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12 January 2017

In case you haven’t heard, we have partnered with our kick ass friends Betches to empower girls everywhere to get what they deserve. Did you know that a woman makes 20 cents less for every dollar a guy makes for the same job? We, at Soap & Glory, champion the right of every girl to succeed in her own way and on her own terms, so to celebrate kick ass girls everywhere, we’ll be giving away $100 worth of Soap & Glory goodies to 5 lucky girls.


All you have to do is answer the question and enter your details below! If you’re still unsure, head to our recent post to find the answer.

Find out more about the campaign here.

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What have you got to say

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  1. yanniz grepares said:

    I want you to know how much you guys are appreciated. your brand is so fun and inspiring. POWER TO THE GIRLS (as well as the dudes!) much love, me.

    • Melody Ramon said:

      I would love to try all your products and become a loyal customer.

    • Candice said:

      Love this band don’t know where I’d be with out it

  2. Laura M said:

    Plain and simple…I am hooked on your stuff!!

  3. Michele said:

    I love soap and glory

  4. Rebecca Gregg said:

    Yes, unfortunately, I did know the answer to that question because I am a woman and in most jobs I’ve had, I have made quite a bit less money than my male counterparts. I am excited to see Soap & Glory is partnering with a great organization to help change this for women everywhere!

  5. Joan Nelson said:

    Love the products! So great on my ‘mature’ skin! Love ❤️ the smell too! Feel sexy using them!!

  6. Sarah harris said:

    I love how you are all about women’s rights and the products you sell are wonderful!

  7. Aylah said:

    Thanks for the chance!!

  8. Gloria Boatman said:

    It has been proven that women can do the job that men do- and perhaps even better. As a woman, we deserve equal pay and recognition for these jobs.

  9. Nicole said:

    I think it’s totally unfair that men make more money thn woman for their same exact job!! Woman are phenomenal in most cases can do a man’s job better thn him!! It’s 2017 there needs to be big changes in their workforce and everyone needs to be treated and paid equally!!

  10. kscotton said:

    Be happy! Its contagious!

  11. Kelly said:

    Oh man this is powerful to work with betches for gender equality! And what an awesome promotion. Soap & glory is amazing for my skin and itd help me so much to have $100 worth of products. :]

  12. Genesis Hernandez said:

    Insane that a man makes 20 cents more and has the same job skills as a women! Maybe 2017 is the year that we will make a difference!

  13. Tiffany said:

    love these products!!!!

  14. barbara said:

    Would love to win

  15. Luv Joi Shaw said:

    I love you Soap & Glory!!!
    Keep up the fantastic work you are doing.

  16. Esmeralda perez said:

    I really hope I win this , I’m so obsessed with your products , I bought the pink pamper at ulta cause I loved the bag with samples inside , I couldn’t wait to try out the face soap and clarity , I love trying new things on my face to see what reaction I’ll get , omg does my face love this , a little goes along way with this also , I can give you a whole story on all the products I’ve already purchased at my Walgreens cause I love the lotion and clean on me body wash , I do exactly what the bottles says to do , the 5min save water so the soap can lather all over the body , any ways I hope I win this

  17. Esmeralda perez said:

    I really hope I win this , I’m so obsessed with your products , I bought the pink pamper at ulta cause I loved the bag with samples inside , I couldn’t wait to try out the face soap and clarity , I love trying new things on my face to see what reaction I’ll get , omg does my face love this , a little goes along way with this also , I can give you a whole story on all the products I’ve already purchased at my Walgreens cause I love the lotion and clean on me body wash , I do exactly what the bottles says to do , the 5min save water so the soap can lather all over the body , any ways I hope I win this

  18. Shana loftus said:

    Love it. Just started using recently and haven’t found anything I don’t love yet.

  19. Victoria said:

    Very disappointed to see you guys pushing this wage gap myth. I can’t support a company that goes out of its way to push a ridiculous false narrative. Much as I will miss your lovely products, I will not be purchasing again. I will also be sharing my disappointment with all my friends and family. No more Soap & Glory for me, thanks. Way to politicize beauty products.

    • Ana said:

      Well whoo cares, get out of your emotions ! I hope who ever you talk to still uses this brand

    • Melissa said:

      It is very true men in my profession, security, get paid better and promoted more easily due to the fact people still belive women do not possess the same authoritative presence as a man.

    • Ashley said:

      I agree! This myth needs to die already. There are more important, actual women’s issues to talk about. I will no longer buy this brand.

  20. Emily said:

    Women and men should be equal

  21. Melissa said:

    I feel this is unfortunately true. In my line of work in security, men are so much more easily promoted! It’s as thought they don’t want women doing certain things, because “Women aren’t that strong, or will be scared”
    Girl power! Yes, women can!

  22. Lourie Strickland said:

    I have never tried your products but, am willing to give it a chance. How do they work for sensitive skin??

  23. Brittany said:

    Thank you for the chance. I love SOAP & GLORY!!!!!!!

  24. Allison said:

    I think that this awareness of the wage gap is really great, and companies empowering woman makes it even better. I’ve only heard about and used a little of your product, but maybe I should start paying more attention to it 🙂

  25. Robin said:

    I love your products!

  26. Staci Saunders said:

    I am confident that the day will come were women will have equal or higher pay than men. The elimination of the glass ceiling will be in this lifetime. Men are no longer just the main providers, they were 50 yrs ago. There has been a massive change in the gender roles. Women have taken on the masculine role, We deserve masculine pay.

  27. Sarah said:

    B!tches get things done.

  28. Melissa said:

    It is very true men make more money. In my line of work in security men are so much more easily promoted.
    A man can work for 4 months at my job and get promoted, me? 9 yrs and none at all, plus the same rate of pay I started with.
    I am treated with great discrimination because I raise my daughter and have a family!
    I am constantly looked over for promotions, equaling more pay, than my male counterparts, because they have more time and aren’t main caregivers to their children.
    Power to girls and mothers!

  29. Barb said:

    Love Soap & Glory products.

  30. Cosmacelenia Hernandez said:

    As a current student that is preparing to enter the work force I am shocked at these statistics and don’t believe my male colleges that have the same qualifications I do should be making more. That being said, I strongly believe in getting rid of this wage gap and improving women rights as Americans that should make the equal pay and be presented with the same opportunities as males.

  31. Nancy Rios said:

    Love the products!!!

  32. Kathy alabastro said:

    What a great product!

  33. Krista Wethli said:

    I think we as women have been trained to be agreeable; we worry about offending others rather than sticking up for ourselves. Yesterday, I told my boss I thought my work was worth more than my current salary. I requested a $7k annual raise. Request granted after reviewing my work history and samples. Response from the boss: “I had planned on coming back with a lower figure and negotiating, but you’re right…. you’re worth it.”

  34. Lori Edwards said:

    I think I deserve a raise, not just because I’m a hard worker, I’m on time, I stay late, I treat my customers with respect, I don’t bring drama to work, or all my co=workers like me; well, maybe, yes, because all of that!

    Soap & Glory ROCKS!

  35. Krystal said:

    I want to win!

  36. Donna seibring said:

    The statement that woman make 20 cents less on the dollar than men is not accurate in every situation. Not in my line of work.

  37. Dana said:

    ❤Soap & Glory

  38. Julie Monaghan said:

    I just love Soap and Glory products!

  39. Vanessa said:

    I love Soap & Glory!

  40. Alexis Papadopoulos said:

    Thank you soap & glory for helping women kick ass! My goal for 2017 is to get the promotion I’ve been wanting for months so I can become more independent and buy every S&G product 😉

  41. amanda bradley said:

    I think it’s about damn time women get the same pay rate as men! in 2017 it just blows my mind that women still make less. I want to see this year be the year things finally become fair & even no matter what gender you are!

  42. Shelby Johnson said:

    Love what you guys are doing! Let’s keep spreading awareness about gender non-equality in the workforce and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  43. Sommer said:

    I believe in female empowerment because even tjough we arw in a new year… a very modern year where technology is high and keeps improving we are still under strain where women especiaĺly young girls are being captive to live in situations they their minds cant comprehend. I love this idea where we as women need to uplift each other no matter color creed race religion. We need to show everyone that we can do things that anyone can do once we put our minds to it…no more fighting each other down man..lets fix each others crown for a change.thank you soap and glory.

  44. Grace said:

    Quickly wanted to say that your products are AMAZING!!!!

  45. Jessica said:

    I would love to try your product

  46. Khadijah Khan said:

    I work for the Corporate Office for Walgreens! Sooooooooooo glad to have you in our stores!

  47. Shada said:

    My biggest dream was to become an aeronautical engineer and work with the army. However, i had to give up on this after years of studying my butt off because ” it’s not a job for women”. Believe it or not, but this campaign empowered hope back to me

  48. Maritza p said:

    We will strive to continue to make a difference in the lives of our daughters!
    That is my goal.

  49. Elisabeth Hamburger said:

    Equal Pay for Equal Work

  50. Malika said:

    Soap and Glory rocks!!!!!!!! Women really need raises , we do our jobs just as good as men.

  51. Nicole Garza said:

    I just started using soap & glory and I am in love. I tell all my friends & family to make the switch over to soap & glory.

  52. gabby said:


  53. Shayleigh pappas said:

    Girls kick ass!

  54. Caren frolik said:

    I love your products

  55. Michelle parent said:

    I would love to win this!!! Such amazing prizes!!

  56. Ashley said:

    I’m a beauty consultant for Walgreens and we just started selling this brand I’m in love with it and want it all for my personal collection it’s empowering and sassy and fun like me and what I strive to be daily as a single hard working momma! Thank you for having such fun products for me to enjoy and for me to share with my clients !! Rock on !!

  57. Missy said:

    I love makeup

  58. Lily said:

    Love what you guys are standing for!

