CLEAN ON ME™ Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel

CLEAN ON ME™ Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel


(£1.30 per 100ml)

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Super rich moisturising shower gel


We call this two-in-one, but really, it’s more of a multitasker - a cleansing and hydrating combo featuring a dash of mandarin zest and our gorgeously fruity floral cult classic ORIGINAL PINK™ fragrance.

From 13th January - 9th March 2021, for every Clean On Me Shower Gel sold, we'll be donating to The Hygiene Bank.

Learn more about The Hygiene Bank here >


•          For supremely clean skin that feels like it has been washed with a

           body lotion

•          Super-rich, creamy texture

•          Leaves skin feeling cleansed and refreshed

•          100 washes per bottle

•          Long-lasting fragrance

•          Suitable for all skin types

•          Dermatologically Tested

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Rose & Bergamot


Our signature fruity chypre fragrance where crisp bergamot, crushed green leaves and mandarin refresh a gorgeous bouquet of rose, jasmine and violet. Sensual base notes of patchouli, oakmoss and musks combine to complete our cult-classic signature scent.

Instructions for Use


We all know exfoliation prepares skin for moisture but sometimes you have to feel it to believe it – try our FLAKE AWAY™ Body Scrub first.

Take 100th of the bottle (a little goes a long way), rub into damp skin and rinse off the creamy lather thoroughly - yep, you’ve got this.

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Packed with key ingredients and formulated with mandarin peel and a built-in lotion


Overall Rating:

4.8 out of 5 (120) Review(s)

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My absolute favourite from Hertfordshire said on 30/12/2016

I have been using Clean on me for years Andy ears! It makes you feel silky smooth, it smells divine and you can smell it on your skin for hours after a shower. I normally use 2 pumps on a soap and glory scrunchie and that it more than enough for my entire body. Also that way it lasts for ages. Well worth the money. Highly recommend this wash. One of my favourites!

LadyDell from Hayward, California USA said on 27/12/2016

Amazingly Brilliant! I just received a spa box with several Soap & Glory products for Christmas. I used Clean On Me for the first time today and I fell in love it! The fresh and clean scent is exactly what I have been searching for and my skin feels soft and moisturized. The packaging is so cute and retro that it makes me smile. Brilliant products! I am a new fan!

Chrissy from Reading said on 19/12/2016

Brilliant product. Smells great and leaves skin soft and gorgeous. Really Good VFM. You don't need to use lots of it and it lasts for months.

shanelle from sheffield said on 27/11/2016

i used to really like this when i first got it but then i started realising that a rash was appearing when i used it and that never happened before so please change your formula back again

Ellen from Birmingham, UK said on 06/05/2016

I love this is smells so wonderful! It is very foamy and lathers up well. I just wish they would not do it with a pump, and have a click and squeeze bottle top, like you get on shampoo bottles, as I get fed up having to pump, pump, pump. But other than that its great. I always stock up when it is 3 for 2 at Boots.

LeesaLeesa from Brooklyn, New York said on 24/03/2016

Jesus Christ! I have used so many body washes in the past and I never been in love like I have with Clean On Me. The smell lingers in my bathroom, house, clothes and body. People always ask me what I'm wearing or if I'm around my friends they know that its Soap & Glory. Like I don't feel the need to wear perfume because it is a perfume in itself. I feel clean, refreshed, silky smooth and sexy when I get out the shower. I follow up with the Lotion or Body Butter. So happy that it's available at Walgreens and now Target. I already brought myself another bottle because I use it religiously.

Danielle from New Jersey said on 15/03/2016

I just recently bought this and oh my god I'm OBSESSED! It smells really light and natural and it has a bonus moisturizer in it which keeps my skin nice in the winter. Most shower gels dry my skin, but this one is great!

Danielle from New Jersey said on 15/03/2016

I just recently bought this and oh my god I'm OBSESSED! It smells really light and natural and it has a bonus moisturizer in it which keeps my skin nice in the winter. Most shower gels dry my skin, but this one is great!

