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Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel

Dr Spot™ has pore-refining salicylic and lactic acids (a complex that Soap & Glory like to call PORESHRINK™-R, but you might call a MIRACLE), plus a highly efficacious blend of irritation soothers, redness reducers, and oil-secretion slowers. It’s powerful stuff – and it’s invisible, so you can reapply discreetly as often as you need.

• PORESHRINK™-R complex - an amazing, double-action, beta-hydroxy acid (a blend of encapsulated salicylic and lactic acids) which fights spots by gently peeling away pore-clogging dead skin cells and reducing intra-follicular inflammation, plus extracts of Fomes Officinalis mushroom to tighten pores, and kaolin microclay to soak up excess sebum secretion and smooth the skin’s surface
• WITCH HAZEL - for optimal pH balance on the skin’s surface
• VITAMINS A, C, E & B3 - to stimulate circulation, brighten dark spots, smooth and exfoliate the skin

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Aqua (Water/Eau), Alcohol Denat, Butylene Glycol, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Parfum (Fragrance), Niacinamide, Panthenol, Disodium EDTA, Sodium C8-16 Isoalkylsuccinyl Soy Sulfonate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Echinacea Purpurea Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, Cymbopogon Shoenanthus Oil, Linalool, Propylene Glycol, Limonene, Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Hypnea Musciformis Extract, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Betaine, Citronellol, Saccharomyces Lysate Extract, Sargassum Filipendula Extract, Sorbitol, Saccharomyces/Magnesium Ferment, Glycyyhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Saccharomyces/Silicon Ferment, Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment, Sodium PCA, Saccharomyces/Zinc Ferment, Saccharomyces/Iron Ferment, Geraniol, Citral, Farnesol, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Benzoate, Retinyl Palmitate, Yucca Schidigera Root Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Gellidiela Acerosa Extract, Proline, Poterium Officinale Root Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Bark Extract, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Serine, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, Lysine, Alanine, Arginine, Threonine, Allyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Retinol, Polysorbate 20


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Jayne from It Works said on 09/03/2020

Bought for my sons,they have been using it for a week now an have noticed a difference already
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Kim Ang from Interesting! said on 22/11/2019

I'm really amazed by this product! I bought it because despite washing my face every day a massive stubborn pimple decided to form between my brows. _x000D_
Out of desperation I tried to squeeze it but it was under the skin and just got worse. _x000D_
I applied it on two of my spots - the big stubborn fiery red one between my brows, and a smaller one on my chin that was already on its way out. By the end of the next day the big one was tiny and almost completely dried up! And I only applied it once! The one on my chin however didn't seem to change._x000D_
I think this is because the ingredients target the puss, so if you have a massive pimple like I did it will work wonders. But if it's a pimple already on its way out maybe not. Everybody's different though. Try it for yourself and see!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Laurencull from miracle worker said on 19/02/2019

I am honestly not the one to write review about products but this honestly has saved my life. I heard about this product from a friend of mine and thought id give it a go. i always apply it to my face before I go to sleep just after I have washed my face.it stings a bit when you put it on but for me that shows its doing something! it takes a couple of weeks to show improvement but when It does its unbelievable! I have always suffered with really bad spots and my skin is completely spot free now!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

BrendaSilva from Excellent said on 26/09/2018

I had 2 huge spots on my face so I decided to look for an alternative gel as the one I have does not help a lot. I purchased this one to try and I have to say that I am impressed, the size has reduced a lot from yesterday to today and the redness is gone. I liked so much that already recommended to my cousins. _x000D_
The tube has a good amount of gel but also has a lot of air, but I still think is worth the price. The smell is not strong as others I have tried and the gel is not tick but very efficient and don't leave residues when is dry.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

rubyellen from very drying: wouldn’t use on sensitive or dry skin said on 12/08/2018

i bought this around a month ago for the spots i get around my nose and for the odd spot here and there. i applies it to my nose area every night for just over a week and saw no improvements. in fact, it has dried the skin around my nose, making it red, raw and very painful. would not recommend for sensitive or dry skin.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Paisley from This product is everything! said on 02/04/2018

This spot cream is the best product I have personally ever used. I’ve had problem skin since adolescence and it’s been an nightmare. This spot treatment is a clear slightly runny product that smells like aniseed. Within thirty minutes it starts to reduce redness after just one application and by the next day the problem area is hardly visable. I use it in conjunction with the fab pore moisturiser and it’s a dream. It’s a reasonable price and worth a try!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

