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17 May 2018

This semester, we have partnered with 22 GLAM-AZING College Glambassadors at various colleges and universities across the country. This month, we caught up with Glambassador Cassidy C. to get the low down on one of the most KICK-ASS members of our #SoaperSquad.


Name: Cassidy Culp

College/Year: University of Houston/Senior

Major: Hotel Restaurant Management with a minor in Marketing

Describe yourself in 3 emojis: 

What is your dream job? Good question, I am still figuring that out! In the end, I just want to do something that makes me happy! I am a very driven & hard-working individual, so I know whatever I end up doing, I will do a kick-ass job at! I hope it is something in the sales & marketing field, maybe even for a beauty brand! But for now, I have accepted a full-time position with Marriott International after graduation!

What is your #1 Soap & Glory go-to product? My number ONE!?! How about my top 10 favorites!? Just kidding, but I will share my top two(ish) with y’all. First, I love the S&G lipsticks! The shade range is amazing & they stay on all day! They even have a ton of different finishes, so you can always find something perfect for you! My second would have to be anything in the Sugar Crush scent family. From the hand food to the shower gel, just anything with that scent automatically brightens my day & makes me a happier person!

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received & who gave it to you? My dermatologist & cosmetology teacher (yes, I’m a licensed cosmetologist!) said never pick your pimples. They will leave a scar that will be hard to get rid of. They said just leave them alone & with a good skincare routine, they will go away.

What is your favorite way to unwind and pamper yourself after a long week? I just love to sit down & disconnect from my phone. Being a blogger, full time student & a nanny, I never have time to watch TV during the week, so catching up on my favorite shows & eating some junk food is the best. I love to either set up my laptop next to my bath & relax in there with a S&G face mask & bath bomb or lay on the couch & just veg out!

What’s the biggest beauty mishap you’ve ever had? C’mon girls, SHARE! Ugh, I’ve probably had like 500 mishaps, but none are standing out at me right now. Probably something to do with self-tanning or some random crazy hairstyle. I always love to be self-tanned since I’m so pale & when I was younger I would always miss a spot or have cheeto hands from the spray tanning booth. Also, throughout elementary school into high school, I loved to try out different hairstyles. Whether it was sleeping in the foam curlers to random non-cute pigtails, I did it all!

What’s your go-to lip look: Gloss, contour, metallic or matte? It honestly all depends on my mood for the day! Sometimes I just want to be fun & flirty with a gloss. Other days I want to rock a bold matte lip!

Which Soap & Glory wonderstuff is your fave to take traveling? Again, with picking just one! Hahah. I can’t do it, I love all of them so much. But, I really do love bringing my Wonderbronze with me. Since I am so pale I always need some bronzer to add some color to my completion.

Who is the most kick-ass gal you know? Ummm of course my mom!!!! She is always the best at everything & always gives the most helpful advice. She is there for me whenever I need someone to lean on & I always love showering her with Soap & Glory products! Her faves are Face Soap & Clarity, Hand Food & Heel Genius!

What advice would you give to your 16 year old self? Everything is going to be alright. When you are 16 you worry about every little thing that happens & in the end, everything always works out. Stop stressing now girl because the whole world is in your hands & anything is possible with a little bit of hard work & determination. Also, girl stop stressing about those pimples on your face. No one notices them as much as you & if you just keep consistent with your skincare routine & never go to bed with makeup on, then one day you will have beautiful skin.

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