Jaleesa from Brooklyn, New York said on 29/01/2016

This shower gel is "LIFE" in a bottle! I was shocked out how big the bottle was when I ordered it from Walgreens. I took a chance on a product that I never smelled, I just brought it based upon the reviews. BOY!!! Was everyone right! I AM IN LOVE!!!! I smell so AMAZING!!!! I get compliments and I'm just turning everyone on to this product. A STAPLE OF MINE!!!! FAN FOR LIFE!!!!

Shents from Plymouth England said on 03/01/2016

The best shower gel!! I love this range I used to buy body shop but switched to soap and glory amazing products

Millie from London said on 01/01/2016

Smells absolutely divine and lasts me a good three months(I shower/bath daily), and ever since using it, I have fallen in love with lots of soap and glory products!

Millie from London said on 01/01/2016

Smells absolutely divine and lasts me a good three months(I shower/bath daily), and ever since using it, I have fallen in love with lots of soap and glory products!

Angelka33 from Plymouth said on 26/05/2015

A must have shower cream. My fave forever :)

mufika from Indonesia said on 04/05/2015

I just came to Sephora and went by soap & glory, this is the first product that I've tried and oh I like the smell and surprise that they have a lotion built in this bottle. I love moisturizing on a soap because I have dry skin.

and I've tried the righteous butter which have the same scents with this. Tried a little bit and very impress with the softness and the smell. sweet but not too sweet, fresh and light.

The shower gel makes me want to take a bath over and over.

I end up bought the package that have this, righteous butter, flake away, and girligo on a travel size. I love them so much and definetely bought this shower gel on a full size. YAY!!!
Now my bath-mate and travel mate will delight me :D

saima from bradford said on 25/02/2015

I am addicted to s&g products this is the best shower gel i have used it smells gorgeous and leaves the skin feeling so soft as well as moisturised..... u only need a little bit of the gel it foams up so much...i definitely recommend

Cheyenne from Exeter said on 20/01/2015

Smells absolutely divine! I can never wait to get in the shower with it!!

Lina from Zagreb, Croatia said on 11/01/2015

Absolutely the BEST shower gel I've ever used! It lathers up a great deal, the scent is divine and it just lingers around for quite a long time. My skin feels softer and more nourished than ever. Just love it! Had to buy it in Berlin 'cause it can't be bought in Croatia..the next bottle I'm buying in Vienna :)

HelpingAngel5 from UAE said on 28/12/2014

Brilliant product. Very uplifting and unique scent. I love it, have decided to make this a permanent fixture in my bathroom. Only its not moisturising enough for me, but my skin is really dry. So I follow up with Righteous butter. Great value for money.

Audreepaudree from Canada said on 12/07/2014

I really wanted to like this product as it was quite expensive but once I tried it a few times, it gave me rashes all over my arms and torso. So if you have sensitive skin I would probably avoid this product.

Franka from the Netherlands said on 21/05/2014

Every time I travel to the UK I get a couple of bottles of Clean on me, it is by far my favourite shower gel ever. (When I run out I actually use it as an excuse to travel back to England..)

Holly from Warrington said on 03/04/2014

This product is great. It smells amazing, just as Soap And Glory products usually do. It lathers up very well. I have the small travel size and I took it on holiday and used it many times and I still virtually have the whole bottle left. A little goes a long way. Overall, it feels great on your skin and makes you feel super soft and it leaves it' lovely little fragrance for a long time after using it too. I really recommend this if you are unsure about whether you want to buy it or not.

ellieot from Yorkshire said on 22/02/2014

I have used this product for a few years and my skin is so soft and moisturised. I highly recommend it! However has Soap and Glory changed the formula? The shower gel is pinker and the ingredients seem to have changed as it doesn't smell as nice and doesnt lather as well?