HMPJersey from Reduces redness, stops blemishes growing. said on 22/10/2017

Quite a runny gel & smells quite clinical. I had to use this gel after I had used the S&G Pore Unclogging Detox Mask. They were both on offer at the time & I had never tried Soap & Glory products. The mask had made lots of blemishes arise, so I applied this gel to those new blemishes & they did reduce in redness and did not get any bigger as was my worry. However, after about 5 mins, it does form some sort of flaky veil over the applied areas, that then rubs off easily. The spots didn’t completely vanish, but I see success in the fact they did not spread or increase in size or redness.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Sop_Syds from Amazing said on 22/10/2017

Reduced swollen spot underneath my eye brow in a few hours!! _x000D_
The next morning it wa hardly noticeable. _x000D_
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Lawner from Great said on 27/09/2017

Gets rid of my break outs quickly highly recommended
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Makeuplover 1246 from Didn't work for me said on 28/08/2017

I had a few Spots and applied this to them every night and morning for a few days and saw absolutely no change
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Julie from Deal said on 15/08/2017

Didnt really help my spots.gone backto clearasil im afraid

leyla-- from london said on 04/05/2017

It takes 2-3 days to completely calm down normal everyday spots/pimples but isn't as effective on acne inflamed spots, works well for the pimples I get before my period, generally works well and isn't harsh on the skin

Sally from Taunton said on 20/04/2017

Unfortunately this did absolutely nothing for my spots. It did not even tingle or shrink the spot. So disappointed because I was hesitant to spend so much on this product but I read all the reviews and had hopes! Don't waste your money, there's probably other products that are cheaper and actually work!

싫어 from Korea said on 22/02/2017

This product is AMAZING !!! It has worked wonders for me. I use this twice a day, and I immediately see noticeable results the next day. When I finished my tube I noticed that acne started to grow more often and now, big sigh of relief, I am on my second tube. Little goes a long way !! 닥터 스팟 짱 ~~ !!

student1996 from Worked really well & fast said on 27/01/2017

Works really well both on those little annoying whiteheads and on the horrible under-the-skin spots that you don't ever want to emerge. Dabbed it on a couple of times a day and they went away without fuss. I bought this product because I have just stopped using prescription benzyl peroxide (due to bleaching problems) and it's an excellent substitute. Really happy.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

BeckyThomas15 from great product said on 10/01/2017

works instantly and reduces redness straight away! I only apply a little amount, and I can see a difference._x000D_
I apply before bed on a night and before I apply my normal moisturiser on a morning (you need to wait for it to dry completely before adding any other products)
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

NArdiabough from Terrible said on 06/01/2017

Put it on my three spots one on my chin on the side of my forehead and in between my eyebrows I now have 4 spots inbwteeen my eyebrows 3 on my chin and atleast 10 or more on the Side of my head it's extremely drying and dosnr work
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Aimlei from Amazing!!! said on 21/12/2016

I use this once a day On any spots on the evening when Iv fully cleaned my face. It's worked wonders for spots that are about to come out especially the ones under the skin! Never tried anything like it before but works brilliantly. Worth the money
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

NatalieP from DOES NOTHING said on 12/11/2016

Does absolutely nothing to spots after using twice a day for over a month. Would not recommend.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

tingtong from Didn't work for me! said on 29/10/2016

Got this because of the great reviews, just didn't work for me at all
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jenny from An amazing product! said on 25/06/2016

IT WORKS!! This is the second time I have bought this in the last 3 or so years, and it really does work! It lasts for so long as I've only just needed to buy another and only a small amount is needed. It works so quickly and this product helps the spot to disappear fast.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kelly from This product is excellent. said on 25/06/2016

I love this product. This is so effective at removing spots within a week. I would not use anything else.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Jemgem from Does the job! said on 20/06/2016

i bought this on offer, and was a little hesitant to try from the reviews. _x000D_
I have sensitive skin and this works perfect for my spots. Especially the under the skin ones! I had an under the skin spot and I put it on twice a day for two days and it didn't even come out! love love love! <3
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Emily from London said on 11/05/2016

This is my holy grail of spot products. Honestly, I can't rave about this enough. I was bought this by my mum for when I started breaking out and it clears my spots so well and so quickly. I apply it once or twice a day and my spots go within a day or so! It's crazy good!

