Creamy clarifying shower gel


 - 480ml

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Tootsie from California said on 15/05/2017


sadincanada from Toronto said on 04/09/2016

This has been my favourite product for many, many years. Sadly, I've bought my last bottle. I've just realized this product (and many others in this line uses microbeads. These are literally killing our oceans. Please Soap and Glory - do the right thing and ban the beads!!!! I hate to give you up, but you have to give these ridiculous things up first. We will survive without them - in fact, we have to do without them to survive.

Emily from Canada said on 06/01/2015

This is hands down my all time favorite body wash! Before using this body wash I was a bath and body junkie, always trying different products and never settling with any one in particular. It did not take me long to get hooked on clean on me! Since using this I have repurchased for myself 3 times and as gifts a few times too. I highly recommend this product, the smell and lather are perfect and luxurious !

Ess from Canada said on 25/08/2014

I totally love this scent!

Mette from Newfoundland said on 22/05/2014

I love this product from Soap & Glory.. I low the smell, which lasts all day, but the best part? The build-in body lotion! My skin feels super soft after a shower, so I don't have to use assertional body lotion afterwards.. And is lasts for ages.. Haven't tried a lot of Soap & Glory product, but this alone makes me want to by ALL of their products.. They feel - and make you feel - luxurious...

Jaime from Oakville said on 05/01/2014

this is quite possibly the best shower gel ever and it smells AMAZING! highly highly recommend, I bought this while it was on offer and have repurchased 3 times

Andrea from Georgetown,ON,Canada said on 03/02/2013

By far the best shower gel ever. Admittedly I am a bit cheap when it comes to bath products but I will never skimp again having used this product for the last two months. I am now a loyal follower of Clean On Me. Worth every penny and the scent is divine!

SusieQ from Ontario Canada said on 02/11/2012

Hands down the most amazing body wash ever! Amazing scent and cleans perfectly without drying. The most luxurious lather feels flattering to my body. Once you try this you'll never use another!

La Chirugienne from Ottawa said on 13/12/2011

Intrigued by the insouciance of the label's assertion, "Cleanliness is essential when godliness is improbable," I bought this on a whim. I should have smelled it first. Reminiscent of women embarking upon their 7th decade, Original Pink lacks freshness and vivacity. Although this shower gel performs passably, given how sparingly I use it, it should last me well into retirement, at which point, I may actually enjoy its fragrance...that, or my sense of smell will have been completely deadened.

Andrea from Canada said on 28/10/2011

Absolutely divine - makes any bad day wash right down the drain, leaving you with fantastic smelling, super clean, smooth skin! A few more suds would be great, but I can live without!

Martusia from Leeds said on 27/09/2011

I totally adore it! It is my favourite shower gel and trust me, I have tried many..;) I am sucker for nice smells and this one is just gorgeous and I love that it stays long, long time after having shower. My skin is usually very dry after contact with water but with this gel/cream it is beautifully silky... Ah, and yes, I loooove the packaging :) x

Helen Pier from Nottingham said on 27/09/2011

This is my all-time favourite shower gel, I can't get enough of it and love the retro packaging so unique!

Katie Coleman from London said on 27/09/2011

The smell is heavenly, it lathers up easily even in hard water areas and it makes me feel good! I love it :D

Jen from Bristol said on 27/09/2011

I love this body wash: the bottle has lasted me ages (3 months and counting...) and is creamy enough to skip moisturiser afterwards. Words can't express my joy in finding this beauty!

Booshbay from Leeds said on 27/09/2011

It is the only shower gel I have used for the past 2 years, nothing matches up...recently found I was replacing my bottles more often though, turns out my fiance is an even bigger fan than me! His skin is wonderfully soft now, I like the improvement

soapandglorylover from Edinburgh said on 27/09/2011

I can't wait to hop into the shower each morning because of this little beauty!! It smells amazing and makes me feel fresh all day!

Sarah X from Dublin said on 27/09/2011

Love it! Although one thing I don't like...My Mum loves it too! I have to hide it from her so she can't use it! ;) Smells nice, feels nice, it's gorgeous! My Mum one morning had very dry skin so she used some and I'm not gonna lie, her skin looked so much more healthier! 5*'s without a doubt! :)

Cez from London said on 27/09/2011

This has to be the most gorgeous shower gel ever! Smells like heaven and I love how it has a built in body lotion for when you've not got much time! I can smell it on my skin for ages afterwards and it feels so soft all day. Love it!

Erin from Manchester said on 27/09/2011

I love love LOVE this! It's the best shower gel I've EVER used... one of the best from S&G's (that I've tried)

Janice from Leicester said on 27/09/2011

Clean On Me is one of my favourite Christmas presents yet. It really leaves you feeling smooth and refreshed and the aroma makes you feel good as well! I liked it so much I've come looking for other products in the line!!

Tracy Smoth from Aberdeen said on 27/09/2011

This is by far the best shower gel I have used in years!

Emma-Louise from Worksop said on 27/09/2011

I love this shower gel soooo much... really nice scent and leaves my skin feeling refreshed with a nice healthy glow. Great product from Soap & Glory!

Ruthie from Loughborough said on 24/09/2011

This shower gel is AWESOME!! It leaves my normally dull, dry and flakey skin feeling all silky soft and smooth.
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