Natalie from West Midlands (England) said on 07/02/2014

This is my favourite shower Gel from the S&G range. It gives a great lather and lasts forever (considering I use it twice daily).
The smell when using it is just heavenly and it leaves a nice smell for most of the day.

louise from scotland said on 03/02/2014

Smells good and lasts a long time on your skin. Really moisturizing. Even good on sensitive skin.

kate from Liverpool said on 26/01/2014

I absolutely love this product! I have got two big bottles and one small bottle of it! If it runs out i will definitely be buying tons more! It has a really nice scent and makes you smell lovely. The bottle are really easy to use as it squirts out easily with not too much! I would definitely recommend it to anyone young or old! Me, my mum and sister all use it and we LOVE IT! This is 100% 5 stars! I LOVE SOAP&GLORY

Ria from London said on 09/01/2014

I got this shower gel as part of a gift set for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE IT. It feels so fresh and creamy yet not too heavy on the skin. It has the most silky texture and gorgeous fragrance. Since my first experience using Clean On Me I have fallen in love with all Soap and Glory products!! I get so excited to go and shower because I love this product so much! The softness is 10/10. I highly recommend to use The Righteous Butter afterwards to stay sweet- smelling and soft! Enjoy

Catherine from England said on 05/01/2014

Literally the best shower gel on the market. Lasts three months with two of us using it every day. Smells amazing. If you use a body puff with it, it works even better. Thoroughly recommend using the righteous body butter or lotion afterwards too.

Leanne from England said on 23/12/2013

literally the best shower gel i have ever used! smells very feminine, extremely moisturizing very creamy, and a little bit does go a long way so you don't need a lot, comes in a very big bottle and defiantly the only shower gel i will ever be using! highly recommended!!

hlw from United Kingdom said on 21/11/2013

I would always buy this product again and again, but its my least favourite of the shower gels, its not creamy or foamy enough for me when you lather it up. I would still always use it though, because I love the scent!!

Rachel from Malta said on 21/09/2013

I absolutely love this shower gel - it smells *amazing* and is so creamy. Also, a little goes a long way so this lasts for ages! Love it and will definitely re-purchase time and time again!

elliem4e from United Kingdom said on 25/08/2013

I absolutely love everything about this product. It's one of the nicest smelling shower gels I've used and I use quite a lot. It also leaves my skin feeling more hydrated and refreshed than most other shower gels I have used. I also have extremely sensitive skin, and could break out in a rash whenever, except I haven't had this from Soap&Glory at all. I've used so much of it, I'm glad I have two! I really recommend this product to everybody! :)

Purpplo from Missouri, United States said on 20/08/2013

My pump works!! And the soap that pumps out is wonderful!!

My 2 handed helper just twisted and pulled up and TA DA--soap!!

This is a follow up to my earlier complaint that the pump don't work (did the vandals take the handle?) [see Bob Dylan's "Maggie's Farm."]

Anthea from Accrington said on 18/08/2013

Absolutely love this........smells fantastic & leaves you feeling squeaky clean :-)

Charlie the Unicorn from London said on 16/08/2013

The Original Pink fragrance is my favourite from Soap & Glory, so I purchased this with my hopes up, and they weren't let down. This is the only body wash I found that actually leaves your skin moisturised and smelling great. I love this!! Thanks.

Purpplo from Missouri, USA said on 30/07/2013

Yes, it is a nice soap but my pump WILL NOT PUMP!! I had it working when it was in just the right position screw-wise on the cap, but now I cannot even find that sweet spot. I came here to ask how it works, but I guess mine just doesn't work. I need a pump because I have only 1 working hand. Now, I'm just pulling the pump out and wiping the tube on myself to get some soap. I don't think that is very unhygienic.
Is anybody else having dispensing problems?? Or is there a way to make it work that I just can't figure out?
Please help. :)

Kayla from California said on 23/07/2013

I can not get enough of the scent of Clean on Me. I'm obsessed with it. It leaves a light scent after you use it and doesn't dry out your skin. I wish more Soap & Glory products would come to the USA.

Ika from Indonesia said on 14/06/2013

I love this product soooooo much
i hope you open store in Indonesia.

