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Pink Sunday – 50% OFF SOAPER SPA™

9 December 2016

It’s here – our Walgreens Gift of the Week 2016, SOAPER SPA™ , is now available at selected Walgreens online & in-store with 50% OFF!

It’s the award-winning famed five that every style queen covets. Our pinkredible collection of our famous fruity-florals has full-sized beautystuffs to sigh for, including:
CLEAN ON ME™ Shower Gel,
THE SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE™ Super-Smoothing Body Buffer,
HAND FOOD™ Non-Greasy Hydrating Hand Cream,
HEEL GENIUS™ Amazing Foot Cream Marvel,
A fluffy HEADBAND and a super-sudsy SHOWER PUFF.

Good Sunday promotion will begin on Sunday 12/11 and end on Saturday 12/17.

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  1. mary said:

    Yesterday a salesperson came up to me in an aisle with this gift and told me it was the last one and 50% off. She knew I’d been buying a lot of smaller Soap & Glory gift sets. That made me very HAPPY !!! I could not resist. I bought it, as a gift to myself.
    Love my local Walgreens in Brookline, and the people who work there.

  2. Joyce Lynch said:

    This is wonderful.

  3. Penny Brown said:

    So excited I found your products…just LOVE them!!!


    Good products, i loved .

  5. Jennifer Mills said:

    Hi ! I was wondering if the soaper spa was going to be back in stock ? I went to 12 different Walgreens & they were out. Most of them said that they just got 1-2 in.

  6. Caroline said:

    This product sold out in stores and online very quickly. The sale price was a definite benefit. It would be nice if he sale could be extended throughout the holidays and more stock sent out to walgreens. These make such great gifts!

  7. Gloria said:

    Would there be more of these in stores?

  8. Cherie said:

    I love your products!!! Righteous butter is my favorite, but having fun trying everything. One thing you don’t have that I wished you did–bath powder! a big pink tub of it with a fluffy puff. Can’t get more glam than that!