  59. Jennifer Crossland said:

    I gave Soap & Glory a try right before Christmas this year. I had to go out and buy 4 of the holiday gift sets to give out to my daughters and family! Had to drive to a Walgreens over an hour away to find them but it was oh so worth it!! I’m in love. ❤❤

  60. Amanda King said:

    Love soap and glory

  61. Angela said:

    Soap and glory can I win this is the only competition I’ve ever been in 😉 or raffle

  62. Jessica Flores said:

    I am check out

  63. Joanne said:

    ❤️ Soap and glory

  64. Mary said:


  65. Lauren said:

    I thought it was 87 cents for every dollar a man makes so I just rounded to 90 hope that’s okay

  66. Amy Waters said:

    I love Soap and Glory. Since I started using the products, not only am I achieving beautiful results but I am getting complements.

  67. Michelle said:

    Girls do it better, even in heels!

  68. Tina rodstrom said:

    Its unfair very unfair if we both have the dame qualifications and same or close to work history why do we have to be paid less. Woman can do the same if not better work than men. So we should all get paid the same if we have the same job.

  69. Michelle Jones said:

    Love this product line! We just started carrying it at work about 4 months ago

  70. Tammy Deane said:

    Would LOVE to win these awesome products. My youngest is PreMed College kid so money is tight and I don’t buy many of the products I

  71. Tawnya Knight said:

    I LOVE Soap and Glory! Thank you for the chance to win!

  72. Kara said:

    Love soap and glory hope to win for me and my gals

  73. Katherine said:

    Hands down Soap & Glory has the best body butters and the smell… Oh the smell, smells so good!

  74. Rachel said:

    I work for Walgreens sell soap and glory it is ass kicking…..

  75. Crystal Miranda said:

    Awesome products!!

  76. Audry mithell said:

    I love the blog

  77. Ramiyah Kerney said:

    I love yalls products,the look of them, and the smell

  78. Avneet said:

    Hope I win! Been fan of this brand after recently visiting Boots in england and getting my hands on this line! Lovveeeee them!

  79. Chandee Stip said:

    I absolutely love your products! They make my skin look and feel AMAZING! Plus, I swear there’s something magical about your Signatute Pink fragrance! I always feel like is gives me an extra dose of energy, empowerment, and a sense of beauty. I’m new to your products and for the longest time could only find the travel sizes of the Hand Food but recently found a shower gift set which led me to the website! Hoping to order from here soon 🙂 thank you so much for making such a noticeably wonderful and fun line of products!

  80. Liz said:

    I loooves Soap and Glory, back in the day (lol) when it was only sold at Target stores I got the whole fam (6 women) hooked!

  81. Nicole Justes said:

    Huge, huge, fan of this product line! Also, use the orginal body wash, lotion & spray as my go to scent! Venturing into makeup line & love colors! Plus, my Walgreens is starting too sell your line, pumped!!!

  82. Greiza said:

    I like so much the soap products

  83. Heather said:

    That is very unfair women get paid less than men. We work as hard as they do.

  84. Anna Sincler said:

    Sad that women make 20 cents less on the dollar than men. I’m in the skin care industry and appreciate light being shined on this issue.

  85. Alwxis said:

    First of all, I love Soap and Glory. I use the hand food and foot cream every day! Secondly, I absolutely love your empowerment towards women. It’s inspiring. Great company, I love your products! This would be a great contest to win

  86. Sherita Teamer said:

    Thank you!

  87. Emily J said:

    We deserve better

  88. Alexis said:


  89. Danielle said:

    I’m currently fighting for a raise and promotion at my current job. I was told I’m valued but not at the salary level I requested. I wonder if I’d have gotten the same answer if I was male. So this campaign is perfectly timed for me and I am of course an advocate for it.

  90. Amber said:

    I love soap and glory!!

  91. Chelsey said:

    Women are unpaid and underappreciated. I for one,have no problems demanding to be paid what i am worth! Hopefully all women feel impowered to do the same! 🙂

  92. Haley said:

    Never tried soap and glory products but have heard great things!

  93. Kay said:

    I say a aloha!

  94. Chloe said:

    I love your primer!

  95. Kay said:


  96. Michelle peters said:

    Love it

  97. Kodee said:

    I LOVE YOUR BRAND SM ! It has products that let you rock the day !

  98. Amy G said:

    I have just started using soap and glory. I have the foamy wash and lotion in the Lime scent. Love love them! The scent and how nice my skin feels.

  99. J said:

    Women unite!

  100. Alissa said:


    Its not fair; men shouldnt rule the world..

  101. Brooke said:

    It’s certainly very unfair

  102. Morgan said:

    Soap and glory clean on me and righteous butter is hands down one of my favorite smells ever! I want it in bodyspray form!

  103. Samantha Rost said:

    I’ve been wanting to try these products! This would be a great way to do so.

  104. Denise said:

    Ive tried some products an loved them an cant wait to try more!!!

  105. Nicholas said:

    I love all your products so much even though I am a guy

  106. Bailey said:

    Obsessed with these products!! The family, friends, and myself are MORE than amazed at how great these products are.

  107. Steff said:

    I absolutely love Soap and Glory! My aunt told me about the lotion right before Christmas. I’ve now almost tried everything they make now. I am
    in love with their products

  108. Jess said:

    I do the same exact job , if not more and better , than my male co-worker , and he makes $2.00 more an hour than I. I have to use my own personal vehicle to go and deliver the food that I make at a restaurant, with nearly 250,000 miles on my old car, to run these deliveries. Not only do I get more done per day, but the employees all love me and prefer to listen to the requests that I have for them, over anything he barks at them. He has a bachelor’s degree from a university , I am a divorced single mom and do not.
    It’s not right by any means , but I keep working hard with no complaint, in the hopes that the owners will notice and give me my chance to assume a higher position with better pay. I only make .75 cents more than the $7.25 required minimum wage for our state.

  109. Elaine said:

    I feel as a woman at a young age I find it funny that I bust my ass getting treated like I’m nothing at work and I literally make just pennies and dimes for what ? A man to say you can do that because your a lady ok ? What’s your point I’m sure if this world wasn’t sexist I’d put your paycheck to shame. That doesn’t mean im going to give up I’m still able to support my family the best way I can!!!!

  110. Kyle-Lynn said:

    I think it is ridiculous in 2017 we are still addressing wage inequality; there are zero justifiable reasons for a woman earning less than a man in equal position, with comparable skills, education and exerience. At 32 after being downsized from a male dominated company,I have just graduated with a new degree and look forward to finding a new job where I can flourish as a strong female leader, shattering more glass ceilings and mentoring others. The only limitations are those that we put on ourselves.

  111. Kimberly said:

    It isn’t right that a man would get paid more than women. We, as women, do the same amount of work, the same difficulties of work and we are treated different. There is always going to be a difference because they have gotten away with it so far and continue to do it.
    It will stop when they finally realize that we are women can do as much or more than men can!

  112. Christina said:

    We are women here us roar

  113. Tahler said:

    This is an amazing thing that you guys are doing!

  114. Shannon Santana said:

    In 2015, female full-time workers made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20 percent. what in the world I don’t think so. I believe women work just as hard and there are women who are single moms who work just as hard and deserve the same treatment as men, especially if raising children on there own. Women, on average, earn less than men in virtually every single occupation for which there is sufficient earnings data for both men and women to calculate an earnings ratio. In middle-skill occupations, workers in jobs mainly done by women earn only 66 percent of workers in jobs mainly done by men.Im sorry but it’s outrageous. Women power and we deserve a raise. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  115. Tara Rodriguez said:

    I love soap and glory. I have started a collection of their products, but I’m spoiled when it comes to these products and I don’t just want some of them, I need them all, lol. I’m working on it. Soap and glory equals happy me. 😀

  116. Anabel Correa said:

    It’s a new year. Equality should be our main focus. Us women can do everything a man can do, even better. So we should not be discriminated against in our pay. Power to the WOMEN. ❤

  117. Jordan Woods said:

    Love love love every single product! Crossing my fingers and toes I win!!

  118. Kendall said:

    I started using your products this past summer and I am in LOVE!!!! I can’t believe that it took so long for it to come to the part of Texas that I live in. I’m a fan for life!

  119. Tina said:

    I absolutely love your products. Thank you for the chance to win.

  120. Amber Miller said:

    Women work just as hard, or harder, as men and we deserve to be treated as equals!

  121. Maria Swann said:

    Love Soap and glory. Awesome vitamin C face soap.

  122. Nicole harrington said:

    Equal pay for all

  123. Dulce said:

    You need to try this products it’s the best and you can find on any drug store my firs impression it’s a never see this on tv and I try 4 products its my best shopping ever everything is amazing

  124. Michelle said:

    I need a raise as a SAHM

  125. Michelle Vo said:

    It would be really nice to win this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve always struggled with money with my family and I’ve always been self conscious with myself, and what people thought about me physically. But some of your products are amazing and I’d love to be able to be those lucky 5.

  126. Amy Forgy said:

    I just recently bought some of this product and it is amazing on my skin and so so relaxing! Being in nursing school is stressful and I can’t wait to get home and treat myself! (: I love this over anything I have used!

  127. Falyssa said:

    The pay gap is such a pain in the… butt. Gotta keep it G for the underagers. As women, we get taxed for feminine hygine products. Something that we NEED to keep clean and healthy is considered a luxury, and is all the more expensive because of that pay gap. Grr. Love your products by the way!

  128. Dre said:

    We are capable of working the same way men are and we deserve equal pay. It’s unfair that women are getting deprived of equal pay.

  129. Melinda Spence said:

    I would love to win.

  130. Ashley said:

    I love Soap and Glory products! ♡

  131. Bailey said:

    Go girl power, women deserve to make just as much as men. But with that I also think that fathers deserve just as much time for paternity leave as women.. fair

  132. Lori said:

    Women’s lives matter.