Shelby from New Philadelphia, OH said on 14/05/2013

The ONLY bad thing I have to say about this is that the pump on my bottle doesn't work well at all. Only a drop comes out at a time. :( But that isn't enough to get me to rate this body wash as anything less than 5 stars! It smells absolutely DIVINE, and the lather is such a treat! It's so sudsy and creamy and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and even after you rinse it off the scent lingers all day! Definitely worth every penny, and despite the pump not working on my current bottle I will be purchasing again! Besides, the odds of having the pump on the second bottle not work are probably quite small. I don't see any other comments on here complaining about that.

Georgie from Colchester said on 18/04/2013

Love it!!
Feels wonderful, smells wonderful, is wonderful!!!

Cara from UK said on 18/04/2013

Can't live without it. Gives me soft skin and I love how little you can use and still have a great result. Means it lasts quite a while! Love love love.

lv from USA said on 18/04/2013

I love this stuff. I never go away without it.
I go out of my way to get it
I don't let anyone else use it!!

Livi from Virginia Water, Surrey. said on 17/04/2013

This is the best shower gel that had ever been invented. I use it with the soap and glory shower puff and a pea sized amount will do with that for my whole shower. So creamy, and I almost faint at the smell. Only problem is I go to boarding school so people always use it in the shower because they are stuck with dove or horrid dispenser body wash. Would buy again and again forever and ever. Amen.

lol from NI said on 13/04/2013

lovely smell, bubbles and packaging BUT unfortunately I ended up with dermatitis from using this :-( also the bubble bath is harsh on my skin. it is the first time my skin has reacted like this and packaging its proved difficult to heal :-( pity because the scent is divine

SoapyBubbles from Glasgow, Scotland said on 08/04/2013


I have a skin condition and most of the shower gels i use tend to dry my arms up and make them hard, but this one is just so moisturising and great for my skin, first time i used it i fell in love straight away!

I have went through 3 bottles but they do last a long time even though i wanted to shower everyday at least 10 times so i could smell it again, seriously so good. Got alot of compliments off the smell, and now most the family use it :D!

SolarFlower from Wales said on 08/04/2013

Wow this stuff leaves my skin feeling seriously soft, and smells so nice- relaxing and comforting but kind of sexy at the same time. Yum! I wouldn't be without it now. Other shower gels have made my skin feel dry and I find myself desperately trying to smother myself with body cream afterwards before my skin starts to flake.. But with this body wash I never even feel the need to moisturise afterwards because it nourishes my skin so well which I think is amazing for a shower gel. I would highly recommend. Totally lush.

lia from uk said on 03/04/2013

I suffer from eczema so alot of products irritate my skin.This product however did not and smelt amazing ! i love it!! Also,it is the cheapest of the shower gels and body washes which is a bonus.Been through 5 bottles of this and would definitely recommend it to anyone else x

JessNav from Telford said on 12/03/2013

Sadly Im allergic to this shower gel and it gives me slight eczema however, I cant part with it!! Luckily I've come across an eczema cream so I can continue my affair with this beauty!!

katie from england said on 10/03/2013

This is brilliant! It moisturises so well and of course, smells lovely! Will be buying again and again!

Chippie from London said on 03/03/2013

I gave it one as I was allergic to it and I got very red and itchy

babe from Enland said on 03/03/2013

i hate this rubbish it gave me and my whole family the plague curse who ever invented this pile of dog waste

xJadoreBellex from London said on 28/02/2013

Lovely shower gel very creamy & foamy. You can tell this is a really great shower gel from the amount of bubbles in the water when you rinse off. The only negative about this shower gel for me is that I don't find the scent that strong , it smells great while you're in the shower but as soon as you're out & dryed off you really can't smell a scent at all. If only the scent was stronger I would have rated this five star :-)

Charlotte from Portsmouth, England said on 19/02/2013

This stuff is amazing, the best shower gel I've ever used! Leaves your skin feeling so soft and fruity, definitely worth the price!