Carrie from Best spot cream said on 10/05/2016

I dont usually get spots until a certain time of month but this gel definately helped with hiding them! Stings a little when it goes on. Nothing too bad. It coats the spot, its great! I love it
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Aleksandra from Not working said on 08/04/2016

It was not working on my skin type. It gave me only irritation and dry patches.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Fran_KW from Brighton said on 29/02/2016

I was SO sad this product didn't work for me. I get quite bad hormonal acne and so I was really pleased when I found this product- it was one of the few spot creams (that I could see) with salicylic acid and so I was excited. Unfortunately, I used practically the whole tube, but to no avail. It does sting a bit when you put it on, but I'm guessing that that's dues to the acid content, apart from that I didn't notice any change in my skin.

BreakoutCrisis from UK said on 12/01/2016

So I had a break out on my forehead, the spots was quite red. I used the product and it made the spots and where I applied the gel very red, I don't know if it was a allergy thing but it made the spots very hard to conceal. Don't know if it's due to my sensitive skin but I don't recommend this

Grotbags2004 from "Amazing Porduct" said on 08/01/2016

My daughter has hit pubity and her forehead was covered in spots and pimples I tried so many products and then I found this WoW what a product in just over week her spots have cleared up. One very happy mummy.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

L from Ireland said on 12/10/2015

I've been using it for the past 5 days, but still absolutely no result! In fact, I think it has made my spots worse, as they usually disappear within a few days. I got it hoping that it would speed up the process but it seems to have irritated my spots even more. I would not recommend it at all. Very very disappointed.

nancygecosta from Terrible, gave me 10 times the spots I had before using said on 02/08/2015

I have combination skin and used this product for two weeks. Stung when applied and gained roughly two new painful spots every day that I used this product! Would not recommend. I'm glad I bought it while it was on sale, can't imagine spending the full price on such a little and ineffective product!

Went back to using Lush's 'Grease Lightning' and all my spots have cleared in two days.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

P from UK said on 17/04/2015

This little gel has been excellent at unclogging hardened sebum in the pores and reducing the resulting acne-like bumps and scarring from a severe folliculitis infection on my face. You do need to go gently at first, especially if you have sensitive skin and build up a gradual tolerance. The only thing I find is that although It does work, it can take a while, don't expect super instant results. I have been very impressed with how its helped my skin recover from the folliculitis.

I recently suffered a breakout and bumpy, uneven skin from a new foundation so I popped this on all the affected areas (often spreading it right across the skin not just spot treating) and days later it's already starting to clear up and my skin is smoothing out. Think I've got my HG blemish fighter!

Vik from Angus said on 04/04/2015

This didn't do anything for me tbh. I used it for ages but I didn't see any difference. It stings when I put it on my face. I have really sensitive skin so maybe that is why. It was dear for the little tube but it was bigger than I thought and what people were saying in the reviews so I was glad about that. If it works for you then great but it never worked for me. The other thing is that it's like a gel instead of a cream which i think is better than a cream.

TimeAndSpace_ from Devon said on 24/02/2015

This is marvellous! I have struggled to find a breakout zappers because I cannot use Tea-tree and Lavender which most do. This is a god send for me as I bought it to try and I love it, my spots clear up within 2-3 days. Plus there is no harsh smell and its great on my eczema prone skin!

olivia from Wonderful said on 14/02/2015

This is the best and most effective spot treatment you will ever find. It works amazingly, doesn't smell the best but it is effective compared to others and I would know. I've tried a lot of spot treatments and I will never buy another because this is the best one ever.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

shelovestosing from Edinburgh said on 07/02/2015

I love this stuff. I used to have pretty bad acne and still get a breakout every week or so and this is one of the only products I've found that helps. I apply dr spot after cleansing my face at night and when I get up in the morning before I do my makeup. Just had to pop into town today because I finished my first tube and I don't know how I would cope without it.

Tacita2703 from Best investment said on 30/01/2015

I've been using a few Soap&Glory products for three weeks and I can honestly say it has worked wonders on my irritatingly spot prone skin. Within a week of using Soap&Glory products, my boyfriend and I saw a dramatic reduction in spots on my face! I think my newly clear skin is a result of using 'Dr Spot' every night, 'Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox vitamin C facial wash' every morning and night (the blue one) and 'Off Your Face purifying cloths' every night. I've tried an array of products for spots that left me utterly disappointed therefore I would definitely recommend this trio of products as it actually works for me. Drinking lots of water is also probably a contributing factor.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

ania20 from Miracle Worker said on 18/01/2015

I bought this product on sale not really having a high expectation for it but I was wrong!
This is the best spot treatment I have used , every time I feel a spot coming I just dab a tiny amount of this product and the next day the spot is completly gone.
It is a bit on a pricey side but a little goes a long way, you really don't need to use a lot of it.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Emma from It seems to be working! yippiee! said on 29/12/2014

