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Putting our best face forward

26 September 2011

Makeovers, photoshoots…welcome to a typical day at Soap & Glory!

So proud of our shiny new site are we that we wanted everyone looking sharp enough to match it! The team is a stylish bunch on any given day, it has to be said, but this occasion called for PROFESSIONAL HELP (of the hair, makeup and lighting kind).

It was terrific fun & we were thrilled with the end result (even if our glossed-up Glamazons did make it feel like we were working in a model agency all afternoon). Check out our ‘About Us‘ page for the final snaps.

We think you’ll agree everyone scrubs up pretty darn well!

(And the most impossible part? Not smiling when a photographer says, “Look SERIOUS.”)

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  1. Jade Isabelle Liang said:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new website! 🙂 Loving it!!!

  2. amber gordon said:

    Loving the new site guys its looking fab very pretty and pampered cx

  3. Buvana said:

    Very helpful and informative website

  4. Naomi Padgett said:

    I have almost everything soap and glory under the sun! Its the perfect product. It’s part of my daily skin care routine and never fails to disappoint! TOP MARKS 🙂

  5. lisa kirk said:

    Im so excited by the new cosmetic range, can’t wait to get my hands on them 🙂
    I think my christmas list is going to be a big one hehehe

  6. Lis said:

    Hurrah!!! New site is looking great! well done all!

  7. janet oh said:

    Ms.kilgore looks just lovely. I love soap and glory products. I have a couple of products i have raved about, with before and after photos of Soap and glory sexy motherpucker. I also reviewed Soap and glory hand food. please feel free to visit by