Orangeasm™ Body Wash

Orangeasm™ Body Wash


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Zesty-Fresh Revitalising Body Wash

Our zesty-fresh and revitalising ORANGEASM™ Body Wash is scented with fresh green mandarin, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils.

With skin softening, moisture boosting properties and our exclusive MSUDS™ technology, TRIPLE TEA™ antioxidant complex, GINSENG and PINKPEPPERBERRY™, there's really nothing quite like it!

Instructions for Use

Rub a few pumps of ORANGEASM™ Body Wash between your palms, then massage onto damp skin and lather! Rinse, then follow with our similarly scented Body Butter and Super Tonic Fragrance Spray.

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Overall Rating:

4.3 out of 5 (15) Review(s)

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Ella from Uk said on 03/01/2016

I git this in a Christmas box last year and I honestly thought it would be bad but they I started to use it and i love it !!! It's one of my favourite soap & glory products.

xkellier94x from Dublin,Ireland said on 22/09/2015

I got this one as a gift. I'm not overly fond of this one but it did not go to waste. Even my brothers used it as body wash when I accidently left it in the main bathroom in our house. It was gone within two weeks.

JadeC from Lancashire UK said on 24/08/2015

Love this stuff, the packaging looks great in my bathroom and it smells amazing

AMG from Wales said on 20/07/2015

I got this product for Christmas and absolutely love it!
I have sensitive skin so was a bit wary but it's hoenstly fab.

Fifty Shades Of Granary Bread from Liverpool said on 02/04/2015

This stuff is amazing! i use it every time i have bath or a shower, and theres not a day that goes by without this being on the shelf in my shower, its a must have, and might i say, i love the name, bit on the cheeky side are we girls?! I love this soap, and i highly recommend it!

Yours faithfully,

LLL (Liverpools Lovely Lady) x x x

Dev from London said on 28/02/2015

Male Reviewer ALERT:
Smelt the product at a Boots in central London but wasn't impressed. I do a lot (rather, I did) green juicing and Orangeasm reminded me of the smell of lemon rind/skin to me and nothing else. Refreshing if you are looking for something to pick you up first thing in the morning.
Not my cup of tea.

emjosh from North Ferriby said on 29/01/2015

Sooooo dissapointed with this soap and glory product, it hardly smells of anything, supposed to be zesty and revitalising it does not do what it says on the bottle. I have had the original soap and glory body wash and it smelt divine my whole bathroom would smell of it and the smell lingered on your skin.I have a shower gel from a well known shop that only cost 99p and smells far better than soap and glorys orangeasm.So dissapointing.

Lily B from UK said on 15/01/2015

Got this in the big Christmas hatbox as one of my Christmas presents (thanks Mum!), and it's so lovely! It smells wonderfully zesty, but unlike many citrus products it doesn't feel like it's trying to strip all the moisture out of my skin. It cleans effectively, but leaves my skin really soft, and makes the bathroom smell amazing. I've actually gone so far as to hide it from male cohabitor so he won't use it - there's plenty as the bottle is huge, but I want it all for myself!

Debster77 from glasgow said on 13/11/2014

The smell of orange body wash is one of my favourites, so naturally I had to try this when s&g released it. Truly amazing zesty zinginess. Would recommend it to anyone. Can't wait to try out the rest of the range.

Beautyaddict89 from West Midlands said on 21/09/2014

Wanted to try some new s&g and loved the cheeky name so gave it a go. It's so zesty and refreshing! It smells like oranges as the name suggests, and leaves your skin feeling tingly fresh and a nice subtle scent which is enhanced if you use the body butter which is also gorgeous.

If your reading reviews to make your mind up I would say: if you like soap and glory and/or oranges then go for it!

Llama from UK said on 20/09/2014

One of the best products I've ever bought! Smells beautiful and leaves me feeling fresh, deffo recommend this

Janey from Morecambe said on 13/07/2014

Yummy...if you are a fan of citrus fresh fragrances you will love this..,it wakes you up in the morning. The orange is just enough. This will certainly be a regular purchase for me.

S&G no. 1 fan from Oxford said on 07/07/2014

Love this product soo much! Smells amazing and makes skin soft and smooth. I love all of the soap and glory products but this is definitely my favourite body wash. Definitely smells better after about 10 mins after use. Can't get enough of this stuff !!!

DatGal from Ireland said on 16/05/2014

Well... My mum has this and I do like the packaging but the smell is just ugh it smells of macdonalds kind of like it was put together so quickly with no care and the smell is supposed to be oranges but ehh dunno not the best soap and G product yet however love sugar crush mmmm *ten minutes L8er*
Yummy smells guurd. Like zest off the top of a cake. Bum note SandG bum note ps. I did the ten minute thing after smelling it again change my review to 3/5 but still smells like mac d's to me soz still nice doe smell for yourself

Soap and glory addict from Manchester said on 12/05/2014

This is honestly one of the best,if not the best body wash i've ever had. Definately would recommend. It smells amazing and it leaves you feeling awake and refreshed. It's a great morning wake up call. I will surely re-purchase this product.
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