Iv used this for about two weeks now, only once a day as i don't like putting it under make up. IM SEEING RESULTS!! yippiee! I suffer with acne and have angry red blotching, this has majorly reduced this. I would definitely recommend, its definitely worth a try! As iv only been using the product a short time I cant say whether it is pure magic but my skin is looking so much better so just try it ladies! ( and gents! )
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

DJ from Wales said on 29/12/2014

First of all, would like to say in reply to some other reviews, when you swap a product you are putting on your face, your skin reacts and normally you will get more spots. It happens with everything. Just continue use. Also, most spot treatments decrease the life span of spots, they go quicker. Any spots under your skin (that you can't see yet) come up, because they are reacting to the serum. A few more treatments later, you're skin will look much better.
This product is amazing, not only does it calm spots, it reduces them, soothes them and gets rid of redness. Pair it with the fab pore moisturizer, your skin will be so clear :)

kells from plymouth said on 27/12/2014

The righteous butter!!!! Wow what an absolutely amazing product the best ever!!!! Skin feels so soft after applying and smells absolutely gorgeous! this it's the one thing I cannot live without X

Habold from London said on 26/12/2014

To be honest I LOVE it all!!! I got my other half to buy 4 big boxes of it for Xmas!!! LOVE the face wipes!! LOVE the body scrub!! The make up is amazing!!! Such a good brand!! :)

Lucyxxxxx from Dissapointing said on 10/11/2014

I purchased this after I had a breakout and saw how good the reviews were! The price also seemed reasonable. But after application, it dries and then just leaves a film over the spot which peels off like a layer of skin. I was expecting it to be a teatree type of treatment but it's really just a gel to disguise the spots. Reminds me of bonjella. Worth a try though and could work better on the occasional pimple
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

SpottyStudent from Aberdeen said on 11/10/2014

I have been using this product for years! I've had really bad problems with spots for many years and have visited my GP many times about acne, nothing has ever worked, then one day someone told me to try this stuff and it is a god send!!! all i can say is use it more than once or twice a day, i tend to use it 10-12 times and it clears the spots up in 1-2 days. Perfect. Its the only stuff i religiously use for my skin and even when my local boots stopped selling it i began ordering it online. i must've bought 20+ of these over the year. i keep one in the bathroom, one in the car and one in my bag so that whenever i feel a spot starting it gets to work straight away. Honestly my favourite thing i own.

Wilmie7 from Actually works said on 06/10/2014

Minimal drying of skin, unlike most other spot reducing gels, even on skin prone to dryness/sensitivity. Worked immediately on both my and my boyfriend's skin to reduce all types of spot. Well worth the money!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

ArielNow from Okay, but not convinced about the value for money said on 04/10/2014

There is a tingle and slight burn when this is applied to the face, so you feel like it is doing something. But, I haven't found it has stopped or slowed any spots, but I think it may help a tiny bit with healing them when they are on their way out. There seems to be a little less scarring afterwards.

Which is pretty much the same review I gave to another spot remover that is about half the price so definitely worth exploring other options.

One thing I would say is that this disappears on top of foundation, but can be seen a little under foundation, so put your make up on before applying.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Bolopost from wish i found this first said on 02/08/2014

I have been fighting breakout on my chin now for over a year..ive spent alot of money on different products but nothing helped. Saw this and after wondering for a few days if i should spend more money on another product that wont work i gave in....i been using it now for 2days and my chin is the best its looked in over a year..all the blackhead/whitehead have gone and my ugly spots have dried up to little scabs! If only i tried this firsr i would be a bit richer!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Pinnerz28 from Not The Best said on 22/07/2014

Hate to write this review as S&G obviously have some great reviews. Unfortunately I do not think this product is very good. For me it did not fight my spots but didn't give me spots either. I do not like the smell of this product nor the texture! There seems to be just air in my tube and hardly any product. Needs to be about £1.50 cheaper too! Sorry!!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Smiley19 from This product has great features said on 11/07/2014

I really love this spot treatment , its very easy to use dispite the fact it comes from a metal tube. It is also very effective, whenever i get a breackout i use it and the next day the spot has vamished. Best spot treatment ive ever used!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Kez from Birmingham said on 22/06/2014

This is brilliant for acne! This gel breaks down acne spots well in a couple of days. This is by far the best spot treatment gel I have came across so far and will continue to use as it is a fast break downer, highly recommend this!!