  133. Lori said:

    Women’s lives matter.

  134. Lacy Hamilton said:

    Id equal amount of work is given and received then men and women should receive equal pay. Pay should be distributed by how much someone is working/ doing. Experience doesn’t mean someone works harder/ better.

  135. Kayla Munoz said:

    I think that it’s ridiculous that women do not get equal pay.

  136. Ashley said:

    I love soap and glory

  137. Abby said:

    Love your products! Can’t wait to try more!

  138. Brenda said:

    Love soap and glory

  139. lori said:

    The skies the limit darlings!

  140. Bobina Ranamagar said:

    Thank you for letting us know this , I did not know about this !! Same job should pay equal to all gender whether it’s male , female or a transgender!!

  141. RaeAnne said:

    Women are warriors.
    We put up with endless amounts of sexism and discrimination.

  142. RaeAnne said:

    Women are warriors.
    We put up with endless amounts of sexism and discrimination, and we come out stronger.
    We can’t be broken.
    Women rock!

  143. lezlie currie said:

    I believe we as women should always empower ourselves and eachother. we are beautiful creatures and we can do things a man could never do
    give birth
    raise kiddos
    bleed and not die P)
    other things that we are taken for granted but there is that one glance from our special other that makes putting up with them all worth it
    have a blessed year soap n glory

  144. Eileen said:

    What a load of crap!!!

  145. Esther said:

    I’m in love with your products. I consider myself a soap &shloofy addict.

    Please consider me for the win. Thank you in advance

  146. Katie Schinkal said:

    Entering $100 give away

  147. Daniella said:

    I think im these times and with steadily increased cost of living, child care, the possibility of losing major coverage for many of their most basic necessities for birth control and basic preventative healthcare screenings with insurance upheavals we need to stand together as women to make our voices heard on this.

    It’s time we continue our progression stop the regression and fight for fair wages, we deserve that, we have worked towards that. It will no longer do to allow men to continue to make more money for equal work. Our voices have power, let them be heard.

  148. Lexi Barnes said:

    It is so amazing to see companies promoting female pride and standing up for us gals. For gender equality it really opens everyone’s eyes to issues that are still very prominent in today’s society. Thumbs up to you Betches and Soap and Glory!

  149. Laiken hayes said:

    I have super greasy sensitive skin and one heck of a blot primer and powder save my skin!!

  150. Cheyanne Gregory said:

    I would love to win this. I never win anything and I never usually get any beauty products!

  151. Pasengyen Lee said:

    Soap and glory is a product that I can trust. Everytime I use it, it makes me feel so relaxed, refreshed and fabulous. Yes fabulous ! I don’t knoe if it’s because of the name, the packaging or the product itself. But everytime I see or use it I’m a happy gal !!!

  152. Maryjane said:

    For years women are considered to be less than a man, for reasons that no one knows. Women are perfectly capable of doing everything a man can do and even most times, do it better. We’re not asking for much just equality. As human beings we should be considered equal because that’s what we are not one gender nor race is better than one another. So why are we getting paid less FOR DOING THE SAME JOB?

  153. Ashley said:

    Love your brand!!! Just started using a few products like the kick ass concealer and love them!!!

  154. Rori Beth Provance said:

    I would love to win some products from soap&glory!!!

  155. Darian said:

    Love this brand and all they stand for!!

  156. Molly Warren said:

    Equal pay for all sexes!

  157. Lesley said:

    Love to try new things

  158. Kathy said:

    Women work just as hard as men and some women even work harder! It’s not fair that we get paid less!

  159. Ashley B said:

    I love these products they smell great and work great!! I use them exclusively for my bath and body needs and would recommend them to everyone.

  160. Paula sanchez said:


  161. Nicole Clark said:

    I would love to try a sample

  162. aimee conley said:

    cant believe that in 2017 women still earn less than men on average…really!!?? I think its pretty clear that women can do anything a man can, and probably even better!

  163. Beautybyfamous said:

    To always keep pushing forward no matter what that negative voice says stick through it and empower and embrace love and empowerment

  164. Evangelina Nave said:

    My all time favorite body brand! The Soap and Glory body butter is life!

  165. Paula said:

    I’ve heard wonderful things from soap and glory from YouTubers I’ve watched by never really had the chance to give them a try. This would be a wonderful opportunity if I was able to win this!

  166. Natalia Gladykowski said:

    I would go blue in the face explaining why it’s unfair that women make 20 cents less a dollar than a man, which is why us women should empower ourselves personally and professionally to get what we deserve: total and complete equality. Equal work means equal pay. Women can kick ass and look good while doing it.

  167. Angela said:

    I love your soap!!! I hope I win some!

  168. Margo said:

    Here’s the thing about women’s rights- I suffer from PCOS and women’s magazines much less society in general glaze over it. It’s a disease only women get and yet it’s actually women who are telling me to suck it up and deal rather than men. How can we fight for our rights as equals when women don’t even see one another as so?

  169. Annie richmond said:

    I absolutley love you’re skin care line! It is amazing ,and they have such a wonderful scent to them ! I would love to win this so badly ! I go to walgreens to purchase you’re products whenever I can afford to , it’s the only place in my area that carries you’re wonderful products !

  170. Amanda Anderson said:

    I love soap and glory products they amazing!!! I would love to try some products I haven’t been able to yet especially some make up items

  171. Kathlyn said:

    I have yet to have the honor of trying your products. Ive seen them and have drooled over them. Hopefully i can soon!

  172. Angie wilson said:

    I have had samples in the past. I enjoyed using these products. I noticed that my skin had changed as I grew older. Amazing products. They left my skin soft and less oily. I also noticed a difference in the minimizing of wrinkles!

  173. Corinne said:

    Love to try this brand!

  174. Angelina Lawrence said:

    It’s very unequal and women deserve to get more recognition

  175. Megan said:

    Thank you!

  176. Katie said:

    I found out by accident that my (mostly male) coworkers performing similar work as me were making much more than myself (over 20k more)…. I asked for a raise and I actually got it. It was one of the hardest scariest conversations I’ve had in a while but I came out on top and am so happy I had the confidence to ask and put it out there.

  177. Dez said:

    It’s hard even knowing that we are still not treated or paid as the men, but we’ve come this far we have to keep pushing!

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    It’s crazy to me that men make a whole .20 more than women. Women need to be taught how to negotiate and how to not step back when pregnant. Keep pushing forward! Don’t take yourself out of the competition!

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  193. River Berry said:

    Love and Equality for all!

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    I am so excited and appreciative of this Contest. Thank you so much.



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    As women we hold so much power,the key is to discover that truth in you and own it
    Whether that truth be beauty, talent, transparency or a generous spirit these are all powers …master it and we as women and are are unstoppable

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  199. Kaitlynn said:

    I believe it is unfair the inequality women receive in the work force and I believe it needs to be dealt with because it’s unnecessary

  200. Sarah Beackley said:

    Of course women should be paid just as much as men for the same job. Equal opportunity employment should include equal pay regardless of sex. If someone of a siffere

    • Sarah Beackley said:

      I accidently hit submit before I was done writing my comment. The last part was supposed to say: If a person of a different race was offered less than someone else in the same role, that would be discrimination, so why is is sexism viewed any differently?

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  217. Sharon Gardner said:

    I think women should make equal pay if they have the same job experience and are equal and other traits.

  218. Lovonna said:

    Awareness should always be priority. Making a change starts with one, us as women need to be willing to be more involved.

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    I wish it was easier to get your full line of products in the States at actual retail stores. I also don’t like that most of your packaging only includes pictures of white women. You could easily make your products more inclusion are by switching up those pictures.

    • sagspradmin said:

      We are a little limited with our ‘vintage ladies’ as these images are bought through external companies, and therefore we can only use what it available to us within the retro theme. We would absolutely love to widen our range for future products and campaigns, so we are very grateful that you’ve also brought this to our attention and your feedback has been taken on board! S&G x

  230. Kayla said:

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  232. Dea said:

    If you really want to see a male dominant work environment where not only do they still earn more, but they still get away with degrogatory terms such as darling, sweetie, and honey to women of equal rank walk no further than your nearest Law Enforcement office.

  233. Loren said:

    I am in love with Soap & Glory products! I worked as a beauty consultant at a Walgreens when we first got the product line in stock and absolutely couldn’t get enough. Not only are their prodcuts amazing, but working to advance gender equality is outstanding and is something that is very important to me as a woman. Thank you for working towards a great cause!

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    So grateful to have tried your product (The Scrub Of Your life) thanks to the amazing reviews on it! Now I am hooked because it smells amazing and does the job! I want to try more of your products!! Awesome company(:

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  265. Rachelle said:

    Worked at a job where guys with NO experience were hired at a higher rate of pay than the girls who were already loyal employees- infuriating!
    When it was pointed out, the discrepancies were adjusted, but imagine if we hadn’t had the guts to stand up for ourselves!

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    • soapandglory said:

      Exactly! Thanks for the support, Tiff!

  284. Hannah McFarland said:

    I’m all for the girl empowerment! Here’s to all the business women, women entrepreneurs, and every other woman who said “Yes, I CAN!”

    • soapandglory said:

      Get it girl!

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    • soapandglory said:

      Right on Marissa!

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    This is awesome, you guys are doing something pretty great! Women need to empower each other, rather than tear each other down. Same goes for men. And also for both genders. Just treat everyone kindly and build one another up.

  295. Lindsay said:


  296. Jennifer Negrete said:

    I’m very happy soap and glory is raising awareness about gender inequality especially in the workplace. Women have had enough oppression, I think it’s time for a positive change because we’re worth it.

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  322. Kirsten said:

    Im glad to have found you products, having two girls of my own now. I’d say this brand is something I want them to find and use, so they feel different and confident but most importantly equal in this world.

