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Soap & Glory Wants You to #SLAY YOUR PAY

2 December 2016

Listen up girls! THIS IS IMPORTANT.  Did you know that girls make 20 cents less for every dollar a guy makes for the same job? We are very proud to announce a new campaign to empower girls everywhere to get what they deserve, or as a female rights activist might say, close the gender pay gap.  We, at Soap & Glory, champion the right of every girl to succeed in her own way and on her own terms so we’re declaring December to be National Ask For A Raise Month. It’s also the month of performance reviews, making it the perfect time to ask for a raise. We’ve partnered with our kick ass friends @betches to get the word out about this important issue and give tips to girls regarding asking for a raise.  We want to hear from you.  Tell us how you slayed your pay and asked for a huge raise by emailing us at winnersusa@soapandglory.com to share your success story.

Don’t think 20 cents sounds like much? It adds up FAST ladies. If there was no gender wage gap, a woman would earn on average $530,000 more over her lifetime, which in some states could buy you a literal mansion. Now do we have your attention?

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  1. Crystal said:

    I work at Old Navy and I got promoted to cash handler so I asked for a raise and I got one!

    • Carmen Baumann said:

      Right on, Crystal! Great job!

  2. Jasmine Duenas's said:

    Wow! I did not know that! I can say “give me my money back” but I know the outcome of that.
    I am ready to ask for my raise!

  3. Amy said:

    I applied for, interviewed and was offered a role managing 9 projects. I manage one in my current role. I was told this was a lateral move and will not get additional compensation. I also learned my employer just hired a man for the same exact position in a different portfolio and he’s getting paid more. I’m trying to fight it but seems to be a losing battle.

  4. Abeer said:

    Wow what a fabulous cause , i always thought that gender gap wages existed but never knew the statistics
    Heres to women empowerment , may we become those

  5. kimberly dyke said:

    I use to work at sephora inside jcpenney I love learning new things and I’m a hands on leaner so when I found one of the girls was leaving I asked if I could get promoted to operations I did get the promotion and got a raise.

  6. Vicky Walker said:

    Sad but true. I have worked in a male dominated profession since I was 21. I have dealt with this my entire life. To add to the reality of this situation I have been a single parent since I was 16, I now raise my granddaughter as a single grandparent. That 20% would have changed my life and would have provided a much better life for my daughter and granddaughter. This issue effects so much more than just equality in pay, it is a justice issue. Women in reality should be paid 20% more than their male counterparts because of a lot of things i.e. the majority of the time we raise the kids, women are in control of the finances more than men on average, Women pay more for just about everything than a man does, we have special needs that require more products that are priced higher than comparison items for men. Some examples; sanitary products, makeup, hair color, hair care products, cloths, etc. Also, Women are more likely to pay more for goods and services such as car repairs, home repairs, lawn maintenance, etc.

    It is time this issue had much more attention and facts to back it up to show what is really going on. This issue goes much deeper than just less pay for the same work. Speaking of that Women on average do more work at work than their men counterparts and are given jobs that are more difficult.

    I have asked for and received several pay raises but I always had to use a male counter part who had revealed their pay to me as leverage. Just wrong on so many levels.

  7. Rebecca said:

    How I Slayed My Pray

    Working for a large corporate company in the beauty industry for 2 years. My role was to assist the Executive Director of UX in projects, but what I ended up doing was managing projects and changed the way we worked. I was honest with myself and my boss of what I was looking for in my career. Know your worth. Slay your pray.

    ❤️ Rebs