MissJackson from UNITED KINGDOM said on 28/04/2014

This product is a godsend! I am a teen with sensitive skin, I have many skin problems and a lot of products tend to do nothing at all - just irritate my skin. I saw this in boots and it claimed some pretty impressive stuff, so thought id try it. You only need the smallest amount to cover a large area. (my problem zones being my forehead, nose and chin) I applied it to my breakout areas and - wow - half of them gone by the next morning! I used it again the next day, and nearly all of my spots are gone. (I use the product with a good cleansing routine as this is key to helping clear up skin) My sister, who is an adult, has suffered from severe acne from a young age. I showed her this product and it has worked miracles since she has started using it not so long ago. Her acne is almost cleared up!
I still use the product when I get an occasional breakout, it is fab fab fab. Don't know what I would do without it - cant recommend it enough x

Ellexoxo from England said on 21/04/2014

I first saw the product in boots, I immediately thought, "what the heck, let's see if it works"! So I bought it! That night after I had cleansed and moisturised, I put the treatment on my spots, within 10 seconds I could feel my face starting to slightly burn. I know most people think that products that make your skin burn are bad, but with my skin when a spot gel burns my skin, it means it's working, if any spot treatment burns painfully I immediately take it off! So the next day I didn't really notice anything nothing had gone, no redness reduced! But I did the same the next night, the next morning some spots had minimised and there was less redness! I was thrilled! I did the same the next night, and again some spots died down and others completely vanished! I can honestly say that this product has helped clear up skin, my skins isn't completely clear, but it's on the way, I am a teenager so my skin is prone to spots but it really has helped! I defiantly recommend this product, but not to people who have sensitive skin, because as I said before it can make your skin slightly burn! It is a really good product, but the only things I would make negative comments on is that the tube is fairly small, but I think it's small because it's trying to make it last and not make you put a lot of treatment on your skin, because putting to much treatment on your skin can make you get dry sensitive skin! The only other negative thing is the price, but to be fair it is a soap and glory product, their products aren't cheap to make and have very rich, expensive, rare ingredients! I must be honest after buying this product I read through these reviews and slightly regretted buying the product, seeing some negative reviews, but seriously this product works, don't just think it won't work on my skin, my spots are to bad, it may not clear your skin up completely but I swear, you will defiantly notice a difference and so will other people! So just buy it the next time you get a chance, it's your choice it you want to change your life, become more confident, get clear skin, get closer to the perfect life you have always wanted! Take a chance, it will work! What have you got to lose?

CEMI89 from Brilliant said on 13/04/2014

On array to day basis my skin is normally pretty good, however recently I broke out in red under the skin blemishes on my forehead and top of my shoulders (shampoo reaction) and bought this to help heal them up quicker! This worked brilliantly! Really recommend to anyone who has a few blemishes as a targeted treatment!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Rachel28 from Camberley said on 03/04/2014

I just wanted to add to all of you who have had issues with this cream, I have sensitive skin and have a great tip, your spots get big and red because of your blood cells racing to the place to fight the bacteria, hold an ice-cube over the spot until it is pretty numb, then apply the spot the treatment. the ice slows down the cells & takes away some redness and gives the product more chance to fight the infection form the outside, when your skin re-heats naturally the cells come back slower and have to do less work as the treatment has done its magic, also always moisturize, even if you have oily skin this should help your dry patches.

Sarah from Scotland said on 01/04/2014

I recently bought this product and have used it several times, all without luck. It has not made any difference to my spots and I find the basic sudocrem more effective. It is also quite a small product. However, it is transparent which is always a plus point.

1Sophie from Prevents spots turning into whiteheads said on 11/03/2014

I get awful breakouts just on my chin. To be honest, I'm not sure how much is to do with products and how much is beyond my control (hormones etc.!).

Nonetheless, I am pleased with this product. I bought it mid-breakout and while emerging spots didn't disappear, they didn't turn into ugly whiteheads like usual. They just stayed as small pink bumps which are pretty easy to cover.

