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I’ve Got 99 Problems & A Raise Is 1!

19 December 2016

We all know how scary it can be to ask your BO$$ for a RAISE : / . So how can you get over this fear and help conquer your career goals? We asked our team for some words of wisdom and this is what they shared…

“When asking your boss for a raise, make a case for yourself, based on facts. Create a list of your accomplishments and additional responsibilities you’ve taken on since starting your role, so you can clearly demonstrate the value you’re adding to the company.” – Helen (Brand Manager)

“Walk into the meeting like a shot of whiskey – neat, strong, and full of purpose! No one needs to know that on the inside you actually wish your mom was there to hold your hand. – Lydia (Lead Designer)

“Do your research and go to the meeting prepared when asking for a raise! Find out what your peers are making in a similar role and utilize credible websites to check salary ranges for your industry.”  – Jen (Social Media Manager)

“Dress for the job (and pay) you want, not the job you have. Rock your best dress and your most kick-ass heels for an added confidence boost!” – Sarah (Assistant Brand Manager)

“Positivity is infectious! If you exude a positive attitude, others around you will feel good.” – Kristina (Senior Marketing & Brand Manager)

“Keep in mind that no task is beneath you! Walk around with a can-do spirit!” – Lizzie (Social Media Manager)

“Don’t be afraid to take things head on and tackle that extra task that is outside of your job description.” – Jas (Community Assistant Manager)

REMEMBER If you’re refused a pay raise it isn’t all doom and gloom. Take the time to sit down with your boss and set a clear list of expectations to achieve before your next progress review.

We want to hear from you. Tell us how you slayed your pay and asked for a huge raise by emailing us at winnersusa@soapandglory.com to share your success story.

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  1. Morgan Downs said:

    Do your best, be your best, and smile – That was my elementary school’s motto, and I’ve always remembered it and applied it to my life!

  2. Joselyn Munoz said:

    No one should ever fear asking for a raise for a job they’re absolutely good at, if you believe you deserve the raise go for it!

  3. Tynesha Scott said:

    I think that every person should be treated equally but what woman wouldn’t like a lil raise to get her awesome beauty products

  4. Madeline said:

    If you’ve earned that raise, ask for it!

  5. Liz Fitch said:

    My late father always told me “No risk. No reward.” Plain and simple as that.if we don’t ask for the raise we want we won’t get the raise we deserve. The movement and thoughtfulness put behind this project is absolutely inspiring.

  6. Ashley said:

    Go for it!
    The least they can do is say no. If you never try, you’ll never know.

  7. Heather Witherden said:

    I leave an open journal at my desk asking people to leave a comment or two about how I helped them; at the end of the year I have pages of personal tributes that attest to my skill and also a way to make meaning of my daily interactions!

  8. Talia Molloy said:

    How long does it take to ask a question?
    Less than a minute. You need a minute of courage. #yougotthis

  9. Maritza Gonzalez said:

    Just go for it! It should be equal rights

  10. Megan King said:

    Always do the best you can at everything you do and never be afraid to get the treatment (and pay) you deserve!

  11. Cheryl said:

    I realized that my boss who had just gotten fired was making way more than I was when I took over the position. I asked for a decent bump in pay to make up for the fact that I had to fix all his messes!

  12. Tabitha M. said:

    “Go I’m confidently and dress for the job. Always smile and stay positive.”

  13. Natalie UribeDeFreitas said:

    Be confident and state your worth to the company…I have always done this diplomatically and let them know my assets and contributions to the company to make it more successful..I have gotten good raises in the past 6 years and also many bonuses and never an issue.

  14. Audrey said:

    Never let em see you sweat. Confidence is contagious.

  15. Emily Lafever said:

    Do what you love doing.

  16. Ambef said:

    Take all your energy from being nervous & turn it into confidence! Own it! You deserve the pay most likely & the worst thing that can happen is you’re told no. You still have your job, you probably get a raise even if it’s not as much as you’ve asked for & you win!

  17. Amber said:

    Walk in prepared, know what you want to say & don’t let your nerves steer you away from asking for the raise. You have 50/50 chance of getting a raise if you ask for it, but you have a 0/100 chance if you don’t ask… Unless ur one of the few lucky ones who just gets a surprise raise & idk if anyone actually gets those!

  18. Tatianna Morales said:

    Bust your ass if you want more grass. That’s what to live by!

  19. Emily Brannam said:

    Fight for that raise! You and only you can change the wage gap that is put in front of you. You got this.

  20. Keishla acevedo said:

    Everyone deserves to be paid equally.
    Women do as much as men. Sometimes even more!

  21. Rosanne Duvall said:

    Was very proud to achieve my goal of a Raise for the hard work I enjoy doing even practiced on family what would say explaining our products also little demos to show others .The extra time & workgreat achievement Girl Power

  22. Rosanne Duvall said:

    Just believe in yourself as my grandmother always said .I stillthink of her great advice that continues to lead me ahead

  23. Sarah Holland said:

    I’m an entrepreneur, trying to start my own clothing business of handmade bags and clothes, I thought I had to lower my standards just to get ahead, but I yold myself NO, my work is worth more! Now with an added boost in confidence, I just made my first sell on etsy of $108!Current mood- I can move mountains!