    • soapandglory said:

      Thanks Kirsten! That means the world to us!

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    • soapandglory said:

      We love Nicole! 🙂

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    Not only do women make 20 cents less on the dollar than men for equal work but women of color are shown to earn even less than that.

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    I wish there was more of your line at the ulta where I live. I’d buy every single item if I could get my hands on them!

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    My MiL bought me a gift set for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE this product!!

  335. Lauren Davenport said:

    I love the information you provided-esp with what’s going on in politics today. The war on women is alive and well, and we need to bring eachother up, bc so many are bringing us down
    I think your question is a trick question, because it implys that women are employed just as much as men are. Last I heard, women only made 70 cents on the dollar compared to men. I trust your information is up to date, even though, its not much better. I love this contest d hope I win to share with my Mom and sisters!:) Thankyou for using your platform to share a powerful message, and doing somethin nice. Its not free birth control, but who doesnt love free makeup! Its good to walk with you, on this long journey.

  336. Maria said:

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    I just want to compliment Soap & Glory. I have severe dry skin and I have since I was a child but since I’ve read been using the “clean on me” body wash and the “righteous butter” I have gained confidence in showing my skin now. So thank you. I am also in love with the vitamin c facial wash and the hand food lotion.

  343. Raisa Esmeral said:

    Love this brand!!! Cleared my skin and absolutely crazy for Vitamin C facial wash!!! ( the yuzu fruit makes it smell sooo fresh!!) I have combination skin so the ingredients of your cleansers really saved my skin!! (Especially it’s not actually soap!)

    Love and support~ Raisa E.

  344. Kathryn Schmitt said:

    I am a woman and training to be a fire fighter paramedic. I’m already an advanced EMT and am taking the CPAT for fire school. I was the only woman in the room today.

  345. Lori said:

    Outstanding products and and empowering message.

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    I just absolutely love everything this company stands for in empowering women-from fighting to raise pay to raising confidence. I am hooked on your products not only because of the quality but how they make me feel when I use them!!! Love this fun and inspiring brand and would love to win some goodies

    • soapandglory said:

      Thank you for the love, Camilla!

  348. Rebecca Stufflebeam said:

    So excited about this!!

  349. Soyeon said:

    Great idea partnering with Betches! There is no reason women should get paid less then men for doing same job. Keep up the great work, guys!

    • soapandglory said:

      Right on! Thanks Soyeon!

  350. Cassie said:

    I love Soap and Glory! I’ve used Face Soap and Clarity for a couple years now, but when I first used it I had horrible cystic acne and now I only have a few light acne scars from past popping. I call it my holy grail face wash. Won’t ever go back to another brand!

    • soapandglory said:

      So happy to hear you’ve found your HG face wash – lots of love, Cassie!

  351. Sandra said:

    I’ve always heard of soap and glory but haven’t tried a lot from your brand but I really like the message your brand has and the stuff I have tried have been awesome!

  352. Crystal Martini said:

    Girl power! We all have to unite together to fight the tough road ahead of us, we will persevere!

    • soapandglory said:

      Yasss we do!

  353. Kathleen said:

    I think it’s awesome to bring the suggestion that we should stand up for ourselves and not be under valued! You guys rock! Live Soap and Glory!?

  354. Kendall Dunn said:

    I love seeing a makeup company empowering women like this. The makeup industry became what is is today because of two women (Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden) and that has always inspired me.

    • soapandglory said:

      Thanks for the kind words, Kendall!

  355. Carmen said:

    I love your stuff but sometimes hard to find!

    • soapandglory said:

      Hi Carmen! We’re currently available in Ulta Beauty, select Walgreens stores, Walgreens.com and Target.com.

  356. Trudy Smock said:

    Soap&Glory makes my favorite self-care products!

  357. Denia said:

    I love Soap & Glory! Girl power

  358. Drea Bekkela said:

    Thank you Soap & Glory! You make amazing products and empower women everywhere. I would love to work for a company like Soap & Glory because then I could be an advocate for women on a much larger scale; with a beautiful team of people!

    • soapandglory said:

      Thanks for the love, Drea!

  359. Victoria T said:

    I love soap and glory and I find that it works very well

  360. Kaylan said:

    Earnings should be a fair thing it shouldn’t be defined by gender at all. It can discourage some people from perusing their dream job(s) and can hold some people back from being happy in life because of the inequality .

  361. Hallane said:

    I really want to try these items out!

  362. Brandy Sims said:

    I am so glad that I can get your products at Walgreens now. I no longer run put of product, because I can just run down the street and restock now.

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    • Jayme said:

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    I am so glad to see Soap and Glory bringing awareness to the issue! With our world being so progressive, in so many areas, it is such a shame we women are still having to try and reach for equal pay! Its due time women are given the same! Thanks Soap and Glory, this makes me love the brand EVEN more!

  369. Crystal Ward said:

    I feel that women work just as hard (if not harder)as men and deserve equal pay. Just because of a chromosome does that make a woman less of a person? HECK NO ! We are just as important as men.

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    Being a woman didn’t make me realize the true suppression of our gender, raising a daughter is when you become most aware of the true impact society has on them. I fight against the traditional domestication, let her know that marriage isn’t the end goal, professional women & ambition are important & beauty is from within.
    Thanks for raising a very important issue & helping to gain knowledge by this giveaway. You have a platform that could reach millions of future change makers!

    Raise a feminist!

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    I’ve never heard of soap and glory and it looks like they have an awesome line of goodies I’d like to try.

  384. Becky said:

    I knew right away that women make 20% less! I myself have experienced this and currently am right now. I have 8 years experience in a leadership role and I make $5 less then a guy who has absolutely zero experience! And when I complain the big bosses say I will get a raise but have yet to get anything still after 6 months of complaints! Time to look for an equal paying employer who appreciates my experience!

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  402. Melissa Pemberton said:

    Women are entitled to equal pay. Same effort into the same job and still deemed unequal. I can only hope that this issue will be solved before my daughter begins to work because it’s hard to imagine her not being compensated rightfully. Power to the girls!

  403. Kelli said:

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  435. Tanith said:

    I heard so much about this brand want to try it so bad !:)

  436. Caroline said:

    Just to throw some intersectional feminism in this thread, the above statistic applies to white women. Depending on your ethnicity, the numbers just get worse and worse =(

  437. Cheyenne said:

    As a proud feminist, I am more than pleased to see a brand with such influence recognizing such a problem in society. Admitting there is a problem is the first step to solving it, and education is a powerful weapon. Here’s to a brighter future where the glass ceiling is a remnant of the past.

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  450. Melissa said:

    Unfortunately, I knew the answer. What’s worse is that in the area that I am originally from, it is even less than that.

  451. Krista Tummons said:


  452. Brooke said:

    It’s time that equal rights also comes with equal pay!

  453. Sierra said:

    20 cents less because I am a woman? Hell no! My employer would watch me walk out the door if he paid me less than the men! Women kick ass and we are worth every penny!

  454. Miriam said:

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  457. K said:

    Black women make 63% on the dollar that white men do (source aauw.org)
    Hispanic women make 55% on the dollar that white men do (source nationalpartnership.org)
    Trans women are 4x likely to make less than $10,000 a year (Source pri.org)

    Im glad that someone is raising awareness in a fun, positive way. Continue to fight for equality for all our sisters!

  458. Sarah said:

    I love soap and glory!

  459. Michelle said:

    Absolutely love the message. Need more empowerment for us & it’s so refreshing to see it!

  460. Sadie M said:

    Your brand is not only inspiring, but you have amazing products! Thanks for being amazing!

  461. Kimberly said:

    Always love your products, but even more now. I am a female in a man position at work. I am a butcher and I get a lot of hate towards me from male coworkers and customers.

  462. Keri said:

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  463. Kat said:

    Great discovery. I’m hooked and my hubby loves it on me

  464. Jenny said:

    It’s great that you’re trying to empower women instead of tearing them down. Girls we can do any job a man can do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

  465. Suzanne said:

    I think it’s bs that people don’t belive women male less than men. It happens all the time.

  466. Katherine said:

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    Thanks for the empowerment! We as woman need to continue to fight for what we want!

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  472. Latisha Turegano said:

    Woman are so vital to the work force but so undermineded. In a male dominated field I wish my brains and talent would shine more than me being a female.

  473. Cassidy said:

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  474. Micah Diaz said:

    This is an awesome way to bring awareness to the wage gap! Love this brand!

  475. Jessie said:

    Keep up the great work!!!

  476. Monica Perez said:

    After 20 months of battling with our district for a raise in wages, threats of strikes, and tension amongst colleagues, the board finally decided to present us with fair compensation.

  477. Erika Watkins said:

    I love all the girl power behind your brand! In a time when women should be more empowered than ever, we’re failing to raise each other up. So thank you Soap and Glory for everything you do to empower us.

  478. Alex Higgins said:

    I personally have been paid less than my male counter parts and whether or not people beilieve it woman do get paid less. The wage gap is real! I am so happy and proud of soap and glory to be taking initiative to speak out against this and to encourage women in such a positive manner. Way to go!

  479. Kristal said:

    I love Soap and Glory. Cruelty free and amazing. <3

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  483. Lauren Clements said:

    I work in a customer service center and I believe that the men at my work place get more promotions and better pay. It’s unfair because half of the day we do more work than than they do. I talk to the customers all day. I take the complaints. I get yelled at for policy. The men don’t have to deal with any of this. They just tell us how to do our job even though we already know what to do.

  484. Heather Tharp said:

    Love soap and glory! It is high quality at affordable prices, perfect for us women who already make less than men.

  485. Cassandra Leach said:

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  491. Lee Ann Higginbotham said:

    A woman with the same qualifications should make as much as a man if they are doing the same exact job.

  492. Kat said:

    Love your products. Never had a job where I was as equally qualified and same seniority in a company that I was not paid equally. But, still love the products.