Since then, I've used it twice a day on my chin and haven't had any more spots. However, as I say, my skin is often fine for months and then suddenly erupts so I can't say for certain that my current clear skin is due to this product. But it's certainly not doing any harm!
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Tia from Derby,UK said on 22/02/2014

I have had a massive spot on my face for a week now and it wasn't going in fact it was getting redder so I popped into boots today and picked up DR SPOT and it is a miracle it is giving me results within 2 hours my spot has gone down so much! AMAZING MUST HAVE

Rhiannon from Cheshire said on 29/01/2014

I have tried countless spot creams, scrubs, everything and nothing really seems to make a great difference. so since this had 1/3 off in boots I thought I would give it a try. at first I wasn't convinced it seemed to bring up the spots that I had but then after a day or two I really started to notice that the spot were going down and that the redness was gone. then after about three days of using it, it has reduced a lot of my spots to almost nothing! really really would suggest this product.

Lauren from London said on 29/01/2014

Used it once, and the difference was dramatic. The redness had decreased and the swelling had stopped! Dr Spot is perfect, and has saved me from feeling self conscious for my weekend with the girls! Job well done!

Ebz from Nottingham said on 21/01/2014

Been using this for what.. 3 days, can already see a dramatic difference!

AprilOz from not what I expected said on 21/01/2014

Disappointed with the product. I never use to get spots and I used clearsil which worked well for about a year. I mostly get head/t-Zone pimples tht are un popable and this product just hasn't helped :-/
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Laurssx from Miracle product! said on 06/01/2014

I absolutely love S&G and when I saw this I just had to try it! I have suffered from breakouts since I was in my teens and have tried so many lotions and potions claiming to reduce redness blah blah blah, did they work, no! Well look no further, this little gem is amazing, if you apply twice a day onto the targeted areas, it really does reduce the redness and size of spots. Only problem with this product is that the design is a bit fiddly as sometimes I squeeze out way too much product - maybe a roller ball or pump may be better? Overall, it's a great buy.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Rainbow1988 from Amazing product!! said on 03/01/2014

After battling with spots for a while now I have tried loads of products from LUSH face masks to expensive clinique spot gel. I bought this yesterday and OMG it works like a miracle!! I bought it with BOTANICS rose toner spray and clean my face use the rose spay with cotton wool so I have a clean face then apple the dr spot!!! WOW I HAVE SEEN THEM SHRINK over the past 24 hours. I apply it twice a day!! Defo recommend
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Claire from Manchester said on 03/01/2014

Gave this a go after reading reviews. Two words - MIRACLE WORKER!!! I've had acne for years and so e of the creams for the GP didn't work as well as this... I adore it! My new "cant-live-without" product!!!

Nik73 from Pleasantly surprised said on 04/12/2013

Everyone keeps a tube of something for that spot that suddenly appears right when you don't want one to and the stuff I used to keep for such emergencies had been discontinued. Having tried other items from this brand I thought I would give it a go.
Too many late nights and some stress gave me the opportunity to try it the other night. I have to say I was much surprised the next morning to find what was originally a painful spot was now almost gone and healed a lot faster than I was expecting.
It is a light gel that smells of ginger and dries to nothing so no sticky residue. I slapped a bit more on the next morning to see if it was possible to use under makeup and it is.
The only downsides to the stuff is that firstly the tube erupts on first opening so keep it upright when opening and don't squeeze. Secondly although I love ginger in food, I am less keen at being able to smell it on my face so if you were needing this for everyday treatment I would suggest a strong smelling moisturiser or foundation to mask the smell.
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Mel from Liverpool said on 21/11/2013

Wow! I'm amazed at this product. It is my skin saviour. I've tried so many things with little or no effect, after applying this My spots were nearly gone the next day. It works better than the more expensive creams, I also bought this for my sister for her birthday and can't wait for her to try it and be as impressed as me. Will definately be purchasing this again and be recommending it to everybody!

Jess from Love it said on 16/11/2013

I've been using this product for a while now and i would recommend it to anyone with spots. It's a fantastic product and does the job nicely. :D
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Nardeen from AMAZING said on 20/10/2013

This product is amazing!!! bought it for myself today used it and made me feel so fresh!!!!!!!!!! Love the smell
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

Charlotea from Great project - bad packaging! said on 29/07/2013

I love this spot treatment. I haven't found anything else that clears up my spots as quickly as this. However, it is packaged in the type of tube that just spills out when full, making it quite tricky to apply for the first few times as much more comes out of the tube that what you need. Despite this it is a good spot treatment.
Boots review Originally posted on boots.com

tiff from liverpool said on 20/05/2013

I suffer from acne and blemishes and i gave this gel a go and it is brilliant. i wash my face before i go to sleep and then apply the gel to any spots and by morning they have minimized in redness and size, by day 2-3 it is barely noticeable. I would recommend this to anyone with oily, acne, breakout prone skin. Well worth the money.

