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Easy Precision Black Ink Eyeliner

EYE-MAZE YOUR FRIENDS. Not to put too fine a point on it, Soap & Glory did – with a super-skinny tip that lets you draw ultra-thin lines with straight-forward precision. And thanks to the smudge-resistant, longwear formula, your fabulous flicks don’t just glide on easily, but stay put all day.





This product is vegan.

Instructions for Use

We’re talking around the eyes here: if some should stray, wash ’til it goes away.

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Overall Rating:

3 out of 5 (36) Review(s)

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Shereen from Watery and not at all bold said on 07/02/2020

I bought this after pencil liners wouldn't last. It's a nice size tip but it reminds me of old whiteboard markers. Very washed out, not bold and going over the line to make it darker just rubs off the first line. Useless. Doesn't last on the lid either. Think I'll look for a liquid liner instead.
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Amyxo from Works for me said on 05/02/2020

Used this everyday for months now not try at all just need to put the lid on
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HannahM from Completely Dry said on 24/01/2020

Bought this as it was a good price and I liked the nib - first time I opened a new one felt like it had already run out, completely dry and scratched itself off when i tried to build it up. Used it once and took 40 mins to make it look good and now feels like it’s dead you for the bin already. Waste of money.
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gabyc from Good Eyeliner, Used to be Better said on 05/01/2020

I used to use this all the time, and find it's a great way to raw a precise cat eye every time. The only issue is with the last one I purchased and how dry it was. It hasn't lasted anywhere near as long as the previous ones.
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Ayesha from Ran Out in 2 Days said on 21/11/2019

Horrible. Barely any ink in it and hard to draw with. Don't get the skinny one.
Boots review Originally posted on

DezzieAnne from Dear Soap and glory,Stop making makeup. It sucks. said on 16/09/2019

Their makeup is absolutely terrible. Eyeliner nib was dry as a desert but the body of it was fine. That gives no help whatsoever when applying on the eye. You sit there reapplying over and over just for it to remove the small amount you managed to get on the stroke before. Bleeds a lot as well once it’s on. A tip for anyone trying to still use this cause they’ve got no choice: angrily paint this all over your hand and you might get enough out of it to actually use it like a paint pot.
Boots review Originally posted on

georgia109 from Used to be good but dries up quickly said on 08/07/2019

I used to love this eyeliner, the skinny nib worked perfectly for the style I was going for, and the size of the pen was great for me. I bought the thicker one by accident about a year ago & then forgot about the skinny one. I came back to the skinny version a few months ago and within a week of buying it the cap had fallen off in my makeup bag (even though I had put it on properly). After that it was never wet enough to apply, even when dipped in a tiny bit of water, without dragging and missing bits and generally creating a mess. I bought another one recently and it was just as dry as the previous one, even when it had always had its lid on. The lid has again fallen off and left the nib out to dry in my makeup bag, so I won't be buying the same product again as a replacement.
Boots review Originally posted on

ZoeB from Poor performance! said on 07/07/2019

Bought this to try as my usual liquid eyeliner has been discontinued and I wanted one with a fine tip. Have only just opened it and the tip is very dry, meaning it doesn't draw a sharp line, it drags across the eyelid and the tip is very hard, making it difficult to do the flick. Won't be repurchasing and the search continues!
Boots review Originally posted on

AimeeRose90 from Unsure said on 13/06/2019

I received this as part of one of the big gift boxes at Christmas, it was ok to use the first time, needed more than one application as first isn't a solid black colour, after a while the product does run pretty dry, it's a shame really as their mascara is one of the best products I've ever used. If it kept moist then I'd rate it higher for precision and colour
Boots review Originally posted on

Caiteve from Dried out said on 28/04/2019

I bought this hoping it would be like there other super cat eyeliner. Unfortunately I used it only oncode. Came to use it again the next day and it has ran out! Have tried swatching it a few times after this and it still feels dried out and has little to no colour pay off. Very disappointed!
Boots review Originally posted on

soggydumplings from Just meh said on 18/02/2019

I got this product as part of a deal boots had, which gave me this eyeliner as a free gift. Well... I've used this eyeline enough times to have made up my mind._x000D_
This eyeliner is good, the colour is very dark, and it's convenient to carry around, and beginner friendly since it is a felt-tip pen type._x000D_
However, I just wasn't super impressed. The tip of the eyeliner just wasn't saturated enough. The liquid just didn't get to the tip very well for me to get a sharp, and thin wing. It was good initially, but coming back to do the other eye, it was just disappointing and not saturated enough. I have tried storing it vertically to try to ensure that the tip would be saturated enough for next times use, but no luck. I also found that this eyeliner does really last. I could literally scratch off the eyeliner, which I understand that most people wouldn't normally do that, but that was just what I found to happen._x000D_
I just don't think this eyeliner is that good. :/
Boots review Originally posted on

