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5 February 2018

It’s World Nutella Day!

Which got us thinking about this little conundrum – ask anyone if they like chocolate spread and you’ll probably get a non-committal ‘mnyehh’…

Alicia Silverstone Shrug GIF

But ask people if they like Nutella, and you’ll likely get something more like this as a response…

Excited Americas Next Top Model GIF

There’s just something about that hazelnuttiness that inspires levels of devotion mere chocolate spread can only dream of. Unsurprisingly, we have some massive Nutella fans at Soap & Glory HQ, and in honor of World Nutella Day we’re asking them how they like to eat theirs…

“I mean I love eating it in all the different ways, but I’m recently loving spreading it on store-bought crepes and adding sliced banana for a quick breakfast.” – Ellie, Global CRM Manager

“With breadsticks! Yum.” – Lorraine, Photography Production Manager

“Spread on soft white sliced bread….roll that bad boy up and enjoy!” – Nick, Global Head of Content & Engagement

“I definitely just grab a spoon and eat it on its own…:)” – Caroline, Global Assistant Social Media Manager

“I love loading it up on marshmallows (or strawberries if you want to feel slightly healthier).” – Eleanor, Global Assistant Content & Engagement Manager

“In a calzone!” – Meaghan, US Brand Manager

“Baked in pastry dough as a chocolate croissant!” – Stephanie, US Assistant Brand Manager

“On top of mint chocolate chip ice cream!” – Jen, US Social Media Manager

“Between two crackers with a slice of banana– like a mini Nutella & banana sandwich!” – Casey, US Marketing Coordinator

While all of the above are equally delicious, the Nutella possibilities are endless! We encourage you to get creative today and celebrate World Nutella Day with a well-deserved sweet treat!


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