Clare from Coventry said on 19/02/2013

This is the best shower gel ever! The pump makes it easy to use as I often find it difficult to undo bottle tops when I'm in the shower & have wet hands but this pump is a brilliant idea. It also reaches right down to the bottom of the bottle so none of the product gets wasted whatsoever. It leaves my skin feeling soft & the smell relaxes me. One of my favourite S&G products.

lils from london said on 18/02/2013

I have been using this for the last few years and can not bring myself to buy any other wash.
it leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling lovely.
I love the pump bottle, The pump even gets the last little drops. so no wastage :D

Little M from Buckinghamshire said on 18/02/2013

This is by far the best shower gel EVER. Love the scent, it's also really nice and creamy, I use it with a shower puff and it lathers up really well.

Grace from Ireland said on 07/02/2013

Love the smell of this!! I can't go back to using anything else!!

MayD from St Neots Cambs said on 26/01/2013

This is really lovely on my skin. For someone who is allergic to a lot of body washes, i have finally found one that I am fine with, and even my daughter can use it without any problems and she suffers from eczma

jaynie from sheffield said on 25/01/2013

this is the best ever dont use any other shower stuff at all love it even my kids use it x

Crazyglory99 from Peterborough said on 24/01/2013

So lovely I can't go back to the alternatives....even my other half steals it sometimes!!!

Marsh from London said on 16/01/2013

#AMAZEBALLS! Best Shower Gel EVER!

Laney baby from ROTHERHAM said on 15/01/2013

Never used S&G until Dec 2012 when it was on Special Offer, OMG always going to purchase it now..... U only need a bit, it goes a long way, luxuriously smooth, silky, and smelling lovely. Not just 5 but 10 stars xxxx

Polkadotkittycat from Sheffield said on 14/01/2013

Lovely scent and lasts ages as it's such a good size bottle, really relaxing after a hard day

Jessica from Hartlepool north east said on 14/01/2013

First time I've ever used soap and glory and must say I do love it! Makes your skin smell delightful and so soft after a shower! Got these products for Christmas and now addicted to them will definitely buy these products when I've run out! This product also lasts ages as you only need a small drop on the body puff for it to lather x

Boofydirk from Cardiff said on 14/01/2013

Cant start the day without my clean on me - best shower product ever, it last ages, makes me smell divine n leaves my skin soft as a babys bum!

jaydster from uk said on 14/01/2013

love the smell of this and makes your skin feel really soft after a shower

shana from uk said on 09/01/2013

This smells lovely and feels really amazing after applying to the skin. I am sure my husband uses it when hes in shower as well but he denies this of course!

Clare Bear from Newcastle said on 09/01/2013

The first product I ever bought by the Gods at Soap and Glory and what started my obsession. This gorgeous bodywash leaves skin soft, lathers up well, has a lush scent and lasts ages! The only problem is I have to hide it from my boyfriend, no one can resist the power of the Soap and Glory :)

clairelp from elgin UK said on 08/01/2013

Received this at christmas along with two miniature tubs of scrub em and leave em honestly these are the most amazing products ever! They leave my skin so soft and smelling gorgeous I have pretty sensitive skin and they don't irritate me well done soap and glory!

Sophie from Colchester said on 07/01/2013

this is a truly luxurious shower gel, with a beautiful fragrance and the most delectable, velvety texture which glides onto skin and leaves you feeling refreshed and beautiful, another soap & glory staple!

V from England said on 07/01/2013

This is an amazing shower gel - there isn't anything else like it!! Gorgeously scented and textured, you really feel clean!! Thank you Soap & Glory for creating this sumptuous product! xx

Em from manchester said on 05/01/2013

This is my favouritr S and G product. Used it for ages now and is the only shower gel I will buy. Wish it was a little cheaper, hower it does last ages and smells divine, leaving your skin super soft.

Beth from London & South East said on 03/01/2013

I love this stuff! Leaves my skin with a beautiful feminine scent AND silky soft!
Using this with the body polisher/push thing is like heaven, bubbles everywhere!!

