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Butter Yourself™ Body Lotion

Butter Yourself™ Body Lotion


(£2.00 per 100ml)

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Ultra nourishing moisturiser for dry skin

BUTTER YOURSELF™ is a ludicrously fruity blend of super smoothing SHEA BUTTER, ORANGE WATERJUICE™, FIG PULP EXTRACT and ALMOND, MANGO & MORINGA OILS. Specially formulated to soothe and soften even the driest skin; it works wonders on rough elbows, bumpy upper arms and flaky lower legs – boosting hydration and richly nourishing the skin with melt-while-you-massage COCOA & MORINGA BUTTERS.

Instructions for Use

THE MILKY WAY: After a good scrub in the shower or bath, rub a handful of BUTTER YOURSELF moisture lotion onto still-damp skin and let it all soak in.

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Overall Rating:

3.1 out of 5 (18) Review(s)

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Carrypolly from Wales said on 26/06/2016

I contacted Soap & Glory in 2014 asking what they were going to do about the dispenser. They said it was a priority area. Seems not as there is nothing different and although the products are nice they are no good stuck at the bottom of a dispenser. Will spend my money elsewhere. Disappointing

Vikandi from Bristol said on 30/03/2016

Nothing new to say (love the smell, consistency, performance) but still the same problem. A good 5 cm left in the bottle (which I reckon is at least a couple of weeks use) but I can't get to the stuff! Such a shame...

Stargazer from UK said on 17/03/2015

Love love love this lotion but HATE HATE HATE the pump bottle. Lotion too thick to get out once you are two thirds down the bottle. Please S&G sort this issue out !!!

Dev from London said on 12/03/2015

Male Reviewer Alert:
* First impression - Initially hit by a strange fresh leafy fragrance combined with a milky mango scent.
* After use - Moisturises my dry skin well and the smell lasts on skin for a while. Keeps skin supple for ages. Smells like a nice fresh mens aftershave.

Guys need to be less scared of pink bottles etc. Great product 5*'s ALL guys into fresh fragrances looking for a good moisturiser should buy this! S&G NEVER change the formulation!!!

Hellrock from Aviemore said on 10/03/2015

Butter yourself moisture lotion ..gorgeous, lovely smell but the pumps broken :( ..I got one squirt out of it now it totally stopped working. It's not the cheapest lotion by a long shot so I don't expect to have to unscrew the pump and pour it into my hands probably using more than I normally would have..it's a waste . Please fix this problem ..and I see by other reviews that it has become a problem..or people will stop buying!

tash from uk said on 03/03/2015

The smell is not an amazing one. Personally I hate the smell although my friends like it however we find it makes us ill (we feel sick afterwards), it affects me more then my friend as I can't stand the smell but even so, why should it make us feel ill? apart from that it is a very good moisturiser and works well.

Joey from Staffordshire said on 21/01/2015

Lovely product. Smells great. The moisturiser absorbs well and isn't greasy. The packaging is awful. The moisturiser is far too thick to be dispensed through a pump action nozzle. This needs to be sorted as it is more or less useless trying to squeeze it from the bottle as there is a lot of waste.

Sam from Larbert said on 30/08/2014

Love, love, love this stuff, the smell reminds me of holidays and the lotion is much more like butter, really moisturises your skin. Wish the shampoo smelled like this. However as other reviews have said the pump lets it down, once you get 3/4 of the way down the pump just stop working and I have to leave it tipped upside down and squeeze the lotion out. Soap and glory get this fixed please!

Barbie from Cheshire said on 09/05/2014

I Love S&G products & spend a fortune on the entire range, but have bought this twice & both times I cant get it out of the pump??? I contact S&G but got fobbed off & was told they only make the product not the packaging!! I've just noticed the other similar complaints, so they are obviously aware of this issue but continue to do nothing! When you buy such a lovely product you don't expect not to be able to get it out of the bottle & end up wasting most of it! Disappointing S&G!

Sarah from Leicester said on 17/04/2014

This is another lovely soap and glory product, however, the packaging has not been sufficiently tested. A pump action bottle is pointless as the cream is too thick to pump without squeezing it to within an inch of its life, and getting it out of the bottle by whacking it on your hand isn't an easy job either. Please S&G just sell it in jars.

Laura from Liverpool said on 14/04/2014

A really nice long-lasting moisturiser but I'm writing to say that this bottle is not suitable at all for the product! The moisturiser is far too thick for the pump to work properly. Every time I want to use it I have to unscrew the pump and squeeze the bottle, which will get more and more difficult as it gets used up.

Sue from Leamington Spa said on 27/02/2014

I got this lotion as part of the Yule Monty set. I absolutely love the consistency and the smell. However, about two thirds down the bottle the pump stopped working!!!! Way too thick to shake out of the bottle, I think the only way I'm going to be able to use the rest is to cut the bottle open!! Shame.

Sophie from London said on 21/02/2014

I got this in the big Yule Monty gift set for Christmas & it smells amazing (as all Soap&Glory products do). The smell is very fruity & exotic & could very well smell beautiful as a perfume. The only thing which stopped me giving this a five star rating is the pump! This product is way too thick to be pumped out of a bottle. When I use this I have to take the pump out & turn the bottle upside down, which to be honest I think is a huge packaging error giving this product is £10.00! I love Soap&Glory packaging as it's so pretty but I do which they would put more time into thinking about the use of the packaging not just the way it looks.

Em from South Yorkshire said on 04/02/2014

Just opened this after getting in a set at Christmas, bitterly disappointed, smell is awful can only describe as out of date smelling!! No where near as nice as other products, also not a lotion at all far too thick doesn't even pump had to unscrew and squeeze to get it out. Gutted won't be buying again :((

Pudd from England said on 12/01/2014

I got this in a gift set & i love it!! The smellis amazing & lingers all day & my skin feels as soft at the end of the day.

doris from wales said on 29/12/2013

this is too hard and not liquid enough

Laura from Milton Keynes said on 23/05/2013

I would often use The Righteous Butter after my morning shower, but found that when I am in a rush to get dressed for work I'll try and pull my clothes on against the resistance from it still soaking in!
I love this new lotion because even when I'm in a rush I can get dressed in a flash and still feel as indulgently spoiled as I do with The Righteous Butter.
I have been using it for about a week and my skin smells delicious and is feeling quite smooth, which is unusual for me as I usually have very dry skin.
I love that it's in a pump as well (no messy lids!) and I can measure how much I need quite quickly - one pump for each arm two for each leg etc.
I am really impressed with this lotion and would definitely recommend it!

linda0123 from liverpool said on 23/01/2013

love all the soap and glory range. butter yourself body lotion leaves your skin feeling like silk, its smells lovely to, would never use any other product i have very sensitive skin and i get no reaction from soap and glory products which is very unusual for me. well done to boots for soap and glory
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