Jasmine from Hampshire said on 04/04/2013

I love soap and glory products and am normally very happy with the result but this product didnt work at all for me if not it made my spots worse. Also it burns when you first put it on. I think maybe this product isnt suitable for sensitive skin due to the chemicals in it.

Clare from Coventry said on 19/02/2013

The affect that this product has had on my skin is a miracle. I have used this combined with Face Soap And Clarity & Hocus Focus to try & beat a rash that I have had on my face for two years. I have tried every other product under the sun & none have ever helped - most of them have just made it worse, but this along with the other two mentioned have been a miracle.

As I say on most of my reviews, it's a little pricey but it is worth every penny! It takes one tiny dot of Dr Spot (smaller than a pea) applied directly to your spot & they're completely gone within an hour. You can even feel it working. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a spot free face as quickly as possible! I couldn't live without it!

Amy from Manchester said on 08/02/2013

I bought this about three weeks ago on a boots three for two offer. I was a bit worried that it would not work as i've always had problem spotty skin, now 21 I still get spots around my chin area.... not since using this! I love it! I use it every night and morning and for three weeks now not one spot has appeared and my skin is healing up a treat. Would certainly recommend!!

Sophie RaRa from London said on 31/01/2013

Like all S&G products I love this! I started using Dermalogica in the summer and my skin erupted in spots (at the age of 27!), It was worse than anything I had ever experienced with my skin, after 6 months of battling with different creams to try and sort out the mess that my face had become I bought Dr Spot and 4 days later my skin is finally returning to the way it was, Thanks S&G :-)

Gal12 from UK said on 21/12/2012

This is the best spot cream i have ever used! I have had spots for the last 2 years and i used everything under the sun! I bought this 2 weeks ago and it has been an absolute saviour. It has reduced the colour of the scars and i only have one or two spots compared to 20+. Highly recommended for anyone at their wits end, no need to go to the doctors! I applied it every morning and night and its worth every penny!

emma22 from stevenage said on 16/11/2012

this is the worse spot cream i have ever used. mega annoyed that i wasted my money on this. yes it probably does work if you have barely anything there. its not a spot cream what so ever. i agree with other people that it does absolutly nothing and am disgusted that this product just lies. if you have an actual spot, something noticable it doesnte ven reduce redness. overall.. dont ever buy this EVERRRRRRRR

VelvetBows Blog from London said on 14/10/2012

If I'm completely honest, I wouldn't even be able to give this a 1 star. Has done nothing for my spots, and since I introduced this into my skincare routine, my face has become even more prone to breakouts! Not at all happy with this!

Rexy from London said on 25/09/2012

The best spot treatment around. Works overnight! Never ever going to give this up now!

izzy long fan of s&g from gloucestershire said on 02/09/2012

OMG this is a saviour im going for a family gathering in a week and they wouldn't of recognised me for the spots, but ive been using it for 2 days and my skin is visibly less red and spotty, thank you i love you soap and glory

Vicky from London said on 11/07/2012

One word - Amazing! Have not had any issues since using it (Except that it works wonders!) & will continue to use it until the day comes when I do not have another spot again!...

Joseph from Newcastle said on 23/06/2012

Got this at Manchester Airport and it worked really really well on a big spot I had coming through, I applied DR SPOT in April and I now have a dry patch of skin on my face where the spot was, it's now June nearly April and I've applied moisturiser regularly for the past 2 months and basically the moisturiser isn't working. DR SPOT has made my face a mess.

Lorrie from Guernsey said on 19/06/2012

This works, got it recently 3 for 2 as my 14 yr old son asked for it by name after trying some as a last resort in hope it would help his spots. For him to take note of the actual product is some recommendation, seriously ! It is a fantastic product and a little goes a long way. Tks S & G

LaurenC from Surrey said on 16/05/2012

Ever had one of those painful bright red spots?! USE THIS!! Never realised S&G did a skincare range even though i use their moisterisers! 2 DAYS and my spot has gone down completely! I am amazed how well this works, i have used all sorts of spot creams, prescribed and well known brands that supposedly specialise in spots! Nothing has ever worked as well as Dr.Spot, loved it so much i stocked up whilst it was on 3 for 2 in boots!

