for brows including highlights for underneath your eyebrows. I’ve kept mine in my bag and honestly can’t praise it enough! A must buy!
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Ash91 from Amazing said on 26/08/2018

Brought two day's ago and I'm in love! I've used a few brow product's, had HD and with this kit all you need is a good shape brow follow the easy instructions on the back and bam you've got some awesome looking brows and saving yourself a fortune in the long run!
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ceejh from Good for starters said on 09/06/2018

The product is good, however both waxes weren't very good. The powders were amazing but ia it worth £12 for 2 powders?
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Shannon3388 from Great value for money said on 25/01/2018

Been using this pretty much everyday for a year now and it’s still going strong! I’ve tried out many other expensive brow palettes and this one is by far the best and half the price
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lacegrennox from Lasts forever! said on 29/12/2017

I bought this product over a year ago and it's still going strong, I love the pigment and the texture of the dark brown shade and it's perfect for sculping my brows.
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Maz_1985 from Browlicious said on 15/04/2017

I have been using this for a good 8+ months and I literally use it every single day and there still seems to plenty more left. _x000D_
I am very fair skinned with blonde hair but I like to have a dramatic brow without it looking too bold and over the top. This is great for achieving that as you can build up the colour gradually until you get the desired effect._x000D_
I tend to start with the lighter khaki colour and then move on to the darker brown until I get the colour I want. I then use the wax on top to seal and then the very lovely highlighter along my brow bone._x000D_
This is a perfect little kit as you get everything you need to have fab brows in a neat little package._x000D_
Also as a side note: the mirror is also great as it's a nice size.
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Rose211 from Fab Brows! said on 02/11/2016

This is the first brow kit I've tried and I asnt sure what to expect particularly at the price but I love it! I was using soap & glory's brow & tint which is a fantastic product but I found the tint didn't last as long as the pencil and the tint gave precision so I moved onto this product and I'm sticking with it! I have dark brows and use the lighter colour first to build up colour and fill in my brows and the darker shade to define. The powder sticks to the wax and stays perfect all day and the creamy highlighter is fab, the best eyebrow highlighter I've found. Don't pay more than you need to for fab brows!
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Deee670 from Awful product, was disappointed said on 31/10/2016

Product looked & seemed worth £12 but when I tried it out, it was the complete opposite.
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Gemma from Definite value for money! said on 31/05/2016

I have the gappiest brows known to man thanks to over plucking, shaving and waxing as a teen. Something I later lived to regret! For a long while I used pencils, but always found them to lack a certain fullness I was trying to achieve. So I decided to give a powder a go. In my quest for beautiful brows I tried clinique, benefit and revolution. All good but not quite the right shade or wouldnt last as long as my day. Then I discovered these bad boys! The blonde has a khaki undertone which prevents too much warmth so stays more true to tone. Lasts for ever! Comes with mini spoolie and the highlighter is actually NICE! Definitely recommend this product!
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Spring19 from Amazing! said on 11/03/2016

I bought this with the hope it would be great without having to spend £20+ on more expensive brands when this works just as well! I have always used pencils and found this really easy to use considering I have not used a gel-like eyebrow makeup before!
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Sarah from Swansea said on 11/03/2016

Great to start with if you never have done your eyebrows before. It is good as a filler, but not for precision lines, use a similar colour eyebrow pencil for the sharp edges. I am not too fond of the highlighter and personally don't like using the wax.

Anna from Newcastle said on 07/03/2016

The most handy, handbag sized product. All in one for an everyday fix. I comb, then lightly powder, wax then highlight. Then fill in with the brow archery product. I think this is FAB.

Laura from U.K. said on 30/01/2016

Love this eyebrow kit! I need something quick that I can use every day with or without any other make-up as my brows are thin and a lot lighter than my hair. This is great with the powder on its own in the day time if you're not wearing any other make-up or the highlighter for underneath your brow gives a lovely finish over make-up without being obvious. Bought it last summer and still have loads left (even though I use it every day) so it's lasting much longer than I expected. It looks a lot more natural than a pencil would. I don't really use the wax but it has kept them in place for a while when I have. Will definitely buy it again if it ever runs out!

Jo-ey from UK said on 23/11/2015

Debated between this product and benefit which is double the price. Im really happy with this product & glad i didn't buy the benefit one as this is just as good. I like that you get two shades so you can blend them get the colour for you.

Freddie-rae from Wales said on 25/06/2015

Love love love love love love archery DIY!!!! Oh my God it has saved my brows and if i do say so they look fabulous! It gives an amazing colour and shape that doesn't make you look like you've used a crayon to colour your eyebrows in! It's so natural looking and the shades are a perfect match.. I'm crazy about this and the wax really does set your brows and helps them stay in shape all day. I even go as far as using the highlighter which I never ever have done before. ❤️❤️❤️
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