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#SlayYourPay Success Stories

23 February 2017

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve teamed up with Betches to empower girls everywhere to get what they deserve!


Last month, we declared December National Ask For A Raise Month and challenged you GLORYOUS girls to ask for the pay raise you deserve (not before giving you a few tips, of course).


And GUESS WHAT?! You girls went out and SLAYED your pay! Here are a few incredibubble #SlayYourPay triumphs and advice that you’ve shared with us. (Note: *Names have been changed for privacy purposes).



#1: Do Your Research

“I love the slay your pay campaign. It actually gave me the push to ask for a well deserved pay raise at my current job so thank you Soap and Glory and Betches!

I started working in college at restaurants and tutoring centers. Any time I went on an interview the interviewer would always say the same thing, “this is all we’re offering new hires right now,” as they stated a minimum wage (or close to that) salary. I always graciously accepted not knowing I could do or say anything else. Months would go by and I’d hear about new hires who were getting a few dollars more an hour. I’d get upset, complain about how unfair my situation was but I’d never speak up for myself to make a change. Fast forward 5 years later, I had been working at the same place of employment for a few years at the same hourly wage. I loved my job but, I needed to make more money in order to help pay for gas and school. After weeks of contemplating whether or not to look for a new job, I finally built up the courage to speak to my boss about a pay raise. My request was met with open arms; she raised my salary which she said was well deserved based on my years of hard work.


It took me 5 years to finally negotiate a salary but finally asking proved to myself that hard workers deserve more than just the bare minimum. I will no longer be afraid to ask for what I believe I deserve especially when it comes to the salary I’m earning. Hard work should pay off….literally. My advice to any woman who believes they deserve more is to do your research on the range of wages in your field, list what you’ve done at your place of employment that should earn you a raise, and finally ask for what is rightfully yours. #SlayYourPay” – *Katie



#2 Being Nervous Is Normal, But Don’t Be Afraid

So I saw your “Slay Your Pay” post and it really inspired me. I work so hard at my job and as much as I love my co-workers (I work at a pet store with all males since the other lady quit) they don’t do anything near my scale and I found out 3 of them got a raise. I went to my boss a week later and we talked about how I’m not making as much as them because I’m 3 months newer than they were. I didn’t think it was a good enough excuse but he seemed set in his ways..2 days later after his weekend he brought me to the back and seemed really upset. I thought I was going to get fired but instead I got a $2 raise effective immediately! .50% more than the boys!


My boss was very impressed with me and surprised by my confrontation. He was also impressed that I was still respectful. When my review goes through he’s considering me for management!!!!” – *Alexis



#3 Take Charge!

“I have worked in my industry for nearly a decade now. I’ve been at my current employer for the last 7 years. Over the last two years, I have taken on a lot more responsibility, including doing a lot of the training in my department. Recently, we brought on a new employee. He has never worked in this type of work before. Yet, he made more than me.


Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I took charge. I went to HR, and asked for my raise. Last Friday, I got it. And I got an honest apology from my manager for the mistake. I will always stand up for myself. We have to as women in order to get what we should.


The future IS female, and we can lead the charge.” – *Marisa


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