Bathe Yourself in Glory Bath Tray

Bathe Yourself in Glory Bath Tray


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Christmas gift range

Make a little time to relax this holiday season with our BATHE YOURSELF IN GLORY™ Bath Tray, a beautifully crafted book keeper-upper (and opener) with added drink holder for all your bath-tub filled wishes to come true

Made with Bamboo, our bath tray is expandable to fit most tubs, and features compartments for your book, phone, soap & drink.


Washing and Care instructions: Wash and dry caddy tray immediately after each use. Wash caddy tray with warm water and soap, rinse and dry with a towel. Stand the pieces vertically on their side to allow internal moisture to dry.

Never let bamboo soak in the water. Long exposure to water and heat will warp or crack bamboo. Never use harsh cleaning products like bleach or rubbing alcohol.

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100% Bamboo


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