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Love at First Blush™


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Blush Radiance Powder

Use this blushing powder for a gorgeous rosy glow & beautifully luminous skin. The skin- smoothing emollient base and encapsulated metallic shimmer pearls deliver instant chic for the shabby cheek and a fresh lift for tired lids.

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Mica, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Talc, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Dimethicone, Nylon-12, Glyceryl Stearate, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben, Xanthan Gum, BHT (+/- Tin Oxide, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 75470 (Iron Oxides)


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4.6 out of 5 (57) Review(s)

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Catherine from Favourite blush of all time said on 29/01/2021

I used to use this when I was in school and I loved how easy it was to apply naturally. You can really build the colour up slowly, you can potentially mix your own shade since it’s split up, and it adds an amazing glow on the cheeks from the shimmer. Looks completely different than putting highlighter on top, I love when it’s mixed into the blush.
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Nicole from Lovely glowy blusher said on 17/01/2021

Love this blusher, it gives you a lovely glow. My last one lasted ages, would definitely recommend.
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from said on 08/01/2021

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Holly from Wonderful said on 18/11/2020

I bought this on a whim and didn't expect much BUT now I use this every single day! This blush makes me look so healthy and gives my skin a glow that I haven't found from any other blush products. The blush has a shimmer to it which really is beautiful. It sits nicely on the skin without giving me any breakouts or drying issues. I use this every day and I still haven't hit the pan - it has lasted ages! I really hope this product is never discontinued.
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Sazzy from Blusher said on 10/11/2020

Always use this and love it gives a natural glow to the skin but also a lovely colour would highly recommned_x000D_
But wouldnt recommend if you dont want shimmer
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Sg55 from Soap and glory blush said on 01/11/2020

Lovely blush would recommend. Good value and worth the money. This is second one I've had and lasts for months
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Tonijayne from Natural glow said on 12/10/2020

I have used this for years! _x000D_
No matter how many times I try different products I always come back to this._x000D_
It is beautifully coloured but not too pigmented, it leaves a subtly rose hue on your cheeks with a glow/shimmer to make you look radiant. _x000D_
I love it
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renata78 from Rosy glow said on 02/09/2020

I keep coming to this universal ‘blusher’ It gives just a wash of colour and glow so it is perfect for makeup but no makeup days I use it on the top of my cheekbones and as an eyeshadow as I have green eyes so the rose element brings out my eye colour nicely Such a great multifunctional product
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Spanner46 from said on 21/03/2020

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Clo1 from Nice finish said on 29/12/2019

I normally don’t bother wearing blusher but for me this is hard to resist, the sheen is lovey and actually I can get away with not wearing highlighter as this adds the glow instead. Not much colour but there is enough.
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Polly from Nice but not worth the money said on 25/11/2019

I’m extremely torn with this product as it provides a nice subtle blush but it doesn’t do anything outstanding that would make me want to recommend this product or use it again._x000D_
I find the plastic packaging cheap and I’m also struggling with the way the product is set in the pan. I’m not sure what the white sections are there for as it offers nothing. _x000D_
I can’t see me using this product for anything other than when I’m going makeup free but am in need of a light blush. _x000D_
I’ll definitely be donating this product to a family member who isn’t fussy about what make up they use.
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Bekki84 from Lovely natural finish said on 21/10/2019

I know this product has mixed reviews but it really depends what you’re looking for in a blush. As some have said, it’s not highly pigmented, but for me that is great as it just gives enough colour. I find if I use other blushers I end up looking like a clown/aunt sally. It is a multitasker as it gives you a blush, bronze and highlight in one and really helps give a natural healthy glow._x000D_
Also mine has lasted me well over a year so definitely value for money!
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Alibali from Beautiful! said on 10/10/2019

This is just so lovely. I don't use this as my main blusher as it doesn't have enough pigmentation but used over my usual blusher? Omg it leaves such a gorgeous and subtle shimmer, it actually makes the skin on my cheeks look amazing. It looks great all over the face, just a light dusting though (my days of looking like a glittery, sparkly 90s teenybopper are well and truly over) to give a subtle shimmer. Also looks pretty used as eyeshadow. _x000D_
Oh and it comes with a mirror and the product lasts months.
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ParmaViolet from My new favourite blusher... EVER said on 29/07/2019