This product is a SAVIOUR!!!

Rebecca from Manchester said on 01/02/2012

This really is a fantastic spot fighting gel, its a bit pricey compared to others on the market but this is the only one that has consistently worked for me. Others I have bought before from different brands worked the same but they only seemed to work the first few times I used it, then it was as if they got used to my skin. I've had this for months now and it always helps my spots whenever I apply it, I use it every night before bed. Only need the tiniest amount as well, the small tube will last forever!

Mrs A from Limekilns, Fife said on 25/01/2012

Ok, I've tried and/or owned every single product you've made. I'm quite obsessed clearly but don't worry, I won't stalk you!! Unless of course you stop making Dr Spot! You have NO IDEA what this has done for me!! I'm 41 and having an early menopause (joy) and my skin has decided to be a total swine and break out in so many spots it's unbelievable! Having had awful teenage acne, then years of perfect skin I was devastated. Pure vanity but it's so upsetting! Tried a few products but they were rubbish. I LITERALLY found and bought Dr Spot yesterday. I put it on before bed. This morning, EVERY SINGLE SPOT is healing, some have disappeared completely, and no more have appeared. I officially love you, want to marry you and have your babies, Soap & Glory. I realise of course that is quite impossible but I just wanted to thank you SO SO MUCH for his amazing product which has instantly helped and also helped hugely with my self esteem, which is pretty low at the moment!! Thank you thank you thank you!! xx

Bells from London said on 18/01/2012

I rarely get spots but when I do they're so noticeable so thought I'd try this. The spot(s) have definitely gone down, not disappeared but smaller. So hopefully will be good when some more appear.

not happy from england said on 21/12/2011

this product has burnt my skin making me look even worse like ive got something gorged into my head. it's quite painful and ugly, has also slowed healing process and im really annoyed that there is no warning or instructions on what to do in this situation....

Avalon fulthorpe from Brighton said on 06/12/2011

Dr spot is definitely spot on!!!!! I have always suffered from acne and had to take tablets to stop them coming through, I recently got told I had to stop taking these tablets so of course I started to panic!!!! But not anymore as what worked with the tablets seems to be the same with this product!!! I apply this as I start feeling a spot coming through and it just banishes it from even appearing! This product is so great that I am going to speak to my doctor to ask if he will recommend this to people in the same situation as me, thank you sooo much s&g another genius product xxx

Lexi from Scotland, Aberdeen said on 19/10/2011

Wow! I have only been using this product for 3 days and have seen results. I am a teenager which means spots were my enemy, but I found Dr Spot! I am deffently going to tell my friends about it! Thank you Soap & Glory you have saved me!

Annu Peters from Brighton said on 27/09/2011

This stuff really does work, and pretty fast! It clears my spots without drying my skin out. Whenever I feel a spot starting I dab some of this on and BAM! It disappears :)

Grace from Jacksonville said on 27/09/2011

I tried some of this on a pimple starting to come up at the store and by the time I got home later that night it was already almost totally gone. I was amazed. I usually use the expensive stuff from Sephora but this works so much better than anything I've ever used. Going back to buy it for sure.

Emily-May from Derbyshire said on 27/09/2011

Seriously this product is amazing I bought this just to see if it actually got rid of any spots that came up. But amazingly this product isn't just a cheat it works!!! It is truly incredible. my spot was gone, just like that overnight! xoxoxoxox

Zoe from Portsmouth said on 27/09/2011

AMAZING! I am 35 and have had spots since I was 12 :( I have tried literally everything. Most potions work, to a very limited extent, for a very limited time. I have been using Dr Spot for 4 months and it works! I still get spots, but Dr Spot certainly shortens their life and reduces their size and redness within hours of application. Thank you Soap and Glory :)

Laura from Birmingham said on 27/09/2011

WOW! this has been my lifesaver for the past few months, as a teenager my skin is very prone to breakouts, out of all the various products that I have tried, Soap & Glory have come out top - again! This dramatically reduces redness and size within hours and I can simply dab it on whenever I feel a spot on the go, because it fits in my handbag just fine - and it doesn't dry out my skin :)

Laura from Bristol said on 24/09/2011

WOW! this has been my lifesaver for the past few months, as a teenager my skin is very prone to breakouts, out of all the various products that I have tried, Soap & Glory have come out top - again! This dramatically reduces redness and size within hours and I can simply dab it on whenever I feel a spot on the go, because it fits in my handbag just fine - and it doesn't dry out my skin :)
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