If Soap and Glory wasn't as expensive, it'd get 5* but it's just too expensive. Wish it was cheaper, they'd make so much more money with the amount of people buying it at that rate :(

Alice from Crawley said on 30/12/2012

I love this product. It's the nicest smelling and leaves your body feeling really clean but also very soft without feeling greasy. I love the smell the most but the fact it's one of Soap and Glory's cheapest products is a bonus!

Kay from st Helens said on 27/12/2012

my all time favourite shower gel love the smell packaging everything deffo 10 out of 10

Lisa from Orland Park, Illnois said on 02/12/2012

I LOVE clean on me ! This product is one of my all time favorites! It smells delicious and I feel squeaky clean after showering with it! It foam up great, and last for months! Great smell! Great price! Great body wash!!! BUY IT! I swear by this stuff!!

Mbali from dubai, UAE said on 25/11/2012

this was recommended to me by a staff at boots.when i approached her, i told her i was looking for a shower gel that rejuvenates and has that wake me up effect, without even hesitating she went straight to the soap and glory stand. i tried it and have never looked back. i am yet to find a product on the market that is ALL SORTS OF LUXURY in one! i love the packaging and i love the contents. it's become my signiture shower gel, if theres such a thing, even my guy loves to lather himself in sum clean on me. every girl should own a bottle of soap and glory shower ge, more so the clean on mel! :D

Steph from Liverpool said on 18/11/2012

Love this. Slightly pricey, but love the built in body lotion and scent.
Leaves my skin feeling soft.
Night shift worker, so my skin gets dry and tired. S&G products help me revive my skin to help it look its best.

HANNAH from UK said on 25/10/2012

I absolutely love the scent of this, it smells like Miss Dior Cherie! I got a bottle over 3 months ago + it's still got about 1/4 left after daily usage.

Boylover@Soap&Glory from Malaysia said on 29/09/2012

This shower gel is simply amazing ! I am so addicted to this lovely scent. My boyfriend introduced Soap and Glory to me and I immediately fall in love with this brand ! I just hope that Soap and Glory could bring more products into Malaysia, and have outlets near my place. This is my biggest wish for this year ! A question, how many pumps of Clean On Me do you usually use when you take a shower ?

Aoife from UK said on 29/09/2012

I love this shower gel! It smells so fresh and the really lasts on your skin. I use about 3 pumps, step out of the running water and lather it on. It's great that it moisterises as well - handy for days when you're in a rush or can't be bothered with a separate moisteriser (: Makes me not want to get out of the shower!

Chi from Hampshre said on 25/09/2012

This is one of my can't live with out S&G products! It smells gorgeous and the smell doesn't wash away down the plughole like other products. It really leaves your skin soft and smooth so is great if you are feeling lazy or don't want to moisurise. Although I would recommend following it with either Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter or Giligo Moisturising Spray Spritz if your feeling lazy.
They all have the same gorgeous scent and I always have people complimenting me on how nice I smell.

Jessica from London said on 12/09/2012

I got two bottles of this at Christmas, I used my bottle of it almost daily and only just used it up a month or two ago. I am getting through other shower gels before I start on my second but the bottom line there is that it lasts forever! Why? You don't need much at all because it works its self u in to a thick and creamy lather which is so moisturising I don't even feel like I need to moisturise (but of course I do with the righteous butter!) it leaves me feeling so clean and refreshed and smelling great! I love the scent of this and don't find it too overpowering.

Basically, if you want a shower gel that lasts forever, lathers amazing and is incredibly creamy,moisturising and thick... Then this is for you!

Willeygirl from North Yorkshire said on 11/09/2012

This is the best shower gel ever!!! Love it, love it, love it!!!! It must be popular as my local Boots are always out of stock!!!!

Claire from Wolverhampton said on 03/09/2012

Amazing body wash, has the most gorgeous smell and is so moisturizing that its ok if your in a hurry and don't have time to apply body lotion/butter

steffi29986 from Wigan said on 05/08/2012

This is my all time favourite bathtime product. It smells lush and lasts for ages after getting out of the bath. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and I find that even if I don't use a body lotion or moisturizer after getting out of the bath my skin feels soft and smooth. A bottle also lasts for ages so its great value for money. I guarantee if you buy this product you will not regret it.

