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Double-Action Under Eye Dark Circle Corrector

A long-wear, light-reflecting, under-eye concealer/brightener. Features a special yellow pigment mix to neutralize dark purple under eye circles, includes soft-focusing spheres to minimize fine lines and is formulated with clinically tested levels of HALOXYL™ to help mobilize sluggish, dark under-skin pigment.
After smoothing on this eye cream try our Kick Ass Concealer.

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Aqua (Water), Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin, Cyclohexasiloxane, Mica, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Polyglyceryl-3 Oleate, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone, Magnesium Sulfate, Aluminum Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Disodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Steareth-20, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, N-Hydroxysuccinimide, Potassium Sorbate, BHT, Sodium Citrate, Chrysin, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Citric Acid, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Tocopherol, Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Glyceryl Stearate, Glyceryl Oleate, Biotin May Contain [+/-] CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide)


Overall Rating:

3.2 out of 5 (50) Review(s)

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from said on 28/01/2021

Boots review Originally posted on

heartoutholly from didn’t do what it says said on 25/12/2020

it didn’t hide my dark circles at all and was quite watery
Boots review Originally posted on

from Soap and glory trick or treaatment said on 12/10/2020

Really gives a glow under the eyes - apply it on top of usual foundation - a staple!
Boots review Originally posted on

Tia Chapman from Thought it was great said on 11/10/2020

Covers dark circles and also good coverage for rest of face, smells nice too
Boots review Originally posted on

honeybumxo from So unhappy and disappointed :( said on 28/06/2020

I bought this about a week ago and received it along with a few other makeup bits but I was so appalled at this ‘concealer’._x000D_
First of all it acts like a highlighter, rather a concealer, it doesn’t even conceal a thing, it just leaves my under eyes shimmery as heck! _x000D_
I’m so disappointed, guys, just stick with soap and glory body products. This company knows nothing when it comes to makeup, they should just stick with making body butter and scrubs. _x000D_
Waste of my money and I can’t even get a refund. If you want a good concealer, I’d recommend the maybellene superstay full coverage under eye concealer.
Boots review Originally posted on

Sian from Doesn’t work said on 13/03/2020

The consistency is really watery and offers barely any coverage. I’m surprised they can get away with branding the product for dark circles. I loved soap and glory but this product was so bad it has made me rethink the brand entirely.
Boots review Originally posted on

zoe29363 from A HIGHLIGHTER said on 08/02/2020

i bought this a couple days ago from my local boots.I went in to buy my everyday normal concealer which i love.I have quite bad under eye circles that are hereditary.I saw this and was very excited it’s made for under eyes and looks amazing on the packet i decided to swatch it on my hand the shade was perfect and it covered my vains on my hands great i thought! I got home to test it and it was sheer watery low coverage all it did was highlight my eyes if soap and glory lab led this as a highlighter i would believe them.It looked like i had shoved all the highlighter i had and but it under my eyes.All this product does is make ur under eyes more obvious and makes them look sweaty and wet.DO NOT WASTE £10 ON THIS PRODUCT!!!!
Boots review Originally posted on

SkinCare123 from Great for pale skin, doesn't settle in fine lines said on 07/02/2020

I've recently bought this product and have used it a fair few times, just to be sure if how I felt about it. After consideration, it's unreal! Can't actually find any fault, and trust me, I'm a harsh critic when I spend money on something that turns out to be useless! So it's got a silky pleasant texture, glides on easily, and the colour was amazing even for my pale skin. It lasts, doesn't show up all white in photos as some do, and doesn't settle in my fine lines or crease throughout the day. Good value for money as a little bit goes a long way!
Boots review Originally posted on

Polly from Don’t waste your money said on 25/11/2019

This concealer is awful. I went against all of the reviews and proceeded to waste my money on this._x000D_
The consistency is thin and offers little to know coverage.
Boots review Originally posted on

Lorraine from Simply the best said on 05/11/2019

This is great for covering dark circles under the eyes and blends in with your make up really well
Boots review Originally posted on

Je543 from Draws attention to the issue said on 14/01/2019

I had ignored the bad reviews however this product is very watery and full of sparkles which really draw attention to the issue. Wouldnt recommend, waste of a tenner.
Boots review Originally posted on

jay from scotland said on 18/02/2017

I just bought this because ive tried other products of theirs so was very optimistic about this, i tried it on my hand felt amazing on my skin n didnt feel dry etc

However, once I got home I realised this 'concealer' was extremely glittery?! why would u make it with glitter I was so disappointed i just spent like a tenner on this. Better use as a highlighter than concealer.