  493. Kelsey said:

    This is a great canpaign. I hope it brings more light into the Injustice of sexism in the workplace.

  494. Keanna said:

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  499. Mary L said:

    I fully agree with equal pay for equal jobs. It’s about time for the women to get their rightful wages for the work they do. I support the efforts of so many women fighting for equality in the workplace. I admire the US Womens soccer team for their fight currently!

  500. Sara said:


  501. Su Myat Maung Maung said:

    I think it’s appalling that issues like sexism and racism still exist in the 21st century, let alone the workplace. It is time that women are treated with respect and equality where they spend most of their time in their lives – at work. I just want to remind everyone that not only in the US this problem still exists but thriving in low-income countries (where most of them are patriachal societies). Let’s spread this movement to those countries as well!

  502. Valarie said:

    I have very sensitive skin and would love to give these products a try! I work hard everyday trying to get back on my feet after going through some really tragic events the last few years!

  503. Lauryn Kacy Hudson said:

    Feminism doesn’t say women are better than men. It says we are equal! Equal work = Equal pay. Keep fighting the good fight, ladies!

  504. April Cooke said:

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  505. Kimberly Rhoades said:

    Soap and Glory has to be one of my favorite companies… And not to mention the vintage vibe. So unique and so adorable! Love it!!!

  506. Kira said:

    Your statement is amazing and thank you for pointing out the financial injustice and rewarding a few lucky women!

  507. Blanca said:

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    Currently hooked on your righteous butter and can’t wait to love more of your products! Girl power!!!

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    I have been using y’alls products for so long! I can’t get enough, and I have talked nothing but great things about this brand. There is something about the sent of the original body products that always calms me and reminds me of home. I love it so much. 🙂

  519. Deborah Callejas said:

    Love the brand and what it stands for. Women supporting women.

  520. Liz said:

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  521. Maricela Rangel said:

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  522. Tyler m. said:

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    First of all I have been a fan of your all’s products back when I was first starting at Sephora(which I haven’t worked there since a little over a yr now)
    But that’s how I was introduced to this brand and ever since then I have been in love!!!But unfortunately i haven’t been able to find Any of your all’s products @ any of my local stores :/
    Which really sucks guys 🙁 Because your all’s righteous butter paired with the flake away is like magic!!LITERALLY!!& the lip plumper in the silver tube Omg I use to use that stuff everyday at one time!!Because it actually worked VERY Well for me 🙂
    I Would really love to win this soo I can show all of my beauty friends & others how awesome your all’s products really are & that they work & well 😉 LOVE,L♡VE,LOVE YOU GUYS!!
    Thank you soo much for giving us all the chance to enter btw

  527. Rebecca Jordan said:

    Why are soap and glory products so hard to find in the US

  528. Michelle said:

    Great soap with a great message!

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    You guys are the bomb.com and not only do I love soap and glory, I got my mom hooked too 😉 you guys rock, keep doing you. Much♡

  530. Rebecca Jordan said:

    Your products are not easily available but I’ve heard great things

  531. Mrsmarquardt said:

    New to the product, but I really appreciate what you guys are doing for women everywhere! I’ll definitely be supporting this product!

  532. Sienna Quijano said:


  533. emily said:

    Women are faced and have higher expectations in the society. And thus, they have more to lose than men. Men usually take high risk job that can reap high rewards, but is the outcome and risk of failure worth as much pay as the women who are keeping the world intact? We as society needs to start enforcing and prioritizing the key balance to a more successful community

  534. Alex said:

    I am a groomer so my hands get very dry and Cracked, Thats why I love your righteous body butter it’s my ultimate favorite

  535. Estefania said:

    Your products are confidence booster for me and the inspiration that being a woman and myself is strength

  536. Marla Posey said:

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  540. Amber Farley said:

    Proud to support a company who supports me!!!

  541. Kylene Fitzpatrick said:

    I love Soap and Glory. Not only are the products high-quality and fabulous while also being affordable, it’s a brand that cares about its customers as well as social issues.

  542. Amanda said:

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  543. Trina Jensen said:

    I think it’s amazing what yall are doing! And your products are even more so!!

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    I love the vintage style and feel of these products. Skin is always highly rejuvenated.

  548. Jennifer said:

    I make the same amount of money as men who are in inferior positions. This has to change!

  549. Katie said:

    Your products are amazing & I love your brand so much! Love that you encourage female power!

  550. Serena said:

    Love to see women empowering eachother! Keep up the good work.

  551. Sasha said:

    Thankfully I have a job that pays equally based on seniority otherwise I would have a stink.

  552. Brandi said:

    Love the message and the product!

  553. Catherine said:

    Love your products!❤️ 10/10

  554. Chelsea said:

    I would die to be able to try out your products! I’ve been wanting to try them for so long now. Just haven’t had the right funds yet.

  555. Melissa Gross said:

    Thank you for the chance to win and supporting women’s rights. You are helping to pave the way for my three daughters to have a bright and equal future.

  556. Korina Kay Sullivan said:

    So I’m still in high school and there’s there’s three guys, that joke about me being a feminist. And that they don’t want to talk to me when I make as much as them. I think there need to be more girl powered companies out there like Soap and Glory. I’m a girl and I am equally to anything that a guy can do.

  557. Katrina said:

    The this brand!!!

  558. Nikki said:

    I recently got soap and glory products this holiday from my mom and it was seriously the best gift! I use them everyday and couldn’t believe how quickly I became obsessed with everything! I can wait to try new products and will now forever be a buyer!

  559. LaDonna McCrimon said:

    Thank you for being role models to little up and coming ladies and not so little ladies. As the mother to an awesome tiny woman, I take every opportunity to show her she can be any and everything she desires. Her only limitations are her dreams.

  560. Nixi said:

    Excellent products & stellar attitude. I adore your company c:

  561. Bree said:

    Always remember to do no harm but take no sh*t

  562. Kayla said:

    The best hand lotion I’ve ever experienced in my 24 years of living!

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    Looks fun.

  564. Ashley Rominger said:

    Thank you for being a God send to my hands and feet! Hand Food is by far the BEST treatment I have ever used on them. It smells amazing, doesn’t leave you greasy and your skin is unbelievably soft. Thank you for wonderful, magical products!

  565. Queen franks said:

    Love soap n glory we of my favorite eye-shadow pallets are from them and they are pigmented and beautiful colors love the body washes and foundations just wish they came in a larger variety of colors but other than that one of my favorite brands. High quality make up for a decent price.

  566. Couetney said:

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  567. Sahar said:

    I’d like to try the products to see it and believe it and hopefully soap and glory can live up to its expectations.

  568. Makenzie said:

    I’m completely obsessed with soap & glory, I wanna be buried with all of S&G products

  569. Briante Sumler said:

    I love soap & glory products I’ve been using it since it’s been on the market.

  570. Olivia Pedregon said:

    Blows my mind that women are still making less than men for working the same position. It’s 2017.. LETS SEE SOME CHANGE ALREADY!

  571. Deanna said:

    I admire that you are using your brand to draw attention to women! We need more brands that way. I love your products and your message!

  572. mm said:

    I love the smell of your products.

  573. Anna said:

    Can’t live without the heel genius!

  574. mm said:

    Your product smells so good. I love them so much!

  575. Tiffany said:

    Equal pay for women! We deserve more!

  576. Tiffany said:

    Love your products!

  577. Candra Cross said:

    I love your guys’ products. I just picked up a lip plumping gloss and love it per usual!

  578. Kristina said:

    Love that you are all about women’s rights…. Rock On!! Peace,Love,Happiness..

  579. Cheyann said:

    So glad my favorite brand has such a positive influence in women’s lives.

  580. stella rainey said:

    I was so impressed by your product. I am in love.

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  734. skylar said:

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  735. Rebecca said:

    Plan out what you want to say, take a deep breath and maintain eye contact. Know your worth.

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  751. Ashley said:

    Being paid less than men is something that should have left in the seventies, but it’s not only women getting paid less. It’s different ethnicities that are not the common white man. People make comments about how “blacks” and “Mexicans” live in bad housing, but they don’t realize that if they were paid more, we wouldn’t have that divide in our society.

  752. Randi said:

    What an inspiration to all woman and girls around the world♡

  753. Kristina said:

    Women have so much to offer and this pay gap needs to be closed! Oh and soap and glory!! Awesome!

  754. Allie Blake said:

    Women deserve equal pay!

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    Thank you for taking so much time and effort to bring so much awareness to the gender inequality that takes place in the work place!

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  759. Michele Cupp said:

    It’s an unfortunate reality and one that most of us women are all too familiar with. Your support for this cause is appreciated.

  760. Lesa Labansky said:

    I am empowered and have earned my place in a man’s world.

  761. Samantha said:

    I fell in love with your products years ago when it was at target. And I’m still loving it all today. Keep up the great job!

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    As a graduate of an all women college, I am more than aware of how unfair earned income situations are. I am in a male dominated industry and am mansplained over daily. Luckily, I use soap and glory so my skin is soft and fabulous af when I raise my hand towards the mansplainer, to draw his attention to the fact that this is a problem.

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  769. Gladys Castaneda said:

    I am glad Soap and Glory is partnering up with Betches! I have discussed this issue a countless number of times and I have been put down because of it. I want more women to be aware of this issue and I want equality!

  770. Selena said:

    Nothing but Love ❤️

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    As an undergraduate studying engineering, a field that has a lot more males than females, I know a bit of the struggle of competing with guys in a career field. I’m really appreciative of brands like soap and glory and other organization that choose to empower women and shed light on issues like wage gap. Not to mention that my Sexy mother pucker lip gloss probably gets the most use of all my lip products.

  776. Amanda Kucharzyk said:

    Way to empower women!! I would love to use this money in order to explore more of your products. Sadly, I am a broke college student so I can not afford trying out everything that I wish I could!