Sophie W from UK said on 24/07/2012

I absolutely love this shower gel! It smells of the original pink scent that S&G do, I like that. It's also very moisturising with the built in body lotion which is helpful because I don't really have to use body lotion. Also, it lasts a very long time so you don't have to keep wasting money on other shower gels. Overall, I reccomend it to anyone who loves Soap and Glory. :)

Nikki from Scotland said on 18/07/2012

Couldn't live without this!

Nellie from Warwickshire said on 15/07/2012

Love it! Smells amazing and leaves skin super soft!

Pixie_Tink from Suffolk said on 22/06/2012

I LOVE this shower gel sooooooooooo much!! Its amazing :) i usually have a tough time finding a shower gel that doesnt bring me out in pimples and have bought many in the hope for clean looking skin! Within 3 DAYS my skin is so clear and clean looking i cant believe it! Its not only managed to take on the tough pimples on my back (my back has never been fully clear) its gotten rid of about 70% of them!! Clear skin aside its such a lovely gel to use and your skin smells beautiful for hours after :D I will never change my shower gel again! Thanks S&G Xxxxx

Hailez from UK said on 21/06/2012

This thing lasts forever! I used it for smells great, skin feels soft..just another must have from S&G!

Lexi from Warwickshire said on 30/05/2012

Honestly LOVE this stuff. You may think "over £5 for a shower gel?!" But honestly it lasts ages. i normally go through a bottle of shower gel in about 10 days (I shower every day) This stuff, lasted me 3 months. Smells AMAZING, it leaves skin so soft!!! GO BUY

Asha from Kuala Lumpur said on 24/05/2012

Bought this at sephora KLCC. Use it everyday and smell so yummy. Already fall in love with this product and definitely repurchase again :) Plus it make my bathroom looks girly.

nikkij from weston super mare said on 16/05/2012

this is my all time favourite shower gel! nothing like using this, and flake away and then followed by a smothering of righteous butter to make you smell, look and feel gorgeous!!!!!!! :)

Rachel2709 from Staffordshire said on 02/02/2012

I got Clean On Me in a special gift set on sale at Boots in Dec 2010. I had never tried S&G but as soon as I sarted using this I loved it. It's really thick and creamy and leaves my skin really soft unlike other shower gels that leave my skin really dry.

Rosie from Nottingham said on 29/01/2012

First Soap & Glory product I ever tried when I nicked some of my step-mum's!
Can't fault it, massive bottle, pump is really useful for just leaving it in the shower, the smell is absolutely lovely, leaves my skin soft and is lovely and foamy. A legendary Soap & Glory product.

Bells from London said on 18/01/2012

Leaves me feeling clean and soft. Really love using it.

DollFace from Sheffield said on 18/01/2012

I think the value for money is fantastic with this product! It is only £5.11 and you get loads. It smells awesome and it comes in a handy pump bottle which allows you to get all the last little bits out.
It is a really moisturising shower gel and looks great on the side of bath or in the shower!

Shivasha from sydney , Australia. said on 17/01/2012

I love this product, this is the best , i agree with Rebecca, shower gel is very moisturising and makes me feel very clean and semlls beautiful, i am tring to get few more shower gel to present my frineds and my self...

Rebecca from Manchester said on 04/01/2012

I'm seriously starting to wonder what I would do without Soap and Glory! Their products are fantastic and the packaging is super cute, brightens up my bathroom! This shower gel is lovely and one bottle will last you forever, for me, its very moisturising and makes you feel very clean and it smells delicious. Added bonus is the pump too, wish all shower gels had a pump!

niamhywoo21 from england said on 31/12/2011

i LOVE this product it makes my skin so soft and smooth and my skin is sensitive but this works so well for me! LOVE IT

Shell1807 from Glasgow said on 29/12/2011

Completely love this product it's now the only shower gel I use.
Love all soap & glory products

mickayla from Horsham said on 10/12/2011

i use this shower foamy gel after i use the flake away body srcub sometimes and it leaves my skin twice as smooth and velvety, you gt alot for only 6pounds !!!! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT !!!

