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Sworn off men

25 October 2011

The girls of SOAP & GLORY HAVE SWORN OFF MEN. (Strictly from a new product development perspective, of course.)
Eyebrow-raising research has now confirmed that despite us really, really trying, the majority of male Soap & Glory fans still opt to share the Clean On Me that’s already in their shower, and ‘the wife’s’  Righteous Butter, than shop for themselves. So if you love ...

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Soap & Glory makes cosmetics history

19 October 2011

You guessed right on day one, but that didn’t stop us dropping hints like they were going out of fashion anyway…
Get thee to Boots.com NOW and be among the first to get Soap & Glory cosmetics!
Still here? OK, if you need a little back story, for the last year or so we’ve been developing fantastically formulated, insanely wearable, flaw-disguising, eye enhuge-ening, more-gorgeous-version-of-you-making ...

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Putting our best face forward

26 September 2011

Makeovers, photoshoots…welcome to a typical day at Soap & Glory!
So proud of our shiny new site are we that we wanted everyone looking sharp enough to match it! The team is a stylish bunch on any given day, it has to be said, but this occasion called for PROFESSIONAL HELP (of the hair, makeup and lighting kind).
It was terrific fun & we ...

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