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    Women shouldn’t settle for Americans double standards. Every individual deserves equally no matter what gender you are. FEMINIST UNITE !

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    By far the best line I have ever used! I work at Ulta and I have used a ton of products. Always my number one goto for a recommendation.

  791. Jessica R said:

    Amazing products! Love the style and the quality! I can’t wait to see all of the things this amazing brand will do.

  792. Heather said:

    Until women as a whole refuse to take men’s oppression anymore and stand up for themselves (as they did when they stood up for their right to vote) we have to effect change individually.

    Read self-empowerment books, surround yourself with positive people, and raise strong women and men who respect women to end the cycle.

  793. Genesis said:

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    I love how passionate both of these brands are about empowering women!! We must join together to uplift women if we ever want to see a change in the world!!!

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    Great Job !!!!!

  813. Ellen Joy said:

    I think it’s awesome and extremely inspiring what you guys are doing. It’s so important that we not help and lift each other up but that we reach out to the younger girls and empower them to fight for their seams and work hard and NEVER except NO as an answer. We are amazing creatures and we really are all capable of anything and everything!!! More power to your company! !

  814. Genesis said:

    Equal pay for equal work! Just because I am a woman doesnt mean deserve any less. Thank you soap and glory for standing up for all of us out there!

  815. Pricila G said:

    Soap and glory is the best stuff
    The packaging is glam af
    They smell amazing and are gentle
    The fight for equal pay and women’s rights is the cherry on top , this brand knows what’s up ✨

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    We are all equal! I’m impressed this is a campaign that you guys as a brand are behind. This is an epidemic problem and needs to be addressed! Thank you Soap and Glory!

  819. Kelley Harris said:

    I have been wanting to try your products for a long time, but as a working mom of 2 and wife of a disabled veteran I do not afford myself a whole lot of time or money. I know that as a consumer and a long time in customer service how important it is to truly care about your customers and the products you provide. good luck to everyone and I can’t wait to try your products.

  820. katie blaisdell said:

    Wow! I had no idea that it was 20 cents less! Doesn’t seem like in this day and age that that should be the norm. THanks soap & glory for shedding some light on this issue.
    Btw, my mom gave me a tub of your smoothie body butter, and I’m hooked!

  821. Nicol said:

    Worm should be genderless and more generous. After all we are 100% human and women shouldn’t be making 20% less than a mans dollar for the simple fact that we work just as hard and even even harder.

  822. Jennifer said:

    Thank you for everything you do!

  823. Jennifer said:

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    Instagram : Infamousnani

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    I’ve been following your brand before it was put into the US. Your stuff is to die for

  834. Bianca said:

    We as women need to start being uplifting and inspiring to our fellow women. There is too much cattiness and negativity from woman to woman in this world. I am part of a makeup group and we do NOT allow any negative posts. We are all about being positive, uplifting and inspiring.

  835. Sierra Gelonese said:

    I feel like this is an awesome giveaway. I think that is a lovely way to empower girls everywhere because they do deserve to be pay the same as a men. I don’t care if men do have two dimes in their underpants. We the women deserve the same. It’s not like we are asking for more than them. We just want to same, Is that to much to ask for in life to be look at the same as everyone.

  836. Mari Garcia said:

    I pray that my daughters generation sees more equality on all levels not just wage inequality.

  837. Taylor said:

    You’re brand is so chic and modern. I enjoy viewing your products and seeing how different your brand is from others.

  838. Emilie said:

    What a great way to empower all the girls out there!

  839. Melissa mayberry said:

    I love what you gals are doing! It is still such a big issue. I’ve worked as a mechanic. Being a female in a male dominated workplace is so hard. Not only are you having to do twice the work of a man but getting paid less. Thank you for raising awareness! Fabulous idea for a giveaway! I love your products and the pin up empowerment images!

  840. Bri said:

    It’s awesome that your company is giving back!

  841. Nat H said:

    It’s 2017 and women are still making less?
    What A Joke. #girlpower2k17 #wecantbackdown #soapandglory

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    Oh god Gawd I love makeup! Though what’s more important then entering a sweepstakes with the hope to win said makeup is that it’s all for a good cause. When it comes down to it, it’s about spreading the word about unequal pay between men and women in the workforce, and that’s amazing!

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  855. Yessica said:

    The fact that we get paid less and probably get more work done is ridiculous.

  856. Sarah said:

    Be empowered.

  857. mimipsu said:

    I hope equal pay happens in my lifetime.

  858. Sara Richie said:

    Yes it is proven we get paid less than men do but I think it’s an opportunity for us to prove our worth and change that!

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    It’s ridiculous that men get paid more, women are clearly the superior sex.

  867. Katie Storey said:

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  868. leticia said:

    Power to all women everywhere

  869. Pauline said:

    I am an aspiring makeup artist and would love to help people become more beautiful with the beauty they already have. I would not want to win the prize for myself but to use the prize to help make the world a more beautiful place!

  870. Hayley said:

    girls are standing together and empowering each other to get the equality that we need (even if it doesn’t necessarily benefit us). but girls need to live too and should definitely get paid as much as men. so go get that promotion and get that equal pay.

  871. Rose said:

    What a great cause!

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    I think that if a woman does the job good or the same job as a man she should get paid the same amount.

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    You guys are absolutely AMAZING & I love how you empower & inspire women! I do plan on asking for a raise. I have been at my current job for 5 years without a raise, let’s hope I get it!!! ♡♡♡

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    As a female in the field of mathematics and engineering, it makes me beyond happy to see a company empowering women. Thank you for your amazing products and encouraging campaign ❤

  896. Moriah Williams said:

    This is absolutely amazing;
    You guys are so inspiring and wonderful. I’m very proud to support a brand with such great ethics.
    Power to the girls! ✌️

  897. Mollie said:

    Thank you for your wonderful products and what you stand for! #strong

  898. Ren said:

    I love the look and simplicity of your products!!

    I work at a restaurant and I make 50 cents less than the guys I work with and we do the EXACT SAME JOB. I’ve been there for almost a year and I’ll be asking for a raise soon.

    Wish me luck!


  899. Rebecca said:

    Great products! They smell great, are gentle on skin and the packaging is adorable!

  900. Shy said:


  901. Maddie Mancini said:

    I love soap and glory products, I’m a new fan but let’s face it I’m hooked! As for the inequality in the work place, im terribly upset as most women should be! For us to do the same amount of work if not more and get paid less is outrageous! Not even to mention if you’re a woc! It’s even less! Injustice in its purest form!

  902. Zoe said:

    Awesome job Soap and Glory for raising awareness of the wage gap! GIRL POWER

  903. Kassandrah said:

    Thank you for the awesome opportunity to win! I would absolutely love to win. I never win anything

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  906. Amanda Diaz said:

    I had no idea men make 20¢ more per dollar than women do. I believe both men and women should be equal, and gender should never be a qualifying factor to determine wages!

  907. Whittney Looney said:

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  912. Karen said:

    Women should be paid just as much as a man if they do the same job!! Thanks for the campaign!’

  913. Alexandra Guthrie said:

    Seriously? I work night shift at a hotel part time. And I get paid 2 dollars less than the other night auditor because I am not “full-time” night audit. My other coworker is a woman and she took a managers position after our ex military manager got fired (he was male) and she gets paid way less for doing the same exact job. Its asinine!

  914. Sophie said:

    This Has been one of my favorite brands for a long time! Clean on me is my holy grail body was and helps me to relax and relieves my anxiety 🙂 I love soap and glory

  915. Kimberly Matthews said:

    If girls don’t stay together, then the only thing there will be is a war. Girls are powerful, prideful, and full of love and passion. Both nowadays girls fight with girls and nobody gets along. We gotta stay together if we want to stay powerful, prideful, and full of love and passion. So let’s stay in this together. Men have had more rights then woman and now we are finally getting somewhere with being equal! We can do this! We can fight for it! Ps: I love Soap and glory!

  916. Megan said:

    As an owner of a small business in the beauty industry I try on daily basis to empower every client I see in some way…I’m a one person show who works tirelessly to make my passion successful and 16 years later qall my hard work has paid off anything is possible with hard work

  917. Jordan Mrozak said:

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  927. Sav Sip said:

    Sadly I was able to answer the question of how much do women make compared to men: $.80 v $1.00. Sadly this issue isn’t seen by enough people, Im thankful such a great company is taking time to bring attention to it.

  928. Kristina C. said:

    This dollar to cents thing in general, varies. This should really be acknowledged. Really just makes the entire thing look silly,seems as if the company does not have the facts straight. I know everything is meant well. Thank you for the opportunity to win your excellent products!

  929. Hannah said:

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  942. Anna Huang said:

    It’s disappointing to see women get paid 1/5 less than men, for the same job.

  943. Jessica said:

    I feel the pain of being paid a fraction of my male counterparts. Hopefully this will change sometime sooner, rather than later.

  944. Leslie Hopton said:

    I love your products so much! It is so inspiring to see you guys doing such great work in addition to providing great cosmetics!

  945. Annie Christensen said:

    I work hard every day as a pediatric medical assistant. Stitches, assisting with surgery, swabbing yucky throats, holding the vomit bucket, holding and singing to a sobbing child-all in a days work. I love it. I love every second of it. But I hate that no matter how much good I do, I always know I make less than my male coworkers. I make less, and it makes me feel worth less. So here’s to your Soap&Glory-keep making us girls shine so one day, no CEO will ever deny our worth!

  946. Marissa Salas-Singh said:

    Love everything about s&g
    So addicted

  947. T.N. said:

    We are just as capable if not more than the males around us. Do not lose your confidence ladies.

  948. T.N said:

    Whatever men can do, women can do better. Don’t lose your confidence.

