Triple-action peptide balm


 - 190ml

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Toni Pale from Barrie said on 28/09/2011

Is firming and a good moisturising cream, I didn't expect the world, but was pleasantly surprised and would absolutely buy again.

Britt aka Bglittery from Reading said on 28/09/2011

Four letters L.O.V.E, and 5 Stars... I was shocked at how well this actually worked! Never thought a cream could smell so good and work so well, with very cute packaging to boot!

Barra from Reading said on 28/09/2011

I'm really impressed. The best thing I tried so far, it actually works. And very quickly. Liked the smell too.

Emily May from Vancouver said on 28/09/2011

I never bought it earlier, because I didn't think these things worked, but I definitely regret that now! In the 3 days I've been using it, I already feel and notice a difference on my thighs. It is completely worth the money, and I'm not sure I will even have to buy another tube!

Helen from Pittburg said on 28/09/2011

I bought this bottle a year ago and finally started using it 3 days ago. Twice a day for the past 3 days and I can already start to see the difference! It smells good and you can really feel the tingling going to work.
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