Lis from Liverpool said on 08/12/2011

Not only is it my bath time ritual, but my little boy loves to use it as boat when he's having his bath!

smithie from USA said on 17/11/2011

The best shower gel ever! Smell is gorgeous - S&G's original "pink scent" formula nr.1. Texture is so creamy and velvety, I use 5 pumps on S&G pink puff every day - suds up wonderfully and you get covered in sweet&fresh foam. This gel cleanses and hydrates at the same time. Result is super smooth, hydrated, nourished skin that smells like heaven. A MUST-HAVE!!!

emma else from ripley, debyshire said on 09/11/2011

another great smellin, skin softin produst from soap and glory which is soooo lush x

Kristin from Germany said on 31/10/2011

I am sooo happy that we can get S&G products in Germany now. Clean on me is my all time favourite shower gel. Don't know what I'd do without it,
I love love love it!!

Farah from Malaysia said on 24/10/2011

My husband often transit in London from Algeria on way back to Malaysia. I definetly ask him buy this yummy shower gel everytime from Boots. The smell is not to forget.

Martusia from Leeds said on 27/09/2011

I totally adore it! It is my favourite shower gel and trust me, I have tried many..;) I am sucker for nice smells and this one is just gorgeous and I love that it stays long, long time after having shower. My skin is usually very dry after contact with water but with this gel/cream it is beautifully silky... Ah, and yes, I loooove the packaging :) x

Helen Pier from Nottingham said on 27/09/2011

This is my all-time favourite shower gel, I can't get enough of it and love the retro packaging so unique!

Katie Coleman from London said on 27/09/2011

The smell is heavenly, it lathers up easily even in hard water areas and it makes me feel good! I love it :D

Jen from Bristol said on 27/09/2011

I love this body wash: the bottle has lasted me ages (3 months and counting...) and is creamy enough to skip moisturiser afterwards. Words can't express my joy in finding this beauty!

Booshbay from Leeds said on 27/09/2011

It is the only shower gel I have used for the past 2 years, nothing matches up...recently found I was replacing my bottles more often though, turns out my fiance is an even bigger fan than me! His skin is wonderfully soft now, I like the improvement

soapandglorylover from Edinburgh said on 27/09/2011

I can't wait to hop into the shower each morning because of this little beauty!! It smells amazing and makes me feel fresh all day!

Sarah X from Dublin said on 27/09/2011

Love it! Although one thing I don't like...My Mum loves it too! I have to hide it from her so she can't use it! ;) Smells nice, feels nice, it's gorgeous! My Mum one morning had very dry skin so she used some and I'm not gonna lie, her skin looked so much more healthier! 5*'s without a doubt! :)

Cez from London said on 27/09/2011

This has to be the most gorgeous shower gel ever! Smells like heaven and I love how it has a built in body lotion for when you've not got much time! I can smell it on my skin for ages afterwards and it feels so soft all day. Love it!

Erin from Manchester said on 27/09/2011

I love love LOVE this! It's the best shower gel I've EVER used... one of the best from S&G's (that I've tried)

Janice from Leicester said on 27/09/2011

Clean On Me is one of my favourite Christmas presents yet. It really leaves you feeling smooth and refreshed and the aroma makes you feel good as well! I liked it so much I've come looking for other products in the line!!

Tracy Smoth from Aberdeen said on 27/09/2011

This is by far the best shower gel I have used in years!

Emma-Louise from Worksop said on 27/09/2011

I love this shower gel soooo much... really nice scent and leaves my skin feeling refreshed with a nice healthy glow. Great product from Soap & Glory!

Ruthie from Loughborough said on 24/09/2011

This shower gel is AWESOME!! It leaves my normally dull, dry and flakey skin feeling all silky soft and smooth.
Wonder Woman Glam-azing Pamper Hamper
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