  949. Emma said:

    I would just like to be seen, by the eyes of the law, as an equal to the man standing next to me

  950. Elicia Monroe said:

    Love love love soap & glory , you guys are literally the best ❤❤

  951. Elisa Garza Cisneros said:

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  953. Brookethemua said:

    Let’s Close the Wage Gap together!! girl power y’all

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  955. Sarah Conn said:

    It seem women take two steps forward and on step ahead. This makes it very hard to keep up even tho we may be over qualified than most men who do the same jobs. I’m sad to see this is still an issue in 2017. Also, old white males stay away from making laws about our vaginas.

  956. Cari said:


  957. Katie M said:

    If more companies would see the difference that Soap and Glory is making in the work place, the world would be a much better place! I hope that this is a step in the right direction for companies all over!!! Equality for all!!! Best of luck to this great company!!!

  958. Misty said:

    I love soap & Glory!Good luck everyone!❤

  959. Katie M said:

    I hope more companies will see what Soap and Glory is doing in the work place, and take after their example! The world would be a much better place for it! Equality for all!!! BEST of luck to this great brand!!! <3

  960. Jaci said:

    Thanks for the opportunity and empowerment!!!

  961. April said:

    My daughter and I love your products. This made for amazing Christmas gifts this year!!! Thank you for!!!

  962. Diana said:

    I want to say that it’s amazing a company is working to make the workplace and equal place for every gender. It’s awful that things man category ‘girly’, an area where the man exceed and get paid more. Areas such as fashion design, professional runway makeup artists, and professional chefs, are a few examples where it’s a job they expect women to be the top of the field of but aren’t.

  963. Alicia said:

    Peace and love ✌❤

  964. Isela said:

    The stand that soap and glory is taking is so inspiring because not only do women make less than men, but they are turned down from jobs and constantly viewed with lesser abilities than men. I believe women have a stronger work ethic than men because we feel like we have to prove it to the world that we are all the same.

  965. Randi said:

    The products are great. Pick me please.

  966. Anabel said:

    We can do this!

  967. Mm said:

    I love Soap and Glory! The product are great and It is so impowering!

  968. Yeimi said:

    I’m in love with this campaign. To empower women in a world where we still struggle to be equal is such a powerful message. I hope we continue to keep pushing forward and fight for equality. Thank you to this campaign, we can continue doing it while smelling good at the same time!!

  969. Bernice said:

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  972. Shannon Jensen said:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Such a lovely thing to see a brand you love support an important cause.

  973. Stephanie said:

    I would love to share this with my social media viewers, and do a “self love” review… How to pamper yourself using your products :). Thanks for such a great opportunity. xoxoxo

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  977. Arina soda said:

    Love you!! Girl power! You make women feel more inspired to be powerful and feel stronger everyday to fight for equal rights!

  978. Nemesis wu said:

    If a woman is hired for the same job she should be paid as much!! #genderquality #whoruntheworld #girls thank you for empowering us and spreading the word! Along with some awesome products that we all love and enjoy! Thank you #awesomecompany

  979. Jennifer said:

    Thank you for doing a giveaway of your wonderful products.

  980. Katelyn Doty said:

    Just the other day someone was trying to explain to me how women are considered equal to men. I used this fact as an example of how women are not treated or viewed as equals.

  981. Sara Barnhill said:

    I have loved your brand for years!Soap & Glory products are amazing,creative,and beautiful.I just love it so much. It makes you feel so pampered and gorgeous

  982. Priscilla Chavez said:

    Im broke af and it would be the best if i won. Like i might kry.

  983. saw said:

    It’s unfortunate that this still happens.
    I’m grateful that I haven’t encountered this first hand.
    Hoping one day we can even out the playing field and be paid the same for equal work.

  984. Trecee said:

    I love Soap & Glory products, they work great & smell amazing!

  985. Brooklyn Stamper said:

    I love the brand Soap & Glory! I’m totally addicted!

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    i’d love to try out your makeup, i’ve never gotten the opportunity to buy your makeup but i’d love to win and see how amazing your products actually are and how everyone raves about the different products you guys have!

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    I’ve heard great things about your brand. Can’t wait to try all the products for myself!

  988. Brandi said:

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  989. Kelley B said:

    Love you support for women’s rights and would love to try your products. My mom always raised me to believe a woman can do anything and man can do and sometimes better. GP!

  990. Cassandra Parker said:

    I love your products as they are kind to my sensitive skin. Thank you for spreading the message of empowerment!

  991. marjorie nixon said:

    I LOVE IT !!! thanks so good!!!

  992. Emily said:

    I come from a long line of proud feminists, men and women, in my family. I am disappointed in and scared of the direction this country is headed and incredibly sad for what could have been. I hope everyone else in this country is as concerned as I am, it is so important to be involved in government right now!

  993. marjorie nixon said:

    I LOVE IT!!! THANKS!!!

  994. brie mayo said:

    I love companies that empower women and yours does it in a way that’s fun and uniquely inspiring. Thank you for everything you do!!

  995. cherrie bowers said:


  996. Kiana said:

    I love this brand even more for bringing more attention to the gender pay gap.

  997. Janiya said:

    I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for this company. I also believe soap and glory are giving a wonderful opportunity to females by having this contest.

  998. Sam said:

    ❤SOAP & GLORY!!

  999. Fiona said:

    Way to go guys supporting women! I knew I loved this brand

  1000. Abbey said:

    Your brand is one of my favorites! The signature scent is truly amazing and like nothing else. My whole family loves your products, as well as the makeup!

  1001. Natalie Baez said:

    I don’t think my time is worth less than my male counterparts just because my anatomy is different.

  1002. Nicole said:

    Love soap & glory!

  1003. Arianna said:

    I love this campaign and am so proud to see a brand I love supporting this! I will say, that the 80 cents to a man’s dollar statistic does forget to include other factors that effect women like race, religion, and sexuality. For example, women of color make just 35 cents for every dollar a man makes. Just adding this to include, support, and fight for all women. Thank you Soap and Glory for starting this conversation.

  1004. Jessica Ratliff said:

    I love how each of your products smell, and they are unique! I got really excited when I started seeing them at my local Walgreens.

  1005. Angieleek said:

    fight like a girl. Don’t let the stigma stop you, work hard, be stronger. Prove to yourself, that you’re just as good as any man, and worth every salaried penny.

  1006. Gaby L said:

    You guys have such amazing products with really awesome and vintage looking packaging that is also fun! I absolutely love that about you guys!

  1007. Crystal Hollingsworth said:

    I would love to try your product’s

  1008. Savannah E said:

    I love how your whole Company makes women feel powerful.(men too) that excepts us for who we are

  1009. ChristieK said:

    I tried hand and foot food for the first time at Christmas! I must say it is amazing! After just one use I noticed a difference! My feet have never been so soft and silky! Thank you

  1010. Catherine said:

    Love this brand they are awesome and it would be awesome to win this contest. Good luck to everyone. ❤️

  1011. Staci said:

    It’s so refreshing to see a makeup brand that is also feminist af.

  1012. Evangeline Johnson said:

    I haven’t tried any of your products yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. 🙂

  1013. Amanda said:


  1014. Nicole harrington said:

    Equal pay !

  1015. Zaria said:

    Your products are great and I love what you are doing with your campaign

  1016. Sara Johnson said:

    My daughter and I love these products!

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    I absolutely love your brand and how it strongly portrays women. Your products are so versatile for all skin types, and how you have a product for literally everything. Soap & Glory is my go-to.

  1019. Makayla said:

    I called out of work sick yesterday due to cramps. My male manager told me to call the other stores to find someone to work with me. And I couldn’t find anyone to do it. So I told him, “I’ve called everyone I can and I’m sorry but I won’t be able to come in today.” He replied, “well now, no need to be tough.” Tough? Really. Because I’m standing up for myself makes me tough? I’m happy to see someone standing up for equality of women in the work place.

  1020. Terri Sims said:

    Love, love, love your products!!

  1021. Chad micheals said:

    I absolutely love this brand, and their soap is a God sent

  1022. Caylee said:

    Hooked on so much of yalls stuff! I’ve only been able to find a few things where I’m at but I’ve loved every single thing I can get my hands on! MADD respect for the strength you give girls.. It makes a difference. And I hope it eventually moves everyone like it did me. Thank you

  1023. Kelsi B said:

    All your products are fantastic and decently priced. Plus you fight for the women of the world and that is one heck of a bonus

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    Also, I love their products!

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    So amazing you all are doing this!!!

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    It is not fair women get paid less than men. I love this brand and I want to do everything I can to continue to support gender equality in anyway possible.

  1029. Maddi said:

    I did an 8 page research paper about the wage gap. We appreciate you!!

  1030. Erin Graf said:

    Thank you for all you do and the wonderful products.

  1031. Rhonda Godwin said:

    Very curious about your brand hoping to win so I can try it and spread the word

  1032. Jennifer said:

    This just shouldn’t even be a “thing” I guess its just time for us women to do things for ourselves no matter what that means, our government, employers and others aren’t going to help us. Empower each other! We have to stick together! LOVE SOAP&GLORY!!!

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    Never lower your morals and values when someone is showing there true colors. Don’t feed in to the disrespect and vindictive nature that some people portray… Standing as a confident, strong woman may not be easy, but it is always Wirth it.

  1041. Aalliyah Huff said:

    I have been going through some things and with my moms passing its hard to keep up. This would be a life changer for me for atleast 2 months.

  1042. SP said:

    Women rock. We can do anything.

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    Thank you

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    Looking forward to hearing more about your brand.

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    the only thing different in men and women is genitalia so i don’t understand why there has to be a difference in our paychecks too

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    Women make on average 20% less than men, and more often go to college. Hopefully the wage gap decreases.

  1070. Kimberly said:

    I ❤️ Soap & glory

  1071. Emily Skinner said:

    It’s a shame that this is still a problem in our society. Thank you for raising awareness about these issues.