I have been pleasantly surprised by how good this blusher looks on camera. My skin looks healthy and radiant in pictures and it is definitely in part thanks to this blusher. Really natural but noticeable and will re buy in the future
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Shubba from Does what it says said on 08/09/2018

This is my 2nd purchase of this product as like the colour and goes on easy and lasts all day.
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Lottie22 from Brilliant product said on 29/09/2017

Absolutely fabulous can use on my face and eyes. Looks fantastic
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Lynseys2 from Wow this is so C R A P said on 25/09/2017

There is no pigment to this at all i couldn't believe it, i used my brush and no product was on it, i rubbed it with my finger hard, and there was still hardly anything. Absolute waste of money, I literally just chucked it in the bin it was that bad.
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alice1 from favourite blusher said on 21/04/2017

This blusher is great, long lasting and gives a slight shimmer too!
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Hotmessmom82 from My new favourite product. said on 13/02/2017

I don't particularly wear make up but this helps me to achieve a (relatively) healthy glow in the winter months.
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MooMc from Lovely blush said on 17/01/2017

I'm a newbie to S and G make up. Have used the skincare products and liked them so thought I'd give this a try as I had been after a blush with a shimmer effect. I have used it a few times and I think it will become a must have as it stays on and I'm getting compliments on my skin. It doesn't cake on and you don't need to use lots like with some I have bought. Will definitely try other make up items in this range now
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LaurenD94 from Amazing said on 28/09/2016

A great baked blush that you can wear all year. it adds a natural and glowy look to your skin. Worth every penny and I've re bought this in the past too.
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YG1204 from Nice said on 24/09/2016

It's a good product for the price and it gives a nice faint blush but unfortunately for me even though I use a blush brush I can't seem to get enough product out, it's very faint on my skin and doesn't stay on for long. It's got a lovely colour once it's on and gives off a nice glow but unfortunately it's hard work for me.
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CocoC from Beautiful buildable colour said on 04/09/2016

I am really enjoying this blush. It’s not highly pigmented, but it builds and layers nicely (and I don’t need a lot of blush, as I already have some pink in my cheeks). I also use the white section as a slightly pink highlight for my cupid’s bow. It’s quite shimmery, so stay away if you’re looking for a matte blush.
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Tabithazx from I use this as a highlighter... said on 03/08/2016

For me, this blush is way too shimmery, and shiny to be a blush therefore I use it as a highlighter above my cheek bones, and it creates a pretty pink shimmer that dazzles in the light.
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Wilma from Excellent blusher! said on 07/03/2016

Avery good money value. It can be worn as just highlighter and/or blusher, the quality is great!
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Ellen from Ok Blusher/Bronzer said on 06/03/2016

This product is Ok - will need to buy a blusher to go underneath as its a bit weak.
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Luellen from Love it! said on 17/02/2016

By far my favourite soap and glory product, I love the shades of pink, they compliment my pale skin and gives a beautiful flush of colour on the cheeks and a pretty shimmer which is subtle and natural. The colours go well with any season of the year, winter or summer. I also don't just use this product for my cheeks, but I use the white segment in my tear duct to open my brows, also to highlight under my brows as it gives a natural glow to my face and make me look awake. Would strongly recommend
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Paula from love it said on 14/11/2015

its a brilliant blusher... i'm a big soap & glory body products fan,, but first time i've used there make-up, i love it cannot wait to try there other cosmetic products. so much better than other leading brands,
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RachSkellington from AMAZING! said on 14/07/2015

As an avid Soap and Glory user, I am always impressed with the range of colours, styles and products they have available and I was definitely not disappointed when it came to the blush.
It's a beautiful soft pink colour that glows on my pale cheeks, it's lightly pigmented (no clown cheeks). I have found that the shimmer lasts when used with a setting spray, to hold make up in place and I can not even begin to tell you just how much more confident I felt with my face once I had put this one, I felt like I just glowed.
Would definitely 10/10 recommend!
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flossyflojo from pembrokeshire said on 23/06/2015

I love this, I tend to use brown shimmer bricks but when I want to mix things up a bit I use this for a pink glow. Have lots of comments on my makeup looks. Would recommend.

Daisychains16 from England said on 26/05/2015

Great product!
You can read my full review here...