Sel22 from Not too sure about the other reviews said on 12/11/2018

I have been searching for the perfect eyeliner for years, and this one is pretty close! It’s very pigmented, so thin that you can build up the thickness easily. I’m not too sure what’s been going on with the other people’s reviews as I’ve not found anything wrong with it other than occasional smudging but a good fixing spray sets it on the right track. Maybe other people have had dodgy ones but to me is better than most high street eyeliners.
Boots review Originally posted on

Siennawattsxo from Mixed feelings!? said on 26/08/2018

I bought this a while ago now and I’m a child , this was my FIRST ever eyeliner felttip I was so looking forward to it the pros are that it’s super black and pretty substantial to apply however it isn’t opaque at first swipe which isn’t the problem the problem is when going in for a second layer it takes off the past product along with whatever eye makeup you have on ?! And does NOT mix well with glitter eye looks
Boots review Originally posted on

Lauren222 from Dried out when open? said on 30/07/2018

Opened mine to find tip completely dry, tried swatching but only got very faint lines. Returned as I assumed the lid was removed at some point allowing it to dry out. _x000D_
- Looking at these reviews now I'm not sure that was the case. Came here to review their soap and glory supercat extreme eyeliner pen (HORRIBLY smudgy throughout the day, I looked like a raccoon, it's farrr worse than pencil for smudging even) but thought I'd check in. Don't think I'll bother again with their liners again!
Boots review Originally posted on

Vera123 from Not great said on 17/05/2018

I bought this only a few weeks ago and it’s already ran out of product. Very dry and smudges easily. The fine tip isn’t nice but it is too difficult to make it go over shadows. A waste of money the its use.
Boots review Originally posted on

Jenstarzie from My Favourite Liner! said on 22/04/2018

I love soap and glory liners and this is my fav. Its super black and so easy to use. It stays put all day without smudging and the pen lasts ages too so well worth the money.
Boots review Originally posted on

Gingergem from Long lasting and easy to use. said on 07/04/2018

Last well._x000D_
Easy to apply._x000D_
Remember to store with the nib facing down. _x000D_
Long lasting._x000D_
Not much product for your money.
Boots review Originally posted on

hanloux from Great buy! said on 31/03/2018

I’ve had this liner for a while now, it’s my number one go to! I find the application preside and easy to apply, and I also don’t feel like it dries too quick either as some others have mentioned, it gives me enough time to get that perfect shape no problem. It has amazing full coverage which lasts all day! The product last for quite a good few months too. I am usually quite picky about products (especially liners!) but this I would definitely recommend :)
Boots review Originally posted on

Alex13 from Ran out IMMEDIATELY said on 10/02/2018

I bought this about two weeks ago. Firstly, it was hard to use, but more importantly, it ran out within days. It was just drawing thin grey lines. I'm so disappointed because it's quite an expensive product and I got no use and a lot of inconvenience from it.
Boots review Originally posted on

Molly b from The best ever said on 31/12/2017

I have owned this eyeliner soo long it is amazing ,great colour , easy to use and takes me two seconds to do ,one of the best eyeliners you can use is this. At first it may seem hard but you will get used to it quickly and I would recommend getting super cat SKINNY much easier to handle and use . So make Sure it has skinny written on the packaging
Boots review Originally posted on

veronicak from Worst eyeliner I have ever purchased said on 30/12/2017

I bought this yesterday and put it on this morning... VERY hard to apply as the nib was quite dry and kept smudging. It was also grey in colour, not black - needed to put on a few layers of the eyeliner to make it black. Furthermore, after two hours of wear the eyeliner was completely smudged on my eyelid and it looked like I had done a smoky eye!! Worst £7 I have ever spent.
Boots review Originally posted on

