Foamy fruity body scrub


 - 250ml

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Get fresher, smoother and softer skin with fig powder, pumice, peppermint oil, lemonade tree liquid, orange waterjuice™ and vitaminballs™ (A,C,E). Scented with our new Fruitigo™ fragrance.

Instructions for Use

Squeeze out a handful and rub it between your palms, then work it around in circles on damp skin. (You can start at your shoulders and work down, or tackle dry shins and feet before scrubbing up.) Rinse when you’re finished.

Overall Rating:

5 out of 5 (2) Review(s)

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Emily from Canada said on 12/01/2017

This product has an amazing texture that cleans my skin without being harsh on my sensitive skin. A very small amount covers everything (it foams with water). Love it.

Nikki from Winnipeg, Canada said on 22/05/2013

Absolutely amazing! Smells fabulous and makes my skin sooo soft. Luxurious and clean is the lasting feeling I get when using Pulp Friction. Part of my every day regimen. This product makes me excited to take my daily shower! LOVE IT!
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