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Exfoliating face brush

Face the day with radiant confidence. This double-action cleaning and massage brush gives you amazing face (while feeling amazing). Glow on, try it!

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Handle:100%. Polypropylene Bristle:100% Nylon


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3.2 out of 5 (20) Review(s)

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Melissakb from Deep cleanse said on 19/11/2017

I've bought face brushes and exfoliating face washes in the past, and none have been thorough enough. I've always still had gunk in the pores of my nose and on my chin, even when using a peel mask. This brush is quite harsh: I wouldn't recommend using it on cheeks with too much pressure, but oh my goodness my nose pores have never been so clear! I always use good moisturiser after, I honestly love this. I don't think I'd use it everyday: just when my pores start getting clogged if I've worn a particularly heavy foundation (eg urban decay all nighter)
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Hayley Jayne from Brighton, UK said on 03/02/2017

I personally love this product. I suffer with adult acne, and I've found this to be quite helpful in clearing it up. After 3 times using it, the pores on my nose are practically clear, no more black heads for me!

I use the pink spike silicone side first to get into my pores and then the brush side second to scrub away at the dead skin and anything left from my pores. Don't use the brush side firmly unless you know your skin and it's reaction.

Hayley Jayne!

sophieleannx from Waist of money said on 03/02/2017

Don't get me wrong i love soap an glory but this product is to harsh on the face, I suffer from really bad acne, and this brush made my face so red and painful, the brush is so harsh on the skin. I even tried it on my hand, and it still made it red.
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Adina from London said on 02/02/2017

I am suffering for two days already. My skin is red. The worst product. I used it with my cleanser and extra care, because the brush is not soft. But now I cannot even touch my skin.

Jemgem from Great said on 22/07/2016

This is a great little brush. Not too keen on the plastic bit, not really sure what to use it for. The brush is amazing though and gets deep into the epidermis layer of the skin, and excretes the sebum from my pores. Can be good for all skin types too as if you have sensitive skin you can use the brush lightly and harder if you would like to exfoliate._x000D_
However, the writing on the brush was smudged after the first time I used it, but apart from that, a great product.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

T from London said on 06/04/2016

Rubbish. Very stiff, uncomfortable on the face. Doesn't lather the face wash and leaves my face red. Wouldn't recommend especially if you have sensitive skin. Not worth the price. Disappointed.

Skingirl from England said on 23/03/2016

Love this brush for getting a good deep clean and getting rid of dead skin the pink side is nice to smooth the skin after. However if you have very dry and sensitive skin maybe just use the pink side !

Sarah from Swansea said on 11/03/2016

The bristles have to be used gently as with sensitive skin it felt scratchy, but the other side was a delight to use.

Zoeannx from Acne improvement said on 28/08/2015

Having had acne from the age of 12 (now 16) to only watch it worsen throughout the years, I am always on the lookout to try new products. I have always been a fan of Soap and Glory and I was planning on purchasing an electronic device like a Clarisonic, however, I sort of wanted to ease myself into it by trying out a manual device thing...

In all fairness I wasn't expecting a miracle, as I have been on and off prescripted tablets, creams, whilst excessively spending my money on "the no.1 acne fighter" face washes, BB creams and other products alike. But it's safe to say that the product has pleasingly surprised me.

What's really good about this product is that it truly deep cleanses and enriches my skin, something that I have never really come across before. Yes, afterwards my skin does come out looking a little rough and red but I do this every night and I am truly starting to see an improvement. The improvement being so obvious that friends are even mentioning it.

My routine is to use a cleanser to wash off my makeup (I use a Clinique product), after washing off my makeup, I then put a face wash onto the white side of the brush and in a circular motion scrub my face, particularly over the acne prone areas.

The only downside I would say is that it is a little harsh on the skin, however, with a good moisturiser you can restore your skins previous smoothness! Moreover, I wouldn't say that the flip side of the brush is that necessary but that may just be due to my skin type in particular.

Overall, a very pleasing and top quality product. Would highly recommend.
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Peaches00 from Red glow said on 13/05/2015

The white bristles aren't as soft as I had imagined and leave my face quite red rather than glowing, however I've been using this at night with face wash to get my skin really clean and ready for night cream. I have normal skin, so sensitive or dry skin might find this brush too harsh.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

M&Ms from Tunisia said on 31/03/2015

Very stiff. I've been using it almost daily since december 2014 and to this day it hasn't softened yet!

Shere from too rough said on 15/02/2015

Bought this to replace a facial brush that I managed to break. The bristles on this one is shorter and therefore very harsh on my skin and doesn't lather up my face wash.
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absolutelyangela from Hit and miss said on 24/01/2015

Purchased this after reading a good review on a blog. After using it for the first time, I found the pink side of the brush to be not very effective at doing anything, whilst the bristle white side was overly harsh on your face, the bristles have no flexibility - leaving my skin feeling very scratched, red and sore. Have used a similar one from another brand and has definitely not made my face this irritated and sore.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

MM from Tunis - Tunisia said on 03/01/2015

I bought this brush from Boots while I was on holiday in England. Having olive mediterranean skin, I thought the Boots Organics brush would be too soft for me and wouldn't cleanse my face properly so I got the soap and glory one. I couldn't tell how hard the bristles were when I was in the store as it was covered with plastic.
I've been using it for a week now and even though it REALLY does a good job cleaning and exfoliating my face, I think it's a bit too harsh and abrasive.

I do NOT recommend for people with sensitive or irritated skin.

Mali from Bristol said on 13/07/2014

The brush side is quite stiff initially and took a week to soften enough to use comfortably. Aside from that, it's perfect for getting a really deep cleanse :) The rubbery side is a bit lost on me as I don't feel like it does a great deal though!

Lullaby from Manchester, UK said on 27/06/2014

I bought this, having a great expectations, since it's not the cheapest one. Bristle is very short and stiff, great for my feet, but I would never use it on my face. BUT the rubber, soft brush on the other side is brilliant! I don't use it for cleansing. Once my face is clean, I put the cream or oil on it and massage my skin with the brush. It's brilliant and so nice and relaxing.

Alexandra from London said on 01/04/2014

I have a combination skin, but my cheeks are sensitive. I find this brush a little bit too strong (too hard), however this pink (massage) side is very, very nice. I use it in the morning every two days.

techbunny from Fab face brush said on 02/01/2014

As the review above says this brush can feel a little harsh on your skin but if used carefully I've seen a huge improvement in my skin with less than a week of use.

The rubber side is perfect for carefully buffing exfoliating face wash into the skin and the bristled side is ideal for lathering up cleansing facial wash.

If you cannot afford a more expensive alternative I think this is a great item and massively underrated on here.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Bekkah13 from It ok. said on 16/11/2013

The brush is ok, the huge down side to it would be how rough it is on your skin. I honestly don't think that it is good for your skin. But the upside would be that it does clean your skin well and leaves it feeling good. If this brush was less harsh on the skin it would be amazing.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

alley from london said on 12/10/2013

This is a great tool, iv incorporated it into my daily beauty routine. It really does clean well. Id recommend it to anyone :)
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