Fab Pore™ T-Zone Cloths

Fab Pore™ T-Zone Cloths


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Triple Action Purifying T-Zone Cloths

The Fab Pore™ triple action cloths are infused with clinically tested, anti-blackhead actives plus Soap & Glory’s exclusive PORESHRINK-4™ complex – a non-irritating, slow-release salicylic acid that helps prevent spots both on application, and for hours after. They quickly lift away make-up, dirt and oil while cleansing pores deeply and soothing the skin.

• PORESHRINK-4™ - a non-irritating, clinically tested, slow-release salicylic acid complex that helps prevent spots both on – and for hours after – application
• ALOE VERA JUICE & ANTIOXIDANT WHITE TEA EXTRACT - for soothing, hydrating and antioxidant protection
• BABASSU OIL based gentle and natural cleansing system

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Jennifer from Canada said on 17/08/2015

Absolutely amazing. My skin has never looked better. I saw a difference in my pores by the second day of use. I will never switch from this product. My only fear is if they ever stop making it. Try it. you wont regret it.

Teamdean from USA said on 03/04/2015

The wipes are great, but the packaging is awful. The flap that seals the opening doesn't stick, so you can't seal the wipes shut after you take one out. Because of this, they dry out and you have just wasted your money. S&G - please use more effective packaging!

Elena from Oxford said on 28/07/2014

Is amazing cleanser!!! Really very convenient to use!
for traveling is must-have!

Heather from Cambridge said on 16/05/2014

These are very effective but unlike other spot product they don't sting or dry out your skin. I have tried all of them but wouldn't use anything else now.
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