  1072. Amy Hoffman said:

    It’s not just our issue as women to fight for equality, it’s men’s too! We all need to change the process and that starts with information and the knowledge that equal pay is not happening and it needs to start.

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    I love your brand and I’m happy to see y’all partnered up with a great organization to help change things for women everywhere! Keep you the great work

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  1095. Michelle R said:

    We as women are majestic and beautiful creatures that have just as much (if not more at times lol) creativity, intellect, determination, and independence that males have! Remember you are WORTHY and don’t be fearful to ask for what you rightly deserve! Embrace the freedoms that we have and challenge stereotypes! Much love!

  1096. Brittany said:

    This is my first time on here. I’ve never heard of the products, so obviously haven’t had a chance to try them lol. But would love to, they sound great!

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    I really love soap and glorys message to younger women, taking a stand for what you deserve is really important to me and as a young girl I look up to then people who are making a difference like you! I’d really love to try out your products that I otherwise couldn’t afford but anyone who is going to receive this gift will be blessed:

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    Its so amazing how a brand that i love so much can try to make such a big impacr in the world. I love all of your products and i am so proud to be apart of something bigger than just a body lotion or a foot cream. Women dont get alot of what we deserve and we dont get acknowledged for the hard work we put in everyday! Thank you Soap and Glory!

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  1120. Hope said:

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  1121. Faraha Mamun said:

    My comment on the products is that they’re really amazing, keep at it!!
    My comment if equality, is that we have a long ways to go.

  1122. Ashley said:

    I absolutely love all of your products! I feel rich when I use them because of the scent and how it feels. I also love what the brand stands for. It’s a shame that’s omen still get treated like they did in thrbold days, but I’m glad that some one is standing up against it. We are beautiful, we are strong, we are powerful and we can do anything we set out minds to!

  1123. Alexis said:

    We need to unite as women and fight for our equality! It’s great to have bigger brands and voices who are willing to help us fight and also spread knowledge to others! Go Soap & Glory!

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  1138. S Palacio said:

    The fact that men are paid more than women is unfair and thank you soap & glory for bringing light to it. Btw I love the sexy motherpucker lip gloss I’ve been using it for years ♡

  1139. Haley B. said:

    Love Soap & Glory products and wish I had more!! Also LOVE this campaign. Girl power!!!

  1140. Tara said:

    Congrats on standing up for women’s rights! I wanna note too that concerning the wage gap that Soap and Glory cited in its recent giveaway, white women make about 80 cents on the dollar for what a white man earns, but the discrepancy is even wider for women of color! A Latina woman makes 54 cents and a Black woman makes 64 cents on average for ever dollar a white man earns. The wage gap affects all of us in varying degrees and it takes all of us as allies to do something about it 🙂

  1141. Jing zhou said:

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  1148. Heather said:

    I am so glad that you guys are empowering women! I work at a privately owned drs office and my boss is a bad ass female who takes no lip! I also run the office so go women!

  1149. Desireelynn said:

    Basically, my skin is not problematic. However, these products are a god send and make my skin feel so fresh and radiant it’s such a wonderful feeling. Your peel off scrub has got to be one of my favorites. If I were to win this giveaway I would LOVE to get my hands on the eyeshadow palette you guys have. I would rave about that thing for months. I love these products and I am SO excited for this.
    Xoxo Desiree

  1150. Jac said:

    We have come so far but still so far to go for equality

  1151. Mariana Jimenez said:

    I love how this is opening the eyes of many young women who may have not known the answer. I think this is brand is pushing for beauty and brains which not all brands do and which is awesome. I love supporting the brand and it’s great to see it support its fans too!

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    This campaign is very inspiring! I’m glad that someone is empowering women and shining a light on their hard work!

  1157. Angel said:

    Love you!!! Let’s bring Queens together this year!! More love and less hate all around! Xoxo

  1158. Kristiana said:

    Love this brand so much!

  1159. Adriana salcido said:

    I am hooked!

  1160. Brittney said:

    I find it outrageous that woman make less then men women are just as able as men to do any job if you put your mind to it you can do anything you want

  1161. Riley Y said:

    You guys are such a great ‘girl-power’ company! Rock on SnG!!

  1162. Laura Petkus said:


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    I purchased the soap & glory soaper spa kit for my mom and I for Christmas and we are hooked on your products. I also just recently purchased the face wash and it left my skin silky smooth.

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    I want to let you guys know that it is a great thing that you care about women all across the world. It means a lot that company will take out the time to do that. Love you and keep up the great Job!

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  1168. Tina Sam said:

    Equal pay for equal work is something that women and minority groups are still striving for in the 21st century. We deserve wage equality to be able to live comfortable lives and afford make up as well LOL

  1169. Valerie Chaney said:

    I absolutely love this brand and everything it represents! Power to the girls

  1170. Emilia said:

    My friend Ashley showed me you line and OMG I cannot use anything else!

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    I absolutely LOVE that you guys sell AMAZING products at AMAZING prices. When I discovered you guys, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Your products make me feel refreshed and most importantly BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for empowering women of all ages. And I would absolutely LOVE to win this ! Much much love from me, my mom, and sister from El Paso, Texas !

  1176. Jenna said:

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  1177. Twila said:

    I love Soap and Glory!! Not only does it smell yummy, but it leaves my skin feeling and looking absolutely amazing! Thank you!

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    Love this brand and love that the company is using their voice to empower women everywhere!

  1179. Twila said:

    I love Soap and Glory!! Not only does it smell absolutely yummy, but it leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing! Thank you!

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    Love this brand and what it stands for! Amazing products and great for my sensitive skin!

  1181. Breonna said:

    Love everything about soap and glory.

  1182. Ashley Bradley said:

    Women are better than men.

  1183. Nina Xiong said:

    I think woman should make the same amount as man do! Fair or not, we, woman should deserve equal rights. To be shown that we can do the same as men so why not get paid as the same? I think we should! If men can change the world, WOMAN CAN ALSO! #girlsnation!

  1184. Alexandra Falcone said:

    Thank you for bringing attention to the pay gap between men and women.

  1185. Lacie said:

    I am addicted to soap and glory! I love the products they make me feel so confident!

  1186. Cathy said:

    Honestly, I have never had the chance to try your products but I have always wanted to!!!

  1187. Erin P said:

    It’s sad to see your mother work so hard just to have a man earn more for the same job yet less effort. Thank you for supporting women and helping us make a change!

  1188. Katie Means said:

    It’s extremely disappointing that women are being treated unfairly for doing the same amount of work in our county. In no way should we have to “tolerate” or “deal” with this, we need to stand up for what’s right. Everyone should be paid equally no matter what gender, race, background they have!

  1189. vie said:

    women deserve very cent that men make — and reparations, quite frankly!

  1190. Sandy Bonesteel said:

    I’ve never personally experienced being paid less than a man, but I’m probably one of the very few women who hasn’t experienced it. It’s not right to be paid based on gender.

  1191. Barbara miller said:

    We want equality. My Grandma worked at a shipyard as a mechanic during the Vietnam War , I applied over and over again and unsuccessfully for general labor at the shipyard.

  1192. Sara said:

    Love your products!!!

  1193. Crystal said:

    Never tried these products but have herd good things

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    Love the products! ♡

  1195. Laura said:

    Power to women! I like to see a man push a watermelon outta his hoo-ha. 😉

  1196. Jaime Gardner said:

    Empowerment for beautiful women everywhere!

  1197. Laura said:

    Soap and glory is doing a wonderful thing by this. Thank you for your wonderful products and caring about women!

  1198. Sierra said:

    I luv soap n glory I would die if I actually won this give away , means so much to me tbh!!!

  1199. Eilene s said:

    Love these products

  1200. Jessica Reynoso said:

    Fair wages now!!

  1201. Rebecca said:

    I’m glad you guys are empowering women in such dark times. Women should not be paid less than a man because of gender. I also love you products too!

  1202. Amy Waters said:

    Has totally improved my skin.

  1203. Laura said:

    I might get paid 20 cents less than every dollar a man makes, but I know my worth, and I hope to make the younger generation of women know there’s as well.

  1204. Marie said:

    Soap & Glory is amazing!!! Thank you for being a driving force behind helping so many women feel empowered to make a change!

  1205. Bri said:

    It’s not everyday you find an brand that’s not only fabulous and one of a kind so I’ll be around for a while!! I really admire your products.

  1206. Carla said:

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  1207. LaCinda said:


  1208. Brittany said:

    I love everything you guys do!

  1209. Marissa castro said:

    I as a woman feel it is only right to be a mans equal. We should be treated as such and free get the same treatment a man does. Hell we kick way more ass then they do. We have babies. Lol

  1210. Stephenie Brown said:

    Love this brand would love to win good luck everyone

  1211. Matilda Primrose said:

    I love you Soap & Glory!!!
    Keep up the fantastic work you are doing.

  1212. Stephenie Brown said:

    Love it

  1213. Deirdre said:

    Keep in mind that it’s white women that makes 80 cents to white men’s dollar. The statistics for women of color are far worse.

  1214. Alison morse said:

    I loce all of your products. They are all good quality and beautiful. Always looking for any new items from you.

  1215. Lauryl said:

    I Pray the best for everyone entering the contest and so on. May God plz Bless n He Loves forever and always -|–

  1216. Sherlyn Castro said:

    It’s amazing! !!! Your brand is life and I cannot live without it

  1217. Shaina S said:

    I am hooked to your products. I keep buying new things and slowly adding to my collection.

  1218. Ellie said:

    I love everything you’re about as a company, and that you’re trying to get the word out about equal pay! Soap and Glory!

  1219. Jazz said:

    I love this company so much.i love how it leaves my skin feeling and everything smells amazing

  1220. Mari-Paige Middleton said:

    Your products are simply the best!