  24. Mary said:

    Say how good your performance is and you deserve to be rewarded with a raise.

  25. Katie Collins said:

    Don’t let the fear of being told no stop you from asking for what you deserve. If you earned that raise, ask for it girl!

  26. Tiffany said:

    Keep your eye on the prize!!

  27. Serena said:

    Take every opportunity you can at your job! Always do your best, when raise time comes around you can mention how involved you have been and how they cant afford to loose you. Thats what I do and I am making a dollar more than last year.

  28. Gabie said:

    Equal pay is one more step towards equality!

  29. Kara said:

    I’d definitely say I’ve “slayed my pay and asked for a raise” within the past year I started as a cashier and now I’m a Pharmacy technician. It wasn’t easy but I was persistent and met my goal!

  30. Karen Lovgren said:

    Walk in like you already got the job and remember every interview goes both ways. Confidence is important in succeeding in a business environment.

  31. Dawn said:

    Everyone should be treated equal all lives matter! Love is better then hate! ❤️

  32. Sydney Gardner said:


  33. Amy said:

    Carpe diem! Work hard. Love others. Make a difference in the world!

  34. miwa ioku said:

    beauty makes woman woman

  35. Christina Casapulla said:

    We as women deserve so much more and I for one am standing up and making a better future for myself and my children… I love soap and glory

  36. Gladys said:

    Always work your hardest even if you think its not being noticed..it will eventually pay off..just because u see your co workers slacking off dont mean u should also..keep working hard and make yourself look good

  37. Mckenna Goodman said:

    Everyone aty job was making a whole $1 more than i was and i finally spoke up!

  38. Taylor said:

    If you think you deserved a raise ask for it.. If you work hard you shouldn’t be scared

  39. JACK said:

    Do your investigation first and know how much of a difference there is in the jobs. Then have your job description updated to equal the employer has NO way out.

  40. Jessica said:

    “A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.”

     — Unknown

  41. Lindsey said:

    I would say the key to success is work. If at the end of the day you can look at yourself and feel accomplished that’s all that really matters. Work when you don’t want to. Work when you do want to. Put your heart into what you are doing. I promise you that you cannot fail if you put your all into your job. Take initiative. Be someone that you would look up to.

  42. Katherine Mabie said:

    If you do not ask it’s an automatic no. Never be afraid to ask for what you deserve

  43. Katherine Mabie said:

    It’s answer is always no if you never ask.

  44. Vanessa kosa said:

    I always was thought to ask questions, the worst they can say is no. So, ask for that raise. You might just get it.

  45. Pamela said:

    Do the job that is important in your heart and do it to thw best of your ability and you will not have regret.

  46. Kerry Anne said:

    Be as loving as a summer day, as kind as a soft ocean and as accepting as a newborn puppy and you will forever be on the right side of history. Tolerance is a wonderful step towards a happier world, but love and acceptance is a much faster beginning towards one… even if everyone else is yet to catch up.

    Good and evil is a constant battle but it is you that can decide which wins.

  47. Cassi McNabb said:

    Be kind. Go out of your way to help others. When it’s time for the boss to ask around and get opinions on promotions they’ll only be able to speak good things about you.

  48. Ariel said:

    He gracious to everyone you meet. Do your job, and help out if you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve!

  49. Julie Berry said:

    talk to the boss ask for a raise.

  50. kelsie consentino said:

    Love love love

  51. kelsie consentino said:

    Everyone shouldn’t fear what they deserve

  52. Whitney B said:

    Don’t be afraid! If you do your job and do it well then hunnie go get that money!!

  53. Sapphire said:

    Girls just want to have FUN…damental rights. If you think you’ve earned that raise, ask for it! Too many times we allow good opportunities to fly by because we don’t speak up. The worst they can say is no, but it’s better to have asked & been answered than to wonder “what if”.

  54. Judith torres said:

    I had to work my butt off more by putting more hours in and working over time long distances at times and get no credit for benefits or anything and then after 2 months I asked for a raise which I got only half of what I had asked for

  55. Barbara said:

    Well I have always believed know your worth! Meaning never be afraid to ask for more walk with confidence and your head held up high and Baby fake it till you make it!!

  56. Elsis R said:

    Go in exuding confidence! Never doubt yourself! Anyone can do anything they set their mind to! Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

  57. Joanna Boutdy said:

    A woman can do anything a man can, only better!

  58. Samantha Hull said:

    I remember being slightly terrified, but I kept thinking “the worst you could hear is no”.
    I stand by that, if you feel like you deserve it, just ask.

  59. Kora Powers said:

    Your needs and pay should be more valuable to a company than money. Go ask for that raise- you deserve it. Every woman needs a good paycheck to help her stay fabulous.

  60. Patti Reed-Smith said:

    My late dad told me when I was a little girl ‘that I was a queen’ and ‘if you think like a queen others will treat you as such.’ He didn’t mean it I a spoiled rotten brat sort of way. He meant that I could have everything that I wanted. Just go out there and get it. It has been true most of my life. When you think it is true-it will be true.

    When I applied for the position that I’m in now I told them that I was worth much more than what they were offering. The man interviewing me said ‘why do you think that?’ I told him all of my successes and explained to him as how he would be more successful with me. A boss wants to know why he should pay you more. Now, I make more than any other person in the company in my position.