If only i could get a refund.

Evangeline from Sheer coverage said on 25/12/2016

This product is more of a highlighter than a concealer. It provides little to no coverage due to its, almost, watery formula. I tried the product multiple times, mixing it with other fuller coverage concealer however it only accentuated my dark circles rather than covering them. This product also has an unusual smell which is somewhat off putting. Overall, I would not recommend.
Boots review Originally posted on

Nicole from Good for brightening but it has sparkles in it said on 19/12/2016

The product itself is great for brightening up your under eye area however it has sparkles in it. This can look very cakey and draw more attention to the bags under your eyes. No different to any cheaper under eye
Boots review Originally posted on

Katherine from Great dark circle concealer said on 18/11/2016

This is an excellent product, it covers my dark circles really well without being heavy on my skin.
Boots review Originally posted on

lindsey from This product is great if u have had a late night or two said on 10/10/2016

Luv this item it definitely "lifts" my eyes to a more awake look instead of the normal dark circles I get._x000D_
Definitely recommend it if u want to look more awake
Boots review Originally posted on

Boneslice21 from Doncaster said on 28/12/2015

Shockingly bad. I was so excited when I found this product as from past experience all Soap and Glory products are fantastic, however this so called concealer is a complete waste of time and money. It does absolutely nothing apart from make my baggy eyes glisten and make them more noticeable. Very disappointed. Bad choice S&G, bad choice.

ss320 from average said on 14/12/2015

doesnt really conceal that well. may be better for fair skin types
Boots review Originally posted on

Miss L from York said on 03/10/2015

I don't really understand why this is advertised as a dark circle corrector. It is extremely light and sheer, and packed with shimmer/glitter. It feels very 'slippery' and doesn't sink into the skin at all, so what little coverage there is doesn't last, and all you're left with is a translucent, glittery sheen on your undereyes. I don't find it very colour-correcting - if anything it makes the area look kind of grey.

It might be nice to use if your undereye skin is in good condition and you just want to brighten it up a bit. But for those with actual dark eye circles, I can't see how I would make this work!

ediddy from Brilliant for purple/dark eye bags said on 06/07/2015

I have a daily battle with awful eye bags. They are the bane of my life!! My eyes are deep set and are veiny with black in the corners. I've tried everything. Tried this concealer and was amazed- honestly though it needs another concealer on top (as it's a bit gold/glittery) I use no 7 instant radiance. Well worth a try.
Boots review Originally posted on

Emilie from Norway said on 25/05/2015

I wanna buy one, but i'm not so sure. But i'm gonna try ! I'm not gonna listen to the other comments becuse we all have our own reason. :) Sorry for bad english.

Belle from Uk said on 17/05/2015

I have Italian skin colouring, and this is this best product that i found for my dark circles. I was a bit wary, having read all the bad reviews about it, but i love it. I think it really depends on your skin colouring about how well it works :) But, personally, I love it :D

Lifeandrags from Good for wearing under foundation said on 25/04/2015

I found this concealer easy to use and liked the softness of the applicator. The product itself provided good coverage however it has a sparkly pigment to it so used by itself it doesn't look quite right. I have to blend foundation in to take away the sparkle otherwise it looks really obvious in different lighting.
Boots review Originally posted on

pinlynne from Disappointing said on 17/04/2015

I expected better coverage than the product provided. Easy to apply but I felt I needed a thicker layer than acceptable to cover my not that bad dark circles.
Boots review Originally posted on

BananaLlama from Good product. said on 15/03/2015

As a person who has very dark under-eye circles, I find this product to be more of a brightening concealer. Saying this, I do enjoy using the product but I tend use it with another concealer. If you do not like shimmer/glitter in skin cosmetics, then you might not enjoy this product. Otherwise, i do recommend trying it out.
Boots review Originally posted on

rachelm2 from Not S&G's finest said on 26/11/2014

I am a huge fan of many products from the S&G line and so I was rather agitated at the response I got from this particular product.
I got the lightest shade available and found the product had obvious yellow tones. I would not recommend for cool or neutral skin tones, however I would think it may agree with people who enjoy fake tanning.
There is a not-so-sutble sparkle to the product and therefore appears very dewy on the skin. Even after applying my favourite powder the sparkle was still evident. I personally don't think people with oiler skin would enjoy this product.
The consistency is thin and therefore I found it did not effectively manage to hide my dark circles. If not applied properly, it can be streaky.
The packaging, however, is cute and functional. It is of handy size good for travelling and has adorable cute print much like many of the other S&G products.
Boots review Originally posted on

Dovilyte from Definitely not worth buying it said on 17/08/2014

I was genuinely surprised to see that some people seems to love this concealer, however my experience is all the opposite :-(
It's very shiny dark golden colour, bad consistency, smells weird ( not that is super important), doesn't blend, can't cover up anything (not to mention the promise to work on blue/ purple undereye circles) and as for a drugstore products is costly ( in comparison to my favourites - Collection lasting perfection ~4£ or Maybelline fit me 5 or 6£).
Boots review Originally posted on

ceedee343 from This is really good! said on 14/08/2014

Only problem is I don't look much like the blonde girl on the box :(
I'm naturally very pale so this appeared really yellow initially, but the trick is to use it underneath foundation and over eye cream or eye primer and 99% of eyebag is concealed :)
Boots review Originally posted on

Gill from Dark circles - no more! said on 09/08/2014

I've suffered dark circles under my eyes for years.... and find that concealer alone doesn't always do the trick and can even make things worse if the colour isn't just right. This little miracle correcter is easy to use, with just the smallest dot being required, and is easy to blend in by patting with a finger tip. It reflects light back, so the dark circles immediately seem less obvious. When teamed with a little concealer too (find the right colour for you) it works better than anything I've ever used before. It lasts ages too, so doesn't work out expensive.
Boots review Originally posted on

Phillipa from Soap and glory trick & treatment dark circle concealer said on 01/06/2014

I have used this product for some years not just to conceal dark circles and it is very good at covering up any blemishes and uneven skin colour
Boots review Originally posted on

LONGhairRULEZ from Highlights more than conceals. said on 20/05/2014

I use this mostly as a highlighter instead of a concealer. I dont think it conceals very well, but as a highlighter its really great along the bridge of my nose and cupids bow really lightens up the face.
Boots review Originally posted on

Kate from Wales said on 03/05/2014

This product is amazing! I have young skin as I'm still a teenager but i still get dark circles under my eyes due to me having to wear glasses 24/7. I've used many products like this before and they only ever last on my face for less than an hour. I put this product on at 10 in the morning and took it off at 7 at night and it looked exactly the same as it did when i put it on! I'd buy this product again and again and again! well done S & G!!!

Mrs Bee from Glasgow said on 12/04/2014

I own several S & G products, including the enlivening Glow Job and the miraculous new Superfluid CC cream in Good Light, but this concealer is a dud for older skins. The only words I have to describe this product: this is the equivalent of slapping crushed fish scales on your under eye area. A very bad look indeed.

cakeface from london said on 11/01/2014

I have tried EVERY concealer out there and i love, love, love this one. I normally wait for soap and glory to have a sale, but i would gladly pay full price for this product 12 out of 10 amazing!!!!!

Liv from Liverpool said on 04/01/2014

Seeing that this is the first soap and glory product I purchased I was very disappointed with the outcome.It didn't help in the slightest, the packaging said it covers dark circles.Seeing that the packaging was very exaggerated I've realised not to judge a book by its cover.It wasn't really a concealer in my opinion it illuminated the area instead of covering.Ive tried many other cheaper brands and they have worked better for me.Very disappointed I will not be buying this product again and I will have to think twice about buying any other products from you again.

Babyeh from Swansea said on 11/09/2013

I was disappointed with this product as I'm a big fan of Soap & Glory
It is glittery/sparkly and reflects rather than conceals.
It creases and doesn't cover dark shadows as well as other products.
I won't buy it again.

Elsie from Glasgow said on 14/06/2013

One of the few Soap & Glory products I don't like. I find the consistency a bit thin & weak, unfortunately poor under eye coverage and colour match is jus a bit too white for me, despite being pale skinned. I wouldn't buy this again. In fact I binned tube after persevering a few uses.

Lady Stockbridge from London said on 20/05/2013

This is literally the best concealer I've ever used! I've tried MAC, Clinique, YSL, etc etc but this is just the best. It has a slight shimmery glow which looks like flawless dewy skin when worn. The yellow tone to it is perfect, it really does hide dark circles without having to look like you're caked in makeup! Best of all, this is the only concealer ever to not sit in my under eye wrinkles. Normally I have to set a concealer with powder, which can look too heavy for daytime wear. But this is great just swipe it on, a quick blend and you're done for the day! I really can't recommend this enough!

suzyb from middlesbrough said on 17/04/2013


Melissaxx1 from Jersey Channel Islands uk said on 07/04/2013

It is awful at covering my under eye circles as the consistency is thin and just transfers if I accidentally touch it. It also can crease. I also hate the glittery ness or shininess as a concealer as it makes me dark circles more noticeable. HOWEVER!! I love it as a eyeshadow base/primer or those days where u can't be bothered to put on eyeshadow but still want a bit of shimmer or highlight. As a concealer it's a 1 star as a eye lid base/shadow/primer thing definitely 5 star!!!!!!! x

Marcella Sampaolesi from Mantova, Italy said on 01/11/2012

I prefer to use it as enlightening. Particles instead of yellow violets cover the light spots, so I prefer to use it to give a touch of light to the eye! As lighting is perfect! See the review on my blog!

LaneyB from Kidderminster said on 18/07/2012

I found this concealer didn't really conceal my dark circles at all as it's to thin, and tends to look abit grey and shiny, glittery almost.

snows from Kuwait said on 30/05/2012

This doesnt realy cover but then again my undereyes r a bit dark and it has a shine so i don't use to cover my dark circles. I do put it on my eyelid though and it gives a realy flattering shimmer. Its realy smooth and very blend-able. I would recommend it if your undereyes arent too dark and if u wear foundation cut its going to look shiny !

Looubylou from Birmingham, UK said on 06/02/2012

This concealers gives good coverage of flaws and dark circles but is light to put on, easy to blend and can be built up to required coverage. Really happy with my purchase and would recommend. The concealer has a bit of a shimmer/illuminating effect to it which i'm not keen on using this for daytime wear under my eyes as I prefer a matte look but I do use on a more dressier occasion and is also great as a illuminator on top of make up.

Nix from UK said on 20/01/2012

Had previously been using a well known premium brand concealer for under my eyes, and thought, seeing as I pretty much love everything else that Soap and Glory does, that I would try this. I have gone from having concealed shadows under my eyes, to no shadows under my eyes, with one quick (and small) application of this stuff. I did think at first it would be too yellow for me (very pale skin) but it's just perfect.

allys_trousers from Reading said on 19/01/2012

Love this product, but can no long get it in Boots. They said they don't stock it anymore. My mum and I are gutted at it's fantastic. Is it sold anywhere else on the average UK high street? It's a bit of a trek to London for Havey Nicks!

Bells from London said on 18/01/2012

I normally buy YSL for my dark circles but as I love S&G and saw this was less than half the price I thought I'd give it a go. You don't need much and it lightens and shimmers underneath the eye but if you use to much it looks awful. I would add slowly so you get the right amount.

Old lady from Milton Keynes said on 10/01/2012

I had very high hopes - reasonably priced product but it must be my age as it failed dismally, sitting in all the wrinkles and accentuated them even more

Shannon Bark from Birmingham said on 28/09/2011

I have tried many concealers in the past, this one is my favourite so far! I use it everyday without fail under my makeup and it expertly hides the dark circles under my eyes.

Sandee from Grantwood, Missouri said on 28/09/2011

I got to tell you this is the best! I sell a very well known skin care and cosmetic line and this by them all! I hate to say it since I make my living doing this. You can't beat the price or the product! Going back to explore more. Shhhh, don't tell on me :)
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