Jenster888 from Lovely light pink shimmer said on 21/04/2015

This gives a good shimmer and gleam to your cheeks as the shimmer particles are ultra fine, so you don't get that strange 'glittery' look that some highlighters can give you. The packaging is great as comes with a really clear decent sizes mirror. Only draw back is they could've made the colour darker - it's pale pink. So I'd say if you are after a shimmer then go for this, but if you are after colour then maybe pick either the peach or the bronze one from this range. Overall very good product
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Alana4lace from Beautiful said on 08/02/2015

my friend bought me this blush after I was talking about it for ages. I'd never actually seen the blush inside until I opened it for the first time. It looks Really shimmery/shiny but once applied to my face I didn't really notice the glow ( until I keep adding it )

It isn't well pigmented so I use it over one of my favourite blushes at the time
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mellibear from Looks great on my cheeks! said on 31/01/2015

I'd wanted a shimmer blush for a while and had found the soap and glory ones. Since I'd found a voucher code and they were on offer, I'd managed to get both shimmer blushes (the love at first blush and just peachy) for just £10.50, so I'd advise you hunt around on voucher websites before purchasing as I don't quite think they are worth £22 for both. But they give an amazing shimmer, great pigmentation and can be applied for either a subtle or bold look and just all round look amazing on. They apply well and I could not be happier! Only issue is the price but I'd found my own way around that one!
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harriet23 from Beautiful said on 03/01/2015

I received this as a Christmas present and I was so happy because I had been wanting this for ages. Any Soap and Glory products I find are amazing quality and this product maintains that reputation. I would say it's more of a highlighter than a blush as it leaves a lovely iridescent glow and just looks stunning on your cheekbones. The only downside is after a few hours I realised it wasn't as noticeable but it still lasted a fair amount of time. Wouldn't put me off wearing it or repurchasing.
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1996Nikki from To Much Shimmer said on 02/09/2014

I liked this because it was multi tonal, but the simmer is just too much. I only apply it to the apples of my cheeks to prevent my face just shinning. its okay but too expensive for what it is. Although if shimmer is what you want I have had this product over a year and there is barely a dint in the blush.
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joanne from love this said on 21/05/2014

i use this colour more in winter as it gives you a lovely blushed colour with a sheen to it to brighten up your face at the same time, you can wear it in summer if you like pink tones, but i like the bronze colour in summer more,this product also stays put all day long i would buy this again and again
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LONGhairRULEZ from Flush of blush said on 20/05/2014

I always use this blush. It creates a subtle colour to make you look fresh. It does have a shimmer so it is not a matte colour. But having the small amount of shimmer creates a nice luminseing flush of colour.
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Vian74 from Beautiful said on 19/05/2014

I love all Soap & Glory makeup and cosmetic,And to be honest I get my makeup from S&G because of beautiful packaging too not only how good it is.I like this blusher but i think it has been made mainly for fair skin type people not olive skin color like myself because its bit light on me but still i like it because its a light pink color. I'm sad the fact that they have had now different packaging from before , It was nicer before like Vintage Pink box with mirror but now they changed it to this boring plastic packaging which i think its not very nice compare to what it was Hope they would bring it back to stock again PLEASSSSSE
Boots review Originally posted on

autumngirl from UK-London said on 19/05/2014

Its a nice blusher but unfortunately when i went to purchase in boots store which i usually i get my s&g cosmetics from they said the run out of old packaging which i think it was so nice and lovely and it was reason behind why i wanted to buy. the new packaging is so boring i think i didn't like it at all.please re back the old lovely pink vintage packaging and make it available in all uk boots stores please because none of the stores that i went and checked to buy was available.

keribell86 from Love at first buy! said on 09/05/2014

I purchased this in place of my previous body shop shimmer waves blusher. This blusher is lovely, it gives your cheeks a beautiful glow, the shimmer definitely adds a nice highlight to cheekbones. It works well when applied using an ordinary blusher brush, but I have also used the colours in the blusher individually in order to define and highlight my cheeks.
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melissa90 from ireland said on 09/05/2014

Love this blusher!!! it's a must have in my make up box.. iv had loads of people ask me what blush I use ..its so easy to apply and gives a great shine of tones I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND****

Alison from London said on 11/12/2013

If you're in need of the best blusher on the market then look no further than this. As soon as I started wearing it, all my friends and colleagues were like 'what blusher do you use, it's really nice?' and that's never happened with any other brand.It gives a lovely rosey colour across the cheeks but also a nice highlighting effect above.