Elizzza from Oh My Gosh! said on 17/12/2017

So I was messing around drawing cat eyes on my hand with this pen at about 18:30. Then I forgot to wash it off went to bed, went for a swim, had a shower and now it’s 20:00 the next day and it’s still almost the exact same as it was when I first put it on. Honestly never known a product to last so long._x000D_
The best thing is that when I go to use a tiny bit of miceller water it comes off easily with no stain or red marks._x000D_
Boots review Originally posted on

Louise mc from Good colour said on 17/09/2017

Got it for my birthday last year and it still works great definitely worth the money
Boots review Originally posted on

Camollsmom from Fab said on 29/08/2017

I love this eyeliner. It goes on nicely and doesn't drag at all. It's a good strong colour and lasts well. Make up bag essential.
Boots review Originally posted on

sasha626 from Good basic eyeliner said on 26/07/2017

Was in need of a new eyeliner and it does everything it claims to. Smooth, easy application and decent wear. Not too shiny, generally a good product
Boots review Originally posted on

Long from Disappointing said on 04/06/2017

I expected this to be great because a beauty guru on you tube highly recommended it but it was a huge disappointment and my two pound ninety nine one is far better than this one.
Boots review Originally posted on

Plymouthgirl109 from Plymouth said on 04/06/2017

I just received this as a gift....damn amazing gift, if I do say can reach the places (my eyelids) near the other liner has been able to do this. Thank you : )

Zoeh from United Kingdom said on 03/06/2017

Absolutely love this product! It stayed on all night, great purchase

emily123 from Sheffield said on 02/06/2017

I absolutely love this eyeliner. The tip is precise enough to get a fine line when you need one but also easy enough to build and make thicker for a more dramatic look. Stays black all day and doesn't smudge or transfer. Last for months too, mine hasn't dried out so far and I've had it since Christmas!

Lily from Newcastle said on 01/06/2017

Very pigmented and easy to apply with an extremely glossy finish.

Emma from Poor said on 31/05/2017

I got this as part of the 3 for 2, so I guess it was free but really wish I had picked up something else. Trying to do a wing with this eyeliner was an absolute nightmare, the nib was soooo dry. I thought maybe mines had been opened or something but when I applied heavy pressure with it on my hand it came out perfectly, it's just completely different on the eye as there's no way to apply the same pressure without gouging your eye out. _x000D_
Such a shame. So disappointed, won't be using this again.
Boots review Originally posted on

Kanic from Messy! said on 28/05/2017

Bought this as I normally use the regular Supercat but wanted a really sharp point. However more product got on me, my bed sheets, my walls (?!) and every surface around me. Leaked so much. Doesn't have much pigment so I shook it and lo and behold, my bedroom looks like an abstract painting covered in eyeliner. Really disappointed as the regular supercat never leaked this much. I've had to quarantine it away from my other makeup so it doesn't leak on it all.
Boots review Originally posted on

Jess6282 from A staple product! said on 24/03/2017

I've used this eyeliner for a few years and I couldn't recommend it enough. Aside from the great price, the product itself is easy to use and you can easily choose how bold you want your look to be. The pen is so precise and lasts for ages! Great product at a good price.
Boots review Originally posted on

Alex02 from Nice said on 04/03/2017

It is easy to use and lasts all day! It is really black and looks smooth on the skin
Boots review Originally posted on

EnzH11 from Easy to use said on 08/01/2017

I found this pen really easy to use. It takes a bit of practice getting the desires wing but the pen is so precise it's a lot easier than with other eyeliners, you can get a nice sharp tip on the wing. I agree with the other reviewer that it's quite easy to end up with pen on your hands but you get used to holding it the right way so that you don't end up getting it all over. I wouldn't say the formula is runny, it's a good consistency to get a nice black line first time. It stays on really well and you need a good eye makeup remover to remove it properly.
Boots review Originally posted on

Tampers from Very disappointed said on 26/12/2016

Bought this as part of a 3 for 2 as needed a new eye liner and really like other soap and glory make up products however I've found this very disappointing and think it's going to end up in the bin if I'm honest. The eyeliner pen itself is very easy to use, but the consistency of the liquid is far to runny. I've managed to get it on my fingers before even getting it near my face. When I've put it on, the eyeliner bleeds into my make up and ruins the line I'm trying to create, which defeats the object really. Definitely would not recommend.
Boots review Originally posted on
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