Orla from Ireland said on 06/05/2013

I am extremely pale with a bloodless face and have always used blusher all my life. With usual blushers you have to be so careful when you apply them to make sure you don't look like a clown but this one is just perfect! It gives such a healthy, natural glow and is so light it makes me look so fresh! I just wanted to come on here and recommend it instead of wasting money(like I have) on very expensive products that don't work.

xJadoreBellex from London said on 09/03/2013

This blush is soooo lovely. In the past I've had real trouble finding blush that is just the right colour, I find most ether to bright or too pale but this one is perfect!!! The colour is just right & I think this would suit most skin tones dark or pale. Very impressed with this :- )

gebbie_lou from England said on 14/01/2013

After using VARIOUS different blushers for years (and never quite finding the perfect one), this product is a god-send! Goes on beautifully, looking natural with a HINT of shimmer. Can use a small amount for the day, or layer it up for the evening, and can use just a few of the colours or a combination of the lot! After discovering this product, this is one product I am NEVER going to be without!

Cindy Sparkling from Germany said on 08/01/2013

OMG! I love this blush! First I was afraid it would be to light on my skin but it fits wonderful! A great colour and I don´t need a highlighter on my cheeks anymore because "Love at the first blush" concerns it. Wonderful! I´ll definitely buy it again!

spacepixie from Wolverhampton said on 18/10/2012

I started using blusher a couple of years ago as using foundation alone made my face look rather flat. I absolutely love this product. It's taken me a little while to figure out how much to use; a little goes a long way! It gives such a natural colour, and the shimmer in it puts a lovely glow on my cheeks. Perfect!

Emily from US said on 20/07/2012

Unfortunately, I have to give this blusher a resounding "meh." It's a very pretty color and I want to like it, but it's just not enough of a blush for me. The slight sheen is nice but the color just doesn't show up enough on my tan(ish) skin. It looks nice enough upon first application but doesn't last long at all. I think perhaps this product just isn't right for me.

Erin from Worthing said on 27/05/2012

Love this blusher!! A lovely gentle colour topped off with highlighter for a nice healthy glow. Beautiful for the summer months. I'm addicted!!! I think this is even better than Benefit versions and the packaging is just lovely. A real treat and makes me feel really luxurious! I'm getting the bronzer next most definitely!!

Gingy from Belfast said on 11/05/2012

I'm ginger so i have very pale skin. Most blushers i try leave me looking like a clown or slide off after an hour or two.

The color is really nice it gives me a really nice subtle blush and it doesn't fade off after two minutes. i even use the white part of it on the corners of my eyes to brighten them up. It is kind of expensive for someone on a budget but it's a great product so i don't mind paying out for it.

Pamela from USA said on 15/01/2012

This blush is just lovely! It gives a beautiful pink glow. But I decided to experiment and found that it also makes a beautiful,long-lasting eyeshadow. I lined my upper and lower lashline with a shimmery gray eyeshadow,then applied the whitish color on my lids and one of the darker pinks in the crease! It gave a very pretty look and it lasted all day!

Carmen from Birmingham said on 05/01/2012

Love, love, love this product! The packaging is really pretty and the blusher is absolutely amazing! Bought it with Boots 3 for 2 offer and am so glad I found this! Am looking forward to trying out the rest of the range.

Therese from Sydney, Australia said on 21/12/2011

This is a very odd blush in that it's very hard and doesn't seem like anything is coming off the product when you run your brush over it. Yet it applies beautifully and gives a gorgeous pop of highlighted pink on the cheeks! Combined with the new S&G highlighter it gives a lovely finish. highly recommended!

Lainzo from Essex UK said on 14/11/2011

Love at First Blush is an amazing product. It is long lasting and and creates an airbrushed effect. The texture is silky against your skin and does the apples of your cheeks so much justice! I recommend mixing all the shades together to create the right tone. This is just the right cover and accompanies the Soap & Glory foundation very well.

Sinead from U.K said on 25/10/2011

This blush is my new Holy Grail! I have been looking for a blusher like this for soooo long. I have pale skin with rosy undertones so I don't want blush to make the rosyness stand out. And this does not do that. It is a blush but almost a highlighter at the same time. Its also very reasonably priced. This is best for a more natural look. Basically I couldn't love this anymore if I tried! Thanks S&G.

Claire from London said on 21/10/2011

This adds a really pretty shimmery bronze/pinky colour. I have very pale skin and it made me look radiant and healthy. The white highlighting shade looks gorgeous as a brow bone highlighter too! I love the vintage style of the